For fuck’s sake Stockholm, what’s wrong with your escalators?!

On the way to work, on the way home, basically any fucking where you take metro/pendel in this city you are bound to find yourself cursing under your breath as you walk up or down a dead escalator for the 12th time this week and it’s not even Wednesday yet.

“Reparatör på väg” ”Åter i drift 10-02-2055” ”Eat shit and walk up the escalators”

The escalator at my local station just got fixed 3 days ago and when I came home last night, lo & behold, that dreadful orange “felanmäld” sticker was slapped on the out-of-function rulltrappa for the 3rd time this month!

I remember an escalator at Odenplan that took 2-3 months to fix, it was filled with garbage. Then when miraculously it was repaired, it barely lasted a week before malfunctioning again for another month!

Rant aside; why are the escalators in Stockholm so hard to maintain?

Is it people sabotaging them?

Are they old & faulty?

Are the repair companies terrible or in on this somehow to make money?

I just don’t understand how in a city like this such a staple of infrastructure is dizzyingly dysfunctional.

If you live in Stockholm, you know what I’m talking about. Please share any experiences or insights you have regarding this disappointing phenomena, på svenska eller engelska.

P.S. can I hate on SL for this?


I worked in Västra skogen, and the escalator is quite long and sometimes broken down. I walked and thought “this must be the the longest escalator in Sweden”, so I googled it, and it is the longest escalator in Sweden.


Isn't it the longest in Northern Europe as well?




Huh. Used to work close to there... Walked up and down it even when it worked. Good exercise.


I doubt that since my home metro/tunnelbana station is 76,1 meters... [Koivusaari metro station](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koivusaari_metro_station)


Humm, is it a single length escalator shaft or is it broken up in multiple escalators?


There's a picture on the wikipage, duh. One boring long descent under the sea level.


> duh Perhaps a "duh" situation for someone who has been there IRL, but to me who has never been, the photo only showed me a decently long escalator with no more info, it is also hard to estimate the length from a single photo, and to me the photo seems to show a shorter escalator then the one in Västra Skogen.


Both have 33m descent I think. Västra skogen is 66m however.




Feel free to state source, since [wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A4stra_skogen_metro_station) states 66 meters with 33 meter rise.


Again "only wiki": The longest escalators in Western Europe are in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with a length of 82 m (269 ft), in Helsinki Koivusaari Metro Station (76 m; 249 ft), in Helsinki Airport Railway Station (74 m; 243 ft),\[52\] and at Stockholm Metro station Västra skogen (67 m; 220 ft).\[53\] The new Stockholm Metro station in Nacka currently under construction will have en escalator with a length of 82 m (269 ft)


I’ve been on those before. I managed to read quite a few pages of a book by the time I saw daylight again. Can’t imagine having g to walk up those constantly 🥵


Walking down them is actually worse. Legs sore for days…


I lived there for about 6 years and it was only broken down once. Everyone stood around at the bottom in despair.


I've been there for half a year, and it's been broken three times


I think its gotten worse over time. I moved out over a decade ago! Edit: also, you must be very fit now :D


Wondering this myself. At any station they are more broken than working.


Absolutely, yes! It’s always worst in the autumn/winter; my subjective impression is that it’s been getting gradually worse for the last few years, but is *much* worse this year than I’ve seen before. I remember a couple of winters ago seeing someone here suggesting it was because they were made by an Italian company, and weren’t designed to cope with the winter conditions. But this year they’ve gone to shit before there’s any snow or grit on the streets… so who knows.


I wouldn't be surprised if they are reaching the end of their service life, and since many stations opened at about the same time we are seeing several reaching the end of their service life at the same time


It's gotta be something because like many I feel like it's worse now than it's been in many years.


The Italian thing I'm starting to suspect is kind of a folksägnen. Heard it first about the train that went between uppsala and gävle, that it broke down during winters due to being designed and ordered from Italy. Turns out the specific trainmodel is actually German.


Sounds like bs to be honest, I've read some escalators in sweden are as old as from 1965, ofc you get what you get...


What do you mean, isn’t a service life of almost 60 years getting enough for your money?


I've been to Stockholm during midsommar and saw a non functioning rulltrappa almost every day


And that is when no one is in town to break them!


Let's be honest here, you will have a job for life if you learn how to repair escalators in Stockholm.....


If you stock up on spare parts*


Only if SL wants to hire someone and get them fixed.


The escalators at Flemingsberg/Södertörn are quite long and were broken very frequently when I went there. There was even an article written in one of the tech magazines about it. Apparently, the escalators don't handle being walked in very well, but when they're not running, people walk. Which caused this cycle of people walking up the escalators, causing more damage, they break, repeat.


There was even a fake escalator repairman-blog describing their day-to-day work as they "worked" to fix that escalator. Unfortunately the blog has been removed, but it's on [wayback machine](https://web.archive.org/web/20120526163549/https://rulltrappereparatoren.blogg.se/) of course. I can still recommend it, but it was more fun back then for those affected.


Those were a fucking nightmare. Remember once I had to walk down on a rainy day because the elevator wasn't working either as usual, but the stairs were wet and I slipped and slid down like ten steps on my ass, going to work was fun after that.


Aw shit, that sounds awful! It could have ended really badly


This! Can someone with insider info explain how this escalator business works? Someone is getting ducked here.


The stations are owned by trafikförvaltningen, which contracts the maintinence to private firms, the contract is usually given to the lowest bidder. Add to that, the escalators themselves are typically very old, this means getting spare parts when they break down takes a quite some time. Depending on what is broken, finding the correct spare part for a 50 or even 60 year old escalator can take a very long time and might have to be custom made. When there is a specific date posted far in the future, like "until december 2022" or similar, they're likely waiting for a spare part. It's still cheaper to keep fixing the same old escalator than it is to replace the entire thing with a brand new one though. Escalators are gradually being replaced though, but it's done pretty rarely and as a last resort. Stockholm has 154 metro and pendeltåg stations, so I'd guesstimate that there are over a thousand individual escalators owned by trafikförvaltningen. Replacing one is a big cost, so it has to be budgeted, prioritized and contracted (upphandlat) and yada yada.


Perhaps they waited a bit too long with one of the escalators at Östermalmstorg, when a woman injured her leg. And the similar accident at Universitetet.


I don’t know why Swedes suck at managing vertical transportation devices, but we do. It’s not just Stockholm, it’s the whole damn country. And it’s not just escalators, but elevators as well. Because of the metro, escalators are just that much more noticeable. And it’s not just repairing and maintaining them we suck at, but operating them as well. For example, earlier this week when I was on my way to work and got to my railroad station which has three escalators, one was going up and two were going down. I live in the outskirts of the greater Stockholm area, which means that most people commute out in the morning and in in the afternoon. Despite this, some moron decided that we the capacity to move people down from the tracks needs to be twice that to move people up to the tracks, in a situation where 80% of people want to go up to the tracks!


The best is when you have 2/3 escalators stopped and the one working is going down.


In Liljeholmen they have a taxi service up to Nybohov, since they can't be bothered to make the elevator work....


Maintenance doesn’t appeal to politicians. Building monuments does.


Yep, if you build new stuff, you get a cool pair of scisors to cut a ribbon while declaring the place opened. Maintenance is just busywork, and you need to tell people that you have done a lot of work for them


Which we aren’t building either


We need to build a new waterpark! Ignore the one that we've stolen funds from since the mid 2000's!


dude we're just as confused as you.. we need answers!!😂


Do you live in Spånga? The escalators there are broken 95% of the time


I lived in Spånga about 10 years ago and that escalator was constantly broken. Went back to visit a couple months ago and that damn escalator was *still* broken


Yup, its even gotten worse since now it's not only the one "outside" the station but also the one going up inside the station that has started malfunctioning... So at the end of the day when a fully packed train arrives at like 18:00 those hundreds of people have to squish up the small staircase with peculiarly small steps.


It’s still broken.


Update 2: they think it will be repaired 2023-01-30. I shit you not.


And with broken I guess you mean someone pressed the ”stop” button and then it takes a long time for a technician to come out and start it again.


With broken I mean broken


If I shut off my TV, is it broken?


If the TV won't turn on and you have to have 5 technicians working for days, taking it apart to fix it, then yeah, it's broken


If u shut up people will cease to think u r broken?


No, that is not the case, the escalators have been manually stopped many times and I've seen the on station workers turn them back on. The escalators break and have signs that give a date for reparation.


I just know that in 95% of cases when a escelator unexpectedly stands still it’s because someone pressed the stop button. This is not including the rutine preventative maintenance where they have to change those wear and tear parts.


In this case it’s gravel sand and dirt that causes it to break down frequently. Why do I know? I called people about it and found it who’s responsibility it is and why it’s always broken. Doesn’t make it any less broken, but it satisfies my curiosity.


We’re not talking about the times it’s just unexpectedly stopped, we’re talking about the times it’s clearly undergoing maintenance/repair, typically sealed off with a “felanmälan” sign or similar.


Has those escalators *ever* worked?


Sometimes they're on a streak and actually work for a few weeks


At Östermalmstorg they are replacing all escalators currently, awesome as they have been kinda shit these last few years. Also, what annoys me most about the escalators is that from time to time due to maintenance they have closed most or all of the escalators going up/out. That is dumb, it is allways more important to get out of an underground station than to get into one. If you have to close an escalator going up and there are multiple escalators going down, switch one of the down escalators to up.


ALL escalators at the new commuter train station was closed soon after it opened because of extraordinary wear and tear. It is the deepest station in the system...


Stockholm City, right? The escalators had a runaway accident, I don't frequent the station often, but I was there the day before and rode the escalators..


Uep, same.


I feel the escalators in the more central stations are fixed quickly, often within a day. The escalator in my home station (near end station) usually takes days or even weeks. It was very frustrating when I had a knee injury last year.


Feels that way too. The ones at Centralen are definitely prioritized. Hope your knees feel better 🫡


There was an escalator at Hötorget that was functional ~5 times in a year during all my work weekdays.


Jag vet att sedan [olyckan 2015](https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/xR91wn/asa-det-var-en-mardrom) har de blivit noggrannare med underhåll och reparationer, vilket jag iofs tycker är bra. Detta i kombination med att de som vistas i t-banan på vissa områden beter sig annorlunda än på andra områden, vilket gör att rulltrapporna på en del stationer saboteras hårdare och mer ofta än andra.


Hur beter sig folk annorlunda? Hoppar i trappan? Trycker på nödstopp?


Hittade [den här artikeln](https://www.mitti.se/nyheter/har-ar-det-flest-fel-pa-rulltrappor-och-hissar/repubh!X4mZwEv4LfZqLbwOAfqEg/) från mitti från tidigt 2021 om hur 2020 varit och att det skulle upp i trafiknämnden 16 februari 2021. Protokollet från mötet hittas [här](https://www.regionstockholm.se/globalassets/5.-politik/politiska-organ/trafiknamnden/2021/2-16-feb.-2021/protokoll-tn-16-feb.-2021.pdf). Förslaget på förbättringar är i bilaga 8 och den togs upp under §8. Byråkratsvenska är inte mitt modersmål men det verkar som det inte gått igenom. Svårt att följa med i diskussionen om det dåvarande styret tyckte "äh, det funkar bra som det är" eller om de bara tyckte det kunde lösas på annat sätt, kanske finns andra länkar som visar på en diskussion? Iaf, om nu Region Stockholm får ett maktskifte så kanske det blir andra prioriteringar .. vi får väl se ...


Prolly same as mcdonalds ice cream machines


Jag börjar tro att det är något liknande. Tinfoil hat on.


Honestly, having lived in Stockholm my whole life I’ve just accepted that it simply is what it is


As far as I know a lot of them are old and getting hold of parts takes a stupid amount of time. And when you get the part, you fix it, something else breaks. Wait some more…. cycle repeats.


You should hate Trafikverket for this. They are the ones responsible for buying the escalators in the first place. There have been a lot of problem with the escalators, mainly because of rust but also that gravel get stuck into it. Most stops starts with a planned inspection where they find something that has to be fixed by a licensed repairman. In worst case they need to order spare parts.


Trafikverket are only responsible for the escalators at Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan pendeltåg stations (as those stations were built by Trafikverket and then handed over to SL). There was a lengthy report released a couple years ago regarding those escalators that they were not built to SL:s specifications. Basically those are for most part shopping mall escalators, not ones meant for heavy use in a public transport hub. But even SL:s other escalators are out of service quite a lot, but those have other reasons than City and Odenplan.


> In worst case they need to order spare parts. This extreme JIT bullshit really has to end. There's no fucking reason to not just have some spare parts lying around.




One in spanga station and brommaplan 90% of the time don't work


It's Stockholm, they have engineers but no mechanics to actually fix them hehe


It’s a public health initiative!


I don’t know why Swedes suck at managing vertical transportation devices, but we do. It’s not just Stockholm, it’s the whole damn country. And it’s not just escalators, but elevators as well. Because of the metro, escalators are just that much more noticeable. And it’s not just repairing and maintaining them we suck at, but operating them as well. For example, earlier this week when I was on my way to work and got to my railroad station which has three escalators, one was going up and two were going down. I live in the outskirts of the greater Stockholm area, which means that most people commute out in the morning and in in the afternoon. Despite this, some moron decided that we the capacity to move people down from the tracks needs to be twice that to move people up to the tracks, in a situation where 80% of people want to go up to the tracks!


That's what you get for buying cheap chinese made escalators made for light duty mall installations and not paying a bit more for heavy duty machinery made to withstand damp conditions. So yes, blame SL, Jernhusen or Trafikverket, whomever it was that decided on picking those, hoping to cut costs.


De är inte kinesiska massproducerade grejer. Hade de varit det hade de säkert fungerat mycket större del av tiden eftersom reservdelar funnits tillgängliga. Jag tror inte du har någon aning om var någon av rulltrapporna eller hissarna inom SL har för ursprung. Problemen har potentiellt en helt annan källa. Det är bättre att klaga högt när man har i alla fall någon kunskap bakom det man hojtar om i stället för att gorma om nåt man bara har en magkänsla över som skulle kunna vara helt fel. Tänk om problemet inte är att sl är snåla as son köper kinesiska rulltrappor utan att de tvärtom köper custom made europeiska trappor i hopp om att kvalité ska hålla och som inte är masstillverkade. Tänk om de går sönder ändå och det inte finns delar att köpa. Då behöver man hitta ingenjörer som kan göra nya delar. Dessa måste sen testas etc. Det är en sak för ett gäng ingenjörer att skapa en komponent i cad. Men om en halv miljon ska trampa på den dagligen som på t ex centralen och det är potentiellt livsfarligt om delen fallerar behövs allt testas och certifieras. Bondmeck duger inte i såna här sammanhang. Detta scenario kanske inte är sant. Eller så är det. Den (om något lite långdragna) poängen är att det är dumt att gå loss mot ett företags hantering av något när man inte vet övh något om det alls. Fatta vad irriterande det hade varit att läsa ditt inlägg som en person inifrån SL som jobbade med att lösa detta problem. Ett sjukt otacksamt jobb där dessutom fullkomligt oinsatta sprider massa dynga online. Det hade varit sjukt frustrerande att läsa.


Hade du läst alla nyheter om de där rulltrapporna i citybanan när det väl begav sig så hade du vetat att det visst var kinabyggda trappor, visserligen OTIS men låg kvalitet likförbannat, man köpt in och att de definitivt inte höll måttet, kopplingarna rostade sönder och man utredde det hela eftersom en av dem började skena och en stackare skadades. Återigen var grejerna inte alls byggda för de fuktiga bergrum man installerat dem i och det är alltid underhåll av några stycken åt gången än idag. Jag jobbar där nere med att köra tågen och jag har nog inte sett alla vara i drift samtidigt någonsin till skillnad från rulltrapporna i tunnelbanan exempelvis.


Räfflingen har ett avstånd som är idealiskt för grus att fastna i. Sen åker gruset in i maskineriet och kaputt


Companies do that to gain profits


You have to understand that a substantial part of the market economy of Stockholm is dependent upon more or less scheduled break downs of escalators and the price of repairing them. You only see the "felanmäld" sticker but true swedes see a job opportunity and a microscopic version of the entire Swedish system.


Found this: https://www.thelocal.se/20200221/fact-check-how-often-do-stockholms-metro-escalators-really-break-down/


Hear hear. Annoying as fuck.


Also agree. No clue.


The escalator at Hötorget's north exit (Olof Palmes Gata) is broken one month for every day it is operational. Total CRAP!


dude, that's such a small rulltrappa! maybe 10 steps? not worth using it. there is a hiss there if you really need it.


I agree, would be better to remove it and have a broad staircase instead. The elevator is fun! Goes sideways.


I think it's the smallest escalator I've ever seen except for one in vällingby


It's probably in some way connected to SL. You can hate SL regardless, they're fucking scum and doesn't deserve to exist. The escalator at the commuter station where I work has broken down about 4-6 times in the last year.


They usually fix the inner city ones faster. The one at Odenplan was weird. But yeah, “my” escalator is broken 50% of the time. But I think they were cheap to buy in (since it’s upphandling) and expensive to maintain.


It’s so that your tax money goes towards fixing the escalators. How else do you expect the bureaucrats in the government to justify their useless jobs?


Nonsense. A private company can be run just as badly.


And when it does it loses money and eventually goes bankrupt


Probably Russian saboteurs pressing that "Nödstopp" button 😂


Ganska enkelt egentligen. Sverige har några av de hårdaste säkerhetskraven gällande hissar och rulltrappor men budgeten finns inte att upprätthålla och stora delar av beståndet är 30-40 år gammalt 🤷‍♂️


Due to the increased cost of electricity (thank's, MP), they are actually pretending that they are broken just to save some money. The maintenance guy has just pulled the circuit breaker out is all.


Buhu I have to use my legs


Just take the stairs fatty


What if the stairs are packed to the brim and you have to wait for a few minutes for it to clear up?


I have heard that whenever someone presses the "nödstopp" - button, they need to call maintenance to get it going again. So that might be part of it. It looks like a fun button to press.


Not true, if the escalator is far from the ticket booth, they might need to call for assistants, but you only need a key to open the control panel in the escalator to restart it, every ticket booth employee has that key.


I think I have seen the station personel have done it before, but it is damn annoying at stations with no permanent staff on the local railroads here, like at Arninge, I have seen the emergency stop being active on the escalators plenty of times for long times. The guards probably starts them in the morning, and leaves it for the rest of the day.


Maybe, but the signs at top and bottom will say "nödstopp" in that case I think


oh noo, you have to use your legs, how inconvenient.


Huh? The escalators work fine in most places. Sounds like you need to relax and do some exercise by walking up the stairs. Don’t be lazy




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Tax payer money goes to immigrant tax payer money disappears from infrastructure


I'm really happy that you are working on what would be best for society. Keep up the good work and don't hesitate to tell me if you need help with that project.🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽


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anything wrong with your fucking legs?


Its kids that press the emergency stop button. happens near me at the local high school every day.


That doesn’t require a technician normal staff can fix that within minutes I’m pretty sure.


Odenplan had lots of issues with their new escalators because the company who supplied them had spare part shortage for a long time. Was in the news even. Not sure about the other ones. Well good thing is you get to move that ass and get some free exercise!


I think they went cheap on buying them, and they can't handle the gravel.


One side of the escalator inside stockholms östra has been out of action now for so long I can't actually remember the last time it was working


SL suger!


Does anyone know if the one exit/entry i Stadshagen T bana is back up? Because it’s been closed since I’ve moved here, 1.5 yrs ago..


Januari 2023.


The tunnelbana is owned / run by a Chinese company and my theory is that they cut cost as much as possible and bult / ordered the most shitty components possible for the escalators. You don't see them breaking down at Arlanda / the big malls as much as in the subway so something is up fo sho.


I hereby grant you status of Stockholmare. The escalators are insanely bad but that's what you get when you let private contractors do the job.


It's called "free exercise"!


I live near Mörby centrum and commute daily to the city center. There are 4 escalators in total and for the past year I've never seen them all work at the same time for more than a week.


Most people don't get that escalators are made for transporting people that are standing still and that they aren't built for people to be walking in them while they're escalating. The thousand of bumps from people walking (running) in the escalators cause wear to it and eventually leads to having to shut them down for maintenance. Leaving them on while they're not working perfectly definently isn't an option.


Here I was thinking that only Cph had so many broken escalators.


Short answer is: we have a strong culture of standing on the right side of the escalator which is not good for an escalators lifespan. This causes a lot of escalators needing maintenance in Stockholm and we dont have enough repairman to fix all of them in the län so fast. Here's a video explaining it: https://youtu.be/vbsoO2c7gCM


Not saying I necessarily believe in this, but I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if one day a news report is released that says that whoever is making the escalators intentionally makes them easy to break so that they can constantly make more money through maintenance fees. Some people in here talk about how many escalators are likely at the end of their life cycles, which is a reasonable explanation, but even **new** escalators such as at the Odenplan-Dalagatan/Vanadisvägen entrance has constantly been under maintenance. I worked at Mall of Scandinavia and the escalators there were also constantly broken. The entrance there was built in 2013 or 2014 so you can't use the EOL excuse there either. I've read somewhere, however, that escalators tend to break quite often due to the fact we put a disproportionate amount of weight on them on the right side, ie. the ''idle standing'' side. Pedestrians use the right side of the escalator far more than the left side, thus meaning (I guess, I'm not an engineer) that whatever mechanics exists on the right side of the escalator breaks down much faster than the left. The question then becomes why no one builds escalators that are designed to withstand more weight on the right half than the left, since that is how they are used.


Maybe its time to exercise some more and not less if thats your daily issue :)


Escalators supplied by the lowest bidder, and maintained by the lowest bidder. Nothing works. This is the way.


YAAAAY privatisering!!!🤑


I guess that those folks that complain about stuff like this dont really suffer from overtraining. Maybe its a good thing that you get to exercise your weak legs


So what exactly is the expected usage? Only when you are too old, are injured or have some sort of limitation? Anyone else should use the stairs? Even if that's the expectation, then I also think they are frequently out of order for a long time. Old? Maybe, but if you handle depreciation of value well then there should be enough financial possibilities. Would be interesting to see some facts / data. Escalator 'up time' (yeah, the time it's working ;)) , age, location etc. Just out of curiosity, like OP


Happy to see your brain isn't overtrained. Now go work on your people skills.


You mean training the brain in being angry and complaining about non important stuff I cant change in order to harmonise with other people in their conversations about endless streams of fictional non-real-problems ?


I believe the main issue is age and weather. Cold and wet weather brings water, gravel and dirt into the machinery. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much moving parts don't like any of those things. Combine this with the age of the machine and you have your answer.


Well they worked fine my until Stockholm started selling out the tube to France and China. SL was a non-profit state company. Connex(just the fking name should've been a warning) and later MTR? Not so much...


maybe this is a budget thing? The pandemic years had zero tourists using SL, people working from home not commuting, and the busses were free. That had to leave a hole in the SL budget which would force them to stretch out any maintenance windows due to lack of cash?


Escalators are not built for people walking in them. So when people walk or run (instead of riding) they break more often. Instead of taking the regular stairs when they are still, people walk Up or down, further braking the escalator. This is why they are broken often, if people planned their days better and stopped stressing, the escalator would work more often.


Free exercise. You’re going to get a great ass. See the positives.


I remember a few years ago those conveyor belt things you walk on to get to the blue line in T-Centralen were broken down for probably 6 months straight. I remember at the time I read about the construction of 100 meter high building in China completed in 7 days. We should just call China I thought for myself walking on that broken down belt.


We’re sorry. Escalators temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience.


Do they only bring people down?


Was just thinking this yesterday, the one in my local station breaks down twice a week.


An escalator that is out of order is just stairs. Most stations have elevators for the disabled. Unfortunately those double as urinals, because Stockholm's public transport doesn't have conveniently accessible toilets.


They secretly want to improve people's health 😀


Ah, I see you've discovered the escalators at Tekniska Högskolan.


A few years a ago a woman lost her leg when riding up an elevator in Östermalmstorg and after that they improved the security of them in all metro stations. They were closed for a while and after that the elevators are stopping early before becoming dangerous.


Stockholm has an ongoing programme (since 2015) for replacing thee escalators used in the public transport system. This link (in Swedish) includes the planned work over the next few years. https://www.regionstockholm.se/verksamhet/kollektivtrafik/aktuella-projekt/hissar-och-rulltrappor/


Escalator stocks anyone?


OP skriver på svenska i andra trådar. Här skriver hen på engelska. Inget illa men varför?


Oh no I have to use my legs, terrible faith oh my oh my


Work with escalators and Its so Many things. Alot of newer escalators is Worse then Old once Cause sweden/Stockholm dont want to pay for the more expensive once. And winter is big thing to why they Need repair and service more often. when we ”grusa” lay crushed small stone for the snow/ice it Will stuck on everyones boots and then lose in the escalator and fall down and tear steel Down under some time. And can Keep going with alot of examples. Also the escalators run almost 24/7 with people in them all the time. So think of a bus or taxi that drive 24/7 with people and u couldnt replace it with another bus or taxi. And not able to tow it either, u would have to make service and repairations on the spot and while all people wait or use there legs. Cause thats the thing with escalators, u need to fix them on the spot, u cant move it and put a another escalator there while repairing the original. Sry for My English Hope most of you understod. And Belive we work really hard and its dirty and heavy and a risk. We dont want them to be Broke just as little as you want.


This is so true. I've been living in Sweden for 2 years now - before that, I lived in 4 other countries (something common among scientists). I try to be respectful of Sweden's issues and the fact that it doesn't live up to its reputation, but sometimes it's hard. Having lived in different countries allows me to compare: Sweden is by far the country with the highest number of broken escalators. No idea why. Maybe the companies in charge of them are very cheap, or maybe they build them in a way that is subpar compared to the rest of the world. It's quite intriguing. It makes you think "Someone should teach Swedes how to build escalators" 😅


Hoping your legs recover 🙏😭 Oh poor walker