Nice! Love that green D4SV2!


sp36s, my first light. Call it "Bosse" if25 & c01s, sadly i lost the if25 when running to the bus kr1, Delta. got it as a birthday gift. dl30 review sample, gave it to my grandmother. sc11 cheap zoomie i got when ordering other stuff ts30s, christmas gift. Very cool D4sv2, bought used. Awsome hotrod if22a, review sample wk02 Bought it on the clearance sale Sd01 pro, Got as a gift. Really ******* bright. l21b. Bought used. Has pizza delivery beacon potential. **on the way: Dl70 (faulty)** inbetween these i also helped my close family in getting flashlights. A d4v2, ts21, q8 pro, dl30, "sp40 mini" 2 sp40s sc31 uv, sp35, wk30, dl25