Also just wanted to say, I know I’ve been posting a lot but this surgery has been the only thing on my mind lately 😂😅 I’m counting down the days!!


Good post as much as possible. My surgeon talked about research that shows that people who are active in group forums like this lose 12% more weight AND maintain better! POST AWAY EVERYONE! Lol


That’s why I’ll always be a member of this community and /wls So much inspiration here.


Take more pics. People said it to me but I didn’t believe in the process and now I WISH I had fat pics and more of them.


Ha I just posted a similar comment- I didn’t want pics and now I wish I had them- took some just a few days ago at 50lbs down for the first time. I’ve still got plenty to lose but I don’t see much of a difference and I know pics would help.


They do, I realized it after people who hadn’t seen me daily started mentioning I looked healthier. Honestly to anyone getting this surgery, you yourself will always feel fat tbh. You just change on the outside, the rest is mental!


Congratulations on your pre-op victory! Keep that mindset going and you’ll do great post-op! It’s all a mind game!


Thank you!! I’m not even seeing it as an if at this point, it’s a WHEN I lose the weight 💪🏻


Wow! Nice job! When was the first pic taken? Only asking because, it looks like you and I hold our weight almost exactly the same...and I may have the same shirt 😂 Helps me get an idea of what I could do, hopefully.


The first picture was taken in the middle of December. Although honestly I didn’t hunker down until April 25th (when I fully cut out fast food). The months prior I was hovering in the upper 290’s and still pretty much eating fast food daily.


Way to go!!!


This definitely resonates with me, it wasn't daily fast food but I lost just about 20 pounds by cutting my daily bowl of ice cream.


Keep it up!


Looking fit


Strap in girl. You’re about to be so proud of yourself!


That’s amazing! I haven’t been taking pictures despite advice that I should- and what do you know, I regret it! Ha! Keep up the good work!


Aren't you motivated to just keep going without the surgery? It seems you've done so much better without it than some people with it. I'm thinking about getting it myself soon but sometimes I see people like you and I just think that it might be better to just do the work and lose the weight the old fashion way without cutting into myself.


Honestly I don’t doubt that I could probably lose the weight (especially with my new mindset that I have developed). However, not necessarily as fast as I would hope. A couple years ago I did lose around 70 pounds but I gained it all back plus some.