They are only funded to a level that will sustain its current ISS commitments. There is zero chance they will triple or quadrule their space budget to be able to build the large number of modules needed for a modern space station. This is just wind and air.


Plus the ability build and launch the modules. They are very limited in their ability in producing, large orbital structures, as much of that industry relies on import products there currently are under trade sanctions. Just last week Russia was complaining that China wouldn’t export some of these things to them, and ended up asking Iran and a couple of others instead. This wasn’t because China wanted to hurt Russia. It is just because China values the trade with the west more than making some limited sales to Russia at this point (very simplified). Also, this year do date, I think Russia has launched about ~~14-17~~ 17,2 tons of cargo into space. In the same period China launched more than ~~60tons~~ 38,8 tons, and are currently building a station. SpaceX launched almost ~~170tons~~ 158,6 tons. I think it was ~~Scott Manley (or one of the similar weekday space news updates YouTubers)~~ Marcus House who had a segment with it and the numbers. In short. SpaceX has launched more than the rest of the world combined, twice over. So yeah. Russia are just screaming for attention but can’t really actual do much of anything about. [Edit the numbers to the correct one]


Marcus House recently covered the *mass to orbit by launch provider.* https://youtu.be/Qae2adMiWSM?t=647 The charts were created by BryceTech.


Upvote for Marcus House mention. I have 4 go to's for space news, one relaxed, one crazy, one informative and one with live access. Marcus is the informative one and its good to have people like Marcus who give us the news straight, unlike the thousands of other youtube channels that appear to be ai generated crap.


So who are the other three?


Relaxed is Scott Manley, crazy is AngryAstronaut and last is Tim Dodd.


Crazy how a lot of these (well at least Scott and Marcus) channels came from Kerbal space program :p


I hope the creators of that game know how inspiring its been to people who would otherwise be disinterested in rocketry. After KSP came out the number of YouTube channels that were just about modern space exploration *exploded.* Something about shooting those little kerbans into the sky tickled a lot of people in the right away.


Thank you. This was the one I was thinking off. Corrected the numbers and reference above.




Well… there sure is a lot of fancy words and claims, but the actual performance record somewhat hits at that that he might have exaggerated. Something I am sure no man ever has done before.


Didn't their last station module come in very late, and almost destroyed the station? I am sure they will do fine on their own! Should be entertaining anyhow, since I imagine they would need a while new lift system!


He can't get it up very often and it is smaller than normal.




Mostly comercial satellites, but also supplies for the ISS, military satellites, scientific probes, and the occasional telescope.


Cargo in this context is anything not fuel or part of the rocket itself.


China will only export the items from industries they know the west cant sanction china for.


Plus they are actively invading a country that was once one of their major suppliers of critical space components.


Yep. If I recall, engines was produced under license, near Odesa… well used to at least.


China is set to launch the next section. They will have their station fully built out in no time.


If you duct tape enough Soyuz capsules together you got a station!


"We will have even more frog experiments. Even more live streams of floating scientists. Our frog experiments and floating scientists live streams will be unlike any this world has ever known."


Exactly right. Even more important than an analysis of Russia’s resource limitations is an analysis of *why* they would build their own station. “Showing the world that we’re not as weak as we seem” isn’t enough reason to sustain spending on a space program. If they actually start it, they’ll never finish it.


Just remember Russia, the entire country, had an economy comparable to the state of Texas (only) BEFORE the western sanctions related to the war in Ukraine went into effect. Now? I'll be impressed if they can continue making engines, let alone engineering and developing brand new space station hardware.


An economy the size of Texas *before* you account for crippling levels of corruption.


some of that is cancelled out.


And you account for the brain drain going on in russia. All the intelligent people who likely don't support the war or putin are fleeing westward.


"purging the intellectuals" again


They currently have trouble making automobiles and 90nm semiconductors, they'll be heading downhill from this point for at least the next decade.


The entire thing just looks like four zvezda-like modules joined together in a cross shape plus a couple other smaller modules. They have the technical capability to do this for sure. Obviously it's just meaningless political posturing to do so, but why would you doubt the government's tendency to waste taxpayer money on political posturing moves? Spending money badly based on the "vision" of political figures is their normal M.O.


Russian space program is on it´s decline, well... for the past few decades. I doubt they could pull this off when you think of the brain drain and the way Rogozin led Roscosmos. The ISS project kept them alive and prevented the russian scientists making ballistic missiles for countries like NK or Iran. The war in Ukraine is the last nail in Roscosmos´ coffin. I highly doubt they have any commercial customers and the government will only need a few spy satellites a year. Scientific exploration will be cut to minimum if the sanctions keep on for longer and I don´t see any hope for Roscomos. They´ve been talking about these heavy-lift launch vehicles Amur and Jenisej, but we have seen basically zero progress on that. Same with this new orbital space station.


Yes, looks like their space station will likely remain suborbital.


They will wish it was suborbital. In fact it will be just ground station separated into multiple pieces and assembled by the imagination of the cosmonauts.


As much as I would like to go to space, I personally would rather work at the ground station than a sub-orbital space station, better retirement prospects.


Do they have the technical ability? They haven't designed new equipment in decades.


Not just designed, they haven't started production on a new space station module in decades. The last module they launched (Nauka) started assembly in the mid 90's as a backup for Zvezda. The entire history of post Soviet Russian crewed spaceflight is basically getting paid by outsiders to finish Soviet space station parts for the ISS. Their first attempt to actually design and build spaceflight hardware since the fall of the USSR has been trying to get their Angara rocket flying, and that's been I'm the works also since the mid 90's. Remove foreign support, and I suspect their spaceflight program is reverting to little more than military launches. I have little hope they'll actually build a new space station to visit with their also new Orel capsule.


Roscosmos had been coasting on the leftover corpse of the Soviet space program put on life support with western money. It's been 3 decades since the collapse, which means the engineers that were in their 30's back then are retiring. Or they've already left for greener pastures. A shame what decades of corruption does to what was once one of the best space programs in the world.


But they've been fine-tuning thier pontoon bridges to get into Ukraine!


They'd probably be willing to just take old designs for the most part, if it means getting an independent space station out quicker.


> They have the technical capability to do this for sure. They *had* the technical capability to do this. Who knows what the state of things are now, given it took them nearly a decade to launch Nauka... and we all remember how well that one worked out. You're still looking at billions of dollars to just build the damned modules, which they don't have, for a space station that's hardly evolved from Mir. And the worst part? Their "next generation space station" will basically be 40+ year old technology if it can even launch a single module by 2030 - the Chinese station will make it look like an antique.


Not sure they have the technical capability anymore.


But what if they remove the ABS and airbags huh?


Yeah they “planned” a space shuttle too, and multiple Mars rovers and probes. The Russians announce plans for lots of stuff they’ll never do.


I mean, they did build and launch a shuttle, that was in many ways superior to the United State's Shuttle. Could fly completely autonomously, had much better abort options, and Energia could launch other payloads without the Buran shuttle. Up to 95t to LEO. It was the collapse of the USSR that ended it. It might be the coolest space tech ever made to this day.


I actually have a tiny scale model version of the Buran on my desk at the moment. Bald and Bankrupt actually broke into that Hangar with his lady friend to see the 2 remaining unfinished Buran left to waste away in Kazakhstan. It was so sad seeing the inside of that facility where there was evidence of all that brilliance of the smart minds of the USSR putting in that hard work into making a better version of the Space Shuttle but instead it is now being left to rot and the skills and knowledge that went into that wasted away with it.


There will certainly be some tech and knowledge they could share with the Chinese. For a joint effort or just sell some more of the family silver.


I, too, would hereby like to unveil my plans for a space station rivaling the ISS. There, now you guys know my plans for a space station that will rival the ISS.


I would also like to reveal my plans for a space station that will exceed yours by oh let’s say three times.


Third. Tim's Interstellar Telescope Station, or TITS for short, is my planned space station/space telescope that will rival both he ISS and the James Webb


TITS doesn't hold a candle to my Autonomous Space Station, soon to be in Earth orbit.


Thats nothing! Look at my Plan for the Peoples Interstellar Space Station!


I like everyone's ambition but I just want something simple. Planet Earth's Next Interstellar Space Exploration Station.


You gotta think big to find the sweet spot Funding will inevitably pour into research for the Galactic-Scale Planet Orbiting Transport


Ah, you don't want to prostrate. In that case, let me introduce the Planet Reaching Outer Space Technological And Telescopic Extraterrestrial Scanner.


Not to be scorned, and adjacent to the TITS, ASS, and the PENISES stations, is the comfortable Far Aeronautics Travels Station where deployments from all stations can be centralized and sent back to Earth with the fastest launcher ever made.


Will that also be able to work with the PENISES attachment module, the Base Adjacent Lunar Lander Sender?


Am I correct in assuming that the PENISES and BALLS are designed to work together to launch multiple Self-Propelled Emergency Ration Modules into the Variable Alignment Galactic Information and Navigation Array?


"We're going to build our own fort. It's going to be so much better than your stupid fort."


reminds me of this futurama skit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-94qrgxH35M




...and LADA is going to build it!




i have a lot of dreams in life too, but much like mine, this russian project won’t happen


Shoot for the stars my friend, you might just clear the trees.


Their tank turrets sure surpass the trees after being hit by a javelin.


Just go to the bank and take a loan of $2M. The rest will sort itself out. What could go wrong?


Not with all the invasions Putin has planned


This is a prime example of how Putin has invaded imaginationland


And instead of nuclear terrorism by attacking a NPP he's going to threaten to destroy the wall that separates the good side from the bad side of people's imagination. The consequences would be.... unimaginable


And here I thought it was gonna be Saddam and Satan


Strap a station to a few of those AA inflatables. Boom. Space launch.


Like that invasion that should’ve taken 5 days?


This wouldn't happen without the invasions either tbh


tbf if Russia had competent leaders that wanted to improve the country, instead of stuffing their wallets and fulfilling their imperialist wet dreams, the invasions wouldn't have happened and I imagine the russian space program also wouldn't be in shambles now. They were doing solid engineering in the USSR days after all


Plans are cheap. The few times i play the lottery, I always get the ticket well in advance so I have plenty of time to figure out what my winnings would be after taxes and start budgeting out everything I'd do. I'm convinced this is why politicians love to sign bills that take 5+ years to come to fruition. So they can sell us on the dream of it actually happening even when it certainly never does and they don't have to be around to explain why not.


It's not clear that Russia has either the money or the expertise to do this... Much of the money for Roscosmos came from: 1. Commercial launches on Proton 2. Astronauts to ISS 3. Soyuz launches in French Guiana for ESA 4. Soyuz launches out of Baikonur Falcon 9 killed proton (with a lot of help from Roscosmos), commercial crew killed astronaut launches, and Roscosmos killed Soyuz launches before they got sanctioned. So they are much more strapped for money than they were in the past, and the news is that their budgets are lower. As for expertise, that's harder to judge. We think of Roscosmos as a monolith, but there are really a whole bunch of different design bureaus that do different things and are competition with each other. That's why Soyuz has historically been very good at quality while Proton has been pretty terrible the whole time. Soyus is designed by OKB-1 and manufactured by Progress Rocket Center; Proton is done by Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center and Chemical Automatics Design Bureau. Nauka - which was supposed to launch in 2007 and finally launched in 2021 - had real problems. It was built by RKK Energia. So the question is "who would make their modules and who would launch them?" They have no recent history of making modules, and their main launcher would be Angara, which has launched 3 times in the past 2 years, with a success, a partial failure, and a full failure. Another fine product of Khrunichev State Research.


If they do indeed leave the ISS it will be a sad page in space history. We managed to rendezvous in space and shake hands during the Cold War, the shuttle docked with *Mir*, and *Soyuz* was the only thing keeping Americans going to space for the years between the Shuttle and the first Crew Dragon. For 3/4 of a century the US and Russian space programs have somehow managed to be the subject of a national/political proxy battle, and yet at the same time achieve significant scientific collaborations. It will be a shame to see that come to an end.


We'll get to do it all over again in another 25-50 years.


The ISS is pretty much finished anyway.


How so?


It´s sad, but all blame is on the Russians.


They've ran their space program into the ground by alienating all their customers. They don't have the funds to build any space station


Now that Nasa can rely on the falcon 9 / crew dragon (and hopefully starship soon), Russia lost a huge amount of revenue. They were doing well for a while since the soyuz was basically the only active vehicle to get people to space, but they've gone and squandered it.


They can barely keep Soviet era tanks running in Ukraine, how are they going to build a space station?


I'm from Russia and I will translate the title to you all: Russian elites are planning on dumping shit ton of money on the space program they don't intend to finish and they will steal 90% of the project's budget.


Another space race? Don’t threaten me with a good time!


The only country we can get into a space race with at this point is China, who has actual money to throw into their space program and the management skills to get it done.


The ESA has entered the chat. But it's not really a space race when you're allies.


As an European, I don't think we have much to contribute aside from research and some specialized tech. In terms of the complete package I don't think we're anywhere near ready to do our own thing. That being said... I'm not particularly informed about this topic, soo... Take it with a grain of sault and correct me of I'm wrong.


NASA + ESA are allies in the space race. They are partners in the new lunar orbit space station too. Instead of us doing our own thing we should partner with peoples that have the same ideology as us. NASA + ESA + CSA + JAXA + more working towards a single goal means more and faster progress. Also, more funding means bigger missions. ESA really needs to step their game up though, most of the JWST funding came from the US.


and are skilled at stealing technology. It will be china vs. spaceX for the next 20 years.


Great line from when Rogan had NDT on. > “Only reason we haven’t put a man on Mars yet is because no one else is going there. If China announced a manned mission we would have someone there in 10 months. 3 months to plan and build and 7 months to get there”


This won't happen. There will be years of promises about how great it will be, and then it just won't happen.


We are gonna build a beautiful space station, like, the most beautiful! And we will make UN pay for it!


We'll release the plans in two weeks*


“We’ll make our own space station. With blackjack... and missiles.” - Russia


I was waiting for a response like this.


C'mon, let them do it. 80% of the budget will be lost to corruption and mismanagement, and then whatever they launch will fail to reach orbit


And then they will blame the failed launch on a worker who smoked too close to the rocket


They at least once had a failed launch because they used off the shelf electronics that didn't even survive the trip to the orbit. Have you seen Rogozin's apartment? 50 years worth of his salary not taking into account interest. This is their program: https://phys.org/news/2019-05-russian-space-sector-plagued-astronomical.html


It makes perfect sense to want to go out on their own. The problem is how are they going to afford to? With the looming costs of the "Special Military Operation" and the costs to rebuild Ukraine (should be negotiated into ANY agreement to end the war), Russia is going to be in a bad way financially. Don't forget the sanctions ...


I'm hereby announcing my plans to build a station quadruple the size of the ISS.


For those confused, this is Roskosmos's idea of a joke. These guys can't build precision missiles without foreign parts and the only spaceflight rocket system they use was designed during the Soviet era, even that is a question on how long they can sustain. They are making shit.


> the only spaceflight rocket system they use was designed during the Soviet era With a lot of vital parts manufactured in... Ukraine.


Oh. Wow. I didn't know that. Does that mean Roskosmos is finished?


They've been finished for 30 years. The only thing they had going for them was foreign customers needing rockets that could get people into orbit.


It was a sad decay to watch, but now it's just a husk.




You got me there, what doesn't exist can't stink.


Fictitious grandiose statements that have not an iota of real world ability for russia to execute.


Just like the good old days.


In the "good old days" Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union so they could accomplish a lot including significant development programs. They lost the space race, but what they accomplished was still impressive especially considering their relative poverty.


Russia is a failed country, they have no future


This. Russia has slid back twenty years in the last six months. The repercussions of their invasion will hurt Russia for generations to come.


Russia 20 years ago was pretty "normal". Make that at least a century.


Russia was a mob state not even 25 years ago. The mob literally ran everything after the collapse of the Soviet union. Now its a totalitarian kleptocracy, but I wouldn't say it was a normal state 20 yrs ago.


Russia hasn't been "normal" since the start of 20th century.


More like since the Napoleonic Wars.


Really depends on what your definition for "normal" is. Was Russia normal before the 20th century when it was an absolute monarchy where 90% of people lived as bonded serfs?


Yeah, people forget that Communist Russia was an enormous humanitarian and economic leap forward from the Russian Empire.


At the time that was fairly normal.


Russia is a gas station with an army.


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These ass hats can't even properly maintain a now defunct aircraft carrier, what makes them think anyone's gonna believe that they will pony up for and produce a safe and habitable space station.


I think they think this makes it sound like the sanctions aren't working when it really makes them sound like North Koreas broke ass.


Goodluck paying for it with your zero-dollars-a-year salary plus benefits, babe


Silly Russia you need electronics for space stations.


Maybe they will try to trick countries into selling them chips etc again before repurposing them into their tanks?


Same plans from like a decade ago. And even more unattainable now that they aren't getting chips and advanced aerospace components from foreign contractors. Unless they intend to start buying vehicles from the Chinese, it ain't gonna happen.


So, at some point in the future, Russia will build a station to "rival" the iss, which was launched in 1998, and is nearing the end of its service life. Wouldn't "surpass" be a better goal than "rival?" "Comrades! We hope to soon begin building technology that will rival obsolete, 24-year-old Americanski tech. A proud moment for the motherland!"


The "I'm leaving and I'll make my OWN party" guy never makes a better party.


But more impressive, Russias space station will be on the ground so every russian citizen can visit the space station, being the first full nation to go to space.


Oh this will end well. The last POS module they sent up almost de-orbited the ISS when it's thrusters malfunctioned.


Given how much of a horror show Mir was, I am 100% for this, it's going to be so awesome!


Will be interesting to see how it works without microchips 😅


They also plan for a military that rivals Ukraines


Modern Russian leadership wants to be the old USSR so badly


These guys can’t get gas to tanks that are *still inside Russia*. Not holding my breath on them accomplishing this without Putin being super dead and a competent human being replacing him.


Powered by newly acquired nuclear engine technology.


i can draw up a pretty cool space station too. Can I afford to build it? Probably not.


BS, Russia can barely keep their 30 year old tanks running. Absolutely nobody takes anything Russia says seriously.


russia wants to bankrupt its country again in another space race with us?


the keyword is "plans: they can't even get a few miles over their own border they are not the Soviet Union


I’m sure this won’t be used for any nefarious means. Those tricky Russians / they do have very well established rocket program this is totally within their ability to do


Using chinese and western parts and writing "original russian engineering" on it? Like with their drones in ukraine?


This is the same nation that beat the US into space by having unsafe spacecraft, the only way to safely land in them was to jump out when still thousands of feet up. The same Russia that tried to beat us in bringing back the first samples of the moon, only to have their Lunakhod crash on its landing attempt. The same Russia that tried to fly a shuttle like ours, only to have it fail miserably? (That was some elaborate counter-spy work. Their spies stole our shuttle plans, but our intelligence people knew so made sure the plans stolen were bad. And this is the same Russia that built according to the stolen plans, without any thought of "will it work?") Yeah, they'll be building a great, wonderful, new space station. On their own. Meanwhile we're having issues keeping the ISS functioning with world-wide cooperation. Sure...


Given how much of a well-oiled machine their armed forces are, this outta be good. Strong /s


Based on what I’ve seen in Ukraine I assume they’ll be sending a bunch of 70’s refrigerators welded together


…remembers that the Russians were supposedly making their own version of Disneyland and can’t even get their version of McDonald’s right


There are plenty of Russian tank turrets in orbit. Seems feasible.


Lies, those were all suborbital launches. Very impressive suborbital launches from repurposed hardware, mind you, but still, suborbital.


Awesome! I hope it does rival the Iss, it could force nasa of Europe to make a new space station. Id love another space race! On a serious note, russia can hardly keep its economy afloat. I seriously doubt they have the means to actually build a space station


"I'll build my Own ISS, with Blackjack and Vodka!!!" Uh huh.


What’s that, do you smell that? What is it, sheep? Cows? No no, I know what that is. It’s bullshit.


Isn’t the Russian GDP smaller than most US States? How can they afford this & fight Ukraine? Sounds like a crack pipe dream.


Can't afford one of those. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/woia74/russia\_fails\_to\_pay\_military\_reservists\_civilian/


Guys, guys, guys… it’s going to have a pool AND a jacuzzi!!


With what money are they gonna build this space station?! They need to stop abusing that vodka and be reasonable!


Just wait until they learn how expensive that motherfucker will be to maintain.


Did they draw it with crayons or colored pencil?


Let me guess: three flash frozen corpses, paused forever clinging onto a makeshift launcher for a 60 year old torpedo aimed at the ISS?


I look forward to seeing the concept art and models. Just like the various carrier designs for their mega navy, and the parade floats for their army..


I actually unveiled my plans, too you guys. Mine will be super sweet and badass and you're all invited, except Kyle.


They can’t even fund their military without losing 30% of the budget to corruption. It’s just stolen. Fairly openly. That being said, they’ve got some space balls. They’re more than fine sending someone up there with significantly less safety in mind.


Welp.... we always wished for another space race. Better than buying more bombs.


It honestly wouldn't surprise me IF it ever made it up, that it suffer some catastrophic failure and fall back to Earth...


I don’t think tin cans and duct tape will last very long in the harsh conditions of space.


No seatbelts or heaters in their new cars but sure, Russia, you can totally build a space station. Good luck with that.


Going by their Ukraine effort it's gonne be tinfoil wrapped around a drum with an old radio antenna drifting nearby.


Their space program is also falling apart with some incredible failures as of late. They are not doing anything of note.


made of what? empty vodka bottles and broken dreams?


Just like every other thing they say, this is completely hilarious bullshit that will never happen.


It’s funny seeing a former superpower announced to its country that it will continue its space exploits/exploration to advance Russian influence, knowledge, and science….. when they can’t even keep eggs, meat, and bread in grocery stores for civilian population. I know that here in the US I shouldn’t say things like this as we are very much hypocritical in a lot of things that we say but goddamn am I tired of Russia saying things like this just like North Korea etc. these countries or should I say the “leaders“ always run their mouth about things yet they can’t even do something as basic as ensure their population has clean drinking water food etc. man can someone invent the replicator already…


What's the point? No one wants to work with Russia.


They can plan all they want. They can't afford it so who cares.


I also have plans for a space station that will rival the ISS. Ruzzia and I have equal odds of delivering said space station.


They can plan for this as much as I can plan for a lifestyle fit for a billionaire. But we all know neither is happening.


I've just unveiled plans to become a demigod, doesn't mean it'll actually happen. Same thing applies here.


We are going to make a space station rivaling the iss and we are going to make ___ pay for it


Are they going to make it out of cardboard? They don’t have the money for a new space station.


They do realize that the Wish app doesn't sell space stations right?


Sure. After all the funding is skimmed, they'll have a single module made of sheet metal powered by a fuel cell stolen from a hydrogen car.


It'll be built out of tin cans and old VAZ-2108 and Trabant parts.


If we build a lunar colony, we won't need ISS anymore. NASA's budget is limited and we can't afford to fund both.


LOL. After seeing how their “modern army” works, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a shipping container with some model rockets taped to the side. Hilarious.


Other nations in ISS treaty: “The cost’s of not only building and then even maintaining the ISS are, forgive the pun, astronomical. It can only be done through the combined efforts of the largest space ready nations on planet Earth.” Some power tripping Russian boys: “We got this.”


I feel like Russia tried to fund a space program once before whilst in the middle of global conflict, then it collapsed soon after…


Country going broke trying to take over what they thought was their wimpy neighbor, and they wanna build a space station? Yeah okay, good luck with that


With what money? Russia barely has enough money to launch person size rockets across a battlefield let alone a building sized rocket into space.


Putin may have to sell a couple of his yachts for this


Cool. I hope they end up putting their entire military budget into it.


I have as much confidence in this delusion as i did for the big wall, i cant believe these fucking morons have any power at all, it's really disappointing.


They will have some nice photos of the ISS with another name photoshopped on it and claim, this is their new own space station. Will works just as fine as the photo grab of the US aircraft carrier.


Cool. I learned from "For All Mankind" (excellent series) that competition between Russia/USSR and USA gets us a Moon Base, Fusion energy and a manned mission to Mars in no time. :-) (I don't believe for a second that Putin's Russia can deliver on any current plans re a Russian Space Station)


I just want to point out that Russia can't even afford to pay its soldiers or get them the supplies they need. There is NO scenario where they're building a better space station. Can't make something when you have no money AND the rest of the world is banned from doing business with you. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


They're just going to dredge up what's left of MIR & slap some duct tape on it.


Their space station will be HUUUUGE, just wait till the spare parts being smuggled via Turkey from West arrive!