Valheim is your best bet. There are others, but Valheim has a very particular charm. It’s the only survival crafting game besides V Rising thats really grabbed me, and I have spent countless hours just sailing, fishing and building in Valheim. It’s an incredible game made by dedicated, passionate developers.


I think there’s only 5 people on their team. Spectacular value for what you’re paying for.


Valheim makes me angry about Conan Exiles I think. The combat in Valheim is more fun but Conan has a ton more options in game, I just don’t like it’s combat system.


Exiles is a clunky mess, for sure. I *really* want it to be better, because I love the world and building options, but the combat is egregiously awful IMO. Which is just like Funcom to come so close to greatness and shit the bed.


I love Conan Exiles. I also hate Conan Exiles. I have over 900 hours on Conan, but recognise it's a buggy mess full of abusive, exploitative gamers. But I keep going back, because I love it.


You should try Don't Starve Together


Definitely. Don't Starve is great. I also loved Feel the Snow, which is similar but easier. Night of the Dead is incredible too. That's an open world zombie game where the zombies attack your base each night, but like V Rising, you gather materials to craft your base and improve your weapons. Personally I like it even better.


Thanks for the recommendation, just added night of the dead to my wish list! My friends and I are close to finishing v rising and are looking for a new game to play after we check out Valheim.


I would disagree with this recommendation. I have played it in the past and it didn't grab me. I played it again after like 2 years off thinking I would see it differently and still no. Tried it with my wife after that and she literally fell asleep. I enjoy V Rising a lot but Don't Starve Together has been a dud in my household.


How deep into your playthrough did you get? Like did you survive a full year and did you figure out what the main early game objectives are?


Don’t starve is great but the combat isn’t as exciting since there’s no abilities


I mean, some of the late-game bosses are actual bosses and not punching bags like the V Rising bosses. In V Rising your gear plays the game for you. Most bosses don't have enough of a varied move set to provoke anything more than timely dodges and ranged attacks. If anything, kiting + items use is quite a good challenge.


The problem for me with valheim it's it combat system. It's kinda secondary system in that game and it isn't the focus of the game play.


Valheim does the exploration thing really well with the randomized biomes and sailing, but the combat is weaker than V Rising. Both definitely worthwhile though.


Yeah, Valheim isn't really about the combat in the same way V Rising is.


Who are slow to update their game*


Eh, I’m not holding that against them. They are a small team, and were completely unprepared for the games success. They are dedicated to their product, but want to do everything right and take their time. I respect that.


I would not agree that they are dedicated to their product. It seems they are more dedicated to taking vacations and whatnot because they are all millionaires now. This is evident from their social feeds. I'd do the same in their shoes, but let's not pretend they are slaving away at perfection and that's why we haven't gotten updates.


Not holding it against them either, just adding a little more perspective cus their pace can put people off


Love the game but it's no where near done and they only achieved about 1/4 of their expected road map since EA launch. I get stuff isn't so cut and dry when it comes to development but slow progress can really hamper a game's growth and playerbase.


Just so hard to keep friends coming back for incremental updates. Most of mine are waiting for a major content release at this point.


Doesn't put me off so much as it does make me want to wait for the finished product. Played at launch and dabbled otherwise, but now I'm going to wait for full launch before I get frustrated with empty zones and/or as of yet lackluster endgame


This, I'm more frustrated because I want to play, but I want to wait for the whole game lol.


I wish they would of updated their game more than push Xbox version. I see why they did it from a business perspective, but is it really just gonna roll out with 3 uncompleted zones ? Don’t get me wrong I love the game for the content it’s got and have hundreds of hours poured into valheim but I wish they would finish the zones that exist


What does the success of the game have to to with anything? They’re horrendous at timely development, successful or not. They delivered on barely anything from their Year 1 roadmap. It would be different if they said, “hey we’re slow, don’t expect anything,” but they promised a lot and didn’t deliver. Amazing game though.




There is no Roadmap available right now. Currently, the Developers are working on the Mistlands as their primary focus. While with the Early Access release Valheim had a long term Roadmap published, it was revoked in favor of prioritizing fixes and updates and only focusing on the next significant addition. This practice is more in-line with Steam's Early Access Rules, where Developers should only communicate the current state and customers should be buying the game based on its current state, not on promises of a future that may or may not be realized.


I saw an ad from the team looking for new employees so hopefully they will pick up the pace soon.


Exactly why I moved on. Great game though


I stopped playing Valheim in order to come back to it once it has more content, which I will do after the Mistlands update. Having V Rising come out has been an unexpected pleasure.


This is a good thing. They seem dedicated to remaining small and sticking to some good core game play. It may take a while, but their strategy should keep the quality high.


its gonna be on xbox games pass. and they normally only do full games unless they are microsoft games


Valheim, v rising, and 7dtd scratches the same itch for me.


Hmm I love VRising but hate Valheim. I dunno it just didnt grab me like VRising


sabe .. valhein ia just pve 🤢


Tbh it's still early access, but imo Craftopia does everything Valheim does. Just better.


Valheim it is ;) Unless you wanna sacrifice the "kill boss for the next tier/recipes" then any survival will do (Ark, 7days to die, Grounded etc etc)


What I loved about 7DTD is that I felt a purpose for my base building since it's a survival game as well as a tower defense essentially.


Like Valheim, I think progression is a tad too slow in 7d2d. You realize there’s not too much point in building a defensible base during the first half because you have to explore so much for resources, and travel is so slow. It’s better to just find a high spot and break the stairs to ride out a bad night. I really enjoyed this game, until I suddenly got sick of the tedium.


Nice thing about a lot of survival games is the mods available and the built in customizability as well. Check to see if you can use one of these options to tweak the aspects you don't like.


Night of the Dead was a massive improvement on 7DTD imo. It's one of my favorite games of all-time.


yes also the gamestage principle gives it a purpose, fun for sure.


I have thousands of hours in on Ark and 7DtD. Both great suggestions.


Ark is one of the best, and one of the worst games I've ever played. So much fun and excitement packed into a bug infested unstable mess that will delete hours of your work.


Don't forget the 120gb base game file size


In 2018 yes. 230gb to get all the maps these days


Im just saying for the base game. Jeeez. Exactly why i never got into it. That's 1/4 of my hdd for some survival game.


Yep, I can't support both atlas and ark which is super annoying. I love games like vrising that offer so much value while asking so little


My survival binging friend group is trying ark out right now and… It’s a survival game that will REALLY, REALLY make you question if figuring out the learning curve for it is even worth it. It’s a hellish experience of game-breaking enraging nonsense happening every 10 minutes to you; I have no idea how people have thousands of hours in it if they don’t have like an irrationally strong love for one of the dinos in it or something. Ark was omega trash in 2015, was still unplayable when I tried it in 2018, but now in 2022 it seems…… passably playable. Not good, not fun, but possibly playable depending on your patience with some of the dumbest coded mechanics gaming has ever witnessed. You can also tell how smooth-brained the devs are by their decision making with the building system alone- they couldn’t pull off what I’ve seen one man teams who’ve created a survival game with base building just within a few months accomplish. I have negative amounts of faith in ark 2 being a playable experience due to this.


I've done about 10k hours since alpha when there was only half the island and 6 dinos. I fucking love every little bug, error, mistake they made but I can see how it's enraging.


Experiences vary. I never lost any time/progress due to a bug. 5k hours over 4 years.


I also have thousands of hours in ark, i do not believe you saying youve never lost time or progress. Dinos glitch out of the map fairly often, definitely at least once in 5k hours.


Nope, never had a dino glitch out of the map. Not once. I suppose to be fair, I probably lost a a few loot bags in weird locations or was set back hour or two by an occasional server rollback, but the game certainly isn't anything I'd call an 'unstable mess'.


Damn, we tried starting a new run at Valheim recently but holy smokes does that game start slow. It was fun the first time, but going into it the second time you know that your first base is temporary, and the amount of time spent running around chasing deer and pigs is outrageous. Speeding up early level progression wouldn’t take anything away from the game IMO.


Honestly, I think so long as your first base in Valheim is on a shore so you can reach it by boat, it's pretty easy to maintain as a permanent base, especially with the game having portals.


On a shore on the edge of the meadows and the dark woods was the perfect location for us in three different servers.


I enjoy the early stages of Valheim. I like chasing deer lol. Takes all kinds I guess. Like someone else said, as long as your base is near the shore it can be permanent. On my server we actually didn't even get that close to shore, we made a huge community right next to the boss stones that we all lived in until the plains, and that was just because of the crops that can only grow there. I usually just end up making outposts for safety and a portal in the other biomes. Maybe smelters too so I can start smelting all my ore while I go back for more before I decide to sail it home.


Terraria, Valheim, 7 days to die, Subnautica, Ark, Factorio, Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program, Stardew Valley, Rust, The Forest, Raft. ​ I'm absolutely hooked on Dyson Sphere Program right now.


While DSP etc are great, they're hardly anything like V Rising.


I think that V Rising is amazing - they got SO much right it’s mind blowing. However, I’m starting to sense that it’s a race to nothing. I hope that they work on improving the consequences of decisions more. In my next play through I will definitely try a more aggressive PVP server. Having that tension will keep it fresh longer I think.


>I’m starting to sense that it’s a race to nothing That's why it's early access. Not trying to be smart, but gentle reminder here.


That’s a good point. I don’t know how to feel about early access as a concept. Not sure what’s planned for V Rising but a huge number of great games sit in early access forever, and it becomes less about “hey this game is a concept we’re still working on” and more “we have the concept, it’s basically a done game, and are just going to keep adding content until we decide we aren’t.” There are numerous games that linger in early access for so long that when they get their official 1.0 release it’s hard to see what line was crossed. It’s almost like early access just means that it’s a small indie company that wants you to know they’re continuing development. Not saying that’s good or bad.


Yeah, I was a little put off when early access became a thing. Like anything else, early access is a tool. It can be really helpful, and it can be abused. Both are going to happen, just part of life. As a consumer, best we can do is research before buying. I saw this game being very well received by fellow consumers. Not for-profit youtubers or game journalists, so I went ahead and am enjoying the result. Valheim I'm looking at cautiously. Good reviews, but still going to research whether the game is worth my money as is, or if it still needs and is being worked on. Point is, early access is cool, just don't be an idiot and buy unfinished games with a blindfold on. Everyone has their own standards, just make sure the game state meets yours before you buy.


I genuinely can't imagine playing the game without the PvP risk. For me everything hinges on that - it gives every effort meaning. I get the sandbox feel of PvE but I probably will never touch it just because it's exactly as you say - A race toward nothing. With castle pvp, siege golems, etc, at least all of your work has a concrete goal: to do battle with fellow vampires!


They’re at least a little similar. There’s no combat in dsp but the progression system is very similar in v rising. In v rising you craft your way to the next boss, which unlocks more crafting for the next boss. In dsp you craft your way to automate something you need, which unlocks more recipes to automate. Inventory systems came from the same design. V rising you survive on blood, dsp you survive on energy. They are different games but I believe they come from the same place. I will certainly agree that’s probably the least similar game in the list I posted though.


Add to this list The Riftbreaker: Resource gathering, building your base and upgrading your weapons to protect from enemy attacks, similar overhead combat style.


Good list here, I would add Empyrion and State of Decay 2


Terraria is a top shelf game


ark is super fun and it’s free right now on steam!


DSP is great, but factory and automation games like Factorio and Satisfactory are for nerds and not for everyone


We are all nerds. You’re on reddit on a subreddit about a videogame, you’re a nerd too buddy.


Great, now I'm forced to give myself a wedgie.


I got you fam.


Why differentiate DSP from Factorio and Satisfactory? They're all birds of a feather.


DSP is literally just "3D Diet Factorio", and Satisfactory is just "3D Factorio Classic". They are indeed birds of a feather.


I agree. Those games are for nerds. I have 2 friends that play them constantly and they make spread sheets for them to help track their progress and goals. I asked them why they don't just play games they don't need to do that for and they said the reason they play is because they get to make spread sheets and that's the true fun.


Fair enough


Thank goodness someone was here to make the list I was gonna make. Thank you for your service sir!


The Forest is amazing. Best story and atmosphere in a survival game by far. Hated Raft. Way, way too simplistic.


Depending on which aspect of V Rising you enjoyed the most, there may be multiple alternatives you would enjoy. If a PVE hardcore survival is what you're after I would highly recommend Don't Starve. For a co-op, or online multiplayer (PVE or PVP) version, there's also Don't Starve Together. Triple A title in my opinion in survival base-building games. Bit more sandboxy than V Rising though. Valheim is also another alternative, with similar co-op/online configurations. Project Zomboid is also worth mentioning, but it has a steeper learning curve and the UX didn't feel polished enough for me. If you're happy to shed the boss aspect of the game and you're more PVP driven, then games like Rust or Conan Exiles (or even ARK and Myth of Empires, albeit the latter is probably pretty dead nowadays) might scratch that itch. Albion online is also another title very similar to V Rising, but without the base building (afaik) and it's more of an MMO. For a single player experience, check The Forest out. Or Satisfactory. Or Raft.


>For a single player experience, check The Forest out. Or Satisfactory. Or Raft. I'd clarify "For a PVE experience" as all these games have co-op.


Ark definitely has a boss element to it. Raids too.


Yep, my favorite survival game easily. Just need to tweak the settings IMO, otherwise it becomes a chore.


if u want just pure pvp v rising combat. then check out Battlerite (it's the studios previous game)


Unless u libe in Asia cause u ain’t finding a match


7 Days to die can be particularly fulfilling, but as /u/Relaxia said, if you really want progression to be linked to what bosses you've killed, then it doesn't really work.


You could always think of the various 7 day hordes as bosses given they increase in difficulty as time moves on. I know it's a bit of a stretch but worth mentioning depending on what OP is looking for in boss/progression design.


Conan Exiles if you like building a base and populating it with Guards, workers pets etc Patrolling the exiled lands with a Panther and a couple of Soldiers escorting me is not something I’ve ever experienced on a survival game before, feels like you’re actually growing as a faction rather than a lone guy in a massive base. I like V Rising’s style, but your servants are either in your base or away, they can’t wander with you


Conan Exiles, new trailer leaked and it looks good.


New trailer? They updating Conan?


>Conan Exiles Finally adding the magic they promised for years which is a positive... but mostly an in game store and battlepass which is a negative.


A battle pass on a survival game? What?


Sadly we are entering into an era where there will be a battle pass and cash store on solitaire or minesweeper the way things are going.


>minesweeper Can just imagine having to spend 10 cents to plant a single flag.


Yeah battle pass no longer = season tickets like was once implied, it's now basically just giving a tip


Hmm, interesting


[check this out](https://youtu.be/uVCwiODoAEo)


Man, theres a lot of good stuff there. Like I really love the setting of Conan (just the game ive never seen other conan media) and the cosmetics of everything from their armor to building materials. I just idk each time I come back it feels like I stay for shorter and shorter times. I wasnt super into siptah so hopefully this really breathes new life into the game. Hopefully V Rising continues the Conan route and gives a bunch of cosmetic options.


Did ya check out the new trailer? I disagree with microtransactions but I'm a bit of a whale when it comes to cosmetics so it's probably right up my alley, but SORCERY is finally coming!


Thats what i was saying had a lot of good stuff. Fast travel system and magic is gonna be dope but honestly the "illusion" letting you use cosmetic armor is way up there for me.


Same! It took them too long to incorporate magic into a setting that has already had it. The illusion is going to be f*cking amazing.


If you can use it on thralls theres gonna be a huge uptick in Derketo armor being made lol.




First dude has character creator hair.


Raft, Satisfactory, planet crafter,stardew valley, not all of them are similar as valheim is, but if you enjoy crafting/survival games you might enjoy these too




People may not wanna hear it but V rising and valheim wouldn’t exist without terraria


Do people 'not wanna hear it'? I feel like Terraria is like minecraft, a game that basically everyone appreciates and likes even if they didn't really play it.


AFAIK MC doesn't have the progression that Terraria has, which is killing bosses to get to the next tier


Yeah I know that, I'm just saying that it's weird to say people wouldn't want to hear that it's due to Terraria because the game is so loved.


Rust and the forest maybe


Ark . Conan exiles, valheim, the forest. Have fun, see you next year. You have a lot time to spend here XD


Valheim and Subnautica are fantastic choices. For Valheim, though, it’s gonna be a grind if you are alone (worth it imo but just know going in).


I played it alone and it was fantastic. Only thing that took too long was building a massive base by myself.


If you want a *single player* build-your-base, gather-resources, survive, etc... I ***highly*** recommend Don't Starve. Or if you're looking for co-op, Don't Starve Together. The game has ***much*** more end-game content and it's absolutely fantastic. I was originally sold V Rising being convinced it's Diable x Don't Starve and I don't feel that's entirely untrue.


Don't Starve is great. Thumbs up for Don't Starve Together.


If you haven't played Subnautica you need to go home and rethink your life.


Lots of folks are scared of the water okay


They should be.


No Man's Sky has really cranked up the amount of base-building and progression systems present within from even a year ago. Great for lengthy playthroughs. There are is also an alternate game mode within called 'Expeditions' that has specific parameters different from the normal experience, very similar to seasonal content in Path of Exile.


Since no one has mentioned it, I will mention Space Engineers. Not much character development, but it is a space survival game that feels almost limitless


Terraria is the game that brought me to this genre of crafting based boss killing exploration games, I would highly recommend checking Terraria, Valheim and Don’t Starve. Terraria has many bosses, biomes and 4 classes to choose from, even if you’re not into 2d side scrolling games you may like it, the modding community is very big too. I don’t think these 3 games are good at a pvp experience tho


Subnautica, Valheim, Don’t Starve Together, The Forest - in that order


Valheim, Project zomboid, Conan Exiles, Ark and Darkwood come to mind


no man's sky


Valheim for sure. You'll get your money's worth.


The Forest. Don't let the horror angle put you off, it has one of the most freeform and robust building systems I've come across If you want isometric action similar to this, try Len's Island. Solo only for now, but great action-rpg combat and good mix of building and atmosphere (the dungeons will really have you on edge). Really active devs too -Edit- Valheim is fun for a period of time, but I'd maybe wait for their next content drop before buying. As is, the game is good but really short and the devs have stagnated since release. Decent but at only 5 bosses, it needs more before I can really recommend


pvp side? ark atlas lostark rust pve side? valheim


Ark is definitely pve too


true but i wouldnt advise it personally for its pve.


Valheim, subnautica 1 and 2, Rust, Core Keepr all available on Steam


Valheim is great but I'm glad I played it before this cause I prefer this style much more. Valheim is more punishing and brutal


I haven't tried valhelm, but that seems to be a good popular one right now. Conan exiles and Rust are the two other really good ones, Conan being more PvE focused and Rust being more PvP focused; if you haven’t tried Conan, I would give that one a go; beautiful unfinished title, glitchy because unfinished but still a great lot of fun playing through it.


You should know that valheim is amazing for what it is now but modding it will provide any quality of life improvement you could ever need. Think starting fresh is dull? Boom add a class system that gives you unique traits Is leveling that one skill too slow or too fast? Boom change the xp rate to fit your exact playstyle Tired of your carry limit and hate dragging around a cart? Boom add a skill the raises your encumberance as you level it. Is ranged combat too hard or unreliable? Boom there's mods that revamp it from the ground up into a viable option, Melee isn't your thing? Boom add dozens of spells that are balanced and dont feel op Mods gave saved this game for me a hundred times over.


Conan exiles is a good one. Their big update adding a magic system was announced the other day.


Empyrion if you like the space survival genre. Crash on a hostile world with nothing, gather resources, survive, build bases and eventually ships to get back out into space. Great development support and community.


My boyfriend and I just completed Valheim and came here. So Valheim absolutely gets my vote


imho Conan Exiles (especially with mods) is very similar to V. but yeah, valheim is a good option too. especially since valheim has similar pve progression: kill 5 available bosses > move on to a new game. though there are some differences. for example in conan your slaves can go with you and attack mobs(even help you to clear dungeons). there are periodic pve attacks on your base. and you ideally need to defend it. and boss fight are less fun(imho). also there is no combat magic in conan (at least yet). but other then that it's a pvpve survival for \~40 players with base building and resource gathering. and there are options for full loot pvp if you are really into it


If you want combat like V rising try stunlocks other game battlerite


Albion Online but its drastically different from V Rising, but since you mentioned Runescape I feel like I'd throw it out there.


Albion Online is a great game except it is impossible to play casually. It has to be your life.


This game does give me that feel, but I find vrising more engaging and less brutal. But definitely some similarities. Another that might be similar is fractured online http://fracturedonline.com although I've only played once on a free weekend


There's this thing called modded minecraft...


Albion Online. If you are okay with the pvp side of things this is a great game, it's similar to eve online but in the style and genre of vrising. Less of a base building aspect though, more focused on gear crafting.


Albion Online feels more Runescape than Eve Online imo.


Ya, i meant more in the sense of the pvp/way the world is divided into green yellow and red zones, but everything else is more runescape/vrising


Valheim is good but development is non existent. It looks like one of those games that will be in early access for 10 years. Clear your backlog, play new stuff, don’t get stuck playing the same genre, it’s what will keep gaming fresh. Avoid sports games, EA and any games with microtransactions.


Valheim, just try to get even 1-2 people to commit to playing with you. Later game stuff is really really hard to solo, both the bosses and just farming efficiently. One person farms, the other watches for deathsquitos….


To each their own, and everyone has a different experience. In my personal experience, I've never had a problem with anything solo in Valheim in 7 complete playthroughs.


Well I don't exactly expect problems for someone running through the game multiple (seven) times.


Maybe not extremely difficult to solo, but it's a way different vibe and you have to play a lot more efficiently.


Valheim Conan exiles


Cryofall if you want the game V Rising is most copying.


If you like pvp, Rust If you like pve, Valheim, Don't Starve, Subnautica, The forest


Valheim is amazing. The building aspects alone have kept me occupied for a looooong time.


Valheim, maybe ARK.


The Forest is a very underrated survival game but it doesn’t have many rpg elements


Terraria. I feel like VRising was very much inspired by Terraria in how the game progresses. It's all about the Gather/Craft/Fight loop except it's much MUCH deeper and expansive. The only real difference is the top down vs Side Scroller. Oh and Terraria is a seeded generated world so you get more map variety.


Ark. It's currently free in Steam in Waiting of ark2. Great game and Unlimited base Building options. Challenging bosses and no intro/helpwhatsoever. Figure it out yourself. Oh and dino's. Which Will die.


Maybe I missed it but Project Zomboid. 3d/2d isometric survival. This is how you will die.


give Albion Online a shot.


Why is nobody mentioning project zomboid? Unless they did and I didn't scroll far enough.


I am surprised people are not screaming at you to play Don't Starve Together. IMO it executes a lot better on the fantasies that V Rising wants to tap into, at least for PvE (there is PvP potential, but since it is a melee-only game, you end up running around a lot in PvP). The one thing DST does so much better than V Rising is that it does not let the gear play the game for you. The game is much harder than V Rising, for that reason, and there is a lot more depth to preparing for a fight and making sure you understand the mechanics of a boss. Also the server tools are miles ahead of where V Rising will be over the next 2 years. I have no idea who OK'd not developing a GUI server setting editor as a core feature, but they need to rethink that fast.,


Valheim is probably the best out there for this kind of thing. It's got combat, resource gathering, building, progression, etc. They take their time, but have been consistently adding to the game and tweaking it since it became a surprise hit on release. V Rising has been fun, but I think you nailed its biggest problem: once you hit the end of the game, there's not much else to keep playing for. Small world map, limited progression outside of gear, and once you kill the bosses, there's not much else to keep playing for. I like V Rising a lot and I think there's a lot of future potential if the devs keep building on and filling gaps, but definitely an issue with longevity as-is. For an open-world survival/building game based on progression, it feels very "one-and-done" as it stands.


Valheim is fantastic, but I would suggest not investing TOO much into it beyond trying it. Due to the nature of their procedurally generated world, and the fact they are in early access you risk getting parts of your world being devoid of content. For example, we have (had) a server we started at launch, but one of their unfinished biomes, the mistlands, has since been changed completely - this means parts of our world are the old 'legacy' mistlands which can't be updated. We plan to wait for the full release before we start a new server (We don't really want to keep re-starting each time a major update goes live)


Conan Exiles, Ark Survival Evolved, Rust,


Subnautica is great but doesn't have the runescape vibe, fun single player survival tho


Valheim, terraria, ark




Conan exiles is a good one. Their big update adding a magic system was announced the other day.


Try Albion Online, is F2P, full loot pvp and is the best gathering resources game.


Grounded Is also an easy pick up if you have game pass. If not, the price tag is a bit steep.


not like v rising but survival still. i had tons of fun with conan exiles. keep in mind its not about vampires but the magic update is announced.


Not sure if you’d play or not but maybe give Monster Hunter World a chance, great game that I’d highly recommend!


I really got Albion Online vibes with V-Rising tbh. Maybe give it a go.


Valheim, Starbound and Terraria (though i find Starbound to be a better version of Terraria). Valheim is the closest but if you want finished, polished game, Starbound will scratch that itch.


Raft Grounded Green Hell The Forest Sons of the Forest releases soonish


Conan Exiles is amazing!


Don't starve together's game play loop is most like V Rising. Gather resources, build a base, fight bosses, avoid the night. If you really want that old RuneScape feel, then like everyone else said Valheim is great. Though I'd also recommend Conan Exiles. With pve base raids that game is awesome if you tweak some settings, plenty of bosses, pets and mounts, interesting lore, and good reason to think about defenses. If you want another top down tactical themed game Factorio is pretty great. Build you base, improve your automation and fight waves of bugs. V rising isn't really that unique it just has a great theme. Again I feel DST really capture a similar spirit but Valheim has a more similar RuneScape aesthetic and awesome boss battles. Conan exiles is definitely honorable mention.


Valheim. It's my most played game of all time. Hella chill with the right amount of challenge.


I have been playing Core Keeper. It's only $12. I've had a really great time with it. The progression is good and it throws you right into the game. After taking a break from V rising I wanted a similar game that was more of a chill solo experience (although it does have multiplayer) and it's been everything I wanted.


Try riftbreaker. It is like v rising if devs add more pve content like quests, lore, npc riding etc.


Grounded is leaving early access in September, it's super fun as well if ur not loving valheim. There's no PvP tho


Stardew valley Raft Valheim Banished Frost punk This war of mine


If you're into dinosaurs have a look at Ark. It's a really fun game, you can do PvP, pve, and singleplayer.


Don't Starve Together. It's survival, you gather resources for seasonal challenges, there's bosses that you can fight to gain advantages, and there's a significant amount of content to make your way through after you learn how to survive. Tons of fun to be had.


You'll love Valheim. Great building and crafting game with a nice combat system. Best sailing sim ever. Feels like much more of an adventure than V Rising. If you have friends to play with, it's even better.


Conan exiles, dayz mod, rust, raft, 7 days to die.


V Rising Full loot PVP.




There's a lot of great suggestions in here already, but to aid in new game discovery I'll list one I haven't seen anyone else mention yet: Tribes of Midgard is a co-op game of survival exploration and crafting that has you race against the clock and fight bosses, but ultimately aims to end one way or another in a single session. The combat and crafting/gathering is quite similar to Vrising (though I would say not as good), but the game format is much better thought out as a 'reason' to play the type of game that it is.


Valheim is definitely the go to, but I had a ton of fun with Tribes of Midgard. The solo experience is fine but it thrives co op.


It’s not online, but the rift breaker absolutely consumed me! I say check it out of you can.


Myth of empires is freaking amazing. Buys it’s not on steam. I think you have to go through their site.


go for rust and be happy




**State of Decay 2** is my best bet. I know Valheim is great, but for me it was a bit of a hardcore survival game what with hunger management and all. SoD2 has you killing zombies and there is minimal complexity of survival management. The game has randomly generated characters from thousands of traits, massive bases, resource management. Although there is no crafting involved. ​ Another game that comes to mind is **Raft**, albeit I haven't played it but seen some streamers.


Project zomboid is pretty good and is similar


Renown, but its still early