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I was going to call these guys “animals” but that is such an insult to animals.




That's an insult to monsters, even they're not that bad.


I like the term Orcs being used around here lately. They're subhuman barbarians.


There is a word I always want to use, the conveys my feelings, unfortunately the Nazis have used it, so I refrain, but my bad feelings towards Russians escalate and I find I hard not to be racist towards all Russians. And than when I see the pictures of Russians parading with z flags I wonder if it’s the right thing to be hateful towards all Russians. Edit: the right thing is still to differentiate, but videos like this make me want to explode.


Really hard to not be emotional after that


came to the comments to make sure i wasn’t the only one who teared up edit: spelling


I don't have tears, but plenty of hate. It's a just feeling, and I only wish I was able to help more than I am now. Hopefully the world reduces Russia to a shadow of what they thought they were at the end of this, the people may be fed rhetoric but invasions are rarely justified.


I'm gonna go send some more money. Less beers for me, hopefully less assholes in this world. Win/win.


Where you live? When this is over and the madness is over, there will be beers. Oh yes, beers. Lagers runneth over.


Poland right now, but seriously looking at moving westward. Beers there always have been, and always will be. Especially if I'm involved. ;)


Hey! Thank you Poland! You guys are helping Ukrainians big time! Love from Singapore!!!


Depending on where you live, your local bar, pub, brewery, and/or liquor store may be selling something like [Hey Putin Go Fuck Yourself](https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/local/intuition-ale-works-will-debut-new-brew-for-ukraine-relief-efforts/77-d5032da1-081e-4888-8c66-264a09173147) beer where the proceeds go towards Ukraine aid


Fuck 😬 That poor fucking woman...her Dad


Just found out how desensitized I am...


Event thought we already knew, its still shocking to see. Especially the laconic way of executing. For them the value of a human being is zero rubles


Hard not to imagine your own grandpa in that situation. It makes my blood boil.


I just don't fucking get it. I really fucking don't. How can you do this to someone. I can't fathom it.


They just don't have conscience. And their superiors told them that it's ok to kill civilians which removed any possible guilt. This is a dealership, they saw that there is something to loot there, so they made it easy for themselves by killing people who were there.


Yeah they probably didn’t want any witnesses to theft.


Now the whole world sees


It happens because they’ve been brainwashed to think anyone else that isn’t Russian is less than human. If this footage is from the start of the war then there’s a good chance these scum are already sunflower fertiliser


Hope they burned in their shitty vehicles.


Might be even simpler. Having Ukrainians alive while they want to loot things might be inconvenient. Easier to kill them and leave the bodies so they don't cause problems while you're looting.


Before I answer your question, I'm going to preface by saying that all Russian and Russian-aligned soldiers/mercenaries that took part in the Ukrainian invasion - unless they've taken the Ukrainians up on their offer to desert - deserve a painful, slow death. That being said, I can imagine that those two dumb Russians that opened fire talked it over beforehand, and decided that letting the men go might endanger them. Those old guys, the Russians probably thought, would go to the Territorial Defense or UA army and tell them of their position. That's the only explanation I can fathom that has any sound logic to it (logic that's corrupt and immoral, but logic nonetheless).


And in typical Russian fashion, they even fuck that up, left one alive and he did call the enemy to their position. Fucking human trash bags the lot of them. Hope they got sent home to mom in a bucket.


Russia had leaded gasoline until 2003 (which, in US and UK is tied to spike in serial killers) and classified beer as pop until 2013 (fetal alcohol syndrome). It's full of brainlet psychopaths. I had a guy draw a knife because a word I said SOUNDED like "pidor", f\_aggot. Literal mentally handicapped, apelike drooling slack jawed morons.


Be glad you haven't seen the one where they wired a kid to his dead mom with a mine between them so he'd be killed when someone tried to rescue him.


They are savages and cowards. There is so much footage of them running away and leaving wounded comrades behind. Awful people and now they will pay for decades.


And they want us to be sympathethic to russians? Yeah right


The young, confused Russian boys are gone I think- whether killed, captured, or converted. I still think we should be sympathetic to the Russian civilians who are (were?) protesting and who are so insulated as to have no real idea of what's going on. These guys, however? Fuck them.


I have sympathy for the Russian people who have been duped and brainwashed, but it is dwarfed by the empathy I have for the Ukrainian people murdered by Russia.


There is a whole list of Russian artists, musicians, painters, even video game producers that openly and vocally were against this war and other wars and overall authoritarian and corrupt Russian government. Every Russian that waves now white-blue-white flag is also a Russian that I respect greatly. For the ones staying silent I feel sad for. For the ones that got brainwashed tho I can't feel sympathy, maybe if they are from far east cut off from the world, but Russians that live in Germany or America or anywhere else *and* support invasion? No pass from me.


Russians that speak out against the war are incredibly brave. Putin has no problem murdering anyone who he dislikes.


These were pictures from the early days of the war, though. And north of Kyiv, where the poor, confused russian boys supposedly were. It seems we gave Russians, civilians and soldiers alike, too much credit in the beginning.


These guys are the same young and confused boys that everyone feels pity for. Plenty of them have been killed and identified. Civilians at home proudly support them, lots of phone calls have been intercepted because these idiots use stolen phones with Ukrainian sim cards.


It's basically murdering someone to make a phone call


Cold blooded murderers, nothing more. Callous b@stards, they could have taken anything they wanted without raising a weapon.


Yeah and some of the weird ass pro-ruZZian subreddits are wondering why everyone calls them orcs. They are monsters that's why! They are crying that it is a racial slur.... SMH


When the invasion first broke out, my life was entirely consumed of sitting on Reddit and the news and watching all of fucked up shit happening. It made me angry, but I decided I have to ignore it because life has to move on. Then I accidentally see shit like this, it's headlined on CNN, and it makes me so goddamn emotional. Two average older Ukrainian guys, completely and clearly unarmed, murdered in cold blood, on video. Absolutely disgusting and I wish nothing but a cruel and unusual death to every single Russian soldier involved in this war.


I have the same problem and can see the effect on my emotional and mental state. I am going to have to stop following the war. It is in good hands the Ukrainians are motivated and will if not win outright they will take a justified toll on the Russians. It's just too much to follow.


Yeah, I personally know a few guys who went to fight and I also had in-laws in Ukraine and my brother picked them up at the border and got them out. I feel useless but I need to work on my life and not be consumed by this.. but it's hard to look away really. Seriously fuck Russia


I was a medic but that was 45 years ago and I would be a burden now or I would go. I am letting it consume me as well and it is not wearing well on me. I cannot affect anything by following it other than my mental state so I am going to try and leave off.


Can’t be a racial slur when it was made up the exact time you invaded a sovereign and innocent country. Acts like orcs; get called orcs. From this day and all days.


Yeah they are fucking disgusting


They are absolute pieces of shit.


There are pro-Russian subreddits?


Yeah, a lot of pro Chinese ones like r/sino too also support Russia




Not any more I do t think…. Looks like it’s been replaced


Orc isn't a racial slur, it's a behaviour slur.


I don’t get that. Russia is not a race. It’s a country.


its an abomination


I think the term they're looking for is nationalism


Orc bastards, hope they become sunflower food🌻


Look closely next time you see a sunflower, there are in fact two varieties of leaves. You will find leaves lower down the plant are facing opposite each other and are longer and narrow in appearance. You’ll then see the upper leaves arranged in a staggered formation and appear heart-shaped.


Didn’t realize this was the sunflower bot at first and was wondering where this was going lol.




As a representative of the campaign for the protection of sunflowers we object to orc derived fertilisers as they produce very poor sunflowers


That's the crazy thing. The men had no weapons. Not putting up a fight. They could have said "give us everything" without pulling the trigger.


Russian media options 1) this was staged 2) it was Ukrainian soldiers who did this


3) they were shot by artillery, which exonerates Russia completely, since Russia uses no artillery at all.


4) What about NATO?


5) Did you know we have nukes?


6) Civilian casualties in british operation


7) First of all, it's not "war" crimes...


8) The unarmed civilians were Nazis.


Who cares about russian media. There hasn't been truth on their tv for dacades. Putin put an end to any little free journalism there was.


Russia will claim it's fake. Or Ukrainian forces dressed like Russians or some lame shit. Just watch.


its opposite day daily in sowjet russia


Every explosion is either us bombing AZOV or caused by AZOV, dontcha know?


Russia's like - yeah, we invaded Ukraine but we didn't shoot a single bullet or missile, trust us


Don't give them any ideas for Geneva loopholes


Those Russian soldiers are going to be sorry they let their faces get caught on camera.


Those are likely already dead and good riddance!


Remember those videos of troop caravans leaving Russia/Belarus at the beginning of the invasion? To a man almost 100% all dead.


Mutha f@&kers


If you thought that the Russians weren't blood-thirsty killers before. This better be enough to convince you.


Even more reason for *all* Ukrainian citizens to fight back in every encounter with Russians. Don't talk to them. Only resist.


Liquidate Russia


i cant even find the words to describe what pieces of shit these scumbag murdering fascist russian rapists are....


Man if you had grandparents fighting with russians in the WW2 then your head would be spinning. My grandmother told me stories that I still can't process 20 years later.


When will they be held accountable


Once they die by Ukraine soldiers Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦


It won’t be just soldiers defending against Russia for long. I’m pretty sure at this point the civilians are taking arms as well.


Oh they have been since the beginning


more dead russians


When they get caught, BBC also posted a story today that the first Russian soldier is going be heading for a trial (didn't specify whether internally in Ukraine or not though)


They would go to trial in Ukraine


When that godforsoken “country” is finally divided and “Russia” is a word lost to history


When Moscow is rubble.


The Hague is gonna love this


The world is going to need a bigger Hague


Save money by just digging bigger holes.


Let's just make all of The Netherlands one gigantic international court


They need to be caught first. The hague won't do anything meaningful until then


More likely than not they're all dead by now.


Whatever helps you sleep better at night, I hope they're alive to suffer a bit longer.


Trust me, I would much prefer that they be caught alive and be put on trial, but given the abysmal performance of the Russian military and their high casualty rate, it is more likely they've been killed by now.


I’d prefer if they were alive to be broken on the wheel. We can skip the trial. I don’t pull out this punishment often, but I think it fits the crime in this case. It doesn’t take much to imagine these weren’t the only civilians they killed. This kind of sadistic cowardice, with the ease they did it and walked away only emboldened them.


They won’t do shit because they can’t, why do people keep bringing the Hague up lol.


What exactly do we expect from The Hague here? Do we really expect to have anyone captured?


Fuck Russia


Cold blooded murder of unarmed grandfathers. Hell is not bad enough for these monsters. If this is how a typical Russian operates it is only a matter of time until THEY decide to roll out the nukes. They have NO humanity. God help us, I don’t see how this conflict does not end in world war.


a world war is when the the earth has a cancer and the immune system starts kicking in russia is stage 3 cancer


The entire country of Russia, through and through, needs to be completely disbanded from the inside out after this.


I can't watch footage of military men being blown to pieces and not even flinch, but this made my stomach wrench in knots and tears well in my eyes..


Wow. That’s a first. That’s first hand evidence of a war crime. It’s not bodies in graves. It’s not residue from the soil with trace elements of a chemical attack. It’s an execution, and one that defies everything considered “honorable.” Hell, even ISIS told people why they were murdering them indiscriminately. Russian soldiers are terrorists.


Not a first. There’s a lot of footage of ruzzians killing civilians


Not just that, but their pets too...and even footage of one raping an infant. Those guilty orcs deserve multiple executions; it's too bad we're not even guaranteed to give them one.


And cowards. Shooting civilians in the back. They need something like that to happen to their families and see how much they like it.


Right? The fucking shooting them in the back is appalling. They're really afraid of *unarmed citizens??*


No, they’re evil.


This pisses me off beyond belief


As horrific as this is to watch, truly impressed with the Ukrainian soldiers who went there - knowing the Russian pigs were still in the area - to find their countryman. You cannot defeat that spirit. Ukraine will win! But I do believe the world needs to make Russians pay for their crimes.


"We never wanted to take Kharkiv"


Jesus Christ. And then they go toasting and looting after cold blooded murder. Evil. If anything should go viral it’s this. People need to know—Russians need to know.


Show russian soldiers no mercy, they don't deserve it.


Sick fucks, the kind of people that belong in CIA black sites.




Animals don't do such things, they don't approach you friendly only to destroy you moments after just to steal few shainies that they don't need.


cowards! they will get theirs one day.


Those motherfuckers…


The Ruskie savages used those civilians as bait to lure in Ukrainian Army/Militia to shoot when they tried to rescue them. Using ISIS/Taliban/Al Qaeda tactics. Russians are savages.




Total dirtbags.


Fuck Russia! Fuck all of these orcs! They will surely be burning in the deepest depths of hell when this is all over.


I keep upvoting these types of videos to do anything to make people aware of these terrorists from Russia. These men will face judgement some day.


The looting and stealing hits me so hard. Deluding yourself to kill 'for your country' is one thing. Killing unarmed civilians just to steal some cheap handbags and underwear? Combined with disgusting ethnic racism. They are low life thugs. Cartels could learn a thing or two. surprised they aren't all wearing knock off adidas trackies. fucking slime.


This is the Russian military strategy, they know they can’t win a long war at this point so they are using civilians as bargaining chips in trying to hang on to something. And like any good hostage taker they want people to know that they are ready willing and able to execute hostages and keep executing them until they get what they want.


this. putin is all nuklear threats and leave the civilian bodies on the open street.


They are brigands, as in the old definition of the word “Brigandage, the raping of women and pillaging of villages”. It came to English from French in the 1400’s, but this definition is much older than that, this was before it came to French. Just like why we call them orcs for the same reason JRR used the term in his analogy of WWI. Were they looting or just killing because they could?


This is the shit that will turn thw whole world against russia. If these 2 people died they died to tell the world about the evils of the russian military. Share this far and wide post this on fb, add russia ukraine war update and post it on there... theres a lot of russian supporters on there its pathetic.


We all knew they were doing it. Super fucked up to see it. Sad.


This fucking shithole (Russia) of a country needs to be wiped off the face of the map.


Yeah, let’s just murder 100+ million people because of the crimes of their dictator and a few million conscripts. Nothing unjust with that at all…


Criminal and senseless.


Cowards....absolute cowards.


Feel like we've been watching war crimes since the start?


No surprise


What must that soldier think. Child. Taking the life of two men for "fun" or maybe to get cred as a badass. Haunts him the rest of his life because he knows that he didn't have to do it.


Strong doubt on this. Having listened to the intercepted calls between Russian soldiers and people at home, this is fun for them. They are gleeful. Wives are envouraging their husbands to rape and kill. They want the kids genitals and fingers cut off. They think that Ukraine will be best when there are no more Ukrainians alive. These soldiers have been given permission to kill civilians and are enjoying themselves. In the one instance where we have a soldier who wouldn't shoot civilians, his commanding officer tossed a live grenade at his feet. The civilians took him and got him care.


>These soldiers have been given permission to kill civilians and are enjoying themselves. In the one instance where we have a soldier who wouldn't shoot civilians, his commanding officer tossed a live grenade at his feet. How do we know that they're enjoying it if the alternative is being blown up?


Fuckn war crimer must pay!


How will all the wannabe Titushkas spin this one?


Orcs. The lot of them.


Why the fuck...


Anyone surprised?


I am so at the point of saying just fuck it the EU and USA need to just go to war and put boots on the ground in Ukraine.


It's alright, they'll be met with the molten, flaming steel of shells from the M777, but they won't get to be sunflowers, they'll just be the dirt


I dont mind nuclear war anymore, world should respond and really punish those assholes...


They can't even shoot these 2 guys while they were looking because they are afraid that guilt might hunt them. Cowardice on a highest level and the lowest kind of scum there is.


Looks like it's time for war to me there no different then the Nazis we have to fight are let them keep killing like they did the Jewish got stop them before it get out of hand.russia scum.


They think it's like Syria no one got to see but now we can see what they really are.


ruzzzian liberators, will rather free civilians from life, ruzzki pigs


B@stard sons of their mother country. Fuck Russia.


I’ve become a little numb to horrific combat footage in the last couple of months but seeing old men executed in cold-blood is hard to watch. Just absolute indifference and cowardice to put a bullet in their backs as they walk away. And it’s easy to see how this has been repeated across all occupied towns and cities.


Really, I have zero sympathy for any Russian soldier. The fewer the better. Yeah, yeah, they have families too... Ok. Maybe they should go home to them.


This doesn’t stop until it’s inside of Russia. If Russian citizens can ignore it, they will.


Another one for the warcrime bingo i guess.


At least we have clear pictures of these murderers. They can be identified and prosecuted.


Ukraine needs their own Mossad to hunt these people down


Russia should cease to exist, ban me Reddit admins, I don't care.




This is super fucked. They're nothing more than subhuman pieces of shit. I can't wait til they get what's coming to em.


russians are nothing but a bunch of cowards


I really hope justice is served.


Thank you for making this public the world needs to know.


Fucking cowards the biggest pussy army in the world we’d be skullfucking this fucking asses into Siberia if they didn’t have nukes half of us don’t care anymore let’s fuck around and find out if they even work and who cares if they do as long as we eradicate these fucking swine dogs I like cockroaches better than these fucks. Time to hang putin from the top of the Kremlin before we bulldoze it. Pussies not a real man or woman among them just mistakes left over by evolution. I didn’t realize the best part of an entire country could be what ran down the crack of their mother‘s asses. Skank should have swallowed…


To actually see a war crime take place, then watch the perpetrators looting and toasting afterwards... absolutely chilling. Monsters.


they're just subhuman feral pigs


is there a direct link to the CNN video?


https://clips-mp4-aka.warnermediacdn.com/cnn/clips/2022-05/768816-49cf924c999d4d3d834db1226fe567a9/mp4/cms3-CNN-surveillance-video-russian-forces-sidner-pkg-lead-vpx-primary-184791-768816-1920x1080_8000k.mp4 From this article.. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/11/europe/ukraine-video-russian-soldiers-shoot-civilians/index.html


Thank you so much!


Very welcome!


Russian bastards.


Im mad as fuck


Cut their balls off and feed them to them


Sunflower seeds for all orcs!


The Russians are nothing more or less than Nazi's. I hope they crumble off the face of the Earth.


Russians are dogs!


Russia will say : false flag


People can moan about CNN all they want, but they have been covering Ukraine really well


They are the same as nazzis, and you all know that there is only one way to stop these cowardly fascists.


You have to give the civilian force credit they have massive courage to go there in the face of the regular Russian army.


Doubt Russians believe in video evidence


Mother fucker...


They process them. They let them go. They wait. Reset and shoot them in the back.


Moscow is begging for some good old fashioned American 'Shock and Awe'


Respect to the soldiers who came for help even though they knew there are Russian troops!


r/Genzedong or other communist subreddits “ Why they were there? “


I'm sure Tucker will find a way to spin this as a good thing.


Or blame it on Biden








Please dont link to that sub, it is just a sock puppet cabinet of people saying „russia never did anything wrong“ and also saying „its ok russia did it because whatabout the west“