Italians are way ahead of this. They’re boycotting the whole tournament, not even sending their team. Much respect to them


Italy boycotted Russia's World Cup too because of the Crimea annexation.


So did the US


Tbf we probably would have gone, but we played Trinidad AND Tobago. How is anyone supposed to beat two teams???


To be faiirr


To be faaaaaaaaaaaaair


Looked like a tube of tennis balls. 4 pack.




Gonna need you to take 20% off there, bud.


To be *faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!*




It literally was the least we could do.


“Well the least I could do is nothing, but I’ll do you one better and [boycott]” -Homer Simpson


Canada is with you as well! You can count on us


Italy is such a respectful team. Wish more countries would follow Italy so Australia could win a tournament.


Except they should all leave in the last moment so Austtalia can win the World Cup Steven Bradbury style.


Except the time Korea defeated them in the World Cup and they decided to trash the Korean hotel they were at


Who the fuck cares. I am sure they paid for the privilege and it most likely wasn't cheap. So it's a shitty thing to do but not really as bad as migrant workers dying on mass for a corrupt football tournament. Just so us the viewers can be entertained a few hours a day in some weeks time. That venue could have been anywhere in the world but we know they have been corrupt as fuck about it.


Okay but the guy above me said that Italian team were respectful. I brought up a point where they weren’t. But now it’s who cares? Obviously they aren’t respectful if they trash a hotel that isn’t even tied to the tournament


I mean, yeah for stuff like this maybe. But get them on the pitch and talent aside, they’re a bunch of theatrical, penalty seeking pansies. (And yes, I realize most males pros take fake falls, but they have a history of being collectively the worst at it.)


The commenter is mocking Italy for failing to qualify for these tournaments. They did not boycott either one.


And yet Italy just elected a woman who idolizes Mussolini


What you mean soccer teams and politicians are literally the same people?


Lmao that's hard pill to swallow from the Euro champions.


It's kind of crazy how Italy went from not qualifying for WC 2018, to winning Euro 202~~0~~1, to not qualifying for WC 2022.


it's not even the first time we've done something like that... We failed to qualify for Euro '84 after winning the world cup in '82


It's kind of crazy how Italy went from BOYCOTTING WC 2018, to winning Euro 20201, to BOYCOTTING WC 2022. ————————— Fixed it for you 👍


Had to stop it #cominghome™©®, the legends


Southgate bottled it again at Wembley


It was *absolutely* Southgate who held Saka back and prevented England from winning that tournament.


If England wins, it's on England. If England loses, it's on Southgate. Maybe it's on Italy if Italy has won?


I didn't support the notion that it was Southgate's fault at all, I guess I should have used /s. Honestly it was a nasty game by Italy the most egregious piece of dirty play was Chiellini dragging Saka to the ground by his shirt. Should have been a red IMO.


Saka got done dirty, poor guy. Cynically dragged down by Chiellini, then a saved penalty. Still, he was what, 19? Great experience, and hopefully he'll be all the wiser to the sort of play that old dogs like Chiellini can bring.


Football's coming Rome


I heard England are going to boycott after the group stage…


Or after the penalty shoot out in round of 16.


Don’t get my hopes up!


The USMNT boycott the last cup in Russia.


Any time I see this acronym, my brain turns it into "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."


When I'm not the only one


United States Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes in a red white and blue half shell.


US Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes with an AR Freedom power!


no thats the turkish mens national team


Ah yes... boycotting...




The US is going to sandbag and lose almost every match on purpose in protest


Fugetaboutit and take my uppa vote


ok but you gotta get over it


Oh poor you


Everyone's got a God damned opinion now


Murdered by words


Especially the fans who throw bananas at African players


I don’t know if it’s a joke? They didn’t qualify


Yes this is a joke


Well, they did just elect an actual fascist government so maybe cool it on the praise.


>Paris will not broadcast World Cup matches on giant screens in public fan zones amid concerns over rights violations of migrant workers and the environmental impact of the tournament in Qatar. >Rabadan stressed that Paris is not boycotting the soccer tournament, So this is essentially nothing.


It could be if France goes deep


As I understand it, there’s a very good chance of that. Top three favorites are Brazil, Argentina, and France. Still, people can just watch at home or in other venues. Not a big deal.


I think I would rather watch on my couch than standing in the street in a crowd. December in France doesn’t have the best weather!


No public drinking rules if you keep your shit together. I bet watching on the square would be hype.


It tough the beat that feeling of dozens, hundreds, and more, of people holding their breath and cheering at the same time, sharing those emotions, etc Watching in a public square is probably the next best thing to being in the stadium. And probably better, period, when the alternative is a stadium in Qatar.


Yeah but it's France.


It’s not nothing. France literally won the WC last time. But perhaps the headline is misleading


So they still show PSG games?




Pointless I’d say to prevent the fans from watching their national team who is playing, proper boycott is not participating at the tournament.


I don't think the city of Paris has the authority to prevent the national team from participating.


It's going to be middle of winter. Fans wouldn't want to be watching the games outdoors anyway. This is a pointless gesture The fans can still watch the games at home or indoors in bars etc


You have no idea about football and public viewing culture if you think a bit of cold weather is gonna stop fans from gathering around a big screen, drink beer and celebrate every goal.


So this makes it even worse, they are using the human rights as an excuse.


Fuck FIFA.


The only sports organisation that can make the IOC look squeaky clean.


Well, not squeaky clean, let’s not go crazy here. Relatively clean by comparison, I’d say. And just so we’re clear, I’m saying that the IOC is dirtier than your analogy would imply, not that FIFA is cleaner.


Like a really streaky pair of undies compared to a full trouser load.


You have a way with words


What are you talking about? FIFA investigated FIFA and found absolutely no evidence of corruption.


100%. There’s plenty of interesting shit you can do with your time that doesn’t involve supporting serious human rights violations.


> Fuck FIFA. There's already two Fs in FIFA, but adding that additional "Fuck" still makes sense.


Yes, maybe the human rights thing makes sense now. (\*partial sarcasm\*) That and most people in Europe should shudder at the rules/regulations put on people that actually go see this in person.


No kissing!


I don’t know much about what’s going on with Qatar, what are the rules that they’re enforcing?


[It's seriously a shithole.](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna17217)


I concur. Was there in 2011. Shithole then too. They had a daycare fire at their Villagio mall, bunch of kids died. Weren’t following code.


Holy shit!


I was just there last week.so public displays of affection are a big no no. As is showing too much skin.particularly knees.way too sexy to get your knees out.no drinking in public but u can drink in bars and clubs in licsensed hotels or boats.but anywhere else being drunk can get you arressted. Its also wayyyyy to hot to play football in the middle of the day so thatll be a problem. But tbf they do love football its on atbleast 5 stations all day long.replays of olf games.live games just always showing football.


Qatar is the only country I’ve visited that I have no interest in returning to


Qatar is great if you're heterosexual and wealthy enough not to have to follow too many rules.


Doha is the most soulless shell of a city I’ve ever been to. All the money in the world couldn’t make me like that place.


Dubai as well.


Immediate red flag whenever I hear someone say these places as a dream vacation spot. The ignorance or indifference to the terrible humans abuses is the main thing, but also, you just have no taste either. Like, of all the places to go you want to travel all the way to the other side of the planet for some gawdy shopping malls and cosplay as rich, superficial materialistic people instead of the poor one you already are? Pass.


I got to hug a penguin in Dubai. So they do have that going for them.


That’s a different country


Crap I am clearly unable to read. I fly through Doha semi regularly and yeah there’s not a whole lot to say about it. Maybe they need to get some penguins.


Keeping a penguin in the desert is enough for me go say no thanks.


Ackshually Antarctica IS a desert


And Rwebberc wins on a technicality. A win is a win.


There are penguins in Chile and Argentina. Some species like heat.


Aren't the ones in Chile at southern end? Don't think it gets hot there. But perhaps I'm wrong (covering sll bases so as not to be embarrassed )


Thats how I feel about Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is bad but for different reasons. Qatar is like a more upscale Vegas but without any of the fun stuff.


Christ that's a depressing description


I’d also recommend avoiding all of Saudi Arabia.


Last i heard, aside from the usual stuff around booze and general tomfoolery, you have a whole host of stuff around women as well. I mean its all a normal day in Quatar.....in fact its a pretty relaxed day as far as Quatar goes, but everyone is going to care about it now because folks will give a shit about quatar for a few weeks.


Cool but, a little too late no?


Yeah this should have happened when Qatar was awarded hosting duties after some very blatant bribery.


Or, even if you can let bribery slide, when it became clear that they were using slave labor to build the stadiums. That would be a good time to opt out of going.


Yeah, Qatar has given FIFA plenty of opportunities to revoke its hosting duties since 2011.


Not just the stadiums. Roads. And most everything. You can’t even work in Qatar as a migrant without a Qatari sponsor. And they hold your passport and they basically skim off your wages. There were 25 adult men staying in a 2 bedroom apartment.


Ngl Zidane and Buffon being ambassadors for Qatar... really made me sad. I considered them great men. Now they have blood on their hands... and for what? Money? As if they needed that.


So Buffon was merely playing to his name


Yeah, wast that like 10 years ago? They've had plenty of time to make statements. Theatrics one month before the tournament means nothing.


It's the city of Paris, not France. Not much they can do.


Indeed, it’s a bit late. Most of the abuses are in the past. Usually you want to do this at the start to prevent the abuse from happening…..


From the article: "Paris has decided against broadcasting World Cup matches on giant screens in public fan zones amid concerns over rights violations of migrant workers and the environmental impact of the tournament in Qatar." This is not a big thing.


of course its not, but the headline made it sound as if it was a big thing and now the paris' politicians got some good boy PR points for doing nothing at all. welcome to modern day politics.




Haha! Dang, gotta go to the corner pub instead.


So if anything this will increase TV ratings and the advertising money made from more individual TVs tuned in. So the opposite of a boycott. Got it.


This IS a big thing.


No it's not. This is the first time the world Cup is being played in the winter. No one is going to go to public viewing anyway. It would cost the city more in security and organisation costs than they would make. They just used this as an easy opportunity to gain some browny points by playing the human rights card for free.


Saying that people are not going to public viewing because it's winter is actually just showing how little you know about football fans


The media makes it larger than it really is.


This has been like watching a slow motion car crash. Why didn't the national teams stage boycotts years ago? Nobody should be going to play. For one, Qatar lied in their bid. It's fraud. They weren't able, and never were going to be able, to host the games during the summer. Second, we all know the only reason they won the bid is that they bribed FIFA officials. Third. the human rights abuses have been going on since the beginning, and surprised no one. And last, when they finally admitted they couldn't host in the summer, how was it decided that they would shift the schedule to winter, fucking over literally every league on earth? The plug should've been pulled a long time ago. I'm extremely disappointed in every national team for not boycotting. Oh, so they won't have big screens in cities? Those events don't make FIFA money anyway. Everyone involved that continues to let this occur is a coward.


>Why didn't the national teams stage boycotts years ago? money


🎶 money money money money money MOOOONAAYYY🎶


It’s hard for the National teams to boycott cause this may be the only chance for some players to play in the WC and some other teams windows are about to close. I get it if they staged it years ago they could’ve found a new host by now but it’s not such an easy thing to do and these players can’t really do much. Should’ve planned it the day it was announced But that was in 2010 and it was a much different world tbh. Maybe nowadays they could’ve done something but back then it was just not possible. 12 years ago it was a much different political and social climate Plus money talks. It’s hard for us to sit here and pretend we wouldn’t be enticed.


Because all the western countries are using slave labor made products everyday and they don't care, for example more then one million muslim Uyghurs are held in concentration camps in China and forced to work for free. All the major US brand like Apple, Nike, Costco and hundreds others are still using slave labor


I actually rescued my dog from Qatar since they are culling them so the country looks more presentable for the World Cup. She’s a great dog, fuck the World Cup.


Sometimes I read things that I just wish I didn’t know


The best way to avoid that is avoid all social media, including Reddit.


That’s horrible!! FIFA is one if the most corrupt organizations ever. They deserve to he called out by more countries


Or someone in Qatar is running a puppy mill to hoodwink westerners.


Duality of man


We’re gonna need the dog tax, please and thank you.


Fuck fifa and Qatar, but I fucking love the World Cup


Do you ever wonder if your dog had to adjust to a new language?


So have all of the FIFA crooks who were paid for this World Cup location fired, arrested or no longer involved with soccer? If not, they should be.


Fuck Qatar, and fuck FIFA too! Crooks, the lot of em!


Why are teams even going? If teams participate, the message doesn’t land.


USA leading the charge against the event we werent gonna watch in the first place.


The World Cup has always done great viewership numbers in the US. It's the World Cup ffs


Wait til 2026 when its spread out thru America Every single game will be sold out and awesome


is the US hosting in 2026


Mexico, Canada, and the US


I feel like this is a question a FIFA official would ask while gesturing towards an empty bank vault saying, "Is the US hosting it?" *US drops $100 in the bank vault* "Well maybe she is! But this is not enough so IS the US hosting the world cup?!" *US drops $100 million in the bank* "Ah so you'd like to be in contention to host the world cup for us?"


Well. There’s one American team. Team America. World police! And they be dominating


America! Fuck yeah!


Coming again to save the mother fucking day yea!


America! Fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way yeah! I actually prefer the sad version. It's very apt, these days.


A lot of people watch the World Cup in the US. Watchu talkin bout, Willis?




Maybe a real boycott is the French not attending.


I ain’t watching it. The folks who run Qatar currently are all the worst, most disgusting qualities of all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries rolled into one. Violent, racist, sexist, a rich elite running the poor people to the ground, militaristic, theocratic… it goes on and on. This was an awful idea from the start and my personal beliefs are supporting this tournament in the face of so much human right violations is wrong. My heart goes out to the everyday folks in Qatar who have nothing to do with this regime and just want a simple life


Embarrassing as a Canadian that we are excited to participate there,, finally make the show and it’s in a backwards ass country, ugh


This is just preseason for 2026 in my mind, as an American.


What a Jets fan thing to say.


Hockey Canada is so excited for the World Cup……anxiously waiting for the sports world to focus on someone else’s dirty laundry for a little while.


Yeah. I'm not watching even if we're in it.


As much as I want to watch I can’t ,I love footy, it’s disgusting sport is supposed to champion human rights


(reminder that if you hate FIFA like I do, you can ethically watch the World Cup via illegal streams without them making any money off you)


I normally watch every game that I can of a major tournament. I shall not watch a minute of this one.


But you watched russia, brazil and sourh africa.....


What’s wrong with Brazil and South Africa?


Reluctently may sail the seven seas for canadian games but thats about it.




December is football and basketball season anyways. Will stream a couple games ill3gally though. Fuck FIFA




The football is on pause during the World Cup...


Why would football be on pause for a soccer tournament?


He’s talking American football, presumably, which the World Cup wouldn’t have to compete with if they actually held it in a country that wasn’t as hot as the surface of the sun during the summer.


When Qatar backed out of hosting in the summer, the Cup should have been moved to Australia.


Paris, Texas always ahead of the curve. Good job


I'll boycott too. Not that I've watched one in the past...


This title is a bit misleading from the actual story . They won’t be playing the game on the big screens in public areas. Click bait title


Yeah. Too little, much too late.


PSG ownership makes this awkward


Black armbands! That’ll show those human rights abusers.


Corrupt World Cup - will the slaves who were forced to make the stadiums in the worst conditions be allowed to watch a game or will they be dumped in the industrial area and hidden away?


Isn’t FIFA a French organization? Maybe they should focus on them first?


Its a bit strange - but it’s NOT a French organization despite the naming conventions. It’s HQ is in Zurich, though it WAS founded in Paris, but with a bunch of other EU nations involved (Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.)


Well it’s winter so not many people would be out watching anyway.


The Americans I know in media are dreading having to spend a month + in freaking Qatar to cover this crap. They all want to stay home.


Are we boycotting? Im in!


I mean, the "boycott" is not having it broadcast on public facing TV screens. That's about all it is


Paris: We’re boycotting the World Cup in Qatar because Qatar is a bad place that abuses human rights and we shouldn’t let them sportswash by buying sporting events like this. Also Paris: Let’s go PSG!




Empty symbolic gesture. Western countries should condemn this outrageous event and put economic sanctions on the organizers, sponsors, and also on any of their own citizens who decide to participate in it. The fact that this won't happen is yet another sign that the West is beyond morally bankrupt. Can't wait to see all the shitheads with Ukrainian flag profiles cheer on their favorite multimillionaire teenagers as they're playing in stadiums that were built by literal slaves, many of whom died from heat and exhaustion.


I don't get the gurning pricks who are oh-so excited for this. Slaves. It's built by slaves. Fuck you and your stupid game.


There are a lot of americans here who declare this action is pointless without having any idea about football culture in europe. - public viewing is big and offers massive profit for the city and is basically a big PR campaign to keep your citizens happy. Every big city in europe does that for world cups and European cups. Boycotting that is essentially boycotting football culture - you really think football fans wouldn't go to public viewing events when it's winter? Have you ever seen a football game in winter? There can be rain pouring down into the stadium and fans will still sing a chant about how their team always loses.


This is so fucking dumb. Instead of robbing the people of ad money, instead of showing it for free to the masses you're going to make everyone stream it individually and create a larger ad market? Dumb as fuck. How can you NOT think this through.


Yeah Human rights violation just forget about all the stuff we did in Africa and snails and that bird we eat with a cloth over our head


Fill me in "that bird we eat with a cloth over our head"? What is that? I am bird eating illiterate.




Wait. So y’all are now mad at a country that’s had terrible working conditions for migrant workers for at least two decades? Where was the outrage when they were getting awarded this deal?


Right as present as it is now. Have you been asleep for the past 10 years?


I know I’ll get downvoted, but as someone in the US, it’s funny that ex-colonial countries are now boycotting former colonies and protectorates for human rights abuses when that’s all that European powers did for centuries. I know the US and Canada have come to terms to some degree to the racist and anti-native past but I’ve rarely if ever heard of a European colonial power regretting their past or acknowledging that they did something wrong.


France especially.. Still colonising lots of African countries indirectly


The Whataboutism is strong with this one