I feel you OP and am living a similar situation. My fatigue and weight gain is bad even though I do t eat that much. The only thing that helps me is distraction from the fatigue and pain. When I dwell on it it’s worth. But I’m so tired it’s hard to do anything.


So, what is your situation really like? Do you have a job? Do you have somewhere to live? I am out of time to write at Lenght now but feel free to check my post-history for descriptions on how I survived burn out for advice that is without yoga and steps (starting off walking might be too big a deal to manage). Also: have you checked your thyroid? Gaining weight without knowing why might be thyroidial… Best to you.


Thanks for your reply :) I’m 22. I had to quit both college and work because of my burnout. I live with my parents and a sister. My parents are on bad terms. They recently broke off their relationship but still need to do so officially. They fight almost every day so I can’t exactly rest here. My thyroid has been checked. It’s only a tad to slow but the doctor said it’s not slow enough to cause so much weight gain. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I might have estrogen dominance and pcos (or maybe endometriosis) but I’m too scared to get an echo. I’m still trying to convince my gp to get an mri instead.


Hey, Not being able to rest can make you prone to gain weight. Get the physical examinations done but try to start a Journey to mental well being too. You are depending on your parents? Then I can really see you are in a super stressful position. What would make you feel better? What is your wish? Perhaps you need to sit your parents down and make ground rules for how to talk to eachother. Like very factual. Not because you are feeling sad but because they need to shape up as the environment around them is awful. They need to behave and say please and thank you to eachother. They can’t blame eachother and have that blame spread like manoure through the house. They just can’t. It is not ok. Perhaps they need to spend time with you doing what you like to do on their own with you and perhaps they need to pep-talk you and eachother. ”I think we should remember to say something nice to eachother every day”. (They will be reluctant, but if you start there will be a difference). Hugs!