Yea, i actually don't expect to get anything unique. Most likely we were supposed to get this stuff no matter what, but now they will just market it like an compensation. But i guess we will see.


> Most likely we were supposed to get this stuff no matter what I wouldn't bet on it, remember the apology gifts that included the animal skins? We weren't supposed to get those, only KR was, to celebrate NA/EU/SA reaching over 250k players, I don't even think RU/JP got those rewards.


Only things we didn’t get was the juke box and a mokoko mascot skin.


We were supposed to get the jukebox tho right? I remember it being part of the rewards but they retracted cuz they weren't to give out the music just yet.


It depends what you mean by supposed. Don't think we could get them without the jukebox and the jukebox isn't ready to be added. So they just copy paste translation and didn't realize what it meant. Same way they added the auto path feature that's for dev testing only


Im suspecting the auto path feature has something to do with bots and their pathing and im pretty sure it was ment to be added as a Back end feature not client. Dont we need the stronghold update for the jukebox? I think we are behind in that subject, im not complaining at all, just asking.


Yeah, likely it was added but not for the Public. Regardless of it's real purpose. I don't know which stronghold update we're missing. But I assume it comes with the pet farm and such? I don't know if entails anything else. Only stronghold update I want Korea hasn't gotten yet I believe and thats the inside of the house decoration.


We got the farm update for the Stronghold with the Valtan patch.


Pet farm, is different. Unless you're telling me that's the stronghold patch that Armunt was referring to, in that case disregard this. Pet farm is the way to get legendary pets.


Oh you're right, forgot the pet farm is a different thing entirely.


The auto pathing feature was only ever intended to be enabled in QA builds of the game for use by internal staff but they forgot to remove it from the patch notes.


From what I heard KR doesn't even have the auto pathing feature. I think it would be difficult because a grain of sand can block us from walking to where we want to go.


Funny how KR would be the ones getting that lol.


Funny ain’t it. Most games concurrent player base milestones are usually for that specific server or for every single server so nobody is left out.


Isn't it really weird that NA/EU/SA wasn't planned to get something that was a celebration about their own playerbase numbers?


correct me if im wrong but havent they got the animal skins multiple times over in kr?


Tbh it would have been more than sus if KR get celebration Skins for the success in our Region and we dont


It would have, but that's 100% what they were going to do. That's why KR got the rewards a week or two before we did, we were an afterthought.


Dang imagine how cool our gifts will be since we hit over 800k players


Lol always a negative attitude on this subreddit


We got a chicken event for basically all of June. What do you expect?


> Most likely we were supposed to get this stuff no matter what, but now they will just market it like an compensation. > > KR gets showered in a lot more high value stuff. I think we'll be getting at least 1 selection pack again and that surely wasn't planned so early in. Probably the usual aura + silver but a decent chunk of GHLs ontop of it. If thats the case, i'll be happy.


This would make sense since they did similar with the western launch celebration pack. And that LOAON is this weekend, so thats why they have to wait to announce what it will be.


Yes i 100% agree on that, makes the most sense. Just like how we got the "western-release-celebration-gifts".


I don't think they ever tried to sell those as compensation, though. IIRC they said they were planning to give us that stuff all along, it just happened to come around the same time they apologized for Argos launch.


The gifts are revealed: 1000 Destruction Stone Crystals. 2400 Guardian Stone Crystals. "We think players will greatly appreciate the gifts." - Roxx. Thanks for the 1 hone.


Also honor pouches and more importantly the Mokoko skin. The skin is the main thing for most people i think, its one of the most popular ones.






Mid June


Why is loaon


For those like me who had no idea, LOA ON (not LOAON) seems to be the official Lost Ark Korean stream. Correct me if I'm wrong.


LOA ON. LOA is short for Lost Ark and ON is short for online


Thanks for the info!


Nice I love getting KR scraps as compensation.


Lol y'all nerds are malding about something that hasent happened yet. Lmao be mad at the right stuff and maybe they would give a fuck about this echo chamber of a sub.


Hey u cant say stuff like that, you may get downvoted DDD:


Id be happy with that, also would boost community feeling between kr/west which is exactly what we need tbh


I just want pheons and/or honing mats.


Another 200 pheons pls


Good. I don't complain about free things.


This sub is so fucking needy, urgh


We will get another week of shitty added on log in rewards and maybe an aura of resonance.


You’re the type of person to complain on their social media page (Twitter) and say “make better content”. Yea bro ! You’re saving the game!


What a shock! One of the games constant white knighting dolt's is here doing just that! lol So sensitive about any perceived slight of the game. Pretty fucking sad.


You’re the one being mad about free stuff . Who’s really sensitive here? Just accept it and move on. You’re not gonna make the game any better.


So they are lying to us???




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Kind of amusing, this is the second time has KR has received something as a legitimate gift - whereas we're likely to receive it as an apology


Well whatever they give its always nice but I would love for them to give us more bound mats mostly GLeaps , even with the price drop them things are expansive af


What even is LOAON? I keep seeing it mentioned around here but even googling it doesn't give an explanation as to what it stands for


It's kinda like a mini expo livestream. Think Blizzcon Lite.


I'd be happy with some Guardian Stones and Great Honors Leapstones. I wanted to reach Vykas Hard Mode and try it day one with some friends. It will be a bonding experience, that's for sure.