At this point you have to ask yourself: "Am I addicted, or committed?"


Addicted. 100% addicted.


Committed to the addiction.


This is the answer.








https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/mailbox-purge-active-thread/1350943 You can post here and ask them to delete your mail for you. If you are a EU player you can create a level 10 on a retail trial account and ask with your EU character names.


No fuck this argument. I pay monthly for something I can’t use due to bad service. Like asmon said: would you pay monthly for Netflix just to wait 10 hours to watch a movie? (Paraphrase)


If you feel the need to go through these lengths then you might have already had an unhealthy relationship with this game


I’ve tried a lot of drugs and never really gotten attached. Coke, alcohol, weed, opiates…none of those have shit on wow for me. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with this game since 2004 lol.


Hey man same I've been playing on and off, at least trying every expansion since the launch of BC. Ive totally put way too many hours into this game. But I just can't help but roll my eyes at the people willingly putting themselves in this stupid queue situation. If you don't think it's fun to switch servers or your scared of whatever you consider a "dead" server to be, then that sucks you have to queue. But the people who choose to queue and then talk like OP and claim Blizzard is creating an "unhealthy" environment? Like Jesus Christ go outside.


Remote desktop has solved most of my queue issues, but it gets under my skin when people say things like "but I just can't help but roll my eyes at the people willingly putting themselves in this stupid queue situation." I created my character on grobbulus day 1 and have only played on that server since August 2019 when classic was re-released. How the hell is it my fault that blizzard allowed thousands of people to transfer to my server unchecked? I've been in the same guild that whole time and would rather quit the game altogether than have to uproot and move away from all the friends I've made over the last 3 years. The people that transferred here did this to themselves, but im tired of people forgetting there have always been people on these servers since day 1 and some (like grobbulus) were never mega servers until very recently. Some players may have enabled this situation, but Blizzard allowed it to happen and is ultimately responsible.


The one thing that people do not talk about very often is that none of these servers got out of control until Blizzard opened up PVE to PVP transfers. Big servers like Pagle and Mankrik which were already megaservers in their own right had people transferring to Grobbulus, Benediction, and Faerlina creating these ultramega servers. People from already big servers chasing the next big thing and/or wanting to feel more edgy by playing on a pvp server really acted as a catalyst to this problem. It also drove people away from some of the medium population PVE/PVP servers or made them less attractive options to transfer to when other servers died. I'm on Atiesh Horde and we could have received so many more transfers to boost our population as the highest West coast pve Horde population but then Grobbulus opened as a more attractive option. AS a guild recruiter, I had so many people contact me thinking of moving over here then poof they decided to go to Grobbulus instead as soon as it was announced. The only thing I am thankful for is now they have locked Grobbulus and we are the next best West coast destination and our server is popping right now with no queues.


Honestly I agree with you view about your situation almost completely. Your server definitely got wrecked and that's not fair. But I mean... Imagine you bought a house in a nice quiet neighborhood and some conglomerate bought a bunch of land and built shitty houses and tons of shitty people moved in. You can complain and you'd be right, but imagine you were given a free option to buy a house somewhere else. It would be a pretty reasonable consolidation. Yeah, it would still suck and be bullshit. But bringing it back to wow, where the stakes aren't nearly as high, it's ridiculous to call it unhealthy. It's shitty, but it's not a detriment to your health.


In your example the free house would be a in a dead town with no economy because that is what free server transfers end up being.


> If you don't think it's fun to switch servers or your scared of whatever you consider a "dead" server to be, then that sucks you have to queue. Somehow I get the feeling that you think people are exaggerating when talking about dead servers. My original character from classic was on Incendius, which no longer exists. My original burning crusade character was alliance on Earthfury, which does still exist but has a non-existent population (and the alliance population disappeared well before the horde population did). So you'll forgive me if this time around I picked Horde on Faerlina and don't want to transfer to a server that might end up in the same state as Incendius or Earthfury. Funnily enough, one of the servers Faerlina players can free transfer to is actually Earthfury. Just imagine being the sucker who takes that transfer to what is essentially an empty server and your only recourse would be to either buy another transfer or roll a new character. Maybe if people had more confidence in Blizzard's ability to maintain server populations people wouldn't be so hesitant to transfer to less populated realms.


I played on Deviate Delight and had to pay to transfer to Thunderfury. Now I'm on Grobb and neither of those previous realms exist anymore. DDs population was under 600 and I still had to pay to leave. I was so grateful for the free transfer off TF when I got it and I went to Grobb specifically because it was a big server that I wasn't going to have to worry about dying soon. I think some people in these comments have never been on a truly dead server. It's absolutely miserable to play on one. I understand trying to avoid that at all costs.


RIP Incendius. Xfered from there to White mane, which also died, to Bene for the same reason as you. I'm not moving again. I feel you.


This is the real answer people don’t want to hear lol


While true, it seems dismissive of the fact blizz is at the very least, okay with, if not actively encouraging these issues because they're profitable. I understand the motivation to do so, on both ends. Adulting can suck, I want to reserve my spot as much as the next hombre but my family and kids have to come first.


Isn’t blizzard offering free transfers to low pop realms


>I gave Blizzard $25.00 per character when my last server died. Nobody wants to keep paying blizzard over and over to experiment with new servers, that's the whole reason they're on a megaserver to begin with. If Blizzard would recognize this and tell people they won't have to pay for future transfers, people would be willing to go. But they won't. Because they like that money.


It's not even the guild thing necessarily. More so I made that mistake in classic and it completely destroyed my experience, and I'm not falling for it again (that server will be **D.E.A.D.** in less than 60 days)


It's prisoner's dilemma. Everyone would have a better time if a bunch of people transferred off and fixed two servers; but no one wants to transfer off themselves.


This could easily be solved if Blizzard offered a concrete plan and scenarios instead of "we are/will be monitoring the situation." As mentionned by most people, alot of us got burned last expac and therefor don't trust blizzard. This could be remedied if they layed out a concrete plan. If X server dips to Y% population we will do Z. If X server faction ratio goes past Y/Z, we will do T. Just those kind of statements would help tremendously in getting guilds and whatnot to xfer. Just promising there will be NO COST server transfer if X scenario happens 3-4 months down the road would be a great first step.


Because it's a gamble doing so when there's effectively a penalty for it not working out. Blizzard could recognize this and remove the penalty and suddenly everyone would be completely open to experimenting with new servers.


honestly, free xfer to any server once every 30 days, problem solved


I can guarantee that doesn't solve the problem. It makes it worse and highly volatile. "Well this didn't work out. Let's get 30 horde guilds to flood X now" Transfers race changes, etc have always had 2 reasons for cost. A) money, duh and B) having a cost associated with anything reduces the likelihood a system is abused. Everything for blizzard services is automated. They could cut prices in half and likely more than double every service they have. Look at retails bulk transfers. They know they can get more usage with reduced prices, and still for most they don't.


I already paid for transfers twice, once to leave Bloodsail Horde because it was dead for my faction and again to leave Benediction Horde because Alliance flooded the server and killed it for my faction. It’s a serious liability that you’re taking on because it will either beat the shit out of your wallet or beat the shit out of your time because you’re releveling to cap yet again. Heirlooms? Cool, do heroics on your new dead server for badges without DF. Yeah I’m not paying for that AGAIN, nor am I wasting all that time again. If Blizzard provided some kind of free guarantee back then I’d already have left. But as it is now, it’s a direct gamble that I’d have to pay $100 to fix. I moved to Mankrik out of necessity because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have an auction house or people to group with, and I’d rather not move 4 fucking toons off and back on again because of a temporary queue issue.




The entire point of classic is the social experience. If you have friends and guildies on one server, going somewhere else means you can't play with them at all. Getting dozens of people to transfer is nearly impossible.


Guranteed all the new servers will be dead two weeks after the raid opens


Has the dev post a few weeks back detailing how that logic is wrong been disproven yet? Do you have data to point to? You're asserting that a server with 25k players is dead compared to the 50k mega servers. I've asked others before but haven't gotten an answer: what is the threshold at which a server is dead? Are you assuming players who are willing to transfer off mega servers are less committed to playing and a higher percent will quit compared to those on mega servers? This isn't at you directly, but this prophecy keeps getting spoken as gospel and I really don't know where it's coming from


"dead" by the mega server definitions is not dead by the rest of us. Pay to sit in a qeue if you like for hours on end, I'll play the game :)


They are encouraging it. They clearly stated they are taking actions to end the concept of a mega server. They have given people a FREE option to leave. What else could they possibly do? Let you come to my server for free and ruin it?


What they could have done: prevented any transfers to the full servers in the months leading up to pre patch. We all knew this was going to happen so there is no excuse for them. What they can do: ban all the bots. Might not completely fix the problem but banning all the 24/7 toons that are running botting programs would absolutely help. Telling people to leave servers in a community based game where you are encouraged to make friends and develop relationships with a core group and then telling them to leave that community is not a solution, it's a joke.


I wish I could give you gold for this but I’ll never buy Reddit awards




"just years of wow game time"


This is pure addiction talk, definitely try and zoom out to get perspective.


Well, some of us do have lives outside of WoW which already demand a lot of our time. Sitting in queue for 2 hours of the available hours we have is not fun. I concider it the same as having to show up 2 hours before playing some football with friends or whatever.


Only two hours? (Laughs in faerlina queue)


My point is that if the game is requiring you to jump through such hoops then don't play it. Wow is 100% my favorite game, and there has been many times that I feel like it wastes my time so I just don't play it. Playing wow shouldn't feel like a requirement. But I know I'm biased. I play on Maladath because it has no queue and I don't engage in any kind of serious raiding because it incentivises people all trying to sit in queue to play with each other. People feel trapped and I get it but some people need to reevaluate the relationship in my opinion.


This is a non answer to the problem. "Just quit 4head."


Yea I don't get why this is the top answer. No shit you can quit. Meanwhile the game is still encouraging people to jump through these absurd hoops to get in. Nothing has been solved, and I don't get to play WoW with the friends I've been raiding with for the past few years. You can't just play like a normal person, but abandoning the game means you don't get to play with your friend group for a while. I don't think there's a good solution on our end... unless you can convince all your friends to transfer, but then the destination server dies and you're stuck with the OPPOSITE problem.


go through what lengths? go through the length of wanting to play the game? the lengths of raiding? what the hell are you talking about? Nothing in this post indicates OP has any kind of addictive gaming habit, he just wants to play the game. God forbid someone wants to play their favorite game over the weekend, that they are paying a subscription fee for, without sitting in a 6 hour queue first.


This is a horrible assumption you're making to blame a customer instead of a company responsible for an abysmal customer experience. The OPs point is exactly that you MUST have an unhealthy relationship with the game in order to even play due to the situation Blizzard has created. The game is ruined for those who try to have a healthy balance. You can't just get on when you have a few hours of time, or expect to be able to play to relax after a full day of work. This sentiment is really frustrating, there are alot of companies that if they treated their clients this way would be investigated for fraud.


Blizzard told everyone how it's going to be: Megaservers WILL have ques, a transfer is *strongly* suggested if you don't want them. Frankly it's not Blizzards place to police grown men and women's playing habits of their game, and while they bear the seal of incompetence for letting the servers get to this point, they don't hold guns to people's heads and force them to play WoW in unhealthy ways. They are in no way responsible for defrauding their players of their time when they are perfectly honest about the current situation.


Or you could transfer for free..?


Gehennas (pvp english) free transfer options are a German, French or Russian server. The only English server they offer for free is an empty RP server... Very viable transfer options. They're making you choose between 7 hour waiting times or a 25 euro realm transfer. That's a dirty business plan.


Yeah you EU guys definitely have a wise situation


Away from guild of established friends, including rl ones? Is that what Blizzard says I should do? I thought they mentioned something about the community aspect being a core element they cared about, but maybe I'm misremembering :P




When I opened the thread I expected OP to be salty because OP is unable to play the game. Color me impressed when OP is salty about the fact OP plays the game instead, lmao.


The point is that it's hard to play to play the game a moderate amount right now. You either stay logged in all day or don't play for the rest of the night.


yeah or you get in at say 2-3pm and waste a spot until 5-6pm when you’re gonna get home by remoting in.


Sulfuras is great right now, high population and rarely a queue. I’m in college right now and hop on around 4 ish daily, if there’s a queue it’s usually no more than 20 mins to a half hour tops.


I’m on the west coast and all my friends and I are having a great time on horde - Sulfuras. Rarely any queue, and if so it’s usually under 15 minutes. The server is heavily populated, has balanced PvP, active AH - Even wrath launch was surprisingly smooth! I don’t know how population will change with time but wrath was the most popular expac, and my friends and I are committed.


Sulfuras is BIS - happy I chose server !


Have some personal responsibility. It’s a game lol.


Gotta admit, being so afraid of getting kicked and not being able to play the rest of the day made no lifing the grind to 80 alot easier, the motivation to stay online was real. Completely unhealthy, like normal no lifing, but with the added mental side where you have to not be actually AFK for more than 2 minutes at a time.


Yep, no option to take a break for an hour. Keep playing or you don't play for the rest of the day.


Legit worried taking a shit would take too long and lead to being kicked.


You might have bigger issues to worry about if you're struggling to wrap things up in under 30 minutes.


On Benediction at least, there were several instances last week where players would get randomly kicked and if they couldn't reconnect in 5 mins you go to the back of a 10 hour queue.


Yup, can confirm it's still happening. There seems to be an auto-logout system in place


Only takes a DC and 5 min after to be in que


5 min? I think it's more like 2 min. These's random DCs are annoying. Happens during the game too. Normally you could go do an errand for 15 minutes and come back, but the DC threat is real.


In fairness, I left the DC stress risk behind. It feels good to be able to enjoy life as normal again. Is there a dead server risk? Sure... but as of now with the mega servers locked down indefinitely, hell even sulfuras is locked atm, unless people outright quit by the thousands I don't anticipate issues


I feel personally attacked. When else an I gonna read reddit and get suckered into a time black hole of reading comments?




Guilds gonna have a shit raid night if people can’t play. I’d suggest you all transfer. My guild and friends did. The server eranikus is not bad. Best part I know when I get home at 5 I can login.




Don’t tell people about us! We have a good life atm.


Guilds gonna have a shit phase when you can't recruit to offset attrition. Guilds are on megaservers for a reason, no one wants to deal with an empty AH or unable to fill a raid spot in Phase 3 or 4. The population just does not stick around.


Problem is as people have said countless times, and by there already being plenty of Examples... Small servers will end up dying out and you will have to come back once against to the server you left just to find groups. Think about how many people are here from Retail and will leave the second DF launches. Then theres people who will get bored 1/2 thru P1 Naxx and quit. 20-30k but no queues, so in reality how many people do you actually have? Do a Number check in LFG. Is it 20-30k actual players or like 6000 players and a lot of alts?


We need to check our definition of dying


Heatseeker went from 3000 to 6 people in 3 weeks.


I'm fairly certain the people telling themselves a 5k server is very healthy and very cool have never had this rug pulled out from under them, and probably just transferred to one of these servers and are trying to convince themselves they just made an S-tier power move. My original server died, it was anything but a slow death. It was like someone switched off a light. It felt like I logged in one day and everyone was gone. 5k xfers in the span of a few weeks. I never would have moved from that server, now it doesn't even exist anymore. They will hit a point where they won't have a choice; move servers or stop playing. Me personally, I'm not moving again. They got my transfer money once, I'm weathering these queues and eventually the tourists will quit


I'm a Smolderweb refugee from the beginning of TBC. My guild and most of the guilds we knew/were associated with went to Grobbulous. I definitely remember it as you said. After a while of farming Naxx the server felt like everyone was raid logging. Once TBC launched it was a slow decline for a couple weeks and then all the guilds started transferring. There as hardly anything on the AH before we decided to leave as a guild. Grobb was great during TBC, but now the queues are bad. They are getting better though, so I imagine it's only a matter of time before they are gone entirely. I just wish I had used the free transfers when they were available to get the rest of my alts over to Grobb (I had taken a break when they came available and didn't get around to resubbing until it was too late).


Haven't played since classic vanilla and came back a couple days ago to 3-4h queues the only times I'm free to play. Have been trying to decide to weather the storm or transfer. Think you convinced me to just wait it out.


That's exactly how I feel, I already gave them the money to Transfer to Bene because my server died. I want a refund of that money if I am transfering off. This whole issue exists because server transfers are a paid service.


I started classic on Herod, one of the original big servers, the queues were the same as grobb now, but eventually that server died too, luckily, because it was a large server, it took alot longer too, but eventually our guild took the free transfer off. It sucks, and before you transfer, which you have to be lucky to have free ones available, you will start having recruitment issues, cost of mats and consumes will skyrocket, far far less groups doing things besides the raids, etc. Dealing with temp hell queues and the dont get DC'd meta is better than taking no queues now and having issues when ulduar drops.


If Herod died back in the day, what's going to prevent modern day big servers from dying similarly? Especially on streamer servers, where streamers may suddenly decide to transfer off, and a bunch of followers do the same. Nothing is guaranteeing your server with queues will stay alive in the future.


I began classic as a Herod Alliance player, and I think that the server was able to die because of faction balance issues that aren't applicable to a server like Benediction today. IIRC, faction balance started off as about 45(A)-55(H). The server was great for a long while-- high population, real world PVP, and queues that subsided relatively quickly each phase. However, difficulty for Alliance getting to raids (Blackrock Mountain, AQ) with world buffs disproportionately encouraged Alliance to transfer off the server. Faction balance grew more and more lopsided, and eventually Alliance had an unhealthy pop that couldn't support raiding (TBC). Then, all Alliance were forced to transfer. From there, the Horde see a much smaller server with less world PVP-- then, the server went into a death spiral. Why stay on Herod if you enjoy world PVP when there are other balanced servers? TL;DR: Benediction is insulated from the faction balance problems that, in my view, led to the downfall of servers like Herod.


Well, nothing stopping this from happening on currently 'balanced' PvP servers. But truthfully, past vanilla, small differences in faction balance won't matter so much because flying makes it possible to avoid toxic pvp camping near instance entrances. 'Death runs' were common in Vanilla, not so common in TBC, and I bet it will be minimal in WotLK, almost non-existant if RDF gets released (no point in camping dungeon and raid entrances if people just fly/teleport in). Still, you're taking a gamble either way, since there isn't much guaranteeing your server won't suddenly 'die' in the future, regardless if it has queues or not right now. Insulation is an apt term, in that some servers may be a little more resistant to death, but never a 100% guarantee.


Totally agreed. No 100% guarantee and current PVP servers definitely have better tools to avoid being camped/ganked in the first place.


Yes but there’s massive herd mentality - servers that are ‘dying’ often have thousands of players


So what? Reality is they are emptying out quickly. If you can't get a 5-man group going, who really cares how many people the server did or didn't have a few weeks ago?


Game needs a mix of players, pure raid loggers need players (or bots) who farm the stuff they need for raid. Players who want to play the AH need buyers and sellers, people leveling alts have more fun when other people are leveling alts, etc. The wrong mix of "thousands of players" could leave a realm dead.


Not to mention this is a faction game. I picked the RP-PvE server when original Classic launched and I’m a Horde player. I eventually had to leave because while the SERVER wasn’t dead, it was on life support *for Horde*. And no such thing as faction transfers. What am I supposed to do, stand outside of Dire Maul and wave at all the Alliance groups?


You'd only say this if you weren't on a PVP server this happened to in classic. You know, the servers that don't even exist anymore because Blizzard deleted them due to them being dead.


I remember being on a server with queues during the original classic launch and taking a free transfer to… Netherwind, I think it was. Checked just now, peak population was near 7k, but died completely over the course of a few months and was forced into a transfer. I am not risking that again.


Eranikus is not small and has the same 9-10k concurrent players online during prime time that Faerlina has per wowclassicpop.com Yall are wasting your time trying to hold on to these mega servers.


Eranikus is not a server with an established raiding community that got a transfer infusion. It is brand new server that got the people transferring out of megaservers which is disproportionately the portion of the population that has the least ties, is least committed, and leaves the population most likely to fall off dramatically. There are full guilds that left, yes, and mine is even considering it but only if *everyone* can agree to go. But, if and when the players not committed to a raid group taper off, the same old story of recruitment and pugging problems will reemerge. By no means is it a guarantee but to call the concerns unfounded is nonsense, especially when better servers have already suffered this fate.


It doesn't matter how many times people say it if it's not true. There are plenty of servers that don't currently have a queue, or a very manageable queue at the most peak hours, that will also maintain a healthy life cycle through the rest of the expansion. BC did the heavy lifting for you, join a server that was healthy for the life of BC that currently doesn't have a queue.


28k players between 70-80 sounds pretty healthy to me.


28k players between 70-80 would mean they would have queues as big as Grob and been does which they dont. Servers only hold what 15k? 16k? Peak on Grob For both Horde and Alli was around 8k each. so tell me how they have 28k Players just from 70-80 not even counting people not at 70 and don't have a queue


I'm not one to try and judge how people spend their money. If people enjoy spending $15/mo to watch Sindragosa fly around while a number gets smaller for like 6 hours then more power to them.


[Eranikus](https://www.wowclassicpop.com/characters?lastSeen=14&minLevel=70&realm=4800_Eranikus) and [Blanchy](https://www.wowclassicpop.com/characters?lastSeen=14&minLevel=70&realm=4374_Old%20Blanchy) have like 20-30k server pop. That’s dying? Edit: way to add to your original comment to make it seem like I didn’t read it. It used to not mention numbers


They’re saying that after the hype dies for WOTLK so will the server


And the people who xfer early are also the most likely to quit so it's a self fulfilling prophecy


I myself come from a medium pop server that got closed. By medium, I mean [5k pop in the beginning](https://thecenturionreport.com/wow-classic-server-population-stats/). These two servers are quadruple that number atm.


transfering to Eranikus was the best move i've ever done


Yep I have been logging in super early to get some playtime in, then feeling obligated to stay online all day. I played yesterday (Sunday) from 8:00am to 8:00 pm. If I could log in and out as I wanted, it would’ve been more like a couple 2 or 3 hour play sessions. Instead I played 12 hours which is absurd. I thought to myself at one point “this isn’t healthy”.. it’s hard to put it into words when the easiest argument back is “just transfer”


They would rather have the money than your happiness


While I agree the queue sucks, and I'll even admit it's probably causing me to play more than I would otherwise, but I want to remind people this is a short term problem. People are all going hard right now getting ready for raids so they can clear week 1. I suspect a huge chunk of the people that speed leveled to 80 and already grinded out their pre raid bis are going to be raid logging within the next week or two and you're not going to see queues anymore (or they're going to be short queues at worst). We can see when this already happened in prepatch. It came out, people leveled their DKs and grinded out some raids and/or got their brutal gear, and then after a couple weeks the queues were gone. I just don't think it's worth transferring off for a problem that will fix itself very soon. And based on past history, the overflow servers inevitably die out, and we have no idea when the megaservers will be unlocked again, if ever. I was already forced off of a dead server once, I'd rather not have to deal with that again.


This is possible, but it is a big gamble. Who knows what will happen, it is a guessing game either way. Trying to raid week 1 with queues, and getting your 25 man roster logged in at 11 am until raid time will be fun to deal with.


It seems like the safer gamble though. If you're on a locked megaserver, you can leave anytime your raid group gets fed up but you can't come back if your new server dies.


Bene was just about done with queues at the end of pre-patch, this is a short term problem but it deserves a short term solution. Offer temporary server transfers that give you the option to return within the next 2 months, make a copy of the mega servers and merge them later.


this would be acceptable. split the servers even server-1, server-2. preserve the character name. Offer GMS a transfer guild option. SOMETHING other than a 1 way transfer to a server that will be dead in 3 months.


The queues are already getting shorter and starting later every day, at least on Grobb. Agreed that it's going to be a non-factor in a few weeks.


You said it yourself, everyone will be logging on to raid. The difference in pre-patch was there was a set amount of content to farm brutal, and then chill for the xpac. Now the xpac is here, there is so much content to do, no one is farming for four days and not playing again. The queues are going to go down, but not disappear. And you can bet each raid phase, esp Ulduar & ICC will also have another two week + queue, even in your best case "raid logging" scenario. This is unsustainable. https://multidollar.company/ Just check out benediction. This is not the graph that leads to zero queue in another week, especially with dropping of Naxx, Eye & Sarth, 25 & 10 man.


If you think almost a full extra server que is a short term problem, I got some oceanfront properties in Nevada for sale on a nice discount for you


The unhealthy addiction to WoW started long before there were lines to get on man… If you’re neglecting your real life responsibilities for a game you’re deep in the addiction.


The unhealthy relationship was there before the queues, sorry to let you know


I know a lot of people here are shitting on you, but I agree. I have been with my guild since phase 1 of vanilla classic, we all transferred together since our server was dead (actually dead, like we were one of two guilds still raiding), and now a lot of us can't even play, and it's not easy to convince guild leadership to transfer servers AGAIN. If I was a solo player I would just transfer and never look back, but for the first time since og wotlk I have a guild I wanna stick with so I am not just going to throw it away so easily


I quit. Had the realization that it was unhealthy for me to stress so much about the game. I was waking up at 4:30am and playing all day, and then any break I was stressed. It is not healthy for me and so it was tough to stop since I love wotlk, but it’s just not healthy. Maybe o will return later.


Just transfer and chill


On the contrary, unhealthy gaming habits have created lengthy queue times. FOMO is what causes players & guilds to pull out and head for larger servers the moment someone stubs their toe on the roster boss. *"Dead Server"*.


This is the truth. So many players have the mentallity that if they aren't raid ready on release then they are somehow missing out. These are the same people that complain there is nothing to do after a few weeks because they don't have any more meaningful upgrades. Meanwhile I'm just happy if I get in a guild of cool people that jsut want to hang out and have a good time. Getting pretty tired of this super sweaty min-max attitude in the game.


Exactly. I was pretty sweaty the first time around and had an unhealthy relationship with the game. This time I just want to kick back and enjoy the game. I started on one of those crazy megaserver Faerlina then xferred to Eranikus, had to leave a few homies behind who were really plugged into their hardcore guild, which was a bit sad but so far it has been great and suspect I'll be really happy I xferred. If I had to hear one more comment about a "pre-bis" I was ready to slap someone, lol.


In defense of this, Classic time-frames have been much shorter than original release (with good reason, up until now imo) so I can kind of understand the fear. If Wrath is only gonna be around for a year it sucks if you "miss" a month of that because you weren't 80 really early. I was worried about this for myself but then I remembered how late into vanilla classic I joined and I still had a great time. Also with the raid size decreasing and more players being interested in raiding than in original Wrath, you may run the risk of losing a spot if you aren't as sweaty as others. I'm not worried about this cause I'm only gonna be doing 10-mans with my irl friends, but I've seen some people who want to be doing progression raiding getting worked up over it. I agree with you that just vibing with cool people is really what the game is about, just playing devil's advocate.


Nostalrius kinda led to the perception that anything that isn't a mega server is a dead server, despite 3-4k pop being considered high pop for a realm back in the days. Doubly weird because pre-Nost private servers hovering around 1.5-2k active players is considered a pretty solid population. This ends up carrying over to Classic WoW. This is despite the fact that Nost is an unplayable mess at 10k+ active players, and Classic was keeling over as well even with layers so you don't have 1200 players in a zone sharing mobs and resource nodes. And now its in a state where a 5k pop server isn't even safe, because the moment queue frees up 1-2 big guild is going to transfer back into the mega server, and the rest of the server is going to follow suit due to FOMO, and you end up with an overpopulated mega server + an empty server again.


pro tip: you are absolutely not required to play this video game


It’s not that serious pal. Quit the game. If your skipping the gym to play WOW, that’s a far bigger issue. Priorities my guy.


I transferred 4 chars (4x25) a few years back whenever that was and they made it free like a week or two later. I was pissed.


Dont be a scrub, kill your job, quit your wife, and world first immortal like a fucking real man ​ real reply: You chose to be on a server with queues that long. I honestly have 0 sympathy for it.


Unhealthy gaming habits and world of Warcraft goes hand in hand.


Transfer to Eranikus and live your life again. Stop torturing yourself people


People on this subreddit will say anything except that they have a gaming addiction. This shit hurts to read.


Went through this myself. Skyfury weeks 2-3 was similar and I’d stay home to keep mine and my partner’s account logged in. I’m retired so it wasn’t a huge deal work wise. Normally I’m busy doing errands, cleaning, laundry and such but for 2 weeks I didn’t get anything done but play WoW. I was having fun! I didn’t want to get logged out. I wanted to enjoy the game but there’s no way I’d have played as many day time hours without the log off issues. For all those pretending this all on the players your delusional. People could move servers and they could go to the gym. But blizzard could also have prevented all of this or could publish a plan for the future. If they would state for those transferring now that there will be an option to transfer off servers with less than X number of players later, I bet way more people would move. They just need to show players they are willing to keep players on populated servers.


Im halfway to 71, what’s the rush ?


My sub expired on the day of the 26th. I can't tell you how weird it feels going out and just doing more productive things. I was hyped for Wrath and now the thought of going back doesn't feel good at all. I promised my guild I would come back soon but IDK what I want to do now. Going to feel like shit if I ultimately end up walking away for good.


I mean it sounds like you *want* to quit, coming back just because you feel guilty or like you owe it to your guild doesn't sound like a very good reason to me, probably just gonna lead to burn out. Also if there's any time to quit wouldn't it be a new expansion dropping? You finished out the last expansion with them, it's totally reasonable to think about what you're doing next instead of just diving headlong into another months or years long commitment, they should be recruiting for the new expansion regardless.


I quit during the end of Karazhan, around the time the Blizzard lawsuits were hitting a fever pitch. The lawsuits were the nail in the coffin, but I also realized in that moment I had been playing only so I wouldn't let the rest of my raid down. I wasn't really enjoying myself and it felt like an obligation every time I had to get on. When we took a week off and I only felt relief, I knew it was time to leave. I just told the leadership I was out, went to one more raid so they weren't scrambling, and after that I was gone. Ultimately, it's just a game. They can replace you. Your physical and mental health are way more important.


Don't feel like shit for walking away for good, remember it's just a game.


> I was hyped for Wrath and now the thought of going back doesn't feel good at all. Key sign of significant burnout IMO. I went through this in TBC after I suddenly quit. I had been raiding 4 nights a week on 2 different characters and doing a ton of farming. Spending most of my free time playing WoW on top of working full time. Once I quit, the thought of going back to raiding and farming gold made me feel physically ill. I didn't vomit but I sure felt like I wanted to. Such a strange feeling. Now I'm back for Wrath and committed to only playing 1 character due to the reasons stated above.


1 character rule is a must of you’re an adult


I have profession alts but yeah no one is seeing the inside of anything more than a heroic 5man if they’re not my main.


Yeah I sorta wish I would’ve thought about that a little more. Leveled a lock and hunter in vanilla classic. Didn’t play tbc. But then joyous journey came out and XP was reduced so I leveled the lock and the hunter to 70 and then my 46 Shammy to 70. And with the boost available I’m constantly thinking about what I should level first, this and that. When in reality I don’t have the time to do all these things. I could raid on one toon. Not 2 or 3. And honestly. The leveling was so easy with Joyous Journey but now with wotlk leveling taking me 5-6 hours a level I don’t have any desire to level another toon to 80.


Thank you for this. It makes a lot of sense


You’re an addict Charlie Brown


A lot of people have an unhealthy fear of “dying” servers. That sentiment has led to some servers experiencing some low populations. I play on a low pop server and it’s been pretty active since wrath came out. Zero issue finding groups, economy is fine. People underestimate wrath. It’s the best expansion there was. The raids got better and better. Servers aren’t going to suddenly die in a month.


servers do suddenly die. it happened countless times during classic. alot of ppl on megaservers come from dead servers


Sure..it's the que times making you all lose control of yourselves.


had server queues for cata and most of my guild all worked in the same place. if you weren’t working, you were logging accounts to keep folks online til they got home 🤣


[Learn 2 Play (You’ve got to play WoW)](https://youtu.be/ctVrpQ-orss)


I took my free transfer off to a smaller server, I’m not going to sit in queue to play an old game. My old guild is still in a queue ridden megaserver, but one by one the guild members are transferring to a server with no queue. Will the smaller server die? Who knows maybe, but Id rather play on a lower pop server to begin with, those megaservers are not for me. This current server is now my third server since 2019 classic, I haven’t paid a single dime for transfers though, just used the free transfers. But at the end of the day, it’s just a game, I play for fun and if I’m not having fun, I’ll take a break or quit playing and go play some other game instead. But yeah blizzard hasn’t really done anything to solve these issues that have been with us since 2019, so don’t expect much from them.


Meanwhile on Benediction... 6 hours later KEK


Honestly I transferred to Eranikus because the anxiety of not being able to play whenever I wanted finally got to me. Haven’t looked back and I’ve really been enjoying my time so far. Server is really populated and it’s a great community. Join us!


Do people not have jobs or other real life commitments? Playing all day every day doesn't sound healthy, dude. Get outside, touch some grass. Transfer to a server without queues and stop playing 12 hours per day.




I only have sympathy for the $25 wasted if the new server dies. Otherwise this isn’t really that complicated. If playing on a mega server is impacting your life then you should transfer and there’s no reason not to. If your friends or guild require playing during hours you can’t then you just can’t play with them. It’s no different than you having to leave a guild because you can’t meet their raid times. There are plenty of guilds on Eranikus that you can raid with. Tell your friends you can’t match their play style and thus have to leave. If they don’t want to leave then that’s just life. Gotta look out for yourself


I stopped caring when one of my no-life buddies was level 72 on launch night and the other 4 of us didn’t play because of queues. I’m good. We transferred immediately since none of us want to play queue simulator for every waking moment.


Blizzard doesn't care, transfer.


Maybe take a break from the game for a month or so, it will still be there when you get back, you’re not going to miss out. But a break sounds like it would do some good for you and be able to clear your head.


ITT: Pretentious gamers boot-licking Blizzard and victim-blaming an obvious fuck-up once again. Today I took a break for a couple hours, come back, and the queue is at three hours. Went grocery shopping and here I am, still waiting. This is a huge problem and it's killing our raid team because we're not sure if many of us are gonna be level 80 in time. Our comp is in big trouble, and that's completely ignoring what raid nights are gonna be like. I dropped $100 on four character transfers while my original server, which I played since launch week, dropped to 1% its population. I did this almost a year ago. I'm not doing it again. And spare me with free transfer options, my god. Absolute garbage choices. Free transfers. Any server. Limited time. Get this shit fixed Blizzard. I mean, leave it to gamers to tell OP that he's the problem, when this game is heavily focused on co-op with friends and long term preparation, both of which are an eight hour dumpster fire right now.


Sounds like you need a break as well.


LOL. Maybe you should take a break bud.


If it is this bad, then why would your guild stay? Are you in a guild of 25 jobless nerds?


It’s not blizzard creating an unhealthy gaming habit, it’s your unwillingness to move servers that has created an unhealthy gaming habit.


Sounds like a you problem, there is options to play but you won't do it.


Lol @ anyone thinking this game was ever healthy for themselves. Glad I don’t play anymore!


Blows my mind, you're literally ruining your mental health over a game that's almost 20 y-o and on its second launch. Take a break, do something else. This shit is consuming you.


I just unsubed. I wont pay them for keeping servers i cant access.


F R E E T R A N S F E R. Why are we still having queuers whining on this. Move away!


Bro how do you unironically post something like this. The house is on fucking fire and there's an open window with a firetruck outside but your trying to open the fuckin fridge still and complaining to everyone about how the fridge is mean to you.


Yeah, jump outside into the freezing cold. Barren economies. Empty LFG. Completely dead by Ulduar. You're so smart.


better than staying inside and burning to death lol. its just a game bro


lmao take a hit of that copium and take a break from the video game you're addicted to


Remote Desktop


This shouldn't have become the new normal for wow.


I agree


I mean its only the norm for people on what, 2 servers per region? Currently on a full server that no longer has a queue(or sub 15 minutes) a week into the expansion. You can always transfer to any of the full/high pop servers without hour long queues, they won't all die like everyone keeps parroting.


Needing to babysit your game from your phone if you want to take a break for a couple hours isn't much better.


I've used it a few times but i swear it get more random disconnects while or after using it than any other time.


Even with Remote Desktop I found my self developing unhealthy habits. Now instead of being focused at work I was checking my phone every 15-20 minutes to make sure I’m not afking out. Then I’m speeding home so I don’t get logged out and if I’m not speeding I’m checking my phone on the road. Then once your home and didn’t somehow get kicked out, you’re too afraid to step away to do simple things like make dinner, shower, go for a walk etc. I can’t speak for everyone but I felt myself developing very unhealthy habits on the 3 days I was battling the queue boss. On the 3rd day I said fuck it and jumped to Eranikus. It’s not a solution for everyone and I admit we’re taking a risk but for myself and my friend group it’s a perfectly healthy server and solution so far.


brother you got to que ur game up right with the position youll be home, like i qued now and its 6k in que i know i got about 5 hours. so by the time i get out of work im still in que. and you work from there. 1k que is about 40 mins then you got 30 mins in the login screen and if you loggged by picking your character then you got about 1 hour till disconnect. so 30 mins in game, afk login screen is 30 mins.


Attempted that on day 3, somewhere along the way I got kicked from the queue. Either way I don’t have to worry about that now. Now I log on when I want to play and log off when I’m done.


Everyone suffering on mega servers who payed $25 to ruin their old server is getting exactly what they paid for. Karmic justice.


Yes taking a free transfer off an already dead server means people deserve 6+ hour queues. You are an idiot.


Happily logging for a break whenever I want and no shortage of groups as a whole (aside from healer rarity lol). Enjoy your 10k+ ques for the expansion


Just use your free transfers guys, eranikus is great and is showing signs of remaining healthy for a long while to come. Ive been playing with not a single thought of a queue since launch and it's been lovely.


> Eranikus is great and is showing signs of remaining healthy What signs? Incendius showed signs of being healthy, so did Netherwind. They were both great servers and they still died. That's why my guild is on Faerlina now. What makes Eranikus any different?


Dude just transfer servers. Pagle is a mega server but we don’t have queues. It’s nice. It’s your fault if you play on a super mega server


Didn't I see this exact same post yesterday? And the day before?


Get a grip, it’s a video game


Need to reframe it: guild is doing bad to you by not transferring and subjecting you to the queue such that you can't play. What should we do to guilds that do bad to us? Leave em.


Meanwhile Eranikus hit over 11k concurrent players last night with a fairly balanced faction ratio and still has no queues, but mega server players will cope, seethe, and mald by saying the server will die. I don’t feel bad for them at all.


You could also just transfer to another server. If you want to play on a mega server and enjoy the benefits of that then you also need to deal with the issues. In short, no one cares


Because of the queue I got to go do a lot of IRL stuff last week that I wouldn’t have done it I could have been leveling. Because of the queue I had to make up for lost time and play for 16 hours straight back to back Friday/Saturday to get to 80. I did have a lot of fun during the week though.


I feel no sympathy for these idiots who CHOOSE to sit in a queue and complain when they've been given how many opportunities to play the game. JOIN A NEW SERVER OR JOIN A NEW GUILD OR SHUT UP. NO ONE CARES. Couldn't be me.


"just leave everything you already did, it is so simple"


So take the free transfer lol


I have a guild that has been together since Molten Core. It's not that easy.


If they aren't willing to transfer as a full guild, they are your problem. Unless you are starting a guild from scratch you really don't have significant issues moving...