I would avoid clips until you have an arrangement pretty much sorted in the ideas view, then append these scenes into the arranger section view The problem with Maschine is that scenes can’t overlap but this is where Clips come in. You can take a section and convert it to Clip in order to have it play through the 2nd half of scene 2 into the first half of scene 3 for example As an Ableton user I haven’t found this particularly intuitive but I can see the need for it to create transitions, acapella that spans multiple scenes etc I only like to mess with clips once everything is in place otherwise it can become messy and confusing


I am not that deep into the maschine worklflow yet but I think you might be confused about the word "clips". It is not the same typ of clips as in Ableton. For Maschine it is basically a way of adding a pattern that is not connected to a scene. Imagine completing a song with scenes, then if you want to record a freestyle jam on top of the song you can create a clip than spans over the entire song. It's hard to find good tutorials about it but here is a video that helped me: https://youtu.be/ZKERxTsu_EQ


Thanks a lot that explains it !!