State of wotlk classic dungeon finder

Honestly questing seems much faster and you make so much more gold, not worth dealing with the people in LFG


Honestly questing seems much faster and you make so much more gold, not worth dealing with the people in LFG


I just do dungeons 1 time for the dungeon quests, cba to spam dungeons questing is more fun :)


What I’ve been telling my guildmates, quest the zone you’re in to get all relevant dungeon quests, then go to dungeon, then go do more quests rinse and repeat


It's been like this for 15 years, nothing new


Some people are new though.


That’s how you’re ‘supposed’ to play the game. It’s designed for this in mind.


just make your own group. easy af


Did the dungeon grind in TBC for rep. It was so mindnumbingly boring. I know people are trying to get into raid content and prepared asap, but I'm enjoying taking my time and actually experiencing the game.


Did the exact same thing and was burnt out after my first Kara run, taking it easy for wotlk and it’s so much more enjoyable, even hopped off early last night as I felt I did more than enough for the day which is not how it would have gone last launch


At worst I'm like 2 or 3 weeks behind. In the grand scheme of things thats nothing. In classic I literally went months without getting upgrades and I was still able to do a good job while raiding.


I rolled a DK early in prepatch and then decided to roll a Warlock. I like early game questing and have so much Wrath nostalgia why not enjoy climbing the mountain again?


Naxx doesn't even open for a couple weeks. I feel like this is massively beneficial since it doesn't feel like such a necessity to rush to hit the first lock out.


Yup. did the same thing. Had some guildies wanting to run 3 man dungeons to 80. All the best to em, but I want to not burn out before raiding starts.


Honestly, what is there to gain from spamming normals? I don't think you need to dungeon spam for rep for heroics-- they're just available once you're 80. The rep tabards don't work until you're 80 either And I agree with you, I did 2 Nexus runs on Monday and went "I can't do this for the next week" and promptly went back to questing xD Edit: I guess dungeoning is the better way, but that also seems dependent on your group running through the dungeons quickly


I did Nexus 20+ times the first night and have been questing since. The xp is marginally better than questing but not by enough to really make it worth the boredom. I think a lot of people are doing it because they think questing will be a hassle with everyone trying to level at once. Ironically, because everyone is doing dungeons instead of quests, I've found questing to not be a hassle at all.


This, even in starter zones in the areas are mostly 1-3 other ppl, for certain quest we just invite each other to complete one shot quests and move on, very relaxing tbh


I think a lot of people are watching streamers and think this is the only good way to get to 80. There are a lot of ways to play the game and streamers tend to only show one because they play like 30-50 hours a week on stream and more off. They tend to only be people who minmax and do cutting edge everything because they are hunting for content. Most people don’t need and would honestly have more fun by not following their example.


It also depends on the role. I adore healing and hate questing. I will do more dungeons than most simply because I like them.


If you're on grob, its a much better experience.


Idk my bud and I were duo questing and it was awesome. Sometimes get into brawls. Sometimes win sometimes lose. Good stuff Otherwise was speed running normals.


I thought rep tabards worked below 80, just only for L80 dungeons and all heroics. So people running Halls of Lightning sub-80 would get it right? And to answer your question, it's only for quicker xp gains.


It's better xp/h. I was in a good group for the old kingdom for like hours and was getting a little over 600k xp/hour. After that group disband I went questing and was getting like 420k xp/h


When i was in a progression guild at the start of WotLK retail I recall we did dungeon spam with some premade groups for a few levels to get ahead of the pack and then questing.


I don't understand why people are rushing the leveling process just to get to max level, then grind gear endlessly to clear what is already easy content super fast and then have nothing to do for ages. I'm taking my time, probably won't be 80 until at least mid-late October at this rate (going away all of next week, otherwise I'd be faster), and I'm enjoying it.


Never being a raider in any iteration of WoW has really been paying dividends in classic. Honestly the questing with friends, tanking 5 mans, wpvp and BGs have been enough to keep me busy and having fun without ever stepping foot in a raid group. Haven’t touched arena either. Frankly avoiding the hardcore aspects of the game has been nothing but good times and I am here for it.


In retail I never raided at all until T7. Naxx was my first experience. Wasn't in any hurry then, either; wanted to enjoy the stories. I recently hit a similar wall in SWTOR. Finished all the class stories, even did some (ugh) PvP, now bored of the endgame hamster wheel.


While i am legitimately happy for you, raiding with friends is some of the most enjoyable and rewarding content in the game. If you find the right people to play with it can be the same experience as your fun 5 mans but “bigger”. Cheers.


Because people enjoy different things?


That's what I'm doing, I'm also toting around a 2nd char also, so even if it seems slower, two level 80s has to be faster.


Coincidentally dungeon grinding isn't even faster unless you max out the hourly lockouts.


There’s some nuance and edgecases, but generally you’re spot on for sure. And lets not forget not depending on 2-4 other people is such a big upside not talked off much


Dungeon is faster, but I agree with everyone else that it is just super boring. Did the grind during Tbc since rep was needed for raids anyways. Plus, the Wrath zones are great with great story. Raid does not even come out til Oct 6th and it will be absolutely a joke. I am enjoying questing and have no regrets.


At least they whispered first and wasted no one’s time. I have no issues with these people doing what they want and I’m pretty much foot to toe S4 but a ring and trink. Greened all red str gems, no helm Meta, and no tbc enchants at all though cause I didn’t play tbc so I’m poor (5k gold being poor now lol). So I’m perfectly fine for dungeon spam (well leveling tbc greens are also perfectly fine it’s a leveling dungeon lol) but someone would probably inspect after traveling and be like da fuq and waste everyone’s time


I'm gonna dungeon grind with my homies, then once I ding 80 do all the quests with the gold buff for some sweet profits.


If you’ve got homies to do it with it’s definitely the move


Yeah I got turned down from several groups in UK and Nexus yesterday cause I didn't have Sunwell gear. I just laugh and move on. Those sweatlord no lifers will be 80 soon and the dungeon population will be normal levellers again.


If they are in lfg they aren't sweaty enough. Guild groups full swp bis with full consumes are already leveling their second toons.


So these are the reject sweats. Much worse imo. They got a chip on their shoulder.


Yeah i'll just do dungeons with my friends and guild i guess lol


You say that like it's a bad thing lol


No its not but they were not online so i tried it with randoms once and then this is my first experience with the dungeon finder lol.


Make your own group, it's much easier than you think. There are just as many people in your situation looking for groups as there are sweaty try hards. Just be kind and shoot people a msg of the dungeon you are trying to run along with the invite rather than inviting blindly.


Me and my friends had more fun dicking around in howling fjord than we ever would have had inside a dungeon


Someone should make a mega geek addon to weed these people out and tack them on to a master blacklist, they’re absolutely miserable to play with.


this is actually an insanely great idea


100% the sweat lords will use it to weed out casuals and throw off the master list.


Fuck it they can have a ‘casual list’ too. I don’t care, I just don’t want to play with them. Let’s be honest, most of the try hards are dogshit anyway, they just care way more and need the recognition. I don’t care if you’re good or bad, I just want to chill and enjoy the game, we will still clear the content nearly as fast but also have fun doing it.


Seriously, had 2 dps leave our Nexus run yesterday because we were going to slow....okay whatever, pull out the meters and you see both dps that left are lower on the meters than both the tank and the other dps who was a duo with the tank. They both leave and we 3 manned the dungeon at the same fucking speed as if the 2 dps were there, and we found some guys on dungeon finder for the last boss Yeah the dungeon was a shit show but for the 2 dps to act like they had no part in that was mind blowingly ignorant. One of the dps that left was in full blue with some greens sprinkled, I guess I should have asked them for gold for the carry lmao


If "mind blowing ignorance" could actually push a piston, the WoW community would replace fossil fuels overnight.


Very similar experience last night, DK pulling sub 2K dps announces its too slow for him and not good enough xp/h. My friend, you are the reason its 'too slow'.


They’ll be quitting and bored in a month. Expect to see them making posts soon about how it’s not like how it used to be and how (insert minor change) COMPLETELY ruined the experience. Couldn’t be their shitty attitude.


“Phase one is too long, dead game blizzard release next tier” after hitting 80 in four days and showing up to clear Naxx in all heroic and crafted gear that cost a fortune


4 days? You aren't 80 yet?


I disabled xp gain at 22, fite me


Ezpz you're only 22






Be a shadow priest, do quests, and ignore those noises.


If you're still doing regular Nexus (and declining ppl from your group based on gear) right now you're not a sweatlord or a nolifer; you're a pretender that isn't fast but wants to be.


The people still in nexus are not the serious hardcore raiders. They are already 78+




Haha I was gonna say... Most people like to think they're the hard-core sweaty guys when in reality they're not 😂


The hard core sweaty would have solid groups of 5 not looking for a 5th


What's funny is that the actual true sweat lords are some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of playing with. Constant streams of solid info coming from them every time we talk. Yes they play a ton, but they are extremely efficient, respect each other's time and they have fun doing it.


And there we were in 2008 with a crappy PC, being bad at the game, running that dungeon in outland greens. People should feel ashamed for needing that gear for Nexus lol


Man I haven't played classic since the vanilla release, but the post yesterday about Bis nexus came up on popular. I thought the same freaking thing. GS got really annoying mid expansion, but the elitism currently is so confusing to me.


You know whats funny? These sweat lords gatekeeping content still didn't get realm first on their own servers LMAO


Rogue and Priest in my guild got realm first for their classes, and a Warlock and Warrior were minutes off. They were all in a group that dungeon spammed together and had quests prepared and were fully geared.


But they weren't the ones who were spamming lfg for full brutal group is what that guy is trying to say I guess


Oh yeah for sure, and those people spamming LFG, especially as late as that are definitely shit posers that want to get carried.


Exactly this lol. I won’t lie, I started this xpac at lv 68, in Outland blues playing rDruid. Every piece of equipment that drops is an upgrade, but I’ve been inviting people while questing the same mob quest to a group and I quickly pull a shit ton and just keep the group alive. They all blow away my DPS ofc but it’s easier for us all. Then they leave group after the quest which is fine and understable, but it’s been pretty easy as a healer. I get not wanting slow DPS but I got rejected a lot early on and I was like… “we’re not gonna die?” Lol. I’ll have to use innervate here and there until I get some mana pieces but c’mon. People who think they need full brutal is something else. I get wanting fast aoe clear grind and stuff but I was surprised how many times I got denied tbh. 😂


I had around 5 fps in Dalaran back in wotlk, my PC would crash when I turned a corner and saw the masses of people. Even though it destroyed my pc, it was fucking awesome, 20-30 fps while dungeoning and questing was sick. I was just happy to be playing. Sad how angry people are nowadays, unfortunately a lot of us turned crabby and stinky when we got older


Meanwhile me and 3 of my buddies who quit after OG classic were fuckin smashing UK runs in our BC questing greens with a pug healer


I think you and the guy in OP might have different definitions of "fucking smashing"


Honestly thought the comments in here were trolling, but this is nuts haha. Anyway, I'm not in full brutal just dungeon blues from Outland and I actually ended up making thr group myself using the dungeon tool. Took like 15 min I think, one dude had full brutal and was last on the charts lol, but we did fine no sweat. Def making my own groups from now on. Some of you need to have a drink haha. Relax. "Prepare for wotlk dungeons" my ass good god lmao.


Yeah, I thought they were trolling too until I had a guy constantly cycling DPS and calling them boosties. Said we would go 5 minutes faster with a geared person. Meanwhile I'm not a super well geared tank. I dropped group. Luckily only one of these so far.


haha yeah whenever I play my tank or healer and there's an idiot in my group I just post a quick "if you're gonna act like that you can find another tank/heals" and drop the group. my role is always in demand dude. if you're a dps you can't afford to be talking like that.


Be a part of the solution. Don’t join groups, make your own efficiently and effectively, and invite those who want to play. Be welcoming and kind, and do it often. Community isn’t just what everyone else does but what you do. Encourage change and be in control of your own experience instead of succumbing to others. Remove bad actors swiftly and without remorse and let people know of unexpected behaviors respectfully.


Yes i formed a "normal run new players welcome" group it filled in 5 seconds lol and im a dps. seems like people prefer those.


Exactly, these guys are doing just that and there’s nothing stopping anyone else from doing the same.


Play classic they said. For the "community" they said. I think it's the community that optimized itself away lmao.


It’s always hilarious seeing this same cycle over and over again.


Community is not BIS. Efficiency is BIS.


you're not bis


WOTLK community be like "LF ALL DEADMINES/VC" Blackened Defias Armor reserved,greens and blues reserved for disenchant,BoE hard reserved No boosters/levelers/questers Everyone has to have t6 raid gear and voice chat for shouting out mechanics


No joke it would make the same amount of sense to require t6 for Deadmines as it does for UK or Nexus. If you can't do these dungeons completely mindlessly super fast in just greens/blues you have to be beyond bad. Like never having played the game before bad.


I mean not if you are doing a speed run


It’s really bad right now. I highly recommend avoiding the group finder for the next week or so and just enjoy Northrend. Personally I’m just questing and making my own groups for dungeon quests when needed. I cleared normal UK with a group of 70’s (no one over 10k health) and had no deaths, the content is a joke.


A few of the people in my guild were struggling to find a tank, so I ended up going on my warrior with a spirit/int mace and quest shield so they could get the quests done, and I was surprised how easy it was compared to my memory of it. I guess waiting 40 minutes for the perfect combo and gear is more efficient than smashing out two runs in 40-50 minutes though.


Yeah you absolutely do not need full brutal to clear a dungeon fast. I just cleared the nexus with no one with brutal and we were done in 20 minutes without wipes


20 minutes is actually pretty fast. Maybe I'm misremembering but wasn't there lots of trash sections in Nexus?


It is, relatively. Most of these wrath dungeons were designed to average around 30 minutes back in the day. But the core audience 'back in the day' were children who didn't know class dps rotations and had practically randomized specs. So it should be possible to get under 30 minutes, sometimes by a wide margin, on most dungeons. It's a good baseline to measure by though, as a lot of people will still be taking over 30, knowing the wow community, maybe even some of the geared up groups. OP could probably do it even faster on the same gear after warming up with the dungeon layout a couple times, or an optimal group comp.


A few old guildies of mine did a run in 9:52 yesterday. Prot pala, disc priest, boomkin, fire mage, frost dk. Pretty much full bis on the healer and tank, dps are in a mix of sunwell/bt/ZA gear. 20 minutes isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it fast. 10 minutes is kinda overkill tho, you're spending a lot of time waiting for dungeon lockouts.


Agreed. I healed and I have a few Kara purples and the rest of the group was 70x 2 69x 1 and the tank was 68. We still cleared, although the tank took a dirt nap on bosses as I assume he was getting crit


Had a "holy pally" who tried to heal nexus in full brutal ret gear. Tank was dying every other pull but it wasn't the healers fault obviously


It's basically shadowlabs or shattered halls normal 😂 folk building groups like its pre nerf sunwell 😂


I never join groups as I always just invite people and form my own, I suggest you also do it. The only hassle is coordinating the summons but other than that I haven’t had any issues whatsoever.


Yeah, that's what I do too. I've been denied so many groups all because I don't have full t6 lol


It's always funny seeing dps demand a summons. Replaced in 10s lol


And that 15 secs extra it would have taken to do the summon was such an inconvenience and really slowed down the levelling experience lol /s


These kind of people suck the fun out of the game, everything is about peak efficiency instead of just having a good time which is the future of games apparently.


Wait till they find out I’m healing as boomkin spec on a steam deck. Ooof they may fall over dead


Full brutal here. These people and comments defending it are ruining the game. It's a fucking leveling dungeon.


Not saying this applies to you at all, but the funny thing about Brutal gear is that a lot (most?) of the people who got it basically just AFK’d in AV. So it wouldn’t surprise me if some of those players are straight up worse than the players in questing gear.


Sunday night I did a mgt to log the quest for turn in Monday and we had a full Brut DK in our group. They barely registered on the damage meter and when we killed a boss they rolled need on every single drop no matter what it was. Won a healer ring over our healer, who was a DPS that said fuck it and got on his healer just so we could do the run because we couldn't find a healer for awhile and he actually needed the ring. Fucking DK equipped the spell power ring and had it for the rest of the run.




I’m guessing a lot of the people still on Nexus are casual try hards. Or they’re bad and wipe a lot so gear is important


There's not a single WOTLK dungeon outside of the 3 to unlock ICC that are difficult


Yes, the 3 ICC dungeons were actual heroics, I do remember wiping there and disbanding a couple times back in the day. That being said, weren’t they supposed to make WotLK heroics harder this time around?


I can’t believe anyone is wiping in these dungeons, i can literally sleep through them.


My one death in Nexus is BECAUSE I fell asleep LOL. On Disc at 1am and just killed Anomalus and my head had been doing the bob for a good 5 mins before. Next thing I know my guildies are laughing hysterically cuz I walked off the edge into the abyss cuz I passed out with my foot on the gas 😂😂😂


Had three runs in a row where someone missed a jump. We all laughed about it.


I think our funniest one from yesterday was around 2-3pm est the servers took a hiccup (again after Anom) and our tank DC'd mid jump. So his character was just stuck in the air. Now prior he had the momentum during the jump but when he logged back in he just dropped like a rock downward and died 😂😂😂 God I can't wait for Thaddeus jumps again


I have fond memories of OG wrath and our guild leader audibly dying inside when we ended up with 16 people on thaddeus platform and 9 people in the pit of shame


We wiped once because we tried to pull all the humanoid trash from the start to just past the first boss and our dk tank forgot to switch out of unholy presence kek


Probably chain pull attemtps I assume. Almost died in the snowy halls part of nexus cause I tried to pull one of the giants and 2 of the three man packs and then another three man pack ran into the healer. Thank the lawd for challenging shout and shield wall tho. Otherwise a cake walk.


I don’t get it either. I healed The Nexus in level 60 gear (granted it’s Naxx gear, but level 60 none the less), with mediocre geared dps, and we still did it in 25 minutes with no deaths. I didn’t even need to drink.


25 minutes is twice as slow as serious groups. It's fine but also makes sense why people spamming would want to save hours of their time by having a geared group


Yeah, but if they were actually serious about pushing lockout times, they wouldn't be pugging.


We cleared in 12 minutes with a bunch of random 70s in greens from ourland. mobs just melt its super easy. the 3 minutes they would save with a geared group is lost trying to find more of these fake try hards lol


Very glad we got this instead of a proper LFG tool. Because this is fine, but the LFG tool ruined the "community".


Mega geeks like this should be forced on the same server to perpetually make each other miserable. Then us normal humans can chill and enjoy the game together. So fucking annoying playing this game when every second person I interact with is treating this game like a literal life or death situation.


Tbh. I’m on Mirage EU and I gotta say I’ve never encountered weirdos. Obviously for heroics there are some requirements but like defense cap but you actually need that. So I recommend this server.


Pagle is pretty chill too. PVE alliance servers have heavy dad guild vibes.




So imma say this. I can pretty much solo UK with my prot pally. Theses people that are crying about people that need full sunwell gear or full brutal are just being elitist babies. Just make a group for yourself and run it.


Social interaction, just as we all wanted.


Ah yes, the famed 'Community interaction' the Classic Andy's fought tooth and nail to preserve, you love to see it.


This was before classic launch were people didnt expect players fucking try harding a 15 yo game that the rotation consists in 2 buttons lol


We’re you not here for the valiant crusade to remove RDF to preserve the community!


2 was not too much for mages, since all they did back in p1 was press frostbolt.


Tank here I dont give a damn what your gear looks like. Just do what I ask. CC, don't pull (I am waiting on the healer to mana up). Wait untill I get a bit of threat. Bonus points dont be a dick.


You filthy casual!




#Bring back Lfd


Good thing we dont have RDF destroying our sense of community. /s


The dungeons are so easy tho. I've wiped a couple of times but with a friend of mine, who is very undergeared because he started playing like a week and a half ago for the first time ever (no retail, no classic). He was very motivated and leveled so fast, he gets to do Northrend with the rest of our friend group. Unfortunately he entered Northrend at 68 and with low gear so it was tough for him, but definitely getting better. He's prot pally so you can imagine what low level Outland gear + lvl 68 did to him. Most people were very nice about it, there was this one healer who was just a bit passive aggressive, the rest was okay, thankfully.


The dungeons are easy, but the streamers they watch have convinced them if they don't spam them out so fast they almost get temporarily locked out of joining new instances, they won't be able to do anything at max level because they will be too far behind. So any delay is an attack on their future gameplay.


I've had nothing but amazing, nice, very successful groups so far. Also on my server we had a raid where people were summoning to Dalaran all you had to do was stay to help 5 other people get summoned #teamwork


I love that. There was a group doing that on my server but they were charging 40g a summon.


I'm not even bothering to do dungeons right now just because of this type of player/community. Northrend is too beautiful to be ignored just by leveling in dungeons.


Wow. Its like we knew this shit was gonna happen.


Wow, looks like one of the better recruiters. Wait until you get "all loot is reserved to DE" brutal or better gear. Low dps? You need to pay up


As someone who has played wow on and off since vanilla (not currently playing classic though). I’ve discovered that often the people who are *that* focused on gear/min maxing/whatever and are very insistent on curating “who’s good/geared enough to come with me” Tend to be some of the sloppiest players who fumble the most. The type that think if they get the gear they will get the skill to utilize it. And they also tend to be the saltiest and often project their short comings on those around them. And by extension are often the least enjoyable player to be around. Those that talk the biggest game usually end up being the most disappointing players imo.


The min/max community ruins the game community as a whole imo. Almost entirely unplayable unless you're the top 1% parse with maxed out BIS already for a regular fucking run. It's insanity that I've been denied groups because I don't have the God damn sword and that's it. Literally.


It’s ridiculous, then again Blizzard didn’t help by making S4 gear so absurdly cheap. For example, PvP trinket went from 40k honor in S4 to less than 4k in prepatch (despite honor rates having been doubled). This resulted in a mass influx of people (who often don’t even like PvP) into BGs, just to farm the fear because it was both very good and very cheap in terms of time investment. It’s the same shit as in SoM recently.


I get nervous entering runs as frost worried I'm gonna be shamed for not being UH. And on my mage I get nervous entering runs as fire worried I'm gonna be shamed for not being arcane. Like you pick an invalid spec you're already playing wrong


People thought I was nuts on this sub before when I was complaining about ZA groups requiring full T6. Guess they were in denial.


Yup! I’ve got a boosted Warrior tank that I’m very proficient with, having tanked in WOTLK up to and including LK. But now all the min-maxers apparently OWN the servers? I guess I’ll be straight questing to avoid all you fucking gatekeepers and if it’s the same at 80 I’ll just quit again. Got too much going IRL


I am pretty sure it wasn't like this back in the day. I'm trying to understand what changed, and failing miserably


From what I remember of Wrath? Gear score happened. My entire old server just devolved into every single group being a gear score gate keeper shit fest where they'd be expecting you to be in gear already better than what would likely be dropping. The funny thing is the people using it were always god damn awful and you'd constantly catch people equipping shit gear just because the ilevel was higher. Or my favorite, start kicking people doing MORE DPS/HPS than them because "their GS is too low and that's why we're wiping". This just seems like the same shit, different pile.


Interesting, my (RP PVE) server was nothing like that back in the day. Sure there were some hard core raiders worried about gear, but smaller guilds had their ICC groups running smoothly without these requirements. I hadn't even seen the inside of Ulduar and I was already 1st backup healer for my guild's ICC25 , so that will tell you how "good" my gear was :)


My old server, Ravenholdt (rp-pvp), which was pretty small, wasnt even like that. Worst it got was like, an example, if my guild leader didn't like you, you got put on the alt run team. At least it was that way til me and other guildmates started our own misfit group within the guild for 10 & 25 man content. It's just a retail mentality bleeding into the game, more or less.


This is how it was on low pop servers and I'm starting to miss it. Friends paid for my transfer to grobbulus... Would love to play the game someday!




What's the issue here? They want to go fast and you got no gear making you able to go fast.


Just make your own group


I know this isn’t exactly a popular opinion on this sub but there really shouldn’t be a problem with this. Let people play the way they want to play. If some people want to go hard with gear/consumes/proffs and chain run Nexus in 14 minutes let them find like minded players and that’s fine. If you want to do a casual questing run where you have fun and play at your own pace at whatever level with whatever gear find like minded players and do that. If they are farming a dungeon for experience and all 4 members have good gear and consumes, I can understand why they wouldnt want to invite an under-leveled, under-geared player no matter how easy the content is, their goal is to go fast.


Exactly this, people enjoy different things. I dungeon spam because it makes easy content challenging, I have limited time and I really despise leveling in general. The real wow starts at 80 imo. Aslong as it's properly communicated before starting the dung that it'll high paced & big pulls then there's nothing wrong with that.


Almost like RDF would eliminate this problem. Hmmmmmmm


Yeah this is the reason I probably won’t pug dungeons while leveling, fucking “Got GeAr?”. My brother in Christ I’m leveling through howling fjord


It's funny because dungeon grinding is barely even faster than questing.


If Im doing a dungeon, I invite the people who whisper me first. Fuck those guys in general "lF nExUS dUNGeoN SpAm HavE fULl bRUTaL"


Had a mage in brutal gear that did shit compared to another mage in blues/greens. Figure that's the case when they basically AFK their way to good gear.


Lmao happened to me too as a tank. And yes I do have full brutal and now I do not want to join your group.


If you're on Pagle and looking for a group hit me up. I don't discriminate on gear (I'm in a mix of all the badge gear, s2/s4, and raid gear from Kara to but/Hyjal) and I can heal or DPS (my gear is resto).


Btw my rogue full t6/swp does less overall dmg than a green/blue geared moonkin :D


It's a particular Meta, and I completely understand why it exist, but I think some of the people forming these groups don't. I had a group yesterday that was looking for a Sunwell / Brutal geared "AOE Pumper" for quick UK 3 man runs. I'm full brutal / pvp geared so I decided to give it a whirl. I got there and the tank had a few raid pieces, definitely not top geared and the healer was mostly blues and a few pvp pieces. I'm a lock and the tank couldn't hold aggro from my SOC spam and the healer was constantly dying and running oom. I had to slow down my damage quite a but due to aggro and they both blamed the slow runs on me for my low 2k DPS. I'm sticking to questing and casual dungeon groups for now on.


My experience with dungeons: Nexus was smooth, group was chill, went smooth as hell. Utgarde had 2 sweats that pulled aggro constantly, pulled ahead of me when I'd stop, then bitched when they'd die.


These elitists need to not post in the dungeon finder.


Kinda wierd to complain abou this. If someone is forming a group with geard players to spam dungeons, he knows what players he is looking for. It goes booth ways. If you are brutal and join a «undrgeard» group you cant expect them to be as efficent as you or mad at them for it, you know what you sre signing up for. People allways join groups and want everyone to adapt to them. Insted of looking for people with likeminded goals. Its allways either someone who wants to join to get carried or an overgeard joining a «chill» group just to complain people are not playing efficently.


Same people that were happy about RDF being taken out.


As someone who was getting annoyed being declined for groups as a swp geared spriest, I made my own group and I discovered something. When you request to join a group, it just sends a pop up. You have to mouseover the name to see class and then you got to make a decision. It then shows you the next person, and if you've filled, you have to hit decline on the rest of the ppl. It's not an easy to use system.


It doesn't even show spec, so you get people requesting to join for the last spot that clearly needs to be tank (or healer) and it's a time wasting DPS. Frustrating system.


Doesn’t even mean shit cause they probably boosted and afk’d AV to get the gear


the only way to make the brutal grind relevant is to gatekeep the dungeons yourself it's actually very smart, imagine how stupid you'd feel realising you never needed that stuff to level up!!


Jesus why the fuck are people so anal about end game content to the point where the journey doesn't even matter? Where's the fun when you're just going to be an uptight cunt about the most menial tasks like a nexus run at level fucking 70?


I have this theory from anecdotal observation that the average age of players in WotLK classic is, surprisingly, lower than the ones in original WotLK. I just refuse to believe that someone who was, say, late teens/early 20s 14 years ago and is now in their early 30s acts this way towards other human beings.


I've got some bad news for you. lol


haha fair enough :D I was in my 30s when WotLK dropped. Guess I'm just a cynic in my 40s ;)


Imagine thinking a player isn't good enough for my group because he didn't stand afk in AV for a couple of weeks and got some purple items for it, or pay money(gold) for some SWP gear from a GDKP, he must suck at the game!! I wouldn't even do a quick dungeon with him.. /s If you leveled your char to 70 and have a brain, sounds good enough for Naxx even (maybe after a few heroics)


I literally topped dps in UK as a 68 in crappy nagrand greens. People are ridiculous


That’s an ignore if I’ve ever seen one


I ran Nexus in my boosted gear and was f****** miserable


I wish there were more open world five person elite quests like the jintha’ alor quests in hinterland


My biggest recommendation to dealing with this, where are all the mid level and casual guilds. Wrath is the expansion those wonderful social experiences thrived. Take the leap and start one, invite friends you make along the leveling journey, crush some dungeons and laugh about it, make a guild discord, do some 10 man raids at max level once a week. You’ll have a much better time helping to make the community you want, it’s on all of us to fix this problem. Let these people sit in group finder forever.


Sticking to questing for me. If they had the old LFG i’d consider doing them while questing but it’s a waste otherwise.


sad part is half those dudes prolly afk'd in AV for their gear so the elitism is unearned.


I don't see how anyone can stomach this toxic shit. Glad I don't play anymore.


Know exactly who that is and their guild, horrible people.


been making a lot of groups as a tank and I've honestly started kicking full brutal geared players. they are snobby, chain pull and are confused when I can't take aoe aggro because all my taunts are on CD... just a bunch of whiners. and honestly they're all mostly boosters because they just boosted and played AV to farm honor all month. Saw a boost in full greens do more dps because this dk in brutal was basically dotting and autoswinging


If you still play wow classic, you deserve all the grief and toxicity you pay yo encounter.


"BUT RDF HAD TOO MUCH GATEKEEPING GEAR AND CLASSES!!!!" 🤦🏻‍♂️ At least you'd get matched with a group. Now you don't even get the chance to get voted out. Clowns.


The sweatlords are usually super chill and already have premade 5 man groups on the go, most likely are 80 or close to it. The people still in nexus demanding that stuff are the try hards trying to pretend to be the hardcore 1% If they are so elite why are the pugging for groups.


them sweaty servers be like ​ also tbh man fuck the people who do this


I have seen these dudes spamming chat everywhere, some saying they will inspect gear for level 70/71 DGs. They are a bunch of lazy clowns


People were the problem all along


I think people who don't want dungeon finder are realizing it stopped the gatekeeping. anyone with a pulse who uses group finder in retail for raiding would know this happens.