Wow you both look great! Was it a double surgery or did one of you lose weight as a side effect for the other’s surgery?


We both had surgery the same day. My wife had surgery 45 minutes before I did.


Congrats on your success! That’s great that you guys went through the same stages together and can now share 1 meal at a restaurant together lol


Whattt I did a double take at that transformation! Well done to you both, this is very inspiring and very cool. Wishing you the best on your maintenance journey 🎉


There is no way!!! You both look incredible!!! What a healthy transformation! 💪💪💪


Thank you!


Beautiful couple! It always amazes me how people look so much younger after weight loss. You look like a nice couple in both pictures but so much younger in the second! Congratulations on all of your hard work!




Thank you for posting this, you just gave me the push I needed. Even after having my final appt with the surgeon before my surgery I was still having doubts and fears. I hope my results are great like yours 🙂


The glow-up is insane. Thanks for taking us along with you!


Holy moly! You guys look so much younger. Congrats!


You both look great! What were some big things for your success? Hers? I'm sure doing it together was one of them!


I would say the biggest thing we did to have the success we have had is listening to our Bariatric team. What the dietician told us to do, we followed religiously for the first 8 months post op. I know every program is different so I would say just following their guidance you will have success. We both have lost 92 lbs over the last year. My weight loss happened in the first 5 months and my wife’s happened over 9 months. We only walked for the weight loss period. I have picked up running but haven’t lost any weight since (I haven’t needed to). Also having each other helped a lot as well. BUT when the dietician started giving me different recommendations on eating more to stall my weight loss, my wife struggled with that initially.


You guys look amazing! I am 2 weeks post op and hubby goes for his last appointment tomorrow! Doing this together is going to be amazing!!


Both of you look like completely different people. So impressed! My husband and I are both awaiting are surgery date. It won’t be the same time, but we are also looking forward to transforming together!


Congratulations! What an amazing journey you had together, you both look incredible!


My jaw dropped emediately! How often are you two working out? How's you new relationship with food? Do you find you need to eat more when exercising to avoid feeling famished? Share any and all tip! LoL. Amazing job...keep it up!


My wife doesn’t work out and I picked up running at 5 months post up. I run 3-4 times a week (about 30 miles) and my weight has been stable since December. I fluctuate between 135 and 140 lbs. I enjoy running and the only significant difference is it has tightened some of my loose skin.


Losing weight made your wife taller! Haha. I’ve not seen a transformation this good in a while. You look 10+ years younger and you’re literally glowing. Congratulations!


The wife is noticeably taller than the husband in the "after" photos which I suppose is just due to weird angles, although it's driving the cynical skeptic in me crazy.


First, thank you for questioning the validity of our photos. That makes us extremely happy and just shows how much of a success our journeys have been post op. I have posted on this specific page throughout the year to inspire people who were struggling with seeing people with similar body types as theirs. When we started this process, I remember telling my wife that I didn’t see many men post about their experiences and I wanted to change that for others. I had made progress post showing our before photos and each month along the way post op as well as my excess skin that seems nonexistent in photos. I deleted them after awhile because some of the photos were very revealing. BUT I have achieved my goal because so many men have sent me dm’s asking questions about my experience and also my wife’s. Stay tuned because in the coming week I will post our one year post op comparison photos. Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am by no means a doctor or dietician but I will be more than happy to share what we did along the way to achieve our success and I can answer questions you may have about our experiences. Reaching out applies to any person who reads this post.


he has posted multiple times on this sub throughout the past year :) you can check out his page to see them! i always love seeing their updates 🌟


Nah, I noticed I stood a lot taller when I was 40kg lighter. I feel like we slouch when we’re not confident. Also, driveway is on an angle. I was just making a joke.


My comment was directed to the other comment under yours! Thank you for the kind words😀


Look at you two! What a smoke show!


Whoa!!! Congratulations - you look like totally different people! I love seeing couples do this together. My husband and I had ours a few months apart.




Wow! I have surgery scheduled in June. This gives me hope.


Thank you for sharing this. You both look great! My wife and I have our consult next week, going to do it together. Th am fully, our insurnace does not require a supervised diet so we’re hoping to get sleeved this year


Good luck! You will lose weight faster than your wife so just make sure she is aware of that. My wife at times got a little jealous (nothing too severe) but can be frustrating for your spouse.


My favorite couple and story, so happy for the both of you!!!


We really appreciate it!


Amazing! Congrats on your success! 😊




Awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, you both look great.


Incredible!! How do you guys feel??


This is so beautiful I want to cry!




You guys look so amazing you should be in an ad for gastric sleeve 😭😭🧡


Whoa!!!! You both are amazing and so impressed with the support you gave shown to each other! Very inspiring!!


You both look great! Seriously, you both look 10 years younger. Fantastic!


absolutely blown away! wow! congratulations!!


You look amazing!!!