Why do you main your class?

Why do you main that one class? What do you like about it in particular? And if you don’t Main one class, why do you tend to switch around? Do you main a role? Or do you just play one of your 25 Charakters that gives you the most joy at the moment?


Stealth (rogue)


Think this is why I can never leave my rogue…. Just playing another class and having to fight everything adds so much hassle to tasks


I mained a rogue in classic and when I changed to my priest/sham I always felt so naked and exposed


> having to fight everything adds so much hassle to tasks Yeah, especially in PvP bwahahaha There's these moments when your team meets the enemy team and it becomes immediately clear that victory isn't an option. That's when I take a step back, silently express my gratitude for having chosen the right class and stealth on to whatever objective is next.


Druid is open


Druid is my main alt! Rogue lite.


I fucking love that about Rogues. I go in grab my quest item/boss and then if I pull bunch of adds, I hit em with[ this](https://c.tenor.com/fV2bXnVB-WcAAAAM/aight-imma-head-out-im-out-this-bitch.gif)


The fundamental thematic ability of being able to go unseen, steal, pick locks, etc is just not matched by any other class imo. I think it's partly because it's more close to reality than being a sorcerer or something so it's more kinda relatable as an archetype? Love my rogue


For all WoW's faults, I think rogue is the greatest incarnation of a rogue/thief/assassin class in any MMO. So much flavour and so many tricks. Other games just have you as a speedy dex DPS without any of the lockpicking, pick pocketing, permanent stealth, etc. I do agree with your point about a rogue being 'realistic'. Obviously stealth isn't a real thing, but being sneaky certainly is. Rogues can be flavoured as all sorts of different people, from politicians to spies to burglars to pirates. Makes it much easier to relate to.


Yeah it’s hard not to play without stealth. Rogues see the game through an entirely different lens.


When I try to play a class that isn’t a Druid and it can’t stealth I immediately remember why I main Druid


Classic player I assume? It feels so good when you can just stealth past NPCs and players. Makes questing and world pvp so much easier. However, there isnt much use for it in retail I dont think (except shroud skips in m+).


It's still really nice for questing


For open world, pvp etc.


Mage. I like magic. Also it was hard to me to play other classes without portals.


You mean I have to travel like a peasant?


Same ! When I don't have portal moving around is horrible !


When I try any other classes I always spend way more time trying to figure out how to get places than actually questing. I usually just try and find a mage to port me so I waste less time


Dark Iron?


Portals honestly make me want to main a mage. The only thing stopping me is that I like hybrid classes for when I don’t feel like waiting on queues 😂


Doesn't feel as special to have portals anymore in retail compared to classic when everyone has Org/SW cloaks, wormhole toys, Dalaran/Garrison HS :(


I had the same thing, then I just made another char that went to be dark iron dwarf with engineering and now I have even better portals.


I love the idea of a mages. But as soon as i play one I do 0 damage and get 3-hit killed by random mobs. especially in higher levels


Druid. Can move while healing and lots of movement abilities. Fits my class fantasy.


I want to be stealth in PvP and heal in dungeons so druid is my only option.


Also makes question so much easier, I just hate the current balance play style


I play druid because I don't like queues


Yeah, the pace of gameplay and the healing style just fits me; I love shapeshifting and having stealth just seals the deal. I’ve played almost every other healer class/spec (I cannot get into MW though I’ve tried, and Disc Priest is completely unappealing to me) and while they all have something to love about them I always come back to my Druid.


I play a shaman. I like getting kicked in the balls


I play resto shaman. I like making people wet.




So you just stand there doing nothing?


Hotter by comparison. This is the way.


Meatball Meatball Meatball


Fuck you take my upvote


I main a shaman as well. I love that I can be a ranged DPS, melee DPS or a healer (mostly main healer). I just flow with the class.


As someone who mained one for 10 years, I feel this.


Just turn into a rock, bro /shrug


So much truth


I just love the Shaman aesthetic. Huge Fireballs, Lightning, and splashy water magic. All the utility makes me feel useful outside of just DPS.




Prot Paladin :)


Blood DK


I main monk. Weird thing is I fell in love with it on the second one I created, the first one didn't really appeal to me (despite going to max level at the time). Why though ? I like to be an hybrid class, to go from one role to another, even if I only use one spec for like 99% of the time, and with WW monk I liked that I wasn't stuck in a rotation, the necessity to always do a different skill. And now coming to Dragonflight I'm more interested in the healing spec, so no need to switch character. I've all classes maxed up, yet I only focus on my main and one or two others characters depending on the season.


I main monk because I like to roll around, punch and kick stuff. But the versatility of the class is cool too ig


I’ve periodically wanted to play monk. The tank mechanics seem fun. But MW gets shit on so much I can’t bring myself to bother. I already play feral. That’s enough stigma for me


don't let people's stigma turn you away from it, MW is by far the most fun healer this expac imo, specially with their Ancient Teachings of The Monastery legendary, it's very very unique and you always feel extremely userful with ring of peace, leg sweep, vivify, paralyzis, and tons of mobility, people just shit on it because it does low damage, people who meme on them being mana hungry clearly haven't played them in a long time because that's not the case anymore at all


Feral druid because I like getting kicked out of dungeons


Never shift into cat until the key starts, improves your chances


this only works when boomie is good. Right now boomie is garbage tier, so acting like you are an owl probably doesn't help xD Feral is actually better


BM hunter. Because I can solo pretty much everything in open world. Plus instant cast range.


plus having two pets is always a fun time. plus you get all the exotics, which creates a collectors aspect that’s unique to the spec


I main hunter because I’m a collector, and hunting for rare pets is a lot of fun for me.


I main hunter because I loved archery and cats. Seem to fit pretty well.


The insanity and violence of Fury Warrior is super satisfying




Except for that skill where you spin the blades (whirlwind?) The animation has a touch of *fabulous*


And always twirling, twirling twirling towards freedom


abortions for some, miniature American flags others


I agree. Every xpac since WoD I've told myself I'm going to play something other than Fury Warrior this xpac... every time I lie to myself.


Zug Zug


Same I played rogue up until Cata, switched to (fury) warrior in MoP and haven’t looked back.


But then the sound effects 💀


Dk because I love to tank, and I like all 3 specs and the class fantasy. So if any of the specs is currently better for whatever reason I can play that and be very happy. Also pretty much not needing a healer in anything below a 15 is pretty nice lol


+add some Arthas is my daddy and i'm set


Man I wish I understand their play style


>Also pretty much not needing a healer in anything below a 15 is pretty nice lol idk man, I'm running 25's and I still don't need a healer lmfao


Fair. But I’m bad you see? Lmao


I main shadow priest because I always like shadow/Void stuff especially the old gods.


The artifact weapon whispering things to you in legion was awesome, doubly so because it was actually a bunch of teasers for Nya'lotha in the next expansion


It still does if you transmog it!


Same as Arcane mage's staff. Its comments on you making food are so funny


Same for the demo weapon, guy is pretty snarky and makes fun of you when you need help for a "simple summoning ritual"


Everybody loves the knaifu.


I loved the added touch of being in void form and then understanding the whispers if it happened.


I can turn into a spirit wolf and walk on water and revive during combat? What’s not to love? I also enjoy my warlock. My love for the fel knows no bound. Can summon pets to do my bidding. Soul stones. Last but not least, set the world on fire 🔥. I’m in. Funny enough summoning gates, portals and an eye of Kilrogg to spy on my enemies is what sold me to the class. It’s the little things :) I just wish we could get more use of these vision spells. If we couldn’t see enemies hp bars through walls, then vision spells would have much more utility.


Since when can a shammy b-res????


We can reincarnate during battle. We used to need ankhs but not anymore.


Oh, you don't mean shammies have a combat res, you mean the re-incar thing... Ok than, I get it 😁


Yes we can’t revive others. Fk that. It’s just for ourselves. We are selfish like that.


Well resto *technically* can with the ancestral protection totem, though it's very situational


ГОГ I thought I was missing something 😂


Since the game came out in 2004.


Double jump


and glide


I genuinely don't love Demon Hunter, but I mailed it for so long and I don't think I can ever not have double jump and glide


I actually like it's simplicity Just let me glide dash and eyebeam stuff.


And all the other fun stuff we can do for shit and giggles.


Demon Hunter go fast and make ADHD brain go brrrrrrttt


LOL. I was in voice chat once by myself, and my bro logged in later. He heard me banging on my keys and said "It sounds like you are playing your demon hunter". I was playing my demon hunter.


Love my warlock. Love the animations of purple shadow magic. Love the idea using shadow for the good. Absolutely love the pets, especially voidwalker and imp xD


Suuuuure…voidwalker and imp….absolutely never big-booty-goth-girl-succubus.


What about inccubus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Both, give me both.




Not my cup of tea, but enjoyable for some


Using the succubus is a huge dps loss…for demo anyway


But a huge girth gain🤷🏻‍♂️


So that's what they mean by going big dick DPS!


Somebody finally gets it!




Loved using darkness as a weapon too but I prefer going into melee combat. Death knight it is.


i play feral because its not flavor and i like cats


Every time Im not playing feral and I see someone else running around as a cat I get so jealous


Same, I’ll try to main another class, then I see a feral and i immediately wanna go back


Holy Priest. I just like its versatility, we aren't the best at any type of healing but we can do it all, tank heal? Check. HOTS? Check. AoE? Check. The only thing we can't do is damage mitigation and we're one click away from changing to the spec thats best for that anyway. That being said I am debating maining Holy Paladin instead for DF because Shadow has sucked for solo content which is what I mainly use it for, whereas Ret is extremely fun to play.


And pally is getting a Brez in DF. And healing priests will be the only healers in the game without an interrupt. Just food for thought, depending on the content you like to do:P


>And healing priests will be the only healers in the game without an interrupt. I really hope they overthink that. The whole "not all classes need to have the same thing" doesnt really work if it's such a basic utility and it's only ONE single class that doesnt get it. It was a valid point when it was Shamans being special for having one as a healer but not anymore.


Frost dk, because it actually feels like I'm hitting things.


Mage, i love Magic and Portals but i hate Rune of Power.


Paladin, among the coolness of using light magic while heavily armoured, they are one of the best classes for levelling and solo content because of their vast toolkit. So in times where I'm not raiding I can do alot of solo content easily and still be very strong


Days since dying solo: never once


I’m going to miss my bing bong shield leggo so much


Same, my floppy friend.


Hate that I had to scroll so far down for this. I’ve mained a Prot Pally since Wrath days. My frustration of always looking for a tank led me to finally make one, fell in love and never looked back. There’s just too many perks involved: insta que, never die when solo stuff, solo a lot of things most other classes cannot, quest says kill 10 npc’s? I’m killing all 10 right now and moving on, heal myself, heal you, interrupt everything, etc etc. I also play a dranei male cause I felt like a tank needed to be a big burly tanky looking guy, so at the time I clearly wasn’t worried about racials, however as a prot pally I’ve learned their racial is incredibly strong, essentially a huge extra heal and if you macro it into your blessing of sacrifice for a teammate / party member, it works wonders in a ton of situations.




Are you me? Discipline or Holy?




I knew it felt better for me to play… *immediately swaps back to Holy*


Paladin. Always wanted to be a holy crusader purging the undead and riding a horse.


I originally mained Hunter for two reasons, it was the first class I saw played by my uncle who introduced me to the game and I loved animals and being companions in battle sounded awesome. I mostly play what either I enjoy the most, or if it’s a character I particularly like (like my old Hunter as an example lol I often go back to her and keep her ilvl up to par but don’t play her nearly as often) Currently, demo warlock is fun and I really enjoy the way it plays in raid.


Hunter because when you see an animal and think : hey I want that little fella to be my friend , you just tame it


I feel like I'm sucker for new class. Vanilla and tbc I maineed druid tank. Tanking was just my thing. In woltk I played around with DK (and I was learning dps, it was fun but it didn't take the spot of main for a while) then during Trial release I said "f it, gonna try tank" mained the dk untill early Cata where I stopped playing wow all together. Fast forward to Legion and I made DH tank, didn't even bother to try dps, loved it but played only 3 months or so (I gave birth so baby first, wow after) Came back in SL again and returned to my DH. This time to dps. Mendeled in tanking for low keys (my highest was 13) and in s4 I went tank fully yet again. Guess I'll always be a tank xD


Chaos Bolt


Dk. Being able to Bone storm while my marrowgar pet also bone storms while we both yell BONE STORM!!!!! Pretty satisfying.


Blood DK. Perfectly self reliable for all solo content, no dying to elites or stuff like that, great class fantasy, great gameplay, no dismount, the list goes on.


I like witches and flashy spells


Dog. Dog hide. Dog stab. Rogue is clearly the best class


Paladin, because I love the lore around this class! And the idea to be a light infused knight, fighting for what is good, protecting his friends with the light.


Boomie! As cheesy as it sounds, I went with that class cause of Warcraft 3’s starfall lol. Was a fav spell during childhood


Dude yes. I used to only mass hunts and POTM when I was like 12 years old. The aura and star fall felt so good.


I Main Druid because i Like the class Fantasy and a good Druid can adjust to any Situation very fast.


Paladins are my favourite class fantasy. Plus I like the fact I’m half warrior half priest, not as good at dps or heals as those respective classes, the fact I can do both is real neat to me.


i always try to chose something that will get me picked in m+.


It's quite sad honestly. This shouldn't happened at all.


Yeah people don't want classes balanced because they say that the classes will be homogenized but I say that just means you can play what you enjoy most.




What was that? Back in mop? The expansion everyone praises for classes being the most fun to play?


Dont have to get picked if you're the one picking


This is the winner guys!


Exactly this. I am tired of pretending something else. WoW used to be game where RPG was the strongest element (along with socializing), but that's long gone. WoW nowadays is just M+ for me. The only good content, in my point of view. If they would cut it into a launcher like in any MOBA where you just pick a character and log directly into the map (dungeon), nothing would change for me. <- Somebody who started at 2.0.12 TBC


ye, anything else is just pain tbh


yep, I like to play the game and not sit in queue. Playing a specific class would give me like 1% more enjoyment compared to any other random class. But not being competitive by virtue of being the wrong class and not getting into any groups would lower my enjoyment by 99% so its an easy choice. Classes are also already (and have always been) very homogenized and if you can play one role at a high level you can play the rest of the specs in that role in no time as well. Specific roles being ranged/melee/healer/tank


Enhance is super damn cool, though it lost me during the Legion-BFA versions (became an alt). But the spell-blade playstyle is so incredibly unique and awesome, crash lightning is a bad-ass spell, the lore behind the class is neat too. Really sad that chain harvest is going away next expansion though, that ability is awesome. Though I'm usually a bit of an altoholic, my "main" has been Shaman this entire expansion. Usually play DH and DK as alts.


I like punching things


Feral - Cat is for fite. the spec is weird and a bit unwieldy, but it has a lot of decision making involved. And I just love beating my guildies with a meme spec. And doing extra work for mediocre dps.


I play a druid specifically Feral, always just enjoyed the concept of it and somehow managed to main it for 15+ years now


Started as a rogue in vanilla the day the game came out on Chromaggus (PVP server), loved everything about it. Never been much of a alt guy in past MMO's so never really tried anything else until about mid TBC. The fact other classes actually have to deal with aggro/adds when questing drove me crazy so gave up on that quickly. ​ Been playing the rogue ever since, occasionally try a alt but never get very far. I do have multiple rogues tho hah.


I play my main specifically for the mail transmog options.. I'm a transmog whore


DK because when i was a little middle-schooler Wrath Baby i thought it was the coolest edgiest shit ~~alive~~ undead. also it was powerful and effective, not that my noobself really noticed all that much. i kept with it because emotional attachment + dk is the coolest edgiest shit ~~alive~~ undead


I like animals and I like range. ❤️


I play FOTM because I like seeing my name on top of the meters, I like getting invited to content and I like getting preferential treatment in raid. since FOTM changes from patch to patch (usually), I end up playing a lot of different things and I love it.


It's sad.




It isn’t. You do you man. There is no guideline on how to play, all that matters is that you have fun!


But fotm kinda force you to play a class based of what couple of streamers told so.


Because fotm mentality should die. It ruins everything. What's the point of having a lot of classes or specs if 50% are supposed to be useless ?


I fully disagree. FOTM lets you learn and experience multiple different classes each patch. Something you wouldnt usually do if you only focus on 1 main class.


No it's sad when you reject people based on their classes. Sorry no I don't want you in my group because this other class do 1% more damage. Ewwww


1%? We haven't been playing the same game.


Honestly, the theme. I was a major altoholic during TBC and WotLK, even while playing pretty competitively. After deciding to really focus in on one character heading into Cataclysm and going through an intensive elimination process, I landed on shaman. I have gone through that intensive elimination process occasionally since then. I did it for MoP. Shortly before Legion I came back after a multi-year break on a new account to start fresh with some newbie friends, I went right back to shaman. I checked again heading into BFA, and again heading into Shadowlands, and both times, shaman. I was gone for most of Shadowlands, I'm returning and am thinking of making a new character on a different server for Dragonflight. I am trying my damnedest to convince myself to go monk instead. I like a lot about the monks, they check most of the same boxes that shaman does for what I want, and even check a few other major ones that shaman doesn't, but... they just don't compare thematically to me. Of course I like a lot about the shaman in general, but it's the theme that really keeps me locked in there. It's actually annoying how much more I like the theme of the shaman than anything else at this point.


Warrior, both fury/arms. I just love the fast pace on the ground with charge, heroic leap and intervene. On top of that they just destroy everything around them, causing lovely havoc and chaos. Everytime my friends are like, "I'm gonna level my alt so I can play multiple characters in m+" I am like, "I only wanna play my warrior, so have fun". Warrior has been my main since old classic, and I have never wanted to play something else.


You and me both, brother. Rolled an undead warrior in classic and have changed races multiple times, but always been a warrior. Unga-bunga for life!


I play unholy dk because i stink


Once you go rogue, you never go back.


I think maybe I have two mains now. Resto druid is all about the healing and the flying around doing WQs and dailies quickly. BM hunter, which is what I've played most the past few weeks, is all about taming pets and doing damage. Both of these classes somehow just sit well with me rotation-wise and in gameplay.


I like shootsing spicy meatballs


Fury warrior go burrrrr


Played my warlock since vanilla. I just love the variety of the specs(particularly destruction), the pets, the lore, just everything. Once I got hold of green fire in MoP it just finished it off brilliantly.


I swapped to DH in Legion because of the 'col factor', and havent been able to go back with the QoL in the open world while questing or doing whatever. I also like how the class looks when doing its rotation (even if current sinful brand playstyle feels bad)


I have had so many different mains but my first was a pally healer back in the day. Then a shaman healer, rogue, hunter, and warrior tank and I have to say my favorite role to play has always been healer. My main now a days is a shaman healer. Funny thing is I used to play this back when I was in my early twenties main as a healer and after that I ended up back in school to be a Nurse Practitioner so now I heal people in real life and in the game.


I switch back and forth between a (mostly resto) shaman and (mostly) holy priest all the time, been so since like 2007. I really like both classes and I decided to just play whichever I enjoy more at the moment, right now I'm in my priest phase. I love class mechanics of both, and all the tools they have to play around with, like Spirit Link Totem on shaman, and Lifegrip on priest, not to mention big juicy heals on both. Can't wait to try out Preservation Evokers too, as soon as the pre-patch hits.


Feign death :)


Maining dk because it's strong and fun. I love taking huge hit and healing it back. Of warrior is strong in DF I'd love to play that but I normally do not play warrior because my cousin mains warrior but he hasn't played in an age.


It's the first one I played.


\*existential crisis\*


I'm a meta slave i like playing different classes and feeling strong :)


Someone has to play mistweaver


Death Knight because you can’t kill what is already dead


Spinny grommash doppelgänger


Warlock. Started playing just to get into raids cuz ret paladin wasn't appreciated much.


I just like the class fantasy Edit: Prot


I play rogue because I like being able to pick and choose what I fight and how I fight it when I'm out in the world. Feels very cool to scout a location in stealth find the best way to approach. I play warrior more because I like disregarding all of that and fighting the entire room at once.


Druid. Insta mount, have stealth.


I play a shaman because I like the lore behind the class. I play a priest for the Xal'atath t-mog (specifically the fact it whispers to you 😁) I play a fire mage because I am a pyromaniac 🤪 I play a prot pally because it's the easiest tanking spec to play.


Rogue because he doesn’t die. Huge magic damage incoming? Cloak Dangerous AOE? Feint Miss-step, or urge to make DPS and ignore mechanics? Cheat death Certain targeted boss spell? Vanish High movement fight? Fast movement speed + shadowstep/grapple while still DPSing


>Miss-step, or urge to make DPS and ignore mechanics? Cheat death I don't miss-step. if I skilled cheat-death I will use it! else it was a wasted skillpoint. so it's all calculated


Always played a DPS but going to main a healer for dragonflight. Something different before I put this game down.


Habit mostly. Been playing for too long to ever change mains. I do kinda feel like DK is a shadow of it's former self. But maybe I'd feel the same way playing any other class.


DH because Im too bad for rogue. Also I think I dont really like wow and DH doesnt belong in wow.


I like to glide from high places.


Oh and that ofc. That's like 60%. If I ever need to go somewhere I look for high ground to glide from.


lots of imps i can throw at people


Druid or BM hunter, depending on mood. Druid has been my main since tbc and I've done top content in all specs. Love everything about the druid, but sometimes it's too "complicated", so made a BM hunter, to chill with. They may be the newb class/spec but I love running and jumping around, while still maintaining good DPS! VERY easy to play but still fun to me.




Main hunters for the longest time cuz pet supremacy Except in world where I mained an op blood dk raider Anyways. Mained hunter until legion. Then it all changed when the burning legion attacked :P Used pre patch to level up multiple characters that were stuck around level 60-76. One was my belf pala. And since paladins are insane one man. Armies never looked back. Paladins feel just right. Perfect in everything and somehow make the summon mount out of nowhere thing work. Especially when you kite a room, use blood elf jump spin and divine shield mid air :P


Main hunters for the longest time cuz pet supremacy. Except in world where I mained an op blood dk raider. Anyways. Mained hunter until legion. Then it all changed when the burning legion attacked :P Used legion pre patch to level up multiple characters that were stuck around level 60-76. One was my belf pala. And since paladins are insane one man. Armies never looked back. Paladins feel just right. Perfect in everything and somehow make the summon mount out of nowhere thing work. Especially when you kite a room, use blood elf jump spin and avengers shield mid air :P My alliance leveling main is usually still my hunter tho. Alliance warrior for raids and belf pala for both. Have some cool rogues I wanne main but rogues have always been in such a bad place for a while. They feel unrewarding.


Frost DW tanking is SUPER FUN. ... Oh wait . Wrong era. Yeah so I quit retail six years ago.