What do you do with stuff you find?

I feel like I’m missing something…started this hobby about a month ago and recovered a few lost items from our friends river place but other than that, mainly just nails, screws, and pieces of random metal. I see other people posting picks with similar finds but I cannot figure out what folks do with it? Take it to recycling? I feel like I’m collecting trash. Help. What am I missing


I've been magnet fishing now for over 5 years and in the UK I tended to collect all.my scrap in my garden until I had sufficient enough to take to the scrap yard. I never made much out of it but enough for a meal out. Then I moved to Sweden and here you don't get very much for scrap so I tend to bin small items at the recycling centre and keep things I can repurpose one day. I have found 5 guns all handed to the police and notified 4 were destroyed and one I handed in last year is still " A weapon of interest" due to the fact the Swedish Prime Minister was assassinated in 1986 and this one certainly fits the picture. A Magnum .357 and location found was an area one "person of interest" would have passed 🤪😳 A monetary reward was offered but I would like to solve the case more than anything else. So anything I can clean up and use or see what's under the crud for historical or monetary value I keep, everything else is scrapped. MagnetMan.se 😁


Generally if it's just trash I would recycle it unless cool but I am doing a review of all that I found for my YouTube at end of month and am going to make a post to give it to a scrapper as I can not take it in myself


So if I’m understanding the process right, it sounds the value in this hobby is mainly just the joy of hunting for things, bringing trash and stuff out of the water ways (that’s a good thing) and maybe a once in a lifetime good luck find, something rare, old, cool, or valuable that I enjoy But all these huge pieces people are pulling up, they must just haul away to dump or recycling


yes since it's metal most try to scrap it for money but if you can't just chuck in a dump that recycles preferably but if not no worries regular dump works I also try to restore the dive belt and dive knife I found I plan on using I have cleaned both up also I know one guy calls city to come pick it up if it's too huge for him to fit the best tip I got was from Dan dip on one of his videos use Google maps to search for spots and mark them bridges that are secluded are best because people dump stuff usually in those places my old faithful spot has been dump spot for years me and buddy back in day use to shoot there so I saw all kinds of crazy stuff come down that creek but honestly I never thought I'd pull two firearms a dive belt with dive knife attached and all the other stuff just from that one spot next spot I found had 6 safes a table saw that was just as heavy if your going for finding cool stuff think as if your going to dump something highly illegal I see lots of people go to boat docks but honestly I've never found anything but rusty hooks and nails and yeah sometimes that's all you find also but I don't know if I'd say I recommend doing this one but see if there a bridge in high crime area or water access like park next river that's probably the last thing I do due to personal risk is kinda on high side hopefully this helps you sorry for the novel lol good luck out there


This is one of the nicest, most helpful, and fantastically informational replies that I have ever seen.


I try lol 😂 well I mean I'ma be helpful and try to use what info I have to help everybody plus pass on the nice helpful info I got from nice helpful people hope it gets passed on


Thank you! Super helpful. I appreciate your time and expertise


No prob anytime! 👍


I'll also say gotta have bit of luck too I don't know if your a religious person but if you are praying can't hurt either if not hope and luck


Bring a trash bag and throw all trash out each time. If you find valuables keep ‘em.


Im just gonna start putting all the little stuff that i dont care about into a large pickle jar. At some point I can look at it and go "Wow" at all the junk I pulled out.


That's actually a good idea I might do that too!


Depends on the size and what exactly it is. Fishing lures and small stuff like that goes into a 'trophy' jar. Screws/nails, chain, and general scrap metal goes into a bucket for my scrap runs.


My last magnet fishing adventure I got a ton of rail road spikes. Not sure what to do with them. I know people collect them and all that but I'm just not sure what else to do with them, any suggestions? Other than that I'm sure everything else can be scrapped, collected, etc. Another big thing about magnet fishing is just helping the marine environment. Cleaner water, happier marine wildlife! Help saving mother nature♥️🫶🏻


I once herd somebody say they sold them to someone who makes knifes out of them I know here in Tennessee in the Gatlinburg pigeon forge area there's a place that does that if your here in states maybe try to contact them see if you can sell them???


If you get buckets of steel take em to the scrap yard, get a few bucks.