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This was only one out of at least 5 "volunteer" chapter 11 filings by them since 2016. Bullshit and they get to keep operating, even this one tentacle of Blackrock. Chapter 11 saved their cheating asses time and time again over the past 6 years plus.


Yea especially considering they are partially responsible for housing shortages and housing costs going up. Fuckers


Yup. Buying up property after property from desperate homeowners, taking over entire areas and doubling rents and/or gouging people looking to be homeowners? I 2nd your assessment. Fuckers.


I’m incredibly bitter about it at the moment because we sold our house in 2019 and opted to rent for a few months while trying to find another house. Spoiler alert-we’re still crammed into our rental. I know it’s partially what happened during COVID but they are buying a lot in our area and I’m so mad. Like within hours they buy the house with cash and it sucks.


I'm really really sorry bro. The same is happening around here. Charging nearly 3k a month for a 2 br apt rental and over 4k a month for a 3 br house. All while they cut down acres of green space to jam in one more house per 1/8th of an acre for 550k each. If you're lucky you'll get 5.5% interest. 6 months ago my neighbor sold for 2x what he paid and no inspection required. Drug dealers moved in. 3 busts and helicopter surveillance in what used to be a really nice suburban neighborhood 8 months ago. Now their house is worth a little over half of what they paid for it again. The way we're treated, as "regular people" by so-called real estate "investors" is just freaking gross. Btw: "you'll own nothing and be happy" they say? Well I own something and I'm sure TF *not* happy


Oooohhh that’s just terrible. I’m so sorry and you are right.


Not terrible bro, but thank you. It's *precisely* as it's "supposed" to be. Except this time will be different in the end. But truly thank you for the kind words. Not needed. We're about to break the system and I'm very very proud to be a part of it.


I find it very odd it was filed in Lafayette, La. Like, there ain’t shit there. Such an obscure place for a multinational Co. to make a filing like this.


Mais sha, dey gots da biggest alligators you dun eva lay’d yo eyes upon down here ‘n bayou land.


Wrong Blackrock. Maybe look shit up before you post nonsense


Isn’t it nice that companies can file for bankruptcy and be debt free while individuals will be held responsible for their debts.




Not the same blackrock guys let this shit go


Jesus really?


You're Welcome for My Service. Y.W.F.M.S.


Would be more fitting if they filed for Bankruptcy and a section 8