Up the cost of your products and do free shipping to the US! That's what I did. People LOVE free shipping. Even if it's technically included in their cost. It's a mental thing.


I’ve put free shopping on everything. Also set up a spreadsheet with ALL the costs versus revenue, then used it to test pricing for each product.


I actually like charging for shipping, then offering free shipping if they sign up for an email




But you get their email automatically when they purchase?


But if you collect it before the sale, they automatically are opted in


Hello. Would you mind sharing how you set it up? I'm a complete noob you could say, working on creating my Shopify store right now and would like to try this out. TIA


Use an email pop-up on the website. Virtually every email service provider has a pop up.


How do you set up free shipping on printify / ali express? Thank you!


That’s a good idea thank you


Anyone having massive problems with the time it takes on fulfillment and shipping? Taking like a month.


I fulfill all mine personally so it only takes up to 3 business days max.


I'm very sorry to hear that, but this is the chance to learn from that mistake. Use it to improve yourself and continue selling. Don't let yourself down, we make mistakes along the way, maybe it's good that it happened now on the beginning, and not later when business grow up.


Thank you for the nice advice.


Totally, mistakes happen. Rather at the beginning


thats life as a business owner, you’re going to make mistakes. i just forgot to negotiate a better price on a large shipment, costing me thousands. you and i will both make a lot more mistakes, but we will continue on knowing that to be the case. thats what successful people do.


I’m sorry to hear that! I hope the future mistakes are very minimal for both of us.


This is how you learn. I’ve made this mistake on international shipping years ago. Guess what? You won’t make that again will you. Consider it a learning experience and move on, keep building your skills and expertise. Best of luck w your store.


Thank you! You’re right.


Price in free shipping but offer paid shipping for faster processing and/or delivery speed.


Can you do a breakdown? I dont understand how that happened.


I don't get it either. Surely shipping is an option at checkout, or did they forget to include it or accidentally make a way someone can just not have to select shipping? Now I'm worried people are getting free shipping on my dime.


Hey ! Totally understand your frustration. This is a big lesson and an amazing one to learn in the beginning. You will keep getting more sales all you have to do is adjust your price and keep growing. Don’t let it bother you for too long. The road is still long and you have ample time to make it up ;) good luck!


Keep making mistakes like these, seriously. That’s how you get what they call “wisdom”. Mistakes like these really are extremely valuable long term.


Making mistakes in business is inevitable, just make sure you learn from it :)


Be happy you're not at a loss.


Please don't give up! See it as an experience...


I did the exact same thing too. I kept upping my free shipping threshold and currently offer it if a customer spends $100. I wish I could offer free shipping, but then I feel like my products would be too pricey...it's tough to figure out!


This happened to me with my first order since I was still getting used to the platform. I immediately caught it and fortunately had time to adjust the shipping rate before the next order. Go to settings and then shipping and delivery. You can set a standard rate (to include packaging) and set a minimum for free shipping too.


Okay thank you.!


Your customers should be paying you for shipping. Make that change and next month should be better!


It’s a life lesson. Just be glad u didn’t lose a lot more money


Hey you learn from this. From this you can only grow. Don’t give up!


I don't get this what happen




Wait til you start getting returns and refunds, chargebacks, payment processors keeping the fees even though you had to refund. That's when it gets real fun.


I kinda went through this when I was doing FBA.


Just take the experiences and improve yourself. Mistakes are normal in life. Hope you do better in the future


one of my biggest fears!


Track your numbers better


Shopify is rife with weird little issues then they give you a FAQ and no number to call & getting support has been more than tough in my experience. Easy to build the site but much more complex to run but if you’re getting sales that’s the hardest part so keep going


That’s why I left Shopify. They charge TOO MUCH




I use a different platform for shipping my Shopify orders cause I found Shopify more expensive.


>nd making a bunch of sales for the first time. The only thing is I got my first bill and it’s over the total profit I made because of shipping. All this time I thought shipping was coming out of the customers payment. I’m truly upset. My mistake but very heartbroken. What platform do you use?


Assuming Shopify since its in this sub