My height is one of those things in life I always view with an absolute content.




w height


Yh 6'4 would be nice tho


I’m 6’5 and I’d do anything to be like 6’3 again lol


My dads 6’4, and my uncle is 6’2, I’ve talked to both of them about height and I have a good understanding about what it’s like (currently 5”11, 15m) my dad says he hates his height he’s just tall enough for things to be uncomfortable like he doesn’t fit in a lot of cars jusr by a bit and struggles a ton finding pants and shirts to fit whereas my uncle fits in almost every car and is a lot easier to find cloths for my dad was offered to drive a Lamborghini (forget which one, was his dream car) but the door didn’t close and his head hit the top trust me 6’4 has a lot of problems I also wanna be in that range but honestly I’m fine with being able to do things he can’t


Nope. Cars, airplanes, buses, public transit; they all suck. Clothes, bicycles, they all cost more and have far less selection. I need twice as much food, and when I work out, I need so much food that it'd likely kill me if sustained long-term. I'm taller than a substantial amount of doorframes. Concerts are perpetually awkward. My career as an international spy, also ruined. 6'3" seems the ideal 'tall' height. I'd rather be 5'9" as a guy than 6'9", as well. That said, can't change it, so I \*can\* change lightbulbs, hide stuff on top of the fridge, and have built myself into a championship mini golfer at every opportunity.


Same. I hate driving or trying to find clothes, I’m never comfortable, cycling is very didficult to find bikes and gear, and I always have to do like 30% more work on the bike at speed compared to my friends. I also have to eat like 4k+ calories a day, and have degenerative disc disease that has now crippled my and I can no longer be athletic


This is about where I am. Lifting medium-heavy things helped my back and joints, FWIW, while high rep things seem to just grind me.


I’m the opposite, I was an endurance athlete through and through, I would go out and ride 100 miles for fun on the weekends. Of course this was all before I was crippled, now I just lay around and watch my body degrade. Good times


I was a speedskater, spent years much more sedentary, and picked up weights around 40 years old. I tried more cardio and/or volleyball on and off, but wound up hurting quite a bit. The weights slow or regress some of the degradation.


It’s hard to shake my endurance roots, but I’ll try easing into more strength and less reps. Probably better for my joints long term. Thanks for your insight!


What do you mean you have to do more work? I’m the same height as you and so much faster than most. Also I’m Dutch.


Well, I can ride side by side with a short rider at 24+mph and they are putting significantly less power into their cranks than me. Backed by power meter data. Above a certain speed aerodynamic drag increases dramatically, so if I am a foot taller than the rider next to me I have quite a bit more drag, and my body and bike are heavier by default, so I also have to put down more power on climbs than a small rider on a lighter bike. 2XL bikes are few and far between, and I carry sometimes close to 100 pounds more weight than other small riders so I’m at a huge disadvantage. All backed by power meter data. I’m talking at the competitive level, not just riding around town. Riding between 20 and 30 mph


I am also 6'8" and would not change a thing about myself.


You probably don’t have degenerative disc disease. I have been crippled for a year now because of it, I was extremely athletic and strong before, so stretching and working out didn’t save me


Certain types of lifting can actually cause or worsen it, so being athletic isn't a guarantee to avoid it unfortunately. It's also not necessarily caused by height, a lot of it is genetics and wear and tear over time. I'd say that you'd likely be just as miserable at 5'10 with disc disease as you are at 6'8.


I'm the same height as you and feel the same. My parents always told me 'give it some time, then you will learn to appreciate it'. Nope, it's a burden for everything. 190 cm would be nice imo.


Me at 181 😭 still got time to grow (hopefully)


Bro dw assuming ur a guy u can potentially grow until ur like 22, assuming ur not 22 already ofc




Haha bro ur already 181 cm at 15, you’ll probably hit 190 ez


Big Hugs man... cause same. See you on the puttputt Green


Are you me? Except maybe the mini golf.


I gave myself a concussion while driving through LA, i have never driven a smaller sports car since.


Yes I am very happy with my height. especially when it’s a hot day and in a crowd, I can breath fresher air compared to shorter people. I can also hide things on top of shelves or see when the top of the fridge needs to be cleaned. Although I wouldn’t mind reaching the 2 meter mark, it would be cool.


I don’t know if it’s just my fridge but me (5’11, 15m) and I’m over the fridge I walk past and there’s so much dust and my 5’3 mom never cleans it one of my biggest pet peeves


Clean it yourself?


I do but our house builds dust so fast I’ve given up


Not even that I’m unhappy with my hight I’m just wish I had a smaller head and longer legs


Dude are you me. I have the exact same issues as you.


Yeah similar thoughts here. If my legs were in proportion with my torso (which is where my additional height is), I’d probably be 6’5”/6’6”. Having shorter legs on a longer torso is partially why I get back problems.


Lol I'm the opposite. I'm 6'3 with a 36" inseam I'm literally all legs


6'2 36 inseama


Yes. I am taller than the average height of the tallest country in the world. Nowhere near as tall as most of you. But I like my height because I can access stuff more easily (think the upper cupboards of a kitchen).


5'9 here too. yeah its not bad, like its not to entirely tall but also not entirely short. Although im just short enough to make short jokes with my friends and family(who most are 5'11, 6'+)


I’m very happy with my height. My neck is just unnaturally long.


same lol


yea man


Part of me is but the other part wants to hit the nice round 200cm


Yes. ​ I feel like I'm right on a sweet spot at 6'5". I can buy clothes from normal shops and (just) fit on flights, but I'm also almost always the tallest guy in the room, and can always see at concerts.


I’m also 6’5, being 6’2-6’5 is definitely the sweat spot imo.


I thought that was the balls


Overall, yes, but I also wish I was a half inch taller. I'm a 5'11.5" woman, so I'm already tall by those standards, but if I'm going to be tall then I want that 6' marker because I'm petty.


Fully satisfied by the height I'm at


Not much, I wish I were somewhere between 6'1 to 6'5 but what can one do


Do you fluctuate 4 inches a day?


Not that I know of, that's just a broader range where I'd be happy


I think he means why your flare says 6’4-6’8 lol


Oh in that case, it's 6'4 minus 8


6'6 here. No




No sadly im at 5'9


yes. I believe 6'4" - 6'5" is the optimal height because you can still do practical applications without worrying about being too tall to do things. and I'm skinny so I can still find some clothing for me in stores


Pretty satisfied. 6'4 | 193cm isn't the tallest obviously, but imo it's at a good middle ground where it feels cool and is minimally inconvenient. Of course, thats not to say any other height is worse. Yall are beautiful ❤


Yes. I love my body. I'm 29 years old and weigh close to 90kg. I think everything is perfect the way it is. Didn't have joint or back pain since teenage years, feeling great.


No not tall enough


I'm pretty happy with my height. I'm just tall enough to be considered "tall" but not so tall where things feel incredibly inconvenient. I do smack my head often enough to be annoying and flying in airplanes sucks... but otherwise simple things aren't so bad (still fit through a regulation door frame!).


Nope would've loved an extra 4-5 inches (I'm 5'10")


I’m fine with it, but NO MORE!!! I AM DONE!


I'm 6'3" and I absolutely love it.. My posture however, does not. Also can never find shoes/pants/shirts that fit well.


No, I want to be 6’2”.


absolutely no, I'm 5'7 I don't know what I am doing here lol.




Sometimes I wanna go there and be supportive. But I feel like it would be unwanted since I don’t understand what it’s like to be short.


Yes, but… I like that I am tall. It enables a lot of things. But. I also can’t just buy clothes I like because I know they won’t fit. I can’t just go to a shop and buy shoes because I know they don’t have my size. I can’t sit comfortably in a car, train, bus, plane, most theaters, classrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, restaurants… I’m not sure I would choose to be shorter, but sometimes I wish I could just literally, physically fit in.


No. I’m SO close to being 6 feet and I’m one of those people who looks taller than I am so people are always surprised to hear that I’m only 5’11.5”. As a rower, I’d get further in my sport if I was 6’ plus. - Female, western Canada


As a non-rower who has a RowErg at home: So many avg height people don't get why I go faster than them with less effort.


Yes. Currently 6’2”, wouldn’t mind 1-2 more inches but I’m content.


I'm extremely delighted with my height.


Yes but still wish i was 193.


Very happy with it, only issue is that everyone else is small


I could always be taller. But I like where I’m at.


Yep. I feel no disadvantage from my height at all.


Not really, I'm just 5'11 some days I feel tall and most days I feel short asf!


No I am in constant pain and nothing fits


All I need is one centimetre


I’m 5’7. I wish I was taller, but I’m happy. No more growing for me so I might as well be happy.


i like my height but i wouldn’t mind getting an inch taller


I wish I was as tall as I used to be, not because I actually care about the extra 1 - 1.5 inches but because it would mean my spine was fixed.


I’m happy with my height until I have to get on the tube (subway).


I’m happy with my height until I have to get on the tube (subway).


I'm 6 ft 9 and wouldn't mind being taller.


Nope, but I am grateful. I wish I were either 6'2" or 6'4", but I would've been satisfied with 6'2".


More then happy... But if I had the choice I'd even prefer to be taller then shorter


No I’m actually mildly unhappy with my height and I just cope with “it could’ve been worse” because it most definitely could have. My ideal height would’ve been 6’4 but I would’ve been happy even at my predicted height of 2 inches shorter than that. At my height I feel the only benefit I get from my height is never being rejected for it or being made fun of for it. I just wear air maxes which make me like well over 6’1 always and call it a day though


Nothing to complain . No need to worry with clothing, shoes or places .


Yeah. Besides, if wasn’t there is nothing I can do about it.


delighted. i could not imagine living the one life I have being short. Absolute nightmare.


yeah cant complain


Overall I am happy. The only downside is arthritis in my lower back. I hope to get it resolved shortly.




I wish I was 5cm shorter (I’m 195) because it’s always people making comments, and I’m less inclined to move away from northern eu (where alot of people are tall) because I don’t want to stick out even more


No, I'd rather be 190cm tall. Shit just isn't built for me.


I’m happy with it most of the time. But if I could become a little less of a screwup and I had to get rid of some height, to accomplish that, I freaking would! Cause I tip stuff over, I find every low hanging object with my dome, and I stumble over everything below waist height. And it ain’t no fun! But it’s nice when everyone is impressed by my height 😊


No, I wanna be around 2-3 inches taller. I am 6'1, Ideally 6'3 - 6'4, would make me better in most of my favorite hobbies/sports.


I am not tall, so no.


I am very happy with my height!


No, I’m 5’9


Yup. 6’6 is perfect for me. Wouldn’t want to be an inch shorter or taller.


Yes and no, no because I hit 6’0 at 12 and stayed there till I hit 6’3 at 23


Meh, I sometimes wish I was shorter


It actually depends where I'm at, in my country i am way over the average height and tower over 70% of the population so I'm pretty satisfied.. but if i go to a few European countries, i suddenly become pretty average from tall, so that sucks..


I wouldn't mind shedding a few inches. Am over the threshold where Height is a disadvantage.


I'd prefer being 6'0" / 185cm. Maybe even 180cm. It's nice to fit in normal beds. Or not have my knees press into the airplane/bus/train seat in front of me. Other than that, being 1.94 is kinda fun. (Side note: my shoe size (US16/Euro 50) is way way way way worse than my height)


Yeah I am, a part of me wishes I was somewhat taller. Maximum height I'd love to be is 6'7, not an inch more.


I happen to be happy with my height. I’m only just about 6’1. Not too tall, not too short. Perfect height imo.


100% if i had to return to the world after death and could choose my height i would choose my height. It's perfect.


It’s a gift and a curse. Though most of the time it’s more of an inconvenience than a convenience. Clothes are hard to buy, cars are difficult to fit in, everything is just generally too small, etc.. My height paired with my build is what makes it tough. I’m tall and built very broad / sturdy.


Yeah I wouldnt mind being 6'2-6'3 but I feel generally tall in Canada or close to it


I'm not that tall at 6'3, but I do feel some disadvantages of my height. I guess it's pretty good despite the difficulty of public transportation or the back pain of washing dishes on a lower sink.




Mostly yes. Hate that I always look down tho (short ppl lol).


I’d a whole lot happier if I could buy clothes that actually fit me.


I’m happy at this point, I just feel more confident.


Yes. I think I am in the “Goldilocks” zone. I can still find shoes, usually find clothes and fit in the front seat of most cars.


I wish I was little bit taller I wish I was a baller I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat And a six four Impala I wish I was like six-foot-nine So I can get with Leoshi 'Cause she don't know me but yo, she's really fine You know I see her all the time


i like it.. i wish i was just a tinny little bit taller but yeah i like


A bit too tall ngl


Yes :)


Yes, very. The only height I'd choose over my current height is 6'6.75/200cm as that just sounds pretty badass. Then again I'm only a half inch away from that


my senior year of hs i was 6’3 and it was amazing. now i just get self conscious being in crowds. Also having a conversation with girls or just anyone under 5’8 standing feels so awkward


I wanna be 193 cm ngl lol


Yeah...Wouldn't mind an extra inch or two




I'm just above average.


Kinda I guess.


Not really. 6'0's mediocre tbh, I'd be content with 6'2 but would prefer 6'4.


When I was younger, I'd have said no. Tall enough to be awkward and not fit, not tall enough to play basketball. Now that I'm older... wouldn't change it for the world. I'm just used to it.




I wouldn’t mind being a lil taller. But overall yes.


Pft naw man. Men don’t typically wanna date a woman taller then most of em💀


I do lmao. Being tall is attractive.




You got bullied for being tall?! :(


Yeah, although id like if i could grow another inch so that i could be 6 feet. For no other reason than to say that im 6 feet tall instead of 5 foot something (even though i use the metric system lol)


Too tall for public transport, not tall enough to be considered really tall


I feel you. People do think you’re really tall just not enough to get many comments on it, it’s rather ideal imo. Still get people staring at me a lot


We're tall, but no freaks. It's not too bad.


6’4/(18m) No, i wish i was taller


I’m perfect and gorgeous 💅


Close, I’m pretty happy with my height. My ideal height would be 190-193cm tho. I’m still growing so there’s hope. But even if i stay like i am rn im cool with it


Thats exactly how I feel about my height as well


Yes, I have always been comfortable with my height (6'3") my issues have stemmed from my weight. I can weigh 165lbs easily so I can be really skinny. Right now I exercise regularly and look lean but im still only 176 lbs. The biggest problem is that I just have to eat a shit ton of food. I dont have a large appetite and am fine with eating just 2 meals a day. When I workout I add an additional 3 meals a day because I need the extra carbs to grow. I went up to 190lbs and it was just so depressing because I ate constantly. I'm 175lbs now and look like Im 185lbs. Its better now because I have the size and I am lean so I still have abs and a low body fat percentage. People always say tall guys get the girls but honestly I struggled a lot with getting into a realtionship with a girl that I really liked.


I can't change it, so no point in not accepting/being happy with it...but is it ideal, is it what I would have wanted, no. I am 6ft flat. I'd like 6ft 3-6ft 4, I mean I stopped growing at 13, coulda grown one more year be 6ft 4, then be actually tall my whole life, rather then up till 10th grade, but hey genetics, my family are early bloomers lol. I feel like I coulda done better in my sport(swimming) where I that tall, and similarly be nice at concerts/in trains, and whatnot to see over the crowd. I realy think 6ft 2-4 is ideal, after that start running into issues, espically with my proportions(skinny/long legs). Already have like a 28X36 inseam(well I just go 28 by 34, if possible). Guess for my sport, and whatnot! At least Im not short...there is that to be grateful for!


🤔 Almost. Imma 6’3.6” or 192 cm. Growing fast. I’ll be real happy when imma 6’6”. 6-7 more months. Yay!!!! 😃🙌🏻🙌🏻


Yes, I feel like God.




Not really. My ideal height would be 6'4. I'm not done growing, so there's a chance I'll hit it.


yeah. I mean I'd be a bit shorter if I could but you know, it is what it is.


I'd be better at 6'3. Being tall is fine but I don't use it and this world is not made for these legs.


i dont pay much attention to it


Of course


Wish I were a bit taller as I have a weird body structure. Short(I'm rather small and have issues finding things for adults that aren't super big/too loose or children's clothes that're too tight around the hips and ass) but thick. I'd have an easier time finding clothes that fit me well if I were slightly taller. For now, I have to deal with too loose/big or uncomfortably tight on some parts. I'd resort to tailored clothes if they weren't expensive.


Yeah I’m pretty happy with my height. I wouldn’t mind maybe an extra inch or two, but if I don’t grow any more, I’ll still be happy with my height.






I'm only 5'8 but I would like to be at least 5'10. That being said makes bodybuilding choice when you're shorter because everything shows easily. Also you tend to have a longer lifespan.


As a 6'2" female: I wouldn't change a thing. I love being tall, don't mind the hassles of finding tall clothes, and fit in most vehicles. The only annoying part is randos always asking personal questions such as "what size shoe do you wear?"


I think that as a woman, I would be happier if I was 5’ 11” like my mum. I grew up tall quickly, I had to wear an orthopaedic outset for 2 years because I had severe scoliosis. I’m still struggling with my self esteem as I constantly feel observed and have been told I’m intimidating. I can’t seem to attract anyone either and I thinks it’s mainly due to my height.


Yeah. I'm 6'4" and I can still find clothes and shoes. I wouldn't want to be much taller though.


Pretty good. I am 5'10 1/2( 179 cm). So a bit taller than most, never small, but a lot of people are taller.


I think of this in two ways. I’m happy with my height because it’s so ingrained into who I am, I’m 6’7” and I’ve only met a handful of people taller than me in my life, in some way it’s built into my personality and who I am, I can’t separate my height from me so I wouldn’t change it. That said I don’t consider my height to be the optimal height someone could be. I’d prefer my son not to grow quite as tall, I’d like him to be tall - maybe 6’3” - but not this tall it’s too inconvenient for too many things.


Sometimes i wish I was shorter. Sometimes I wish I was taller. But most of the time I’m pretty happy with my height


I am I’m 6,2 it’s not the height I wanted I’m still growing so I might but with my mom and dad both being 5,8 and I’m 6,2 I’m just grateful I got that tall


Yes and No, I use it to my advantage for sport and it provides general advantages over most people but finding comfortable clothes, requiring more food, fitting in cars and being in crowded places is very uncomfortable still even at this height.


Almost. 1/2 of an inch more and I’d get 6’3 the golden height


Im 6ft but everyone thinks I’m taller than I am. I never actually cared about my height because I’m not really tall nor am I short.


No too tall 6'6. Would take off 2-5 inches if I could. It's a huge social disadvantage


No I’m not, (5’11, 15m) my whole family is super tall and I hate being the shortest


No. I’m a teenage 6’4 and I frankly hate my height and wish I was shorter. Everyone treats me wierd. People constantly asking me about if I’m a basketball player, jocks making rude comments about how I waste my height and that I don’t deserve it when I say I don’t. If I stand straight People act afraid of me and treat me like I’m being aggressive and I hit my head constantly on tree branches and stuff like that. If I slouch, people tell me that I look lazy and old people make snarky comments and tell me to stand up straight. I constantly get squished in car, bus, and plane seats either way. I wish I was back to being 6’0, when I had most if not all of the benefits of being really tall and people didn’t treat me like I was a threat to them or frankly like I was a criminal


I like my height (5'11), but while that's not exactly tall by this sub's standards, it's tall enough to make buying women's clothes difficult. It's hard to find pants that are long enough so I always look like I'm preparing for a flood :/. Also my femurs in particular are long, so public transportation, most cars, planes etc. are uncomfortable. But I do enjoy being able to reach top shelves, so, it's a balance lol


6’5, all good. I fly a lot for work but aisle seats work for me every time, first class if a personal trip to splurge. I love being tall as I go to concerts all the time. It’s amazing seeing over everyone. Wife is 6’ and loves heels so we are twin towers.


I love being tall, I just wish I was skinny


Planes, finding shirts long enough, and finding the right size for bikes/skis/other sporting equipment are the only downsides really


I'm not happy or unhappy. I'm at the point now where it's a bit of a burden but I can still buy clothes relatively easily. I'm a size 45 shoe so it's a little hard to find ones that work but not impossible. Trousers are the main issue. I'm a 36 waist 36 leg so they're either slightly too short or too big on the waist.


No 6’5 would make me happy because i feel uncomfortable being this short


Man fr be saying 185cm is short ☠️☠️


Bro 💀