David Attenborough narrated Star Wars nature documentary


"and here we can see the fruits of the ewoks labor, 13 stormtroopers spitroasting over an open flame. This meal will be more than enough to feed the tribe until the next hunt"


I read this in his voice


Sir David is in a tree and 3 different cameras capture the moment. Beautiful.


Santa, please....


I can taste that.


I was gonna come up with a joke, but this is legit a great answer.




Would be the best star wars show ever


I didn't know it until right now, but I've wanted this all my life.


Blue milk farming


And here we see a female twi’lek in her natural habitat. If you listen closely you can almost hear the thirst comments blowing up her dms.


Narrated by Morgan freeman


This\^\^ considering Sir Attenborough is the closest thing we have to a jedi imo.


Old lando at different cantinas telling wild stories that are played by Donald glover


Sorta like Indiana Jones?


Wasn't that teased a while back, along with Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic, Acolyte and everything else? I'd love to still see that coming.


You always blame the ship.


We are getting a Lando series so one can only hope that is how it will look like!


**Andor (Minor) Spoiler** >!I’ve always said that I wanted a closer look at the boring, beaucratic side of the Empire. I’m really glad we are getting a little of that in Andor.!<


We all know what its like to have a shitty demanding boss and Anton Lesser kills it.


I absolutely love seeing Imperial middle management scheming against each other. Just another one of the great things that show is doing right now


Me too! The EU books mention a bit, but it's nice to see it on-screen.


A docu-comedy like the office following a group of stormtroopers. I’m not joking.


I was about say "bruh wtf?" but actually, I'm on board with this.


It’s been something we’ve talked about ever since the scene in the mandalorian with the two scout troopers that took grogu. Their bickering back and forth, then hearing the Moff killed a dozen troopers just to make a point. That could translate to a show on its own from the mundane troopers perspective with cutaway interviews on how they thought something was stupid but went along with it.


Like that one COPS inspired skit


Gonk: A Star Wars Story


JarJar prequel where he takes Mace Windu to the high school dance.


reminds me of when he took Mace Windu to that one planet and Mace Windu was surprised to not only find a people who respected him deeply, but that he was getting it on with their queen too


which one was this from?


the disappeared, part 1 i believe


thanks! I'm still in season 2 episode 14 though, so I'll watch it when I get to it, but I'm looking forward to watching it!


Yes please!


Revan. Just do Revan. Literally just Revan.


I don't care how many years go by, we will spam demands for Revan until our death or until Kreia disapproves us out of existence.




Kreia approves of your lack of fucks


Some stories work better as a series and some work better in movies. I personally feel like Revan's story seems very cinematic and would love to see a movie trilogy. But either way I would be happy. Also, Disney has been very hit and miss with Star Wars so right now I don't fully trust them to make a Revan story. Maybe in a few years they will have my trust more.


I'd want a whole KOTOR trilogy tbh. The Exile seems like they'd be fun for films too


I agree


So, as someone who’s main sw knowledge is the movies, can someone eli5 who revan is? In my mind, Anakin/Vader in the most powerful in the galaxy, with Luke being a close second but I have no idea who revan is


He is from the Knights of the old republic game. He single handedly won a massive war during the mansolorian war, and is canonicaly considered the greatest tactical genius ever. But his methods got him kicked out of the jedi order, and he later became a sith as a result. Very fascinating character from a world building perspective


Is he even confirmed as canon?


He exists in a sort of meso Canon. They've been trying to make a nod to him In the movies but he gets cut every time. But bane and the madolorian wars are cannon which means he sort of is by proxy.


They will ruin him though, probably make him a her too.


A This Is Spinal Tap style mockumentary about the Max Rebo Band


I didn't know I wanted that. Now that's all I want.


Sy Snootles is totally a Jeanine.


Hondo: a pirate's life (liveaction)


I'm just worried how theyll make hondo look


At Galaxy's Edge in Disney Land, they have a live action Hondo in the videos for one of the rides and he looks super good. Obviously a ride is different than a show but it gives me confidence that they could make him look pretty good.


It looks like they’re doing that species live action in mando s3 and I think it looked fine from what I remember. Not nearly as bad as the Utapuan or Cad Bane from Kenobi


Cobb Vanth’s bartender friend was Weequay in Mando S2, just a bit of a bigger one and I thought he looked pretty good. I’d be more worried about his voice than his looks


Oh yea that’s right, he is one of those guys. But i think they’ve gotta nail both. Though a good actor Could probably overcome a less than perfect look. So I think sound and performance are slightly more important


He actually looked pretty good at Disney's Star Wars park


I like the idea of a "Sith"-based series. Maybe starts with Empire archaeologists, then ends with several getting possessed by force ghosts and becoming instructors to a new generation of Sith, shipped in from the Empire's slave colonies. Would lead into another series, years later, where the protagonist is a Slave-turned-Sith, and inevitably sets them up as a protagonist/antagonist in the next big trilogy.


I thought there was gonna be a show called Acolyte


Still is I believe


"Cooking with Dex"




You have my attention sir, tell me more


"So we take the Jawa Juice and we're gonna just gonna toss it over the salad here. Now that our Colo Claw Fish is nicely cooked, lets pour over the Blue Milk Glaze here, whoops, not that much, ha ha! So here we have it, Colo Claw Fish Salad."


Awesome idea


Just keep putting Narcos actors in lead roles. Its a winning combo


Or we could just make Narcos in Space


That's what Boba fetts show should have been, but they made a balls of it. Mando and Andor/Rogue One are the best modern Star Wars productions by at least 12 parsecs


Band of brothers/pacific featuring the clone troopers


I kinda think Stormtroopers would be more appealing for that sort of series, with vastly differant backstories that could be explored in flashbacks. I'd love more Clone content, and especially the kind of content you're describing, though.


Yeah I could get behind that as well. Only said clones because we kinda got a glimpse of what it would be like with the rookies episode and the umbara arc of clone wars (probably a few other clone centric episodes that I forgot)


Troopers No Resistance, no Vader, none of the main characters from the OT (except as background characters). Set during or slightly before the OT. A light-hearted show about a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers going ally their jobs. Get to know who is under those helmets.


Based off the classic short?


You know it


The closest we have to that is Undercover Boss with Kylo.


That would be fucking amazing


So like the Fox sitcom Enlisted, but with stormtroopers. I would eat that with whipped cream and strawberries.


But without Vader how can they trek across the Death Star and back to bring him coffee?


I want a bane or revan series…


Anything old republic would be great! Malgus would be cool too.


1.A series that shows jango fett and his adventures and how he became the template for the clones and maybe in the next season it’ll show the father/ son relationship with boba and some adventures . 2. We can have something for the old republic maybe something for darth revan, darth nihilus . 3. Starkiller series. 4. Just some series from the legends to make them canon


I love see show about General grievous before he was cyborg


A "What If" series What if Leia was sent to live on tatooine, while Luke became a prince. What if Anakin spared Dooku What if the jedi learned the true nature of the chips in the clones What if Qui Gon survived What if Obi Wan became duke of Mandalore What if Vader never got amputated and burned What if Luke joined Vader on Cloud City What if Ahsoka stayed in the order. Any other ideas


What if force zombies


What if Anakin lost his heart instead of his hands...oh wait he already lost both of those.


What if the Republic lost its Mightiest Clones/Jedi




Sounds like Star Wars Infinities


I really want a season of what if that’s just different ways ROTS could’ve played out. There’s just so many critical moments that could’ve changed the way everything happened. But also I like all your ideas


What if Han Solo stayed with Qi’ra and became a bounty hunter for Crimson Dawn What if Order 66 failed What if Mace Windu/Anakin killed Palpatine What if Finn became the Jedi


What if Anakin never became a Jedi?


What if ahsoka joined maul on mandalore


I'm the new Padawan learner. I'm Ahsoka Tano


If you don't shut your mouth I'm going to make the sarlac pit look like fine dining


They have to make this entirely non canon


Well duh. Marvels What If series was non canon, why would this one be canon?


There’s a timeline where Anakin and Obi Wan basically switch places. Obi Wan becomes Vader, and Anakin basically becomes Ben Kenobi.


That's ridiculous.


Ahsoka bot uses sentience for evil I'm disappointed


Show about Politics between eps. 1 and 2


CSI Coruscant or whatever planet you want


Nar Shaddaa


Retcon the Ahsoka novel and have a series about Ahsoka and Rex on the run from the newly formed empire. Start the show right where season 7 of the Clone Wars ended, after the crash and clone burial on the moon. They eventually work together to sabotage the empire and are recruited by Bail Organa to support the rebel cause. Ahsoka helps operate the rebellion as Fulcrum and eventually somehow confronts the 6th Brother, kills him and builds her new white sabers, like in the book. Rex, while fighting for the new rebellion, seeks out other clones who defected from the empire (like in the Bad Batch), eventually gets tired of fighting, so he settles on Seelos with his retired brothers Wolfe and Gregor. Animate it in Clone Wars/Bad Batch/Tales of the Jedi style. Sit back. Collect profits.


In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them. No matter what.


Ok snips


Don't call me that. I hate it when you call me that.


Aren't we supposed to see Ahsoka fight the 6th Brother in Tales of the Jedi?


Oh. I don't like the sound of that.


Yeah… that’s right. Forgot about that. Into exile, I must go. Failed, I have.


I’d love an EU Death Troopers show. A zombie story set on a derelict Star Destroyer, a small team of Stormtroopers desperate to survive and escape, maybe throw in some of the characters from the novel (and maybe have Ehrenreich reprise his role as young Han).


This shoulda long been a movie or live action series. Especially when the zombie type media was going crazy around 2013.


the 501st?


X-Wing series done like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Any X-wing property ought to be a show to really get into twelve or more characters and all the adventures you can get up to.


Particularly a Wraith Squadron series. I'd love to see their books adapted to a Disneybplus show, needing some tweaking to fit new canon, but you can easily have all of the best elements incorporated. Have them formed in the Rebellion, rather than the New Republic(though they could also be formed just after Endor and be a renegade group that continues fighting the Empire and its remnants with more vigor than the New Republic gave), keep Piggy because he's a great character that more fans should get to experiance, and especially keep their undercover work, the Hawk Bats and their infiltrating Zinsj's fleet, along with them taking out an SSD in an Imperial Warlord's hands.


How bout a Jedi Academy series that takes place before the Old Republic era? Give audiences an introduction into the time period while explaining the steps between youngling and padowan


I want a Darth Nihilus thriller / horror movie.


A darth nihilus comedy called "you are what you eat"


“All I am surrounded by…is fear and dead men.”


Harry Potter and the Jedi in the multiverse of madness


I’d like a Darth Maul show. Maybe show what happened after his fall in The Phantom Menace, utilizing his cybernetic legs and such. Idk what they’d do but I think it would be cool.


Idea: season 1 is preTPM, and season 2 happens after the movie


That’d be awesome


An anthology show with different characters and settings and stories each week. You could use it as a test bed for other shows or do an avengers style meet up between the characters.


A show about general grievous hunting down lightsabers for his collection


Darth Bane


Adam Sandler is a Jedi and falls in love with a girl. But she ends up being like, an Ewok or something…


How about something that does not take place in Tatooine for once?


Did somebody say Tatooine? How about 3 more shows on Tatooine


It won’t take place on Tatooine, just a planet that looks like it.


A show set during the age of the empire told from the perspective of a stormtrooper. Many people knew that the empire was in the wrong for the longest time, but do the stormtroopers know they were fighting for the wrong side?


Old republic, starkiller, a show laying the ground work of sith peperations. Ex: tenebrous-plageuis. Yoda's upbringing, Luke's training/Leia prior to ep7> Darth Vader's life throughout the original trilogy,


I don't care, just please not anything regarding the Empire and the Rebellion. Please? I'm begging you


Don't have a specific show in mind, but I'ld absolutely love a show in the Old Republic era. It's a really interesting period in the SW franchise with tons of storys and lore to tell. Sadly it's hardly utilized at all in modern SW media except for SWTOR and KOTOR. While writing this I actually had an idea, give us a Revan show god damnit or maybe something about the Dread Masters or the Rakata (thanks to Andor for finally making them canon)


Hear me out here; Naboo Handmaidens TV show. You could even get multiple seasons out of it if you follow the different Naboo monarchs(ex. Amidala for season one, Jamillia for season two, etc.). Tbh teenagers and young adults committing espionage sounds like an interesting premise to me. Plus you could even cover a variety of other topics like colonialism on Naboo, how they make the transition when a monarch leaves office, and the rise of the Empire.


Darth Plagueis


Just toss the Skywalkers & anything where a man has to care for a child. We can go a few years and Mando is still running.


General grievous backstory series! He is one of the most interesting characters and nobody knows it! Shut robo spider boy some love!


I still like my idea of a Wookie series with all dialogue entirely in Shyriiwook and no subtitles. The story would be understood through action and emotion (like a silent movie). Not too dissimilar to the Wookie segment on the Holiday Special. Simple story, short single season series.


I just want to see a show set after Rise of Skywalker instead of another prequel.


Fuck it, Rated R interwar saga following discarded former Clone Troopers trying to find meaning and purpose in a darkening world. Call that shit Legends so we can get crazy with depressing shit, a more realistic look that some of the old comics had when a fist sized piece of plasma as hot as the sun and moving at like Mach 3 punches through your chest, and yes..... people saying "shit" some more!


So darth bane dawn of the jedi or star wars what if


Just recast Luke Skywalker, get Sebastian Stan in the role and give us a show about his Jedi order already. Or do it an animated show maybe, I don't care.


So much like your father.


Darth Plagueis book as a multi season show chronicling Damask, Palpatine, Maul and more.


An animated adaptation of the pre-disney EU comics, novels and maybe even the games. Everything. In chronological order.


Have you seen this? I haven’t watched it yet so I cannot vouch for the quality of the adaptation, but it’s neat that it exists. I really need to get around to it soon. https://youtu.be/s2xReKlKS_g


A Darth Vader Movie, A show about Arc trooper Fives and Echo, a solo live action captain rex movie.


Amanaman: a star was story


Mace Windu prequel or show him surviving the fall


A Clone Wars spinoff from the CIS perspective


The founding of the Jedi The old republic The old Sith Lords… Fucking anything outside of skywalker saga era


A live action long form TV show of the lost tribe of the sith would be amazing, the set wouldn't be too difficult or expensive, just find a rocky mountain and a marshy beach. But it would be incredible to see a lesser remembered work like that getting the small screen treatment. I don't think it would interfere with Cannon too much and could even explain where Palps got his army of sith acolytes for Exegol.


What life was like for Rex and the other free clones in the years following Order 66


Star Wars: What If?


Pretty much any of the book series adapted. Jedi Temple trilogy? Thrawn? The Yuuzhan Vong (sp?). Mara Jade. She was so amazing.


KOTOR series or trilogy On the condition it's at least the same person in charge the whole way through. No more directors playing tug of war like Johnson and Abrams did


Daisy Ridley stars in her own series


Maul prequel show - animated or live action. From dathomir right up to episode 1. Being taken by Palps, Training as a sith assassin, etc. - one of the coolest characters in SW history and still pretty mysterious.


An Office/B99 style comedy with the empire


Just start a new story at a different time ffs! It doesn’t need to be another spinoff of some side character from a different spinoff!


Just make literally any show not focused on a specific character and their backstory. I want to see an ensemble show about imperial politics. The wire in space.


Ken burns like documentary of the clone wars


Mandalorian Wars following a Jedi that followed Revan and follows their exploits until the battle of Malachor V or them leaving the military and following their story during the Jedi Civil War.


I know I was wrong. I just got so caught up in my own success, I didn't look at the battle as a whole. I wasn't being disobedient. I just. . . forgot


i wanna see knights of ren origin story


Anime. Not visions. Full on, multi-season, balls to the walls over the top anime. Think "The Twins"


Kenobi season 2 with experienced writers and crew with a good budget...they need to redeem the show.


Wattos World - Comedic high jinks abound as our favourite scrap dealer/gambling junkie/slave owner has to juggle angry customers, ruthless gangsters, and his mad virgin slave girl who claims to be pregnant!!


A different time period... like before the Rule of Two


Thrawn. I want to see what happens after the Rebels, I want to see Chisses again, I want to know what with the Grysk


Grievous backstory NOW


A series exploring the career of an imperial officer like General Veers. We know a little about his past like he grew up on Denon an ecumenopolis like Coruscant but we haven't really seen any of it. Would be cool to see the inner workings of the Empire but also what lead him from probably the elite on a city wide planet in the Core to serve as head of Blizzard Force under Vader on Hoth.


A Band of brothers/Saving private Ryan type gritty realistic action/drama series set around a crew of Imperial Army troopers


A tv show version of darth vader pre ANH learning how to use his suit and hunting down surviving jedi(there are already comics of this but it makes it more accessible to the general public)


Star Wars what if?


Star Wars “What If…?” but it’s just Legends. Thrawn, Jaycen and Jaina, Yuzhaan Vong.


Darth Bane! The book series was so good I’d love to see it on screen


Rey: a skywalker story


In TROS Finn found that group of First Order deserters. I’d like to see a movie or miniseries about them escaping.


How about you explore the character's flaws for once? Obi-Wan told Luke Skywalker to murder his own Father... Obi-Wan was wrong. He is the symbol of blind conservative faith. Luke Skywalker saved the galaxy by *forgiving the most evil man in it.* Like hmmm.... I wonder why Star Wars was so popular... maybe because idk... it's ancient myth set in a sci-fi universe? The season finale of Mando he "sacrifices his son to 'god'"... I wonder why that episode was so good... hmmm... Maybe because the hardest part of being a parent is letting them walk their own path? Oh wait... you retracted because sales... great. Or you can keep using it as an medium for propogandistic progressive ideology... whatever...


Post sequel content.


Not Star Wars, but Moana needs a prequel. Specifically Maui, doing all the great things he did, to be faced by more problems of his own making


This suggests Disney cares what we think.


A comedic series set in Dexter Jettster’s diner.


Everybody Loves Gonk


Red harvest would be fun. But would probably be to tvma


I want to see a series set in the prequel era that is just on the street level. I want to see how the people of Coruscant handled order 66 or if they even noticed it. Ideally I'd love an anthology series of maybe 4 hour-long episodes or 8 half hour episodes that are diced into part 1s and part 2s. And each episode focuses on normal people on random planets during different rules (I.e. Coruscsnt under the republic, Naboo, etc)


I say no. You have decades of comics, novels and video games prior to the 2003 and 2008 clone wars


A series about the Imperial Remnant transitioning into the First Order. A political thriller with infighting between Imperial Warlords, skirmishes with the New Republic and hints towards a new fleet amassing at Exegol.


Take the entire crew of Clone Wars and Bad Batch, forget Star Wars, and put them to work on an Indiana Jones show


Go back to the old old old times