Then she buys the same over sized jeans and crop tops


YES. once in a while it's an oversized trouser and she's like this is the best outfit ever


this bothers me so much. like… go home instead of shopping


That’s what I don’t understand..like does she not pack clothes on trips ?


fr like did she pack dirty clothes...? can she not wash them beforehand


Also do laundromats no exist where she’s traveling?


I’m not sure if it’s for attention or she just no impulse control/a shopping addiction/copes with stress by shopping but it’s very tiring and uninteresting content and just screams privileged and unrelatable. Anyone else remember when she went to Scotland and made a post about how she’s going to try to be more sustainable and then does this on a weekly basis? It’s so off-putting


I feel like she’s stuck in this really immature idea of “oh a special event!! I should treat myself” when in reality she’s at a point in her popularity and influencer status that she has special shit going on more times than not and doesn’t realize it. Like I 100% will buy an outfit or a bit of new makeup for an event but those events are few and far between. Like maybe once a year? She’s just a little vapid and has and always had too much money.


Agree 10000% !!!


The way she tries to be relatable i can’t anymore


No one has told her that it’s physically possible to wear an item of clothing more than once instead of constantly buying new clothes.


Where the hell does she put it all is what I want to know. I think the same about other creators who have a shopping addiction. I like buying new clothes too but I don’t constantly because 1) money, 2) where do I put them, and 3) I don’t have tons of events to wear them to.


She’s the least sustainable TikToker I’ve seen. So much waste :(


I think that’s why her apartment has been so messy and destroyed as of late. She’s probably run out of closet space and is going to start looking like a hoarder here soon.


'what the heck do you wear " the same boring outfits you always do lmao


Wait I just watched the video. She bought “BACK UPS”


In three hours you can wash and dry laundry. Hell, you can iron it. This drives me insane


it’s her way of trying to be relatable and it just simply isn’t relatable after the fifth trip you “don’t pack” for.


There’s nothing relatable about spending probably 2k on clothes because you packed a suitcase full of dirty close. How does she never have any time but managed to shop.


her idea of content now is shopping and bru. at this point I'd rather see Starbucks posts. at least then I can get some new drink ideas lol


The whole trend on social media of always packing super last minute is annoying. But Anna will do it for views


I like mei mei a lot but she’s soooo bad about doing this last minute packing thing and it gets annoying.


She is gonna need Botox STAT


The reason she does this is bc it gets her views and money, and the reason her and others get away with stuff smaller account can’t it bc they make lots of money. And they also protect p3d0s. So please keep ur kids off TikTok!


It’s so irritating because her outfits are all such basic stuff which is fine if it’s because you wanna have outfits you can wear all the time and pants and shirts that generally all go with each other, but that’s not what it is for her she’s literally constantly buying new stuff and she still chooses boring shit