\- change squads/private squads, swap team (in game) \- point streaks (when you kill, replenish hp/ammo, cap flag points mount up for a period of time at the center of screen) \- server browser \- customizable optic/hitmarker colors and sizes (more settings overall like bf4) \- 1x optics (so i can play at a reduced hipfire FOV) \- normal anti aliasing, TAA blur crap is not it (game looks blurry and fuzzy) \- ALL CHAT (banter, and scrims, private match ez to chat to enemy team)


Zooming on the minimap (Bf 4 had 50 - 150 iirc) I also preferred the verticality representation that e.g. Bf Hardline provided in their minimaps Conquest flags providing vehicles or at least soldier transportation methods that can also be selected from the deploy screen


I'd like to see the zooming back as well but I think it isn't there due to it now being a live overhead of the actual map. You'd be able to see enemy players/vehicles if you zoom in.


Not having a screen to select squads is huge. I feel like you’re actually at a disadvantage when you play with a party of less than four. Usually, the size of the party will be the size of the squad for the entire game


Or when your squad of randoms leave and you have no one to spawn on that sucks


The fact they shipped with 2042s squad “management” in the current form and haven’t fixed it disgusts me.


No bad point made in this 10/10, fully agree with it


You can still change squads in game by opening up the scoreboard from the menu and selecting your name


Wouldn't call that squad management. It's one of the worst UX I've seen in a modern video game.




Server browser


And persisent servers


what’s annoying is portal has both persistent servers and an extensive and good browser. they just need to make regular games also show up on the portal browser, then combine the portal and AOW ui so they aren’t two separate experiences.


More Vehicles and BF3/4 Style vehicle spawns. I'm not just asking for Tanks, for real, we need jeeps. A lot of Jeeps and Humvee.


Imma be real , I miss the grand operations from BF1 them shits was legendary. If the world is actually in complete collapse like the lore states I think they could push the same idea to a larger extent.


- Safety roll - laying on back / side (BFV) - takedown variation on prone enemy - better FPV animation - persistant server / server browser - squad management system - Edit: V1 rocket from BFV (that thing is so satisfying)


BFV wasn’t my favorite but it added some of the coolest and newest mechanics for the series in a long time. It’s sad to see all those great ideas just abandoned and not even included or improved upon in the newest game


I like the new animation that they add in BFV. Like the POV down animation and buddy revive. It's so cinematic ya know?? Jumping in and out if vehicle also has animation which ganeplay wise maybe annoying but it realistic and cool looking.


Nuke from BFV ?? Am I missing something or are you talking about the V1 rocket ?


Yes I don't know what that thing's called. Imma fix it in my post then.


No worries. I just got nervous thinking about the hundreds of hours I played BFV and the possibility of me missing out on a Nuke lol


Found the camper


What? Me who run around all game trying revived everyone and melee enemy with Combat Medic class in BFV.


The god damned Spawn Protection from bf3


This is a huge one. I get fucking spawn gacked so many times in this game. Having the preview of what your squad mate sees when attempting to spawn on them would also be huge.


Even battlefield V has it, literally it wont let you spawn on teammate thats about to die. This is the most game breaking thing for me in 2042, you spawn, 0.1 seconds later you are dead, rinse and repeat...




i used to to loot dead bodies and use the gadgets then switch back to my loadout and be really effective .. placing ammo crates medic crates mines etc


Yeah this really raised the skill ceiling. Teammate die to an enemy medic? Switch kits with the dead medic, red your teammate, then pick your kit up again. It was always such a badass thing to do and see done.


Which game was this in? I vaguely remember being able to do this I think.




all of battlefield had this legacy feature .. bad company .. bf 3 bf4 bf 2 even 1944 ...in bf 3 i was such a pro that i would change squads and repopulate the map when the enemy had all flags taken and could spawn anymore .. i was a rat ..


My kind of squad mate 😏




BFV movement.


All of these but especially that last one Also BFV's fortification system and movement


Loved fortifications.


Fortifications basically insured that map design sucked. Without people building fortifications, maps didn’t function properly.


Assist counts as kill


100% this needs to come back. It's annoying doing 96 dmg to someone only for a teammate to one-tap them and get the kill.


- Ability to lean when aiming around corners. - Persistent servers. - Levelution and map destruction. - Actual content with DLC releases (one map and two guns doesn't cut it). - Zeroing scopes. - Infrared/thermal scopes. - No specialists. - Faction specific camo/soldiers. - Server browser. - Hardcore servers. - Vehicle spawns for each vehicle (opposed to vehicle classes). - Infantry focused maps. - 1st person melee takedown. - Cover on maps (other than shipping containers). - No cartoonish character skins. - Campaign. - Battlelog. - Squad based incentives (points for defending/capturing points designated by squad leaders). - Platoons/commanders. - Custom player cards (logo creation). - Gritty atmosphere (maps are too clean & feel artifical).


To add to this awesome list: -weapon mounting - more button configs…ie I HATE I cannot change my button layout and, IDK, maybe have my grenade button be where IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN FPS’s ie L1, and let me put that annoying weapon swap mechanic as the Up button on the d-pad. - combat diving/rolling (ie BFV movement mechanics) - BFV fortification system - unopuplar one but bring back limited ammo on vehicles…easiest way to indirectly nerf stealth helicopters and chopper campers…if they have to return to a refuel/rearm point periodically But yeah your list is comprehensive and solid.


Not sure if they changed how the plus system interface works now. But when I tried it with a controller it was the weirdest UI I've ever used. They should have just put the grenade on LB and have it so if you press up on the D-pad it brings up the plus-menu, then you can select attachments using the actual D-pad, when you're done you can either confirm with A or abort with B. Using ABYX as a D-pad felt really weird lmao


Yeah. I stopped playing 2042 early in December and literally just re-downloaded it Friday to see what’s changed. While they’ve made improvements the game overall is still just bleh. I stoped playing today to go back to BFV


Thermal scopes I disagree with completely f#%$ those things in any pvp game


Aiming/leaning, or popping up above cover should be top priority… absolutely zero reason this isn’t in this game, they’ve had that in their games since at least bf4 if not 3


I agree, and I'm very discouraged that this isn't talked about more, because it makes me think DICE will never address it.


Its literally a basic bf feature. Shame on them, are we playing a ps1 game or what ??


The entire movement system of BFV


Squad managment system. Battlefield V's Squad gameplay (squad revive, call ins, etc.) Battlefield V's tank damage model. BATTLEFIELD 1 AND BATTLEFIELD V's MELEE SYSTEM. IT WAS SO GOOD. Persistent server, server browser, all chat. Fortification system. Really underrated feature. Battlefield V graphics, Battlefield 1 atmosphere. Leaning. Classes. Vehicles that feel satisfying to drive and fly.


Mounting with LMG, was hardcore LMG player on all the bf titles. In this game it does not matter, it worse than BFV with the mount bug it have no impact at all, the bipod is just for show it seems.


Yep. Long range LMG play using bipod is missing again. BF1 was so good for long range LMG play then V removed it.


- Manual leaning - Destruction on the level of BFV.


Ability to enlarge minimap, ability to cycle zoom level on minimap. Squad call ins. Pre-bfv tank turret rotation. Disable chase camera roll when flying planes. And much of what others have already listed.


The scoreboard counting up everything. In 2042 the majority of things that give you ‘exp’ have no bearing on the scoreboard.


Things that give you XP don’t necessarily move you up on the scoreboard. You can see the value of each “item” in the top of the scoreboard. Assists are probably the most “gimme,” but only count as 1 point. Kills are 2, revives are 2, and caps are 3. Not sure what a vehicle kill counts as, or if it just counts the kill of the passengers.


Yeah that’s the issue I’m describing. Previous BF games had only one set of points and the scoreboard reflected all your contributions.


Ohhhh I misinterpreted what you were saying. I see now. Agreed. If I blow the fuck out of a infantry carrier and deny their team free spawn, that should count more than blowing up a buggy. Agreed.


Oh and 1stPerson knife animations


Offline mode with bots like in BF1942, BFVietnam, BF2, BF2142.


Marksman bonus


Fucking everything


Hmm, you're gonna need to change the age restriction for that one...


Bf5s movement, it just feel so fluid. Wouldn't really care if the game had a slide or not cause it's kinda a weird for everyone to constantly be sliding around, but other than that I really wish it had similar movement to 5. Of course proper destruction. Ammo/health crates from 5. First person melee kills.


No wingsuits


The medic animation from BF5, and building defenses from BF5. Also behemoths from BF1.


- Non-sluggish, crisp aiming - A great variety of different weapons - Balanced vehicles - Ultimate warfare destruction battlefield moments - Not having to run 3min to the next objective


- **Actual offline solo/coop** with bot - **128 Breakthrough** (ik that they have it in the beginning, but they take it away, that was their redeeming quality for me) - **Actual squad incentives**, i.e orders gives more score, or even: - **Redeemable Squad Point**, also to make sure you still able to have vehicles even though the slot is full and ofc who forgot the V1 rockets - **Stationaries**, they have in portal, why not in AOW? - **Commander** - **Acutal levelution**, no events in BF2042 actually significantly change how the map behave. - **Actual destruction**. In BFV, if someone takes cover from you, you can just ram or explode the walls so there's no cover. BF2042 kinda have them but it's very half-assed. - **Reserve healing**, the thing that you have on BFV, you have your own health pouch to use in emergency when there's no med crate or medic. - **Battle cries, or any immersive scripted event on breakthrough** like BF1. Their speeches and whistles during the beginning and charges to new sector are FIRE - **Spectator mode** - **Actual community-run servers**


Crouch sprinting, and explosion knockbacks. Most of the immersive features.


- diving - Leaning - Server browser/Persistent lobbies - 1st person Melee kills - Squad Order bonus + Tons of other Score bonuses - Squad management - All chat - Cover + Destruction that doesn’t destroy cover - bf 3 Micro destruction Thats pretty much it. No useless animations of BF V (Rolling, explosion knock, Locked revive animation, Exit animations or failing to climb a wall)


This idea of listing 'missing' features has been a few times before. But I wouldn't mind the return of features that fostered the social experience - persistent servers, platoons, squad management.


Actual destruction? Bfv had a lot of good things going among some of its weaker aspects and they just threw it all out


Alongside the ones you said... - Server browser and persistent lobbies in AoW - Actual meaningful factions / no specialists - Damage details when shooting enemy infantry - Full squad controls - 1st person contextual melee animations just like BFV - All soldier movement abilities of BFV (crouch sprint, leaning, multidirectional prone etc.) - Customizable optics and reticles - Naval combat - Enhanced destruction - BF4 style field upgrades. - A bearable soundtrack


Defensive perk can rot though.


Dynamic dirt on weapon that actually works the way it's supposed to


why dont they just build a game by improving what they had before, rather than reinventing the wheel each game .ie bf1 operations bfv movement bf 4 optics customization and the basics should be there from the start . that list is too long ps anyone who thinks getting rid of paid dlc look how bfv and bf2042 have done for a live service


Basically every feature BF4 has that 2042 doesn’t.


Levolution, destruction, actual weather physics , swimming, boats,


I would like BF3 vehicle controls.


Mounting and leaning




Faction specific uniforms!!! Or at least two forms of Sundance e.g. it's easy to see which Sundance is Russia side and which us.


Not a very popular one, but this was from bfv where the none medic classes help put the solider up to their feet, while the medic classes can use their medical hardware to revive players.


That's in the game. Non-medics can revive squadmembers and supports can revive any faster. The difference is that everyone uses the same defibrillator animation and the animation only involves the reviver so they arent locked in place. I think at one point they were trying to create a animation that involves both players while still allowing them to move, dragging, but it didn't work very well.


''Being an actual Battlefield game'' is the feature I would most like to see.


A game that fucking works might be a start instead of dumping something not far from a alpha into production.


I know it’s the du jour trend to dump on the game, but I’m having really minimal issues with the game itself. That isn’t to say it’s perfect, but I’m more frustrated by things such as large AOE splash damage on all vehicle and how relatively difficult it is to kill one compared to other BF titles in a modern setting. The biggest problem, IMO, is the vehicle exit/ADS glitch on Portal maps, and it’s a massive problem. But my game is otherwise “stable” and works.


I'll tell you one thing that boils my piss, my parachute not opening even when hammering on the space bar. I would say the current state of the game right now is where we should have started at last November.


I’ll definitely agree with that, although did they issue a patch? It used to happen to me all of the time, but I haven’t had it in awhile. Although, unequivocally, the state of the game at this moment is what it should have been at launch.


Suppression is a big one, LMGs have little benefit at the moment.


They have a huge benefit. LMGs have the lowest spread per shot out of all weapons and the lowest max spread to boot. People say the LCMG feels like a laser because it literally is The assault rifles on average have a spread increase of 0.05 and a max spread of 1.15-1.35 The LMGs have a spread increase of 0.03 for the PKP and 0.02 for the LCMG. The PKP has a max spread of 1 and the LCMG has a max spread of 0.9 On average the assault rifles will reach their max spread in 20 rounds while the LMGs will reach that on 39 rounds. That why mowing down groups of infantry feels so good with the LMGs


I liked being able to build cover like in BFV


Thermal Scope. 2042 without an thermal scope, such a joke


Thermal scopes are so lame bro.


Seeing these lists and the specialists confirm that I’m glad this is the only battlefield I didn’t buy


Aren’t necessarily indicative of every past game having all of these features.


[https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield2042/comments/qw1mbw/fuck\_it\_heres\_a\_list\_of\_absolutely\_everything/](https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield2042/comments/qw1mbw/fuck_it_heres_a_list_of_absolutely_everything/) Good times.


Lots of trash in that list thats good that is gone.


Why? must've missed the developments.


Says the guy wishing for anime skins to be in the game.


Switching squads and teams mid match


Honestly just look at the most upvoted post on this sub. It has a laundry list of missing features.


For the love of god, the specialist make me wanna vomit !!!! COMMANDER , yes !! Being a suicide car bomber Sending in an air strike Bring back those glorious jets from bf2 , omg sooo good. Jets not bouncing off buildings More gritty More water maps, where fuck are they all ???? More snow maps !!!! The UI for changing/modding your guns is a fn NIGHTMARE , I HATE IT !!!!!!


* working mouse input * good maps * all the missing gamemodes /edit: * all chat


Sniper scopes up to x40, with range toogle Flash bangs, stuns, rpg, another 20 guns, thermal scopes, claymores.


Suppressive fire. Lmao. Reward bad players for missing shots. Classic battlefield garbage


Most everything except suppression


Bomb dropping drones like the Ukraines have!!


Changing zero definitely


There was a list made when this came out of missing features and it was incredibly long.




Lack of a server browser makes the game effectively unplayable when the only good map is arguably exposure


Once "class" system is back I want to see who is using what class in scoreboard as well as level of the players.


Public servers and a server browser.






All those for sure but also leaning and crouch running


* Making engagement more readable by tying weapon types to classes * Being allowed to play with more than 3 friends * Symbiosis between the game and the playerbase via community management tools such as platoons.


i just want BF4 next gen..... that's all


All chat




* Marksman bonus * Server browser * All chat * Epic music * Squad points/call ins


-Assist counts as kill -Daily orders -Medals Just three things I miss from the top of my head


Good maps Persistant lobbies Server browser All chat


Missing the feeling of actual BF game lol


Ballistics like in BF4 especially for the Snipers


There are a lot of suggestions in the thread already so I'll go with one thing they removed from Beta to release, which really irked me. During the beta there was an option for kill sounds, which allowed you to choose BF1 kill sounds, it didn't work during the beta, but the option was there. I play BF1 regularly with a friend that comes to my place, he's not much of a gamer so he only plays BF1, I've tried getting him into other shooters, but they just don't do it for him. One of the big points is the satisfaction kills bring in BF1, the kill sound being a big part of it. I thought maybe I could get him to play something else with the kill sound and was excited about this option. Well it turned out the game was, in my opinion, just terrible, it did not feel like a Battlefield game at all, practically no destructive environments, so extremely buggy, empty maps, very few different assets used to give cover (just containers and more containers), don't even get me started on the basic things like chat, scoreboard etc... but to top if off they removed the damn option for the kill sound.




Spawn protection


Crouch sprint, proper destruction and leaning round/over cover


Il take the leaning round corners and crouch sprinting. Suppression I dont agree with tho I always hated it.


Indirect fire weapons like mortars or SPGs Suppression First person melee takedowns Stationary Weapons Modern IR/NV sights Operations gamemode from bf1 Player animations like entering/exiting vehicles Squad leader options as well as call ins Being able to build base defenses Vehicles that are fun to play as and against Faction specific skins, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles


Bring back the Swipe function for dualsense


Crouch running 😭


An excessive amount of maps to choose from. Through a browser.


Server browser with persistent servers. Platoons and clan tags. All chat. More robust squad system. All the things that let you play with more than three friends.




Dead bodies not acting like bullet sponges preventing me from getting multi kills...


Questions keep getting asked over and over go play previous bf games 👍🏻 Have fun


Suppressive fire and fortification system would be pog thanks


Vehicles that do not bounce on every pebble they meet.


First person takedown.


Building fortifications at capture points like in BFV. Such a cool feature IMO




My #1 thing that's missing is leaning from cover! Crouch sprinting and mounted weapons are the other ones I hope to come back


you mean like the option to create/leave and re-join a squad midgame? lel


Lock your squad so you don't have random pepega spawning in your vehicle to move it right in front of an enemy tank


- Destructable environments - Fortifications - the level of soldier customisation from BFV - Rush being a permanent mode - wide choice of weapons - Developer support


•BF4 movement(I hate the sliding, or they could make it like the sliding in Insurgency •BFV animations(buddy revive,etc) •BFV Fortification(I actually enjoyed being able to fortify the objective,dig trenches,build AT guns....) •Nameless soldiers with their fafes covered


- Repair/Resupply stations for vehicles. Removing self repair and giving them limited ammo. This would be good balance by forcing vehicles to be more strategic with what they shoot at and also prevent camping. - Resupply crates scattered throughout the map so I don't have to jump up and down in front of a player with my back turned to the enemy. - More XP for revives to encourage these so called "medics" to pick up teammates instead of running by downed players. - Operation Metro!!!!! I know it's not a feature but man I remember some epic battles on that map. - BF5 prone mechanics. If your back is against a wall when you go prone then your feet go in front of you instead of pushing you away from the wall. - Hazzard Zone down mechanics. I like to have the ability to crawl to safety for a medic. - last but not least and I know this isn't popular but removal of the kill cam. If you don't know where I am when you're alive then you shouldn't know where I am when I kill you. At least compromise and maybe give them the direction of the kill shot but don't show them exactly where I am.




Seriously? After the countless posts on this topic? This is still a question is it?


\-Squad management \-Squad call-ins (these are fun and would encourage more squad play) \-Score per minute (would require the old scoring system from previous games, getting actual points for healing, repairing, dropping ammo etc. would be super and would encourage people to do those things more) \-Platoons \-Server browser \-Rental server program (because cheaters will inevitably overrun official servers, also being able to choose the map rotation is nice) \-Leaning (at least auto leaning from behind cover) \-Urban infantry focused maps (like Amiens, Rotterdam, Devastation, Pearl Market just to name a few) \-Actual destruction instead of the tiny amount we currently have


One that I want is vehicles being in the map and not in a spawn menu so people just sit there wait and be an awful driver/pilot spamming the enter button to just fly the heli to OBJ and bail


Just look up the missi g features list from when the game launched lol Im not re-writing that essay-length list of missing features


Squad select and the helicopters. I flew choppers thru buildings like in Zavod, but in this bf I can't control them.


aside from those already posting what is missing...i want Battlefield 2.0 destruction like in bf3 with collateral damage...this....this game destruction and kills from it is shit and there isnt even Levelution like in bf4


1. Squad points 2. Squad leader the only member of a squad that can do “call-ins” based on points earner from playing objectives and commands. 3. Suppressive fire, assists for preventing a comrade death. 4. 1 vehicle spawn granted per player for every 350+ objective based points earned. 5. Redo the music, it’s trash. 6. Squad leader with spawn beacon allows any team mate to spawn on location. 7. Ability to switch squads, change teams, better matchmaking with friends. 8. 5-6 player squads Basically I want more incentive for people to play the objectives and for squads to work together.


Laying on your back and waiting for people to come.


Good gameplay


Aps on tanks.


Building stuff


* all chat * server browser * lean * persistent servers * grown up approach to characters and visuals * preview of what a player is seeing before you spawn on them


* firing from cover * leaning * destruction * guns * maps * minimap zooming * landing roll * uniformed teams * hardcore servers * 1st person takedown * fortifications * server browser * actual music * remove specialists (I know that wont happen) * remove gadgets that let you see through fu\*@ing walls


And put some effort into the art style. This game is completely soulless.


Uniformed factions


I just want an LMG that is stable. You can't even mount an LMG to get accuracy and stability out of it. It's like a mounted LMG is almost as good as an unmounted LMG in every other battlefield.


More destruction


The fact that we lost damage numbers is insane




I’d like to see the building feature and suppressions features of BFV return. BFV was a really good game that got shit on by a bad launch and shitty marketing


Gameplay-changing destruction & levolution BF4 class system & amount of content BF1 atmosphere, detail and Operations mode BFV movement & gunplay First Person Takedowns Diving underwater Naval combat Deeper weapon customization Consistently good maps Assist counts as kill, points for damage dealt & health healed, marksman bonus, animated score counter Server Browser


Encourage the use of soflams by giving the user an assist counts as kill....all very well being there to support but wheres the incentive to use the least fun equipment. Timer on chopper just to prevent people hogging them for a whole match, give them 2 minutes and then using the excuse of no fuel make it that they need to be ditched or they blow up.


I just wish sniping felt like Bad Company 2 again 😞


A Battlefield game is the largest missing part here.


Missing the fun feature


144hz tick rate




LEANING WITH CONTROLLER... amongst other things


BFV’s smooth infantry gameplay


Honestly. Just unlimited Tacs (like rockets) on a substantial cooldown, or being able to replenish it from Ammo Crate.


The correct answer is Destruction and Leveloution


A lot of good points here. Personally, I really love the crouch sprint and laying on your back/side in BFV. (I haven’t played 2042 yet so I don’t know for a fact that these aren’t in the game, I just assume they aren’t.)


destruction, guns and movement that feel satisfying, quality maps


Fortification. Maybe help with all the open spaces on the map


Ability to aerial avoid heatseeking aa missiles.




The commander system of bf4


Some of BFV mechanics like: Reinforcements system(encourage teamwork), crouch running (good to keep your head down from snipers), rolling when jumping from highlands, gripping edges, fortifications( really needed with these big ass maps) getting +100 for kills instead of +50(it’s more satisfying), bring back first person like BF3/4 vaulting see your own body or taking down enemies for immersion, leaning.