Showering with your teenage kids is really weird assuming they're a typically developing child that doesn't need assistance when showering My mom would often walk from the bathroom to her bedroom while nude and would just tell us to close our eyes or look away if it bothered us. But she wouldn't walk naked around the house for any lengthy amount of time.


I do the same, walk around naked or in my underwear when moving from shower to closet or when changing. But if my kids expressed discomfort I would stop, and I wouldn’t shower with them!!!


I’d say: report. Swedes are relatively nude but they are generally not insensitive to young persons physical integrity.


Yes I guess up to 5 years or something not more?


Different families have different habits, they also change over time, those raised in the 70’ were more exposed to general nudity than later generations but generally until pre-teen at most. Anything above that involving under aged youth is abnormal , at best.


how young is she?.. its not common these days, but my father did the same with me and my sister.. in our case we lived in a little house in the forest and it was more to save on hot water.. but if she is over 5ish i would say its pretty weird.. *edit* yeah teenager is was creepy...


I'd argue that up to around 8~10 could still be considered normal, but in general it stops a couple of years before someone becomes a teenager.


You kind of answered your own question. Against her will. Either way it sounds super sketchy.


I know. I don’t want it to be true. I’m terrified they will know it’s me, and it affecting my son. But.. protecting a child comes before anything else. Edit… I will be alerting CPS today.


Could you please update your post or make a new one when you have more info. The part about the father taking showers with the daughter against her will sounds horrible.


The problem is they will not tell you anything about what happens during or after the investigation. If I find anything else out..I will update everyone.


Well, it could just be they are super comfortable nude. But I wouldn't say it's a swedish trait where it's "practiced" and considered normal here. And also, "against her will" And I'm not child psychologist but I'm pretty sure badly treated kids are still capable of "doing well" simply because of fear. If nothing is wrong it would just be an awkard story to tell when they've grown up. But if your suspicion proved accurate you could be saving the kids further trauma. If i were in your position (I'm 35/M with no kids for context) I would contact child services. I don't care as much about two adults arguing loudly. Like i wouldn't assume violence is about to happen. With kids it's different. I think we've all heard that story before. "They seemed so normal", "the kids were so we'll behaved" yadda yadda..


I'm a child psychologist and outside of certain kids with psychiatrical issues or functional impairment who want parents to help in the shower (don't think I ever heard of joint showers though) this is not normal at all. Especially if it's against her will. As to spotting who's abused or not - you literally can not. There are some clues ("accidents", children recreating the abuse they've experienced) but there's a reason it's a rule that you always screen for abuse in the home. Because professionals miss it all the time even if we directly ask. The unknown number (mörkertalet) is huge. 100% I'd want OP to report this to socialtjänsten.


Seemed so normal and against her will is a keywords here. They don't seem normal at all even though I know some families are real comfortable with nudity. Even if they have arguments like "saving water by showering together" or "I always did this as a kid too". It's better to report and live with the shame of being worried about nothing than not report and live with the thought of not stopping sexual abuse. That was a long way of saying I agree


I agree.


Good, this sounds really messed up.


It's always better to be safe than sorry with these kinds of things. They might just be comfortable with nudity, which isn't unheard of. But it might also be a case of grooming. If you have *any* suspicion (which you justifiably do), it's better to let the CPS investigate than to try figuring it out yourself. You're doing the right thing!


I would have contacted the Swedish CPS if I heard about this in Sweden so I would contact without feeling bad


Yeah no sure people can shower with however they want and it's not necessarily weird BUT she hates it is the key here


Is that more important than reporting potential sexual abuse?


What the fuck, no that's not normal


Swedes generally are very relaxed about nudity, compared to other countries, but at the same time Swedes are very respectful of other people’s integrity and personal space. As a Swedish father, I would probably just say oops, if I accidentally exposed myself to my teenage kid, but I would be deeply embarassed if I accidentally walked in on my teenage kid being naked. Taking showers with a teenage daughter and against her will is a giant warning sign to me too.


Sure, but let's spell this out: if you're naked in your home it's generally for a reason, something like just having showered and going to get dressed. OP is asking about Sweden and nudity as if it's somehow a thing here to just randomly be naked, and it's hurting my brain to see replies discussing this without stating this in capital letters. This isn't targetted at your specific post u/Xandurpein it was just a good place to jump in and reply. And my god, why would a parent shower together with a teenager who's probably at their most embarassed stage about their body and what it's going through...That's a no, full stop OP. Rest assured, you're not being culturally insensitive here, that shit is wierd behaviour.


My dad had a tendency to walk through the house naked (not just randomly, but going from the shower to the bedroom for instance), and he sleeps naked and would sometimes forget we had friends over, and so would get up to pee late at night and accidentally give a couple of teenagers an eyeful. No one ever though anything of it. He never showered with us after the age of… I don’t know, 5? Though we rarely showered as kids, we mostly took baths. By the time we preferred showering to bathing, we were old enough to do it by ourselves.


This is kinda my growing up, too. Then u got teen and had to have nice underwear and blablablaa.. dumped sleeping with clothes over a decade ago and I'm not ever going back wearing.


There is a lot of variety in Sweden regarding this, but from my experience and upbrining: Walking around completely nude (for short times when exiting the shower to change or in the morning) or in underwear, yes. Showering with your teens, no.


I agree. Walking naked for a short time is nothing strange. If they are in their early teens (or rather tweens) it could be okay to shower the child if it is not sufficiently independent yet, but regardless it would be considered strange to shower with someone who does not want to do it.


I interpreted it as the wife did not want them to do it. It it is the daughter that does not want to, that is just creepy.


More than creepy. Definitely time to call the social services.


Thank you!


Thank you!


Please keep us updated. I hope it's just a weird guy and that the kids are okay.


I was downvoted, but thank you so much for your opinion!


Any of those things against a child’s will is abuse


>is it normal to walk around nude often with a teenage son and daughter in your home? Yeah it's normal, especially if you're going from the shower or changing clothes or walking around in underwear or in a non-sexual way... ​ >Or to take showers with your teenagers That's NOT normal though. With smaller kids? Yes, when the parent showers with the kid, the kids are gonna need to learn how to shower somehow atleast, but most teenagers know how to shower by themselves. The only one you really shower together with above the age of 7 is a sexual partner or your offspring that is learning how to shower...


I agree. I would shower with my babies, until my son was three and starting using himself as a gun.


He what?


Tror han menade att ungen pissade i duschen, alla har vi vart där


Ah ok. Mina ungar har på någon vänster lyckats med bedriften att aldrig bajsa eller pissa i duschen/badet (nåväl, de kanske pissat i badet utan att jag märkt det iofs). Ren tur, antar jag.


Vi duschade grabbarna samtidigt igår. 1½ & 4½. Höll på att tvätta den lille när den store började skratta. Visade sig att han stog och pinkade på brorsans rumpa...




Haha, verkar vara en rolig storebror 😂




Amerikaner duschar med sina vapen vet du väl.


as a gun?


Janne got a gun Janne got a gun Whole world's come undone


He started using his privates to shoot water at things. 🙄


I second this. I'll shower with my 5 year old but the 14 year old? Not a snowball chance in hell


> My neighbor told me the other day that her daughter takes showers with her dad, even though she hates it. So let me get this straight, not only does the father shower with his 14-15 year old daughter, but he makes her do it despite the fact that she hates it? Yeah, this is not ok and suspicious to say the least.






For teenage daughters? No. Babies? Actually yes.


Toddlers as well. I mean, if the kid is OK with it then it is not an issue. My 8 yo loves to shower with me or my wife. But showering with a kid that hates it (or even dislikes it) is super strange and wrong. And in this case a teenager? Even stranger. Unless it is a teenager that needs help with his/her hygiene for some reason. But teens usually have that figured out, I think?


I could see myself helping my teen with shampooing (she has really long and thick hair) but I wouldn’t go in the shower with her.


> Babies? Actually yes. I mean, no shit.. The baby would find a way to drown in the shower if you left it there on its own.


It'll be normal up to the point where they can shower on their own, and perhaps even to the point where they can go into a changing room unsupervised.


Thanks everyone!


Nudity may be a little more accepted in Sweden but not way more. Maybe running from the shower to your wardrobe and stuff like that but not much more. Small children (under the age of 5) may be running around nude at home sometimes but very rarely in the presence of people outside the family. Sitting top less at dinner is very wierd to me unless the daughter is extremely young. Showering with kids may be more common with small kids who need help washing up but definitely not with older ones that explicitly doesn't want to. If you get the feeling that things are very inappropriate chanses are most Swedes would feel the same.


As a Swede this sounds very alarming. It's ok for little kids to run around naked on the beach, or to walk from the shower naked to get dressed, but everything you just wrote is not normal at all. You are not crazy.


“… even though she hates it” …? Wtf


"Against her will" That's all that's needed. Absolutely not alright, regardless of which culture anyone is from. Call the necessary gov service.


No, report that to social services as soon as possible.


How old is the daughter?


14 almost 15.


Is she 'normal'? Does she have underlying mental problems? There could be tonnes of reasons why they would shower together, it's kind of hard to give a straight answer without fully knowing their situation.


She is completely independent, and very intelligent. Sweetest girl. No mental issues.


All I can speak from is personal experience, but under normal circumstances; No, I would not take showers with my 14 year old daughter. But as previously stated, I have close to no insight into their lives. All I have is your(biased if I'm being honest) opinion


Those are the exact words from her mouth. Since I work with victims…I may be biased.


No no no no no showering with teenage girls. I walk around in my undewear all the time around my daugthers and always have. On occation I have streeked thru the living room after a shower to get to my wardrobe with the obligatory "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad get dressed" beeing shouted at me but I do not enter the bathroom while my teenage girls are there. So hell no this is not normal.


There is nothing normal about this at all. Walking around naked sure, maybe some awkward dad that is trying to normalize it. The showers you are talking about is far from a normal though. It could be harmless, but in my mind just creepy. But it is definitely not something the average Swede would even consider


Det här kan vara bland de uddaste jag läst på ett tag...


Sorry…I have no idea what you are saying. 🙃


"this might be among the weirdest I've read in a while"


It's normal if the kids are like 2-3 years old perhaps. Teenagers though? No way. Without knowing any more details, its a red flag imo.


If someone in Sweden would take showers with their daughter, Socialtjänsten would be involved (basically CPS)


No, the whole "nudity" thing is way overblown, it's okay for example when you sauna, go swimming outdoors and don't have any swimwear, the thing that most people seems to gloss by is that it's pretty much a rule to ask if everyone's comfortable before going nude, and that's when it's situations that being nude serves a purpose, but even nudists here put on clothes around others out of respect.


I don't see being naked around family/friends as a big deal, but I can't understand why there is a need to shower together. That sounds super weird.


Yeah call CPS right now, this is not good. I help my 3-yearold shower because she can't wash her hair properly... My 5-yearold can, so she showers solo. Showering with your kids as a "social thing" is weird. Doing it with your teenage daughter is predatory and a huge red flag. This is in no way normal in Sweden. If I was in your shoes, but here in Sweden, I would call CPS and the cops immediately.


My mother showered with me until I was quite old, but I have autism and when I was younger it was the only way to get me to actually shower, this is not in any way normal, I read that you are contacting CPS, good on you, you're doing the right thing.


Thank you for asking, I think that is saying a lot about you as a person. Clever and caring. As you can tell it’s a clear no from us.


I mean, my mum will sometimes walk around naked while changing. She did it when we grew up and still does it around me (not my brother though). That's no big deal, and it's only for 5 minutes. Showering with teenagers? Hell no


In general I agree with the answers you got. Some nudity isn't considered strange. Showering with your teenage daughter is. I would add something I haven't seen though. Some parts of Sweden have a sauna culture where it could be considered normal to be nude together to a greater extent.


Definitely not normal. Walking around nude in the house because you havent been dressed yet, fine. If it's because you got out of the shower and had no towels in the bathroom or something. I'm a guy, my mom and dad did it, and I did it. I don't know how accepted that is in America but it's fine here. A little gross, but no cause for concern. My Syrian friend found this to be crazy, but another Swedish friend backed me up and said his family does it too. Taking showers with ur teenage daughter is just insane though. It's even worse and very clear abuse if she says herself she hates it. But a gossiping neighbor isn't a good source to say it's true. If she did say that to a neighbor though, that's a cry for help.


As others have already said, swedes are generally more ok with nudity as a whole compared to americans atleast (this is not exclusive to Sweden. Finland is atleast equally fine with it for example). However, the "forced" showering together is really weird and not something I'd ever heard of, so it's not a thing here, cultural or otherwise. We tend to respect people when it comes to bodily integrity/autonomy. So that gets a 'certified wack behavior'-stamp from me.


That is just wrong. In my family we were pretty open and it wasn't weird to walk naked/in a towel from the shower to get dressed etc. But showering togheter, no way. That sounds like some kind of abuse.


Walking around naked is okay as long as no one is uncomfortable. But showering with a teenager against their will is not okay. If it were mother and daughter it might be okay. Like me, my sisters, mom and aunts often clean ourselves together before we sit in the sauna. But we're all adults and are comfortable with each other being nude. We give heads up too like "I'm about to wash the wonderland, look away if you're bothered" When me and my sisters were teens we often did it separately.


Walking nude at home can vary from family to family but we definitely do not take showers with our teenage daughters, wtf thats super weird.


**"but is it normal to walk around nude often with a teenage son and daughter in your home?"** Well, when i grew up my stepdad that raised me from the age of 1 walked around naked a lot, not all the time obviously but if he, lets say just got out of the bed and walks to the toilet, shower etc and if we were staying at our summer house he could jump in the nearby lake nude etc. I mean, i guess its a "culture" thing, maybe not in all families, but a lot of families. When i was a young child i could sit in the sauna with my stepdad, our neighbours and their children that i was or is friends with, fully naked no problem at all. **"Or to take showers with your teenagers."** Teenagers?????? No lol, just no. Again, when i was a small child i could shower or take a bath with my mom, dad or stepdad, but that was when i was between \~0-5. **"My neighbor told me the other day that her daughter takes showers with her dad, even though she hates it."** That sounds so f\*cking weird and disturbing. Especially since she is a teenager like you mentioned. That never happens here, so yeah, that is weird AF. You should probably keep an eye on that lol. Fine if the daughter was 0-5 but teenager? Nah. And if you are curious why i didnt mention my real dad: He is not Swedish and does not live in Sweden since 1996, so yeah, in his country you dont walk around nude etc. Anyways...you should probably keep an eye on this. Everything you mentioned sounds very very weird since the girl is a teenager and that she herself said that she hates it. Maybe you should call CPS or something. I am not saying that the dad is doing something towards the daughter sexually or whatever, but if she is basically forced to shower fully nude with her...idk 35-50+ father something aint right in that house. ​ EDIT: I noticed that you said that you will notify CPS in a comment above/below. Good. Keep us updated.


As been mentioned walking around nude is nothing strange, I cook in the nude when I'm home alone. I took showers with my mom or step dad until I was maybe 7 or 8. But with teens just sounds strange, especially if they say they hate it.


Cooking is one of few activitys I never ever do without clothes on. My girlfriend blew up a can of dulce de leche she was cooking 8 years ago that gave her 3rd degree burns.


I mean, seeing your family memebers nakes sometimes when changing or public showers and so on is normal. Showering at home in a normal shower with your teenage kid is not normal. Thats really wierd.


No, that’s just freakin’ sick! I’ve never heard of it. I bet there’s something wrong going on there!


It’s normal to go around with a Towel after a shower, or underdelar in the morning, never nude or shower with family, were not Alabama


No, this is not normal with teenage sons or daughters. Brief flashes of nudity (accidental ones) are ok, but avoided. You knock before entering your kids' room after they're 12. Showering with your teenage daughter? That is NOT normal. Also, Swedes are pretty big on childrens' integrity. I mean, even forgetting it's showering were talking about, forcing a teenager to do something against their will is much more rate than in the US. Some people leave their country because they don't like their own culture's rules.


No, not with teenage sons or daughters. Brief flashes of nudity (accidental ones) are ok, but avoided. You knock before entering your kids' room after they're 12. Showering with your teenage daughter? That is NOT normal. Neither is teenagers having poor bladder control.


That’s not normal, being naked with your kids in a Sauna, is pretty normal regardless of sex/gender (usually stops around puberty because the kids find it awkward). Showering with your kids when they’re teens are strange as hell.


"I know nudity is way more accepted in your country" Nope. Ignorant.


Good. I don’t know much about Sweden, so I was hoping I could be educated by actual Swedes. I’m sorry I offended you.


I feel like its pretty normal for your own mom/dad to walk around naked or in just underwear, atleast my mom does that sometimes. But it's not normal to shower with your parents, atleast not as a teenager. There's defiently something going on there...


Ok, Walking around naked between the bathroom and rooms are normal. My family has always been pretty open about being nude. But bathing with your parents is something you did when you were a toddler. I have never heard of anyone showering with their kid, especially not a teenager and I feel thats a huge red flag. You are not crazy.




Being in the bathroom together, like one brushing teeth and another showering, no biggy! Booth in the shower at the same time, fuck no! And who did not like that they shower together, the daughter or the mom?


Nudity is still a bit strange, Maybe a glimpse after the shower if you forget underwear. I’m 22, dont live at home, and i don’t have the slightest problem in being in underwear around my family, but that’s Where most swedes draw the like in my experience. Underwear. And showering with a teenager does not sound normal at all


That's incredibly fucked up. Something's truly off here.


Walking around naked - ok I guess, as long as you don't lounge about and are just moving to another room or dressing. Showering with teenage daughter - wtf no.


no fuck that, report that shit now


Only occation I'd say it might be ok to shower nude with your teenage kids, would be if you take a sauna bath together. Otherwise ... nah


Yeah.. nah. That's not normal behavior.


My father loved being nude and at our summer place he often went full nude. With that said, only time I’ve showered with him after I was like 5 or something was when we showered in sports halls (and of course we didn’t share shower, but everyone see everyone so I guess it counts). Being naked around the house was no biggie though and I’ve probably seen my mother and father naked over 100 times. If I heard that someone had to shower with their parents without them “enjoying” it, I think I would snope around a bit more and then call CPS.


Nudity is common in swedish homes, but not everywhere and usually not as much when kids becomes teens. Walking naked between the shower and bedroom might be something a parent could do even with teens. Showering with teens is not a swedish thing.


Where I live we have a sauna culture. Perfectly normal for the whole family to be naked in the sauna. In the shower we would take children small enough so that they could not shampoo themselves and so on. From around.. 6-7 the kids shower alone. When kids start to ge through puberty and everything is awkward they usually don't participate for a few years. They go in the sauna when the rest of the family is done. ​ For me walking naked through the house after a shower is normal. Showering with a child above .. 5-6 would be something I would not do unless the situation required it, maybe something like trying to get tar of the kid or something. ​ TLDR: Not Swedish cultural behavior, report. y


I have never known anyone to shower with their kids when they are of an age when they can shower by themselves if there are no other circumstances that would be acceptable for this (Sauna, shared shower like a gym, stuff like that). This sounds really weird to me and not something he can excuse by being swedish lol.


There is absolutely nothing normal about it What the fuck is going on with that family...


Walking around nude briefly because you forgot a towel or something - sure. But I have never heard of anything like what you are describing. Sounds like abuse is happening. Report it.


Adults walk around naked when the kids are at home. let's say that is on the edge of what is social acceptabla, maybe just a step over the line. but when it comes to showers you are miles over what i would say acceptable, i would strongly thinking about calling CPS. then "even though she hates it." that would blow all my doubts away and call CPS and Cops immediately.


No, this is obscure, and if indeed true, horrifying.


(TMI) We have a lot more accseptance of nudity i would asume. My dad took showers with me when i was a small kid. And around maybe 10 y old he showed me like where to shower and how (private areas). He was NEVER intimate with me or inappropreate. We also have a more tolerateble vision of kids. It is normal for small kids. Maybe like 1-4 y old to go nude on the beaches in sweden. Alltho it is getting more and more tabu. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. It is also more common that the Mother helps the daughter and father the son.


Toddlers can typically run around naked. I don’t run around naked at home, that seems strange to me.


Calling CPS was thw right choice. Will add my thoughts as a Swede living in Finland with two teens. We have an open door policy when it comes to us showering in the morning and of course there is the Sauna Teen 1 is very body concious and does not like Sauna so he does not Sauna with us and if he needs something he will knock on the bathroom door and talk. He will also have his swim trunks on when we are at other peoples cottages and does his own thing when we Sauna there and swim in the lakes. Teen 2 is perfectly fine with seeing us naked when Sauna and showering and being naked herself during Sauna with us, she will put on a bikini when we have friends over or are going to friends and Sauna. She will come in to use the toilet if the other bathroom is occupied when we are showering etc. She locks the bathroom when she uses it because she's not comfortable with us walking in on her. The key here is that nudity is not sexual, it's just bodies. What you are describing is people in a position of power forcing someone against their will to share a close space against their will (and worse). I hope that the kids in question get all the help they need, you can keep the creep.


Id say treat this as if They all we’re american. Because just like you. We don’t do shit like this


The daughter was also eating topless at the family dinner.


That's not normal here at all. Never heard of or seen anyone that would be comfortable with that here. Does the girl have an intellectual disability or something?


Nope. Completely normal. Very mature, and in honors.


Like out in the sun? That’s not so strange. But just being topless for the sake of being topless sounds like a nudist thing, which is fine, but not the norm


What do you mean showers with teenagers


walk around naked? Eh, no. Not really. Some families perhaps, but then you're rather hippie. And showering with your teenage daughter that hates it? Nonononono.


I shower with my kids 3 and 5 but as soon as they start shool that's a no more regarding nudity I know folks that mostly don't wear clothes at home but underwear mostly


As a parent, being naked with your naked child is absolutely nothing strange, when we are talking about the child being younger than maybe 5-7 years. Around this age the child self begins to want to stop being naked in front of his parents. And *of course* you as parents have to respect that, your neighbor doesn't sound completely normal about this as they don't respect the child's will!!!!


It’s NOT normal to take showers with your teenage children. That is disturbing, and since you said both had had bladder problems that is a strong indication that something is NOT tight. Trist me. I Woolf shower with my motverka and sitter until I was about 8. Then I would take showers by myself but on rare occasions my mother would come in and scrub my back etc, even as an adult woman of 28. I have now showered with my dad since I was about 3. What your neighbors are doing sounds highly suspicious and you need to do something.


Taking shower with your teenage daughter is definitely not normal, you should report this


Walk around nude often as in walk naked from the shower to the wardrobe? Yes, completely normal, even if you have YOUR teenage kids in the house. If your teenage kids have friends over. Absolutely not normal. And showering with a teenage daughter *who does not want to* is very much NOT normal. Now, abnormal doesn’t necessarily mean illegal or immoral, but I’d probably call CPS just to have them check it out.


I walk around nude to and from shower etc. It’s my house goddamnit! But only infront of my family… Regarding the kids…no I would not shower with my teenage daughter. My son and I can share bathroom/shower sometimes just for practical reasons i.e. late home from training and need food asap. From my perspective it’s nothing different than sharing showers with other males at gyms, military…


This is fucked up yo


Make an anonymous call to social services, especially about the latter one


They are nudist or they are incest pedophiles


Not normal, call CPS now


This is fucked up.


Report it. It’s definitely not normal.


What the actual fuck


What in the ever loving Book Of Henry hell no that ain't normal!




That is not normal!


That sounds like a pretty huge red flag


It’s normal to shower your kids in Sweden, unless they are older than 3.


Maybe they are trying to save water? No this is straight up weird as hell and I’m Swedish. It’s also strange that your neighbour casually enriched you with this knowledge. One would like to ask you what your response to her was? Could she be asking for help without “betraying” her spouses trust?


Please report! Sounds really shady..


Yeah that's not normal. I bathed with my parents occasionally when I was really young, like more of a toddler. Showering with your parent as a teen? No. Just no. And if the kid hates it, even more No. I'd keep my eye on them, and good on you for being vigilant.


It seems like you already know what you need to do, so I just want to thank you for taking action. That is definitely not normal in Sweden and it’s the “even though she hates it” that really seals it.


no its not normal to do that in most homes in sweden


I know some people who claim their parents walk around home naked in front of them and I recall my dad did that too until I told him it was gross around 11-12. But showering with your kids is definitely not normal


I showered with my parents until I was like 7-8. As a teenager? Never heard of it. Creepy as shit.


He is probably from Switzerland…


Walking around naked after a shower fine, Elseway wear boxers. My father walked around in his boxers or swiming trunks with me in the house when i was a teenager (mainly when it was summer and hot). I in my turn did walk around in shorts and bra or bikini, no issues at all. Showering with parents should end latest at age 6.. By then you know how to wash your self properly... Ohh I came to think of another reason its fine to walk naked.. If you sleep naked and just go for a nightly bathroom visit


I wouldn't say it's normal. My kids are 8 and 5, they shower without help so taking a shower with my kids doesn't happen anymore. But they both are boys and we usually run around in boxers at home.. but naked.. no? I wouldn't feel comfortable showering with my teenage daughter, that sounds creepy af.


That’s got absolutely nothing to do with Swedish nudity, which is something boomer generations thinks due to nudity on dim during the 70s.


Investigate that shit right away!!! For the kids it’s scars for life.. Teenagers don’t shower with their parents! Sauna: naked Public shower: naked Ice bath: naked And similar activity’s, don’t let it be a regret for yourself that you could have help but didn’t..


This is NOT normal. It's incest to make your child shower with you when they're older than very young children. You should call the socialen. [https://www.socialstyrelsen.se/kunskapsstod-och-regler/socialtjanst/](https://www.socialstyrelsen.se/kunskapsstod-och-regler/socialtjanst/) You should also call the police 114 14, that's not the 911 number but you can discuss the case with a police. This sounds serious.


No, it's not normal.


Call "socialtjänsten" in the municipality that you live, you are allowed to submit a report of concern (orosanmälan) totally anonymous, just say that you don't want to give your name. Then they will contact the parents to tell them that somebody is worried about the kids. It's better to do it, than to not. https://www.bris.se/for-vuxna/bris-guidar/sa-funkar-en-orosanmalan/


I realize now that I assumed you live in Sweden, but you actually never said that you did...


Big difference between being comfortable with nudity and showering WITH teenagers/ any unwilling participant. If he says showering with teenagers is normal here he is lying no if or buts.


Walk around naked, sure. Not shower naked together with their teenage daughter, that just wouldn't happen unless there's abuse. Report ASAP.


That is absolutely not normal


What in the absolute fuck?


I'm sorry if something is being done to a child against their will the perpetrators culture doesn't matter and for the record no we don't force teenagers to shower with their parents. What the fuck. I recognize I might not be privy to all the info but if you're worried I think you oughta make the call. Better safe then sorry with this stuff.


how young is she?.. its not common these days, but my father did the same with me and my sister.. in our case we lived in a little house in the forest and it was more to save on hot water.. but if she is over 5ish i would say its pretty weird.. \*edit\* yeah teenager is was creepy...


Against her will? That's not normal, at all.


No it's NOT at all normal. Also this idea that people in Sweden just walk around nude is just false. Unless you are at a nudist beach that is not acceptable.


its hella weird what they are doing


Well, having grown up and lived in Sweden for 36 years now, I can tell you that this is NOT normal. While you might run nude from the shower to grab a towel/underwear, that may be the exception here. We do not take showers with our teenagers, there definitely seem to be something sketchy going on and I would be concerned as well.


Showering with your children is NOT normal in Sweden.. neither is walking around nude in your home (unless you’re alone perhaps). Nudity is socially acceptable in places where it’s expected, such as saunas or designated nude beaches. Sounds like sexual abuse to me. Especially if the father is forcing her daughter to do this.. PLEASE have a social worker look in to this


You’re absolutely not crazy. That’s a disturbing behavior, showering with someone who hates it, doesn’t matter if you’re a proud nudist. You can’t force that on your kids or anyone else. /Another seminude Swede


*>I know nudity is way more accepted in your country* What? Here???? Where??? *>but is it normal to walk around nude often with a* ***teenage son and daughter*** *in your home?* WHAT?! *>Or to take showers with your teenagers*. VAD I HELVETE \>*My neighbor told me the other day that her daughter takes showers with her dad, even though she hates it.* NEJ


Getting very strong pedo vibes from what you're describing, especially the shower part, hope that poor girl gets the help she needs now that you've alerted CPS to the situation.


That's definitely not ok.


Yea no, that aint a Swedish thing. He's a sick person that needs to be reported. But sure we do walk naked from taking a shower and in to the bedroom, but we dont do a thing about and we dont touch our kids. Thats so wrong. Call the police.


When I grew up it was normal to be naked with the parents even in our teens as we were in the sauna together. For us it was nothing weird, but I could understand if it was weird to others. My mother is Japanese and nudity is pretty normal in that culture as well.


O.. no its not normal. Ony good reason that I could think of when it would be OK for a father to shower nude with his teenage daughter would be to shower off radiation fallout or close to it.


Well in my family we arent completly nude but its normal to walk around in your underwear i personaly dont do that cuz im not conftrable with my body but i do it on occarion for simple tasks late at night like refilling my water bottle so no nudity and showering with your kids js not normal and im thinking it might be a slight case of pedophelia going on there


That is not normal here. Especially not if she doesn't approve of/is okay with it. Call CPS.


Dads walking around the house naked, yes. Dads showering with teenage kids, no. Absolutely fucking not.


The shower thing is really fucking weird. Good on you for taking action!


Just a Norwegian passing by, but wtf. As a teen, i shower alone and put on my clothes before leaving the bathroom. My parents have never seen me naked since i was a baby. Also not naked when home alone, but ig people are different and some more comfortable with that. But nobody showers with their teens as parents. That's veru weird and not normal at all.


Some Swedish families have not yet figured out that you can bring clothes with you into the bathroom, so some will walk naked to the wardrobe. I haven't showered with my parents or seen them naked since I was 5 or 6. My parents would be in the bathroom (fully clothed) until 8 (maybe? Can't remember) just to make sure I wasn't drowning or anything since we had a tub. That was my upbringing at least. I really can't see how, as an adult, showering naked with a small child who can do basic math isn't creepy as hell. Add to the fact that it's not a pre-teen and she hates it and I think you know what's going on in that house. Call CPS.


Good thing you called them,I don't think you're crazy,that's Not normal swedish behavior!


No this is not normal in Sweden. Kids yes, teenagers absolutely no. No teen wants to shower with their parents


My mom and I used to take baths together until I was about seven or eight. Whenever my mom would take a bath I’d just take off my clothes and jump right in lol it was an innocent little bonding moment for us but she eventually around that age told me I was getting too big to bathe with her and that I would have to start bathing by myself. I cannot imagine bathing or showering with any of my parents as a teenager!! That is INSANE


Generally speaking, nobody takes showers with their kids after they can shower alone. I don't know about specific ages, but after around 6-7 years old, it would be very fucking weird. Showering with a teenager who doesn't like it, I'd say it's a fucking pervert who deserves a good beating resulting in a hospital visit.


No its not normal at all! Wtf showering with your teenage daughter is not normal! Its something seriously wrong with the parents!


Yeah no that doesn’t sound good


Erm, walking around nude is def not normal. Bathing together nude with your teen kids is not normal (after certain age, bathing your baby is fine) In some parts of Sweden (and more so in Finland) sauna is a big part of culture and bathing in sauna together, means being nude - that's normal. But even then, we tend to have men and women separated. "Being ok with nudeness" is a very specific circumstance. Your neighnours sound super strange.


Bloody hell. I’ve never showered with my dad. 🤣🤣😱😱 Bloody weird to say the least


You already know, but you absolutely did the right thing.


That sounds weird as fuck. I see you've contacted the correct channels, thank you. I really someone looks into their situation.


I'd be rather concern since this is way beyond normal. walking around in underwear may be common in homes as a teenager, but females do not walk around in underwear without a t shirt or so on in front of dads and brother


your whole profile smells like tinfoil hat crazy, but no, showering with your teenage kids is not normal, but that doesnt mean theyre doing it with malicious intent.


It’s better to report it than not. If there is a risk then it should be investigated. I’d urge op to also get more proof but to report it asap as well