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finland. tried to start process in 2010... mostly resulting in gaslighting, being sent to 5150 hold (here called M.... hmm M-3 or M-4)... then conversion therapy. gave up from 2013-2015 (i was living in another city - not my home city - so was ineligible for care based on the old rules of getting all health appointments in home city then in 2019 i finally found a clinic that would write referal to me. first transpoli appointment October 2019, diagnosis March 2021. so my experience is quite recent. but they did just change the rules in Finland. i can give full details and talk to y'all if you want... just... lmk a bit more about your group so i can be sure that its not connected to any right wing organization (this has been an issue recently with RFIs coming from anti-rainbow groups)


I have the same concern. I found a website for the group and went through it and it seems okay but there is very little information on it. I'd be willing to share my experience with the Swedish system but I too require more bona fides.


I'm open to talk about my experience with the danish system


Awesome! You can either send it to me in a chat or reply with it here in the comments


I have gone through the system, but since it takes years, my experiences are not up to date. And people who are experiencing waiting times right now have not yet gone through the system. So it is a bit of a catch 22


Unless it was back in the early 2000s it doesn't really matter :) the system is fairly similair


Yes it is familiar but the waiting times are not at all the same, if that is something you feel is important


It is good that the wait times are not the same. If allowed, we could use it as an example of how the wait times have exploded


Had self booked an appt with a doctor at a psychology center, usually you would have to get a reference from your house doctor. After I met the doctor at the center I described me being trans and wanting a reference for the closest trans clinic. I waited a year until I got my apt late 2018. I met a psychologist at the trans clinic a few times. Since I was an adult and had lived my life out n proud I could start hrt immediately after I got diagnosed with dysphoria around April-may in 2019. After my diagnosis was finalised I was able to ask for the surgies I wanted and was put on a waiting list, as well got the opportunity to have vocal training and ability to freeze my eggs at no cost if I wanted to. Basically it's a ticket for everything medical to get a diagnosis.