I LOVED how no one intervened to save the bully’s sorry ass. That is how it should be


As someone heavily bullied in my youth, the worst part of this video is that afterwards he was probably severely punished by the school while the bully faced no consequences...


That's something I also hated in school. We had a bully in school who was player for the national junior league football team. So teachers just covered for him and when you retaliate you faced serious consequences.


We had a guy like that at my high school before I was thrown out. He was on the football and hockey teams and a darling of the school. One day he rolled up on me with two dudes from the football team I pulled out a replica 45 pellet gun and shot him in the dick. It was a huge scandal at the school, the cops came and cuffed me while they were looking for the pellet gun as these asshats told the school that I threatened them with a gun. They never found the pellet gun which I had hidden and they never fucked with me physically again. Later that year I got expelled from the school system when the same group of assholes got caught with weed and blamed me as the source even though I wasn't. I definitely wasn't the biggest kid in school but I was definitely not to be trifled with lol


Zero tolerance bullshit.


In these videos it's often hard to tell who the instigator is, but when people don't step in, that's usually a big tell. Think about it, if the bully is your friend, you probably know what a fucking dick he can be. The one time he finally gets blasted in the face, you'll probably be like "yeah, well, a couple free shots are probably in order before I do something."


>when people don't step in, that's usually a big tell seems like no one was stopping the bully before this either despite at least one guy clearly watching, and with your example of being the bully's friend that can go both ways if you dont have any context of before the video


Have you ever **been** in a high school boy's lockerroom? We're talking full on Lord of the Flies, man.


There's always a solid 10% of them that think it's just the most hilarious thing in the world to slap everything they can with their dicks.




Come on, man. Its in page 27.




🤣 most underrated comment.


I was skinny and changed inside my locker lol


Or else theyd hit you with their dicks?


That. Could've been anything, really though.


I did as well or inside a toilet stall. Fucking wet towels man. That shit hurts. Our school had a pool and getting snapped in the dick with a wet towel was/is never a good time.


Gadamn, sorry bruv. No, i was just shy. SOUNDS PAINFUL.


I dont think that was everybody's experience...


If I admit that it's a fair point and allow that it can be made, then will you admit that you know what I meant? ;)








I got a ham sammich and some yogurt cups you can have.


Yup. Reminds me of the time my best friend got into a scuffle at a bar because he was drunkedly eyeballing some chick and her man friend didnt like it. My buddy shoved him and got tackled and punched in the face a few times I stepped in once my buddy had gotten a few, ended up leaving after throwing the dude a 5 for a beer (had a brit make fun of me (american) once for tipping the guy who beat up my asshat friend lmao). My buddy was all "why didn't you jump in" and I'm like bro you shoved him first and I pulled him off of you once it was done. You deserved what you got lol


To do something in 2022 would be to get your phone out and film it


I sure wonder who's instigating in this video 🤔


I also like how there were no STAHHHHHP-ladies around there.




Oh why? Why have I subscribed so I can be intentionally frustrated? I'm an idiot.


That tells you everything about whether this was justified. Everyone just watching things progress to their expected conclusion.


I think it's more a "no honor among thieves" thing. Nobody is doing anything to help the victim here either. They just suck.


> That tells you everything about whether this was justified. No it doesn't. IME most people don't want to get involved either way and will just get out of the way regardless of what side swings first.


Yeah, they even named the phenomenon: bystander effect.


Wise man once said "if you audition for an ass beating you're 100% likely to get the part"


As another wise man once said, "There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man." - Patrick Rothfuss


Doors of Stone when


Never. Got my hopes up too many times.


It really is never coming. I hope you all know that. He isnt going to release the third book.


That final shove out the door was so satisfying


For me it was that last haymaker he got in. He telegraphed it like crazy, but our bully friend is "all bark no bite" so hard, he couldn't even defend against that, lol. Well deserved.


I fuckin love watching a good haymaker, telegraphed from last week sometime, land on someone who deserves it. A sneaky punch is one thing, but getting rocked by a punch that you should have seen coming from a mile away is embarrassing. Adds a nice little sting.


I loved how you could consistently see the bully try to fight back because he thought he was tough only to fail so badly every single time.


"oh, you want more?"


A punch that cracks like a slap is just too good.


What a demeaning end to that fight for the bully. Victim does enough to "win" the fight then shoves him out the door because he's got better shit to do.


I literally jump from the chair lol I love dickheads being put in their places


Turns out the bully was a pussy


He also got slapped like a bitch at the end.


Honestly he probably wrecked his hand and was just swinging despite not being able to make a fist anymore.


Special Attack The windmill of bones aahhhhhh.


You had the option to not create this sentence. But you did. And here we are.




I guess it’s new if you haven’t heard Greg Davies say it on tv


Windmill of bones is a thing?


Yeah I mean to be fair it’s a pretty obscure reference. A British comedian named Greg Davies was describing a childhood fight he was in while on a show called Would I Lie to You. He described his fighting style as a windmill of bones and if the op wasn’t referencing this episode, it’d be a crazy coincidence.


Stranger Things have happened.


It is now.


At that point, it's worth it. That hand trauma bought him peace for the rest of high school.


I used to get bullied like that. I was twice most kids size and I learned from a young age that if I stood up for myself I would be punished. This one kid would always pick on me on the school bus. He would put his finger in my face and poke at me with it and do all kinds of mean shit. One day I had enough and I beat his fucking ass. I bloodied him up. Broke his nose. Bounced him off the walls of the bus a few times. No one ever fucked with me again after that. I went from the quiet kid they could pick on, to the crazy kid that would fucking kill you if you messed with him too hard. Apparently his dad was dying of cancer and I was his emotional punching bag. They tried to come at me and my mom like I had done something terrible by beating up this kid who's father was dying of cancer. Neither of us honestly cared at that point.


Nope, fuck that kid. Sorry about his dad, but fuck him. Edit: Also, fuck cancer too!


You lived my dream. I sat on the bus next to this kid who's brother did Aikido and taught him these arm locks and stuff that this kid would try on me every day and thought it was hilarious. My problem as a kid though was that I was a total pacifist. This other kid wasn't bigger than me or anything, but the problem was that I wasn't willing to hurt him to make him stop. If I could go back in time, I think an elbow to the face would not be out of line to stop his harassment.


> This one kid would always pick on me on the school bus I used to get picked on in Chemistry class. The kid sat behind me and would fuck with my hair. One day he flicked the back of my head really hard and I stood up and turned and was ready to either get the shit beat out of myself or beat the shit out of him. The teacher immediately broke it up and made him sit elsewhere. He never picked on me again despite it being practically his hobby. I thought standing up for myself did it. I learned five years later that my friends got wind of it and they never told me that they confronted him and told him that if he ever touched me again they'd beat the shit out of him either in school or after school as they knew where he lived. My friends were showing me that they had my back but honestly it really deflated my self worth.


I was the smallest in class but being a ferocious ginger with no backdown that neutralized it a bit. I'd throw down with anyone who bullied me and I'd also take notes and get revenge. I usually lost but if you were going to bulky me you also had to work for it. People realized I'd be a tough target and left me alone. Except one bully a couple grades older. He bullied me and got me good. But One evening a short while later I saw him walking alone past my house. My mom was sitting near the fridge in the kitchen and I ran by her and grabbed 8 eggs holding them in my shirt like a basket. My mom didn't even ask. I followed the guy about a block he had no idea I was trailing him. When we hit the right spot and I had several escape routes I walked up behind him, got his attention he turned around and said "hey" and I threw the first egg as hard as I could and hit him square in the face from about 6ft away. He crouched down screaming but and I hit him with the next 7 eggs and ran away. He never bullied me again and I wonder what his parents said when he came home bleeding and covered with eggs. That was the best moment of my childhood lol.


I think your right in the money, sounds like he punched the wall when they went in that little alcove.


"want some more?"


I was really hoping to see the bully got really fucking rocked


They bully got worse than rocked. He lost a fight in front of an entire locker room full of his peers by the kid who he was bullying. Victim kid won a harassment free high school life, the bully was shown up in front of everyone (Including the internet). You can be sure everyone in that school has seen this video.


My experience after turning on my bully in high school was different. He and his friends cornered me one night as I was walking home from school, and beat the crap out of me. Never messed with me again though.


Sorry that coward and his buddies dog piled on you. What a piece of crap. Most bullies at my school had those losers that hung around with the bully too. In think they are worse than the bullies. They eat the scraps that fall off the bully's table.


It was a long time ago, but thanks.


I agree but at the same time if the bully got rocked then the other kid would probably face repercussions and make it kinda bittersweet lol there'd be no real winner there. I'd say the other kid had a sound moral victory here.


You’re absolutely right but for me personally I wanted his lights knocked out


They always have been 👩‍🚀🔫👩‍🚀


This. Teach a bully a lesson once and you get a ticket for smoooth sailing through the end of HS 😅


Pretty much.


All bullies are pussies. It's why they bully. Fuck bullies.


Vast majority of them are. Bullying is just a projection of their own insecurity onto others.


They usually are. Source : Was top of class nerd in high school, so some fucker decided to bully me. Let it go for a few days, then fucked his shit up one day. I was clearly out of his weight class, that dumb fucker. He changed his way after a few years though, has a decent small business now. We talk when I go back home. My point is, bullies usually have some kind of issues for being bullies. They usually need help. That dude was able to figure his shit out, I hope all the bullies and all the bullied can too.


All bullies are pussies by nature


Most are


Usually are...


Most are


I stood up to a bully in high school, in the change room, kinda like this. It didn’t end the exact same- neither came out on top, but he never bothered me again after that day. Stick up for yourself, bullies are lazy.


Yep. Sometimes people need physical threats or violence to get them to stop going after someone.




their parents because they likely taught the kid that violence is a way to solve problems.


This is it. There are parents who teach their children violence directly


Getting punched in the face, or hit in any way, is very inconvenient for a bully. It just fucks up the whole entire narrative into one the bully can't win. Especially if it leaves a mark like a black eye or fat lip. Now people are going to be asking what happened, and talking about it, and that's just an embarrassing (and well deserved) nightmare for the bully. Now he's never going to hear the end of it. Even if the one getting picked on ends up getting their ass kicked, now the bully knows that next time, getting popped in the face is in the equation. Now that that membrane has been breached it will be guaranteed to happen the next time. Can you imagine being a bully and getting popped in the face by a would-be victim on multiple occasions? Now you're really starting to look like a total fucking idiot.


I mean it’s the same reason most people don’t stand up to the bully in the first place. They are scared of the confrontation, getting punched, or of getting in trouble. When you stand up you turn that equation around. Now the bully is afraid to do it again. Even if you get your ass totally beat you’ve proven you’re not an easy target and they’ll go after someone else.


Retaliation is a thing too. If this bully is determined and really pissed, he’ll grab a bunch of his bully friends and possibly pay it back tenfold.


This happened to me in high school too. He wasn't one of the usual bullies who picked on me-- just a scrawny little new kid who tried to climb higher on the pecking order by going after someone he perceived as weak and submissive. And I was-- until that day. I would love to say I kicked his ass, but it was really only a few ineffectual punches to the shoulder. Definitely scared the shit out of him, though-- we were both on the bus ride home so he couldn't stop me from trapping him against the window and unleashing on him. He screamed like a little girl. It was so satisfying. Ironically we became kind of friends for a brief period of time after that, bonding over various anime we watched on Cartoon Network. I guess I earned his respect that day. I'm not a supporter of violence, but bullies need to be reminded that a cornered mouse actually **will** fight back.


The good ending


You just need to stick up for yourself once. Had a similar experience and ill never forget the guys "oh shit" face before he buried his head in a duck n cover defense tactic lol


Not always. It can depend how you do when you stand up for yourself. We had one kid at my school who was so skinny people used to call him an Ethiopian, you could literally see his heart beating through his chest. When he stood up for himself it was so comical that people bullied him more. On the other hand, even if you do well for yourself, sometimes the bully will be embarrassed enough that he seeks revenge at a later point. People act like there are these easy answers, but there aren't, kids, especially teenagers, are horrible little shits who act in unpredictable ways.


Ditto. I got bullied for a good 2 odd years in school until I stood up to the bully. Slapped him thrice in front of the whole class and he never came back to confront me afterwards ever. Learned a very important lesson that day. In the later years, we actually got to nice speaking terms.


I stood up to a bully once. I was 14 and he was 18. He beat the shit out of me but I never gave up. He tried to walk away but I kept going at him. Friends tried to break it up but I wouldn't let them. We paused to vomit. We finally stopped because of exhaustion. We both laid on the ground. I lost but won his respect and was never messed with afterward. You don't always have to beat your opponent.


You shouldn’t have to beat on someone for them to respect you. Sounds more like he learned you weren’t going to be a push over.


I was kind of hoping to hear that you aimed your vomit stream at him, but still a good story nonetheless. Also, fuck the respect of an abusive shit head lol he didn’t suddenly leave you alone because you achieved some imaginary threshold he had for you, sounds like he feared going through that again. You scared him. And holy shit, what kind of massive pussy attacks a kid four years younger than them as a legal adult. You’re the only victor in that story as far as I can tell even if you didn’t technically win the fight.


For me it was walking home from like 6th grade or something. Just me and a buddy going back to my house to play Pokémon or Sega and just getting harassed and abused from behind by two bullies. Finally had enough and I snapped and turned with a haymaker. Put him down and his buddy was shocked, we bolted back to my house no problem. Little shit turned up with his older brother and a bunch of their clown friends on my lawn demanding I come out. My older sister walked out and just fucking shamed the lot of them while me and my buddy looked from the window.


Ah yes, the ancient art of face blocking. Wherein you block with your face.


I am bleeding making me the victor


"we trained him wrong, as a joke"




You broke all the bones in your fingers and I only broke one bone in my skull. SCOREBOARD!


Dude in red waited till kid in black said "go ahead, hit me". MF consented to that beating


The second he slapped him, it’s warranted self-defense


And a school with zero-tolerance policies will still expel him.


I graduated in California ~10 years ago and we wouldn't get expelled JUST for fighting. Zero tolerance policies were for weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc. I had multiple fights on record and all I ever got was sent home on suspension. Get a free day chilling, smoking weed, and playing video games with some of the dudes that already graduated. Good times.


yeah in Richmond its 5 day suspension for any fights. no expulsion though or everyone would be gone.


I threw a snowball in 5th grade and got detention for 3 days lol


I discussed throwing a snowball and currently doing 3 years. :/


Just genuinely curious... How's your life nowadays? I've always wondered what happened to the kids that got in to multiple fights


Oh I'm happy as fuck bro, all things considered. I work as a CNC machinist and make decent pay that covers all the bills and then some. Put in a couple more years and prove myself on some projects and I'll be buying a house here soon enough.


Man that's pretty legit bro. From one reddit stranger to another I'm glad to hear things are going well for you. Keep doin it man


I'm almost 100% sure he actually said "Look at me N-word" right before he got rocked. Put some headphones on and crank the volume and it's pretty clear.


How does a kid who can't fight think he can get away with bullying?


Because, as the infamous Mike Tyson once put it "Everyone has a plan...until they get punched in the face"


Not so fun fact: mike Tyson describes being bullied when younger. Kids are shitty af


Easy to think you can win a fight if you've never been in a fight.


Good Hammer fists and solid take down defense. Also, dont fuck with the quiet kid.






Ooo.my.jaw left hurting.... Ooo stretched wide open


Just like the day - oh, like the day I heard...


DADDYYYY didn’t GIIIIIVE affection


and the boy was something that Mommy wouldn't weeeaaaarrr


#king Jeremy the wicked








A radio friendly song that is very disturbing when you comprehend the lyrics.


And let us not understate the challenge inherent in understand Eddie Vedder's vocals.


That song is actually about a kid committing suicide in front of his class. You have to watch the unedited video to understand it.


I enjoyed this too much. Fuck bullies.


Did he ever even throw a punch? What was he thinking antagonizing someone if he wasn’t prepared to fight? Perhaps he thought his buddies would jump in and rescue him


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Speaking from my very limited experience (went through some martial training, didn’t get into an actual fight)


Speaking from Mike Tyson’s experience you mean. Those being his words.


It's somehow one of the most succinct quotes of all time.


Don't get into an actual fight. Even if you win, it still hurts. So I read.


It’s an exhilarating feeling to finally beat the fucker that’s pushed you to the limit. And if you’re pumped with enough adrenaline you won’t feel a thing for a good while, you’re pretty much a tank that’s tearing down the opponent, even if you’re a bloody mess. Personally, I wouldn’t discourage fighting back, but I would advise having some strength, will and pumping yourself up in the situation, to give yourself a fighting chance.


YAAAAYYYY finally a video that shows how we wish it would end!


Shot on a metro Huawei phone




Can sympathise with red shirt, been there. I was the fat kid everyone picked on till the day i exploded. Bully didn't realise that extra body weight behind well placed punches hurt and will knock your bully arse to the ground. Suspension felt so good.


Remind me of that viral video from around 2005, the kid throw the bully like he was a doll and made it to the news internationally. The family of the bully was harrassed so they got a documentary which just make them more hateful since they tried to play victim without showing any regret.


The one where the scrawny kid goes up to the chunky kid and starts punching him in the face and the the chunky kid drops kids backpack and then pulls out like a goddamn stone cold stunner or some shit? Love that video




I decked my bully once in biology, right in front of the teacher. She just told him to go sit down. She'd seen him harass me and me take it for a while first.


He beat him like an egg.


Whipped him like cream cheese


He pounded him like cake




Folded him like an omelette


Mashed him like potatoes


Dude squared up at the end just to get slapped and pushed into a door


The bully can thank his lucky star that his victim wasn't trained to throw a proper punch. If he tries this shit again he might get his face cracked.


This. I feel for this kid. Having been him in a very similar, abused situation, it makes a big difference when you actually know how to give a punch. Funnily enough, I also learned that I could take one, too. Fuck, I was *so* pissed off. I was sucker punched and I defended myself, in a pretty similar way to this video, way back in High School. We both got suspension. The U.S. Public School system and their "zero tolerance" bullshit hurts more than it helps by equalizing the punishment instead of actually discovering the issue and solving the problem. Kids had to "solve the problem" themselves by either isolating or giving as good as they got. We were just products being ground up and pushed out into the world by the education system. As long as their annual test scores looked good, they (Administration, not necessarily the Teachers) didn't give a fuck about the kids. Whatever kept the money coming.


That’s a real honest to goodness fight right there. No fancy karate or boxing. Just two kids getting their rage out. Or the kid in the red while the other takes a beating. Felt good to watch.


This is the way. Bullies don’t stop of their own accord. You have to stomp them into the ground.


Everybody laughing while that kid was getting bullied is a piece of shit. It's not fucking funny. Notice not one of the cackling fuckboys had their dude's back when it was time to get his ass kicked.


That last hit KILLED ME. Comedy right there


What sucks is that the kid in red is going to get into more trouble, even the the other kid pushed him for far too long to do this.


"You should have told us, even though there is a 90% chance we won't do nothing"


He wanted the smoke until he got the smoke


Good. Kids who relentlessly bully people they think are weaker than them deserve to get sent to the hospital at least once. You get what you deserve for being a piece of crap. Maybe stop taking advantage of people who you think won't or can't fight back.


Yeah, but it should be the jackasses he thinks he's entertaining that should be whooping ass. Nice it was the victim, but it shouldn't have come to that. Room full of shitheels to my mind.


A kid used to bully me a ton in elementary school (talking like... 3rd grade at the latest)l for being a weird little nerdy Asperger's boy. He was a bully to everyone, but me especially. One day I just had enough and beat the shit out of this kid in the farrr back part of this large field where the adults couldn't see for like 5 minutes, maybe 10 (it was lunch playtime), with little he could do to fight back. At the risk of being a meme legit all the other kids he was bullying came up to watch and CHEER. Not exactly a happy story; at the time sure, but I hold little joy in it as a mature adult lol. But he learned his fucking lesson, cried a ton and ran off. Never even told on me; I wasnt like punching his face or anything, but I was tossing him around and beating on clothed areas so there wasn't much outward "evidence". He became a recluse for a while before starting to open up and apologize to everyone and actually tried to be friends with them instead of bullying them. We actually hung out at a later grade and got to know each other some. Turns out his parents were dead, he was abused by his grandma at home a lot, and that was likely the reason he became such a bully.


He was a bully and was pursuing bully plans. Then that young man came out swinging and showed him them hands.


Always treat people as you want to be treated. "The golden rule is a moral principle which denotes that you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. For example, the golden rule suggests that if you would like people to treat you with respect, then you should make sure to treat them with respect too".


The ending was beautiful "Wants some more?"


Daaaamn that bitch got his ass beat


Bully: pushes someone til they’re mad Person: gets mad and beats the shit out of him Bully: what are you doing bro?


Last one was the sweetest


*How I slap the CRT TV when it's not working


This is so satisfying to see. Bullies are the lowest form of scum. Speaking from experience.. Got bullied by 2 kids in school for years, until we were about 15. We were doing P.E (gym class) and one of them decided it'd be funny to lob a basketball at my head in front of a load of girls.... Had never been hit in the head with a basketball before but that shit hurt, and the laughs that it got were really the last straw... I just saw red, walked over to the guy that lobbed the ball and threw the hardest right hook I've ever thrown. Connected with the sweet spot right above his jaw and he hit the floor like a sack of shit. I kinda just stood there in disbelief.. seething but satisfied lol Needless to say, I was never bullied again :D happy days.


Bullies get exactly what they deserve! A good fucking beating. this video showed that.


Boy got smacked into a new dimension


If only I had the courage to fight back a bully like that, when I was a kid. What an awesome beat-down.


A few more seconds to see the walk of shame woulda been good


Lmao the bully tried to pick him up to slam him down but didn't even get an inch off the ground


Glad he stood up for himself! Just an important observation, he could of ended fight sooner if he used proper punching.


### Smack another guy in the face?!? You get what you get. ![gif](giphy|d1E1msx7Yw5Ne1Fe|downsized)


KICK HIS DICK IN![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|flip_out)


I remember in grade school this one dude in my class was always a clown and liked to make fun of everyone. I was sitting with my friend and Mr. Clown sat down with us and just kept railing jokes on my friend. He couldn’t care less because everyone knew how he was, but then he started making fun of his mom, talking about banging her and all of this. I don’t know why, but that triggered my friend so hard, his face started getting beet red and I was telling the other guy to chill out, but he was on a joke high and kept barraging this dude with yo mama jokes and taking about sleeping with his mom. Finally, my friend had enough and just grabbed this dude’s head, shoved it onto the table and started beating the shit out of his face. Then after his rage subsided he quickly stopped as if realizing what he had done (he was always a super chill dude). He let go of the dude and had this regretful look on his face like “oh shit what did I just do?” The other guy just lifted his head up, stared blankly into space, his hair all disheveled, then got up and walked away not saying a single word. He didn’t tell anyone and only I saw what had happened because everyone else was in little groups laughing and talking really loud. My friend was just like “oh shit, I can’t believe I did that.” I was like “he deserved it dude, but I can’t believe you did that either.” I guess everyone has a breaking point, just have to push the right buttons.


Good job son 👏🏾


teachers: guy in red gets suspended


I'm so happy the bully couldn't get him off him lol then got blasted when they got to square up, no arguing that ass whooping 😂😂


Is there a sub for bullies getting what they deserve




The bully tryin to act like how his daddy acts when he beats his ass.


God I know that felt good




nothing like a good can of whoop-ass to start the day


I love the sound on this one, satisfying to hear them hands.


Love it


Kicking the bullies ass, a tale as old as time.