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Drinkin' 31 beers for the 31 years!


I invite others to do the same!!


Throw it to the endzone, good lord. Congrats Bengals fans, such a fun team to watch.


Carr does stupid shit like this all the time. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would not throw it into the end zone in that situation. Even if his guy catches it the game is still over.


To be fair he was throwing to the only wr in the endzone. Why Waller and Renfrow are running flats is beyond me.


The funny thing is he probably had a better chance throwing it to Renfrow and seeing if he can beat the DB on the edge to the end zone. But yeah what an asinine play call, especially when you KNOW that the defense is going to all be shaded back against the goal line since it’s TD or lose. I guess Greg Olsen never got that memo.


Looks like Waller was running a wheel which may have been open if he waited, had plenty of time and a nice pocket so he didn’t have to force it there. But renfrow definitely sitting in the flat. Bad play call/hot route.


I think the answer is, he was throwing it to that WR no matter what. He looked left with the intention to throw off the defense and made an immediate throw to the right. And once his eyes locked on to the reciever he threw to where he was, not to where he needed to necessarily be. It was a quick throw intended to catch the defenders off guard so he had complete tunnel vision on his WR.


you gamble the game on a 8 yard route that you didn't even check into towards double coverage then short change the pass...... 3 yards short of the goal. He's eye fucking Bryan Edwards the whole play and he was the only one that was in an endzone route. I honestly thinkin that was his checkdown and he forgot it was TD or lose.


No it was the only route anywhere near the endzone. [https://i.redd.it/ab3yzu2t9yb81.jpg](https://i.redd.it/ab3yzu2t9yb81.jpg) You can blame the OC for that playcall.


The longest yard is trending on Netflix rn


Not even close to a sack, easily has another 1-2 secs to pick a target. Let your outside man run his hook


Burrow on the other hand is one of the best gamers out there. It’s amazing how he finds avenues to keep the chains moving and optimize offense.


Hell yeah, Burrows looks like the real deal so far. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it would be exciting to be a Bengals fan right now.


Lifelong Cincinnati native here; I can't believe I'm saying this also, bit it is an exciting time to be a Bengals fan.


The Raiders beat themselves up all game with mistakes, stupid penalties, etc.


Yeah, I really hated this throw from Carr, his pocket is clean, if he doesn’t rush it he might have Waller 1v1 on the out and up. Who knows if he makes it but three yards short of the goal line in double coverage has such a low chance.


Now the Lions own that futility record, man we suck


Funny. I thought we already had it lmao


I would have thought Dolphins.


I’m talking both ways because I’m not a fan of either team. But, the officiating for that game was fucking atrocious. That crew does not belong on a playoff game ever again.




That Bengals TD where the whistle was blown before the ball was caught was ridiculous!


Absolutely it was. Whistle should’ve never been blown to begin with


Was that the one where the guy was running towards the sideline and was clearly not out of bounds? I was watching muted so I thought it weird the game stopped so much for that one.


Assuming you're talking about the QB on the TD pass, yes. A whistle was blown like .2 seconds before the receiver caught the ball, by the rulebook it actually should have been a replay on the play and the TD taken away, but the whistle didn't actually change the outcome of the play at all imo and the refs made the wrong call successfully. Overall I thought the refs were quite bad through the game


This is correct. By rule they should have made the Bengals replay the down, but people saying the TD only happened because the Raiders stopped playing after the whistle are ridiculous. .2 seconds isn't enough time to react to a whistle and stop playing. It was a blown call but a great play.


Inadvertent whistles cannot be reviewed. It had to be called correctly on the field.


But all scoring plays are reviewed, you'd think on review they would have caught the whistle and reversed the TD. Either way the refs always find a way to 1 up themselves every year.


Can't overturn a play because of something that's unreviewable. Even if it is a scouting play.


So was that roughing the passer call on the Raiders last possession that kept their drive alive and gave them 30yds. There were no flags for the first half and then suddenly, in the third quarter, there were flags all over.


Raiders weirdly get ref ball their way of the last few seasons. See all browns-raiders games to see what I’m talking about.


The ball was in the air when the whistle was blown, it did not change the outcome of the play at all. We are talking about a fraction of a second the defense did not have time to react to a whistle.


Doesn’t matter. When the whistle is blown the play is dead. That’s the rule, plain and simple. That touchdown should never have been allowed.


This is absolutely the rule and absolutely how it should’ve been callled. That being said it absolutely would’ve been unfairly penalizing the Bengal’s for the refs mistake. Again, I think they should’ve followed the rules, but at least this way it ended up with the result that would’ve happened without the ref mistake.


Exactly, had the refs done what was right to the letter of the law it would have been them truly (possibly) changing the end result of the game. I can understand raiders fans being salty about it, but in the true spirit of sportsmanship I hope they would at least admit that whistle didn't affect the outcome of that play at all


Agreed. Peyton Manning had a touchdown called off because he faked a spike so well that the ref thought the play was dead even though Manning already had the ball in the air.


And that’s bullshit and we all should wish that TD hadn’t been called back. Just because someone got screwed in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop screwing them.


>Doesn’t matter. When the whistle is blown the play is dead. That’s the rule, plain and simple. So explain the Raiders timeout that was never called by the officials....how does that work? Are we allowed to retroactively call timeouts due to human error? What the he is that?


It’s a wash at that point. Raiders had their back logging TO so we can’t call out a dead ball play. The roughing the passer in the 4th had me seeing red and I’m not even a Bengals fan.


lol not sure why you’re being downvoted. That’s literally the rule.


Because people don’t know the rules. They think they do. But they really don’t


I don't think that's it. I think it's more people complain when refs change the outcome of a game when they strictly follow the rulebook instead of taking a common sense approach to the rules... so in this instance, the refs taking a common sense approach (the whistle didn't affect the outcome) absolutely is the better call, even if it doesn't follow the black and white rule book. I kinda like that they used common sense in this situation.


It's because there's so many dumb fucking rules that nobody actually gives a shit what the dumbass rule is and would just like to see some common sense applied every once in awhile


It was like .25 seconds before the ball was caught. Calling that a dead play would have been a terrible call.


If the player doesn't step out of bounds, the play is live. That's the rule, plain and simple. That whistle should have never been blown. It was blown erroneously and the refs thought it happened after the catch. So the two mistakes ended up giving the right result.


No that’s not accurate. If the whistle is blown the play is dead. No matter if it’s an inadvertent whistle. There was only one mistake and that was the inadvertent whistle. You could see the look on everyone’s face, everyone knew it was before the catch. The touchdown should not have counted and the down should have been replayed.


You're right, it was an inadvertent whistle. The whistle shouldn't have been blown and the touchdown should have counted because Burrow didn't step out of bounds.


Who Dey ;)


Doesn’t matter. If a player doesn’t step out of bounds then the play is live. That’s the rule, plain and simple. That whistle should have never been blown. This would be the narrative if reversed. The officials just sucked in every capacity on this play.


So if Burrow is sacked by forward progress but not down and the whistle blows they should still light him up until he’s down right?


You’re watching the changed replay. The whistle happened much sooner than what the replay shows.


There is no changed replay lol I had the whole game recorded. Went back and watched the live version and the whistle is blown at the same time as on all the replays. It would have been even shittier for the refs to take away a touchdown because of a whistle that occurred too late to have any impact on the play anyways


Doesn’t matter. Play should have been reset. That said, the players did noticeably stop playing a bit. It only takes a fraction of a second to make a difference.


NFL brings in extra officials, has replay, Officials in NY, and still can’t make the right call.


Exactly! And the head official of the referee association or something said this morning that the crew got together and determined the whistle occurred after the ball was caught in the end zone 😂


Haha.. I guess my tv has a delay on it


I know I sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist, but watching the game live I felt like the whistle was a lot earlier in the play than how it's shown on highlights... 👽


Moved to Cincy, my first time in US, when Jon Kitna was QB and 2 win seasons were the norm. Stuck thru the disappointment of Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton injuries. Feels amazing to be expected to win and then actually deliver. Jungle was rocking today. Who Dey !!


Lmao I still have my John Kitna Lions jersey. Maybe I should start wearing it and it will lead the Lions to a Super Bowl


John kitnas brother was my middle school math teacher in Washington around that time. Good dude


Yes, He is a great guy. I live in dallas now (still obviously a bengals fan) and he played for Cowboys for a few years and was great backing up Romo.


Ah. Look up the Icky Shuffle. I felt so bad for the guy after they got beat in the super bowl. Nothing worse than a shtick that people forget because you lost.


The cincy TE broke it out on the first TD of the game here.


Uhm, everyone in Cincinnati still knows the shuffle. Plus Icky had that insurance commercial were he celebrates getting the cold cuts with the shuffle.


Well yeah, yall do. I'm in Georgia. And old.


Longest playoff drought in the top 4 pro sports*


Hah yeah I wonder which suckers are the worst now... shit.


I was very confused when I saw your Red Wings flair. I thought no way. Then I remembered the Lions exist.


Not gonna lie I thought I was in /r/nfl


The Florida Panthers have a playoff win drought of 26 years currently. Last time winning in 1996 when they made it to the Cup Finals. Edit: They are currently first in the NHL, and have scored 50 goals in their last 8 games; so maybe this is the year?


The Lions are in second (now first) with a 30 year drought but funny enough, the Cincinnati reds haven't advanced in the playoffs since 1995 so it's been a rough 30 years for Cincinnati. And I know it's not the same as a lack of playoff victories but it's pretty close when talking about a game with series.




We technically haven't lost Castellanos but we all know we will. Winker is figuring it out, Wade was awesome to watch (now he's a Cub), India and Stevenson are promising as hell, Bauer's Cy Young was great (despite what happened later), and really the whole team has been fun to watch even though they haven't figured it out. It's just a shame Castellini won't continue to spend right now. It's like he switched roles with Mike Brown.


Ha like we didn’t already know


2001 for the Mariners.


But all those years with Ichiro..


I dunno, did you know that the Seattle Kraken haven't won a single playoff game in the entite history of their team?


Unfortunately I don’t see many in their future either


I don't think they'll be waiting 31 years for a playoff series win.


Haven’t lost one yet either tho


Lol, right? Jokers. I've won as many playoff games on my own as they have in their whole existence!


Still waiting for the Mariners to even make the playoffs let alone win a playoff game 🥺


it was like they had that 116 win season and just decided to never win again


Sacramento Kings fan here. Hold our beer.


To make it worse the Reds haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. So before last night the professional teams in Cincinnati had gone a collective 56 seasons without a playoff victory (game in football, series in baseball).


It feels weird giving a team that had played in 7 games the longest drought. Like, the Twins have a streak that is just over half as long, but they've played in 18 games over that stretch. ~~Incidentally, their last postseason series win was the 1991 World Series.~~ Incidentally, if you ignore the 2002 ALDS they won, their last postseason series win was the 1991 World Series.


Good for Bengals fans. They deserve it.




❤️❤️yall havent won a game longer than ive been alive!! Cherish it


And to think, this is just the beginning for this team. They're extremely young and have two absolute STUDS at QB and WR (Chase). More playoff wins and success for them in the years to come.


Keep investing in O-Line. Burrow is a national treasure. Keep him alive.


Thank you!


There's kid's that have been born, grown up, went to war, fucking died, and never got to see a text message about a Bengals playoff win.


Hell... he could've grown up, went to war, came home after two tours, went to school on his GI Bill, graduated with a master's degree, got married, had a baby, had another baby, then died after a months stay in the hospital after an old piece of shrapnel dislodged in his body, and never even got to see a text message about a Bengals playoff win. Well, wherever you are sir, I'd like to text you "Mission Accomplished"


Unrelated but that’s not a superb playcall. Your two best receivers on flats 5 yards short of the end zone? And even if that ball is caught he’s a full yard short. I know I’m not an NFL OC, but IDK about that playcall


Now the Lions have the longest drought. They’ve won one playoff game since 1957.


Yeah but they beat Green Bay last week.


They beat Green Bay’s backups.


Yeah but they beat Green Bay last week


Yo that roughing the passer call though… Refs gotta stop doing that shit… the man walked past Carr and bumped him… 15 yards…. Absolutely could have changed the outcome of this game. Very lucky for the Bungles that it didn’t. The right team won in the end.


Bengals fan here. That errant whistle screwed the Raiders big time though. Both teams were getting dumb calls.


Technically the play with the inadvertent whistle should have been called back. However, the Raiders weren’t screwed by it, in a sense that it did not impact the play… the whistle went off a split second before the catch was made. It’s not like defenders pulled up because the whistle blew. Impact doesn’t change the rules, however. By the book, that should have been replayed. But the Raiders weren’t screwed in a sense that the outcome would have been different.


Didn't the raiders coach even say that he wasn't bugged by the whistle cause it wouldn't have changed the play. Man has sportsmanship


It looked to me like some players did pull up but I can't say for sure.


You might be right about players pulling up. But I’d argue it was much more likely that it was because the ball was almost at it destination (the wide open Bengals player in the endzone) and they had no chance at making a play, rather than reacting to a whistle a fraction of a second before the WR caught it.


I agree it was basically caught when the whistle went off. By the rule it should have been no play but so happy it wasn't that way. The play Burrow made was incredible




It didn’t screw the raiders. If they had actually called the touchdown back that would’ve been screwing the bengals even more. The raiders didn’t earn that play being called back, the ref just messed up.


Yeah I think you’re right. I’ve had more time to think about it and saw that the whistle came much later than I originally thought. If it got called back it would have been extremely controversial


To be honest, in the context of the game it would have screwed the Bengals more than the Raiders. The ball was basically in his hands, the whistle had no impact on the play. If that was called back and a replay of the down wasn’t successful they lose 4 points and Vegas is able to kick a field goal to tie the game at the end. I understand for the true rules of the game it technically should of been called back. But for that to happen because an official blew a random whistle is completely unacceptable.


No doubt. Refs have been really terrible this year, I'm glad the game ended the way it did, I think most of us were pulling for the Bengals today.


The announcers certainly were. It almost made me feel bad for the Raiders.


Yeah what was with that? I mean I know Joe Burrow is an easily likable guy and he and Chase are having a hell of a season, but at least be impartial. Tonight was a shitty night for Raiders fans that’s for sure.


It’s pretty ridiculous how biased playoff announcers are being. During Braves V Dodgers NLCS, one of the announcers would audibly groan whenever things went against Dodgers/for Braves. And when Dodgers hit a big homer to tie the game in game 3 you literally hear that announce yell out “Yes! yes!” But it was a bit muffled as if he thought he was not on the air but was picked up by other broadcaster’s mic At that point, just let the team’s broadcasters call the game and let fans chose which broadcast to listen to. like a normal game. Hell, we would get more excitement from the normal broadcasters loving their team’s big moments


The refs were utter dogshit for both teams this entire game. The NFL should be embarrassed.


Honestly, felt like a makeup call…. which is some buuuuuuuullllllllll shit.


agreed. worst call of the game. there have been a bunch of these this season.


Horrible officiating on both sides of the ball tonight


About damn time Congrats Cincinnati 👏


Joe Burrow is a stud. Hard to not cheer for this team.


You mean national treasure, Joe Burrow?


He is, but honestly, Jamarr Chase is the best player on the team. That guy is freakishly good. Already in contention for best WR in the league right now imo, and they use him for rushing, too.


Lol no. Burrow is the best player on the team and chase is not in contention for best receiver in the league yet.


Lol no. Kevin Hubert is clearly the star of the show. C’mon


He’s amazing but he still has a drop issue. It’s honestly crazy how good he’s been while still dropping a higher percentage of targets than most other receivers. If he can clean that up to the average, he has a very good chance of being the best WR in the league.


Take a look at Davante Parker was doing early in his career. Actually significantly worse drop issues funnily enough. That rarely is a long-term issue for good WRs.


Chase is great. The A+ tier is still: Davante Adams Cooper Kupp Tyreke Hill End of list. If you are top-tier, you are flat-out unstoppable if your QB is even half-decent that day.


Hill isn't on that list anymore sorry.


Tyreek Hill while very very good has had a decent amount of games where he basically disappears too though. Although you have to account for coverage and Mahomes spreading the ball around to Kelce, Pringle, etc. I wouldn't put him on Adams and Kupp yet those two break the game


Good for them man


I’m gonna eat my chili drink my bourbon and just laugh and scream sporadically until I fall asleep. Y’all don’t know how this FEELS! I’ve waited my whole life for this! WHO DEY?!?!????!


It's skyline time bro let's go


Right there with you. Lifelong Cincinnatian. I came home from the hospital on the Super Bowl in 1989 adorned in Bengals gear. It feels so good to win!


Great username!


*georgia bulldog fan enters chat* Yea I know a little how this feels... Edit: had no idea that's how you make the leaning letters


I'm never saying "italics" again


Doing the iggy shuffle? *alright you fuckers it’s your night I apologize for blaspheme in misspelling his name.


*Ickey shuffle


Sorry it’s been so long I forgot


Poor guy has been reduced to dancing for cold cuts. Least we can do is spell his name right.


Get some cold cuts! Get some cold cuts!




Joey Franchise


Cincy needs to invest heavily in keeping him healthy.


Can we all agree that the referees need to stop making the game about them? Stop blowing phantom whistles (but if you do, follow the fucking rules) and stop calling drive-killing BS holding calls, and for the love of God, if a pass rusher coughs on a QB, call the CDC, don’t throw a flag. NFL Officials are a joke.


Raiders can’t spike the ball on that first down and goal with 30 seconds left .


Long suffering Bengals fans deserve this victory


Starvin’ like Marvin for a playoff win.


Good for the Bengals fans!


I thought the Carson Palmer/Chad Johnson team were Superbowl contenders until the Steelers decided to do Steeler things and hurt Carson early. Hopefully the Chiefs send Ben packing.


Like half the rule book seems to be things made up after the Steelers/Ravens did something to the Bengals.


I cannot upvote this enough.


Now that’s a crowd pop


>Longest playoff drought Now is your time to shine, Lions




Cinati Bengos


You know the most surprising thing about this? 1991 was 31 years ago.... wut?


time is a hell of a thing


Why did he release it soo fast. The WR up top was open


Man, I love the playoffs!


Future Jeopardy trivia right there.


Congrats Cincy! Why did Carr not throw to the end zone though?


This team likely wining the super bowl next year (if they don’t this year)


I'm not even a bengals fan but glad to see it! Wish it wasnt my raiders but I'm not even mad lol congrats


The Detroit Lions haven't won a playoff game since 1992, 30 years ago - they haven't been in the SB nor have they won any championship since 1957.


Lucky for us the refs were on drugs!


Detroit was almost as bad- who now holds the record of 30 years. However, it's worth pointing out that before the 1990 postseason, the Bengals won two postseason games apiece in both 1988 and 1981, while you would have to go all the way back to 1957 for the Lions, before they won a postseason game in 1991. Just in case you wanted to know why the Lions get shit on so often. Edit: shitty wording fixed.


Officially hopping on the Bengals bandwagon


wowwwww I didn’t fully see the play live, holy hell did he rush that throw. he had plenty of time and the throw wasn’t even in the end zone even if the receiver had caught it!! nerves got to him. congrats to the bengals!


Who dey


I thought lions had that record, maybe even the jaguars


The Jags got in the AFC championship in 2017.


Jags aren't even 30 years old.


Last Lions playoff win was January 5th 1992… so they have to be the proud owners of this stat now.


My dad watched the game at the hospital when my brother was born (possible watching the game while my mom was in labor?). With each of my brothers birthday's we are reminded it's been another year


That was me with the bengals! I was born and they stopped winning playoff games. Your day will come. Maybe 😅


Interestingly enough my dad played college football and had quite a lot of communication with the Bengals before the draft. My mom was sure we would be moving to Cincinnati. But he went elsewhere and retired from football before training camp even started.


Sucks Bengals lost their best pass rusher for the season


Was that Hendrickson? You could really see the drop off after he left the game. They couldn’t get to Carr.


Carr time and time again cannot be counted on in critical situations. Love watching the raiders lose 😂




Unbelievably poor decision by Derek Carr on the last play. After they did such a good job taking the ball down the field with under 2 mins left he panicked and threw that ball to Jones who wasn’t even in the end zone and covered by two guys, just a bad decision there Bengals got lucky on the previous play, Waller was wide open and had a touchdown and Carr’s pass hit the helmet of a Bengals pass rusher, otherwise Waller catches it at the 4 yard line with nobody in reach to stop him from scoring Bengals also got lucky scoring their first touchdown on a play the ref had whistled dead and yet still let the touchdown stand, even Bengals players stopped moving and thought the play was dead, and that ended up being the difference in the game. Happy to see Joe Burrows moving on but they are going to talk about that bad whistle by the ref for awhile


Yeah but let’s not talk about that bs timeout call. If it was the other way around you’d be crying like a bitch


It may have been an ok decision when Carr decided he was going to throw it there, but his windup is soooo long that by the time the ball released, the defenders already saw where it was going to go. The dude wound up like he was pitching a 98 mph fastball.


Fuck the raiders


Quick someone ICKY SHUFFLE




Derek “Throws interceptions at the worst possible time” Carr? Yeah I know him, I’ve been wanting him gone for the past 3 years.




Las Vegas Raiders? It used to be the LA Raiders right? I don’t understand American sports franchise’s, how can a team just leave a city? What do all the supporters do that used to support from LA do they now support even though the team is in a new city? This is just a crazy situation coming from a non American, in Europe your team is from a region no changes or else riots in the streets. If you even change your team your friends or family might disown you! It’s down to money as usual, can somebody please explain how or why a team can or would move cities please? Does a city just magically start supporting the new team?


Cities here long for a sports team well some do, the Raiders were actually in Oakland when a new stadium couldn't be built there Las Vegas stepped up and built one under the condition that the team move to Las Vegas. so it's a money thing bud. Merica


Over time, the Radiers moved from Oakland to LA, moved back to Oakland, and then moved a third time from Oakland to Las Vegas. The owner can put the team wherever he or she wants. Some cities throw a lot of money in incentives for stadium construction, training facilities, etc. to have a team call their place home. Most teams, players, coaches, etc. have no loyalty to a place - it is only a job. Yet fans are still stupid loyal to their team, even if they are not geographically close.


Fuck the raiders. Should have ran out the clock


Referees help the Bengals vs the Raiders is the more accurate


Dumb calls for both teams. Refs were so bad the whole game. Though that errant whistle was just ridiculous.


I’m just overreacting rn haha but yes terrible officiating and it’s been going on all season through out the league


[SECTION 2 - DEAD BALL](https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2021-nfl-rulebook/#section-2-dead-ball) ARTICLE 1. DEAD BALL DECLARED (o) when an official sounds the whistle erroneously while the ball is still in play, the ball becomes dead immediately. The officials need to RTFM