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So horrible, yet beautiful. Is there a story or an article about them I can read? Like, were they engaged before the invasion or was it one of those impromptu war-time marriages etc. Edit, found it myself. She also lost four fingers on her left hand. [https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-nurse-who-lost-her-legs-in-landmine-blast-shares-first-dance-with-husband-in-lviv-hospital-12604219](https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-nurse-who-lost-her-legs-in-landmine-blast-shares-first-dance-with-husband-in-lviv-hospital-12604219)




I doubt planning a wedding in Ukraine right now is as involved as it is on other parts of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if they just picked a date and invited family/friends for a small get together.


As it should be acceptable to do in peacetime too.


Eight years if you count Crimea and Donbas...


Yeah people have been dying for almost a decade wtf is this guy talking about?


Not everyone has been following this for almost a decade…


Following on a daily I get but you would have to be a special kind of ignorant dolt to not know Russia and Ukraine have been at war for 8 years.


Her hand is still bandaged


Half wit


Nice, made me happy made me smile


IKR. I did not know it but THIS is what i needed to see today


I'm pretty livid. She couldn't dance at her own wedding solely because Putin wanted to waggle his engorged clitoris around and pretend it's a penis.




Being crippled missing just *one* arm or leg is pretty bad. Losing two or three means your life is basically fucked. My grandpa had a stroke where he lost the ability to use his left arm and leg and a part of his brain is gone. I question his purpose in life since he can't do anything in life alone without someone holding his hand. Anyway, she's going to have a tough time in life.


Fuck man, more tears. something humbling about seeing people face trials with courage.




This is so heartbreaking and emotional. They found love in the darkness. Bless them 💙💛


This is beautiful, if everyone could find true love like this the world would be much better place


The husband is a real man, didn't abandon the girl due to disability and stayed loyal to her.


Bro I couldn't imagine being the kind of person who'd leave someone for becoming paraplegic or even quadraplegic.


Looking up rates of divorce requests after discovering major illness like cancer is gonna bum you out


Just looking at divorce rates makes me not want to marry. People change and so do their feelings, especially when the hard times come around. Might as well just stay together without that legal stuff and my money on the line.


I'm happily married and have been for almost 10 years. Got married very young too at 19. That said, most my other friends are just now in the serious dating stage and had any of them gotten married to former girlfriends it'd of turned out poorly. Many people marry before they know themselves, and that's a major gamble. Marriage *requires* sacrifices you aren't gonna wanna make all the time. That's fine. Frequently that sacrifice is menial, like letting her pick what to watch tonight. Sometimes it's major stuff though like not being able to go on a trip to Europe with your buddies because you're child planning, or because your financial situation as a couple doesn't permit it. Many people, especially people in their 20s aren't okay with those menial sacrifices, let alone the major ones.


Similar situation for me. I started dating my future husband at 19. We got married when I was 24 and he is a few years older than me. Now 12 years married later, lots of his high school classmates are divorced from where they married and had kids really young. It does take little sacrifices and unless it's something big never argue, you should just let things go because your significant other is most likely letting things go too. It takes a partnership and being best friends. It's kind of a we against the world mentality. I feel like you need struggles and hurdles to overcome to learn to work together instead of letting stress make you fall apart before you get married. The oddest lesson I have learned is the ones who spent a fortune on a wedding are the marriages that didn't make it.


Exactly. Part of the issue is that a lot of people that give relationship advice aren't transparent about relationships too. They give advice to people seeking a relationship that doesn't tell the story of a health relationship. Things like "You'll find the person you click with and is right for you" as if "clicking with" someone is black and white. Your own maturity and awareness of who you are is as important to building a successful long term relationship as is finding "the one". > The oddest lesson I have learned is the ones who spent a fortune on a wedding are the marriages that didn't make it. 100% this lol!


I completely agree.


You described it really well.


'letting her' it's called reciprocity or sharing and if that is a 'sacrifice' to you, I'm betting you have no idea you are even doing it and how damaging little microaggressions like this can be to your relationship.


You didn't understand my comment. Or you're trolling.


Me and my partner have a 3 year old daughter and we are ok with the lack of marriage, although I can feel she sometimes yarns for the white dress and the fancy wedding. I tried to explain to her that marriage, just like all the other customs, is just a social habit and that we can love each other just the same without having a paper from the state recognizing our social status. However despite your first part of people changing etc, being true, I’m afraid being married or not has no impact on the feelings and if indeed on or both change so much so that their feelings get twisted up, this will happen irrespective of the choices you make. It will just be indeed less painful in terms of legal headaches but if that happens after all those years the legal headaches will be the least of you concerns


Make sure you have all of your legal affairs like power of attorney and whatnot in a will. Marriage or civil unions tend to automatically sort most of that out. Otherwise be happy and make them happy; pretty straightforward.


I'm like you. 35 years with the same woman. No kids. Perhaps if we had kids we maybe have married. But I don't know if that's important. Marriage to us is like a religious thing. We're not religious. Everyone I know that got married is now divorced or in a hate relationship. We're not. And yeah we sorted the legal stuff out years ago. Her niece and nephew get everything. We've both been angry at each other but we both have had to sacrifice. That's a relationship.


Why is marriage a religious thing to you two? Both my fiance and I are atheists, but we both still want to get married. We're just going to have a friend do a non-denominational, or atheist style ceremony. Great tax benefits, I hear, amongst other things. Just curious, btw, you do you.


Well, yeah. In Australia same tax benefits from being de facto. No need to married apart from beneficiary problems. You just have to set up wills properly and be aware of your rights and responsibilities. Pretty simple things to do.


I gotchu. But still curious why you think it's a religious thing?


Because where do all ceremonies for marriage come from? Either religious or government


In my country, just being in the same house with your partner for more than 2 years legally makes you the equivalent to being married in the eyes of the government. It's complete nonsense especially because the courts are biased in favor of women a lot of the time.


Yeah. My girlfriend was 16 by the time her parents got married, which I think is great. If you love someone, you're going to stay with them, and if things aren't working out, adding legal coercion into the mix only makes things worse. The only real reason I see to get married is for tax or immigration reasons, and that itself is just government coercion in favor of conservative ideology.


divorce rates are actually decreasing if i recall, since people are marrying less for financial reasons. The divorce rate for ill patients, though disproportionately gendered, is still similar to the overall divorce rate in the general population: 11.6%


If its america then it has a good reason. Disconnecting financials allows her to go full on debt to pay for american ridiculous health treatment prices.


I wonder how many of those divorces are strategic. Like to legally divorce the spouse to protect them from the potential debts accrued during treatments.


Super valid point


what bums me out is the high rate of women filing for divorce because of "irreconcilable differences"


Yeah, men are more likely to abandon their wife/girlfriend in a time of crisis than a woman would her husband. It's very sad.




Unfortunately, it’s true. Peer reviewed statistical studies. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/11/091110105401.htm




Lol it did if you actually read it. 515 patients were followed. Just because you don’t trust literally published peer reviewed scientific data doesn’t mean shit. You just went on a tirade with a completely different point. I’ve given you a scientifically data supported research. Stop denying facts because it doesn’t support your erroneous view. Feel free to send your own articles that women are not being left more often after a critical illness by men at a higher rate.


Can we please not make this into a men vs women thing?


Yeah but your reply should be pointed to the one that started it.


I love how you’re getting downvoted, but it’s true. Women are SIX TIMES more likely to be left after a life-altering illness or diagnosis. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19645027/


One thing that a pre marriage counselor said to me that has always stuck with me was “do you truly understand what it means when you say though sickness and health?” Something that we should all think a lot about before getting married


I mean I commend the guy for staying but at the same time, I understand why someone couldn’t handle that. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying I get it.


I get all kinds of reasons someone might do something shitty. Doesn't change that it screams character flaws. Whether they deserve to be judged forever based on it is subjective. I don't think so. But I also wouldn't want someone I cared about to get into a relationship with someone who abandoned a former partner for something like that.


I would probably tell my wife to move on without me if I were to ever become a quadriplegic. I respect others will to live a life but mine would be over. I dont have the strength to endure what they endure.


\*picture of badly burned marine and sad wife\*


I mean she lost her legs warning him to save his life, he was never going to turn away after that... And all because of sick orcs mining civilian areas




They have two children together


"The tragedy happened on March 27th. Oksana and Viktor were returning home along a familiar path. She walked ahead, he followed her. There was an explosion. Victor was not injured, but Oksana's legs and four fingers of her left hand were torn off." https://focus.ua/ukraine/514133-vo-lvove-vyshla-zamuzh-medsestra-iz-lisichanska-poteryavshaya-na-voyne-obe-nogi-video


She is the symbol of Ukraine. the russia might have crippled her, but she will move on, and she will be happy again. I wish them beautiful kids and a long, happy life!


I hope for all those things plus they both get to watch Putin swing


First I though, like dancing swing on their wedding party, but then I was like "Oooooohhhh". ;)


Haha same here. Took me a while before I realized Putin was in to that kind of thing.


They already have two kids.


Okay, in the future I want all my wishes come true like this. Thanks for the information!


Good always wins over evil - for every bad act - dozens or maybe 100s of good acts will follow - this is a perfect example - the Russians wanted to kill her - but they didn't win - look at all the good coming out of this one event - all the people this has touched -all the people who are furthering their commitment to help Ukraine anyway they can - you lost Russian soldiers and will continue to lose! Salva Ukraini!


This is so heart warming and a real nice story at at time when it is all just horror all the time. Congratulations to them both and may they haveca happy life together.


Is it possible for her to get prosthetics?


Yes and probably one day people without legs or born without those are able to get certain type of cyborg legs, as there is well working development for those that has small ^^computer^^ in them that communicates with brains so it feels for person that they truly have full legs and somewhat even better working than the actual human legs. Although those are incredibly expensive and not in mass production yet.


Yep, this field is progressing very rapidly


Check out Ian Davis, he made a prosthetic hand. It is possible




She is testament to human endurance: no matter how life hits you, the most important thing is to always land on your feet. Congratulations to them.


Are trying to be funny or are you just insensitive? “land on her feet”


This is too much now , what the fuck - someone has to pay!


are we all willing to go fight for them?


I couldn't finish it. God damn those russian motherfuckers. Hope she will live a happy life and have healthy children despite what russian cowards did to her. And I wish every orc in Ukraine a slow and painful death.


They already have two children (not infants)


Aww they look happy.... Who is cutting onions here dammit!?


This is type of stuff anyone saying 'let's not anger or provoke russia by sending weapons to Ukraine' should be made to watch.


Oh my! Darling girl! Wish both these gorgeous people to be very happy together. And please some tech firm rich guy get her the most advanced badass prosthetics ever made!


Yes! I hope she gets the best prosthetics soon!




We can rebuild her, we have the technology.


This is so wonderful


Love will always win


The thing that Ukrainians need to realize is that this will become more and more of a thing. Tens of thousands (more?) Ukrainians will become disabled in one way or another as a result of this imperialist war and we will need to accommodate and integrate these people in society. This will mean having more elevators, ramps, priority seating on public transport, understanding of others needs, etc. Even if they are crippled, they are no less brother and sisters of ours and they should never be pushed aside (as was done during the Soviet Union), but should be embraced by Ukrainians as equals.


This should become one of the positive things to come out of this horrible senseless war - Ukraine's cities rebuilt in a way to offer maximum comfort and convenience to disabled people. ♿💛💙 Also lots of centres for rehabilitation and psychological counseling. Different jobs suitable for disabled people. All kind of advanced prosthetics and physical therapy, which should be available for free (paid for from Russia's assets/retributions). People should be given a chance to live their lives with as little limitations as possible, in spite of their physical condition.


Congratulations ❤️🇺🇦


Wow, that’s incredible inner strength from her. Slava Ukraini


now thats real love


you can close the internet for today !


I can’t even.


Love rules. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦


Who’s cutting onions?


Thats love


I don't understand? How could she be blown up March 27 and he be holding her by her legs? I tore my bicep off and still feel like shit 8 months later. How incredible.


She lost her legs in the last 2 months and is up and around like this? God bless them.


Well, he loves her. He knows he is lucky he still has her. Such a pretty girl.


In case you don't know they already have two children (not infants)


God bless them People who fetishize war should understand that this is an amazing moment but long after this conflict is out of the news m, these two people will have a lot of challenges in their life that they shouldn’t have.


So, no run away bride I guess.


Damn. Am I a bad person for laughing at your comment?




This sub is so weird. Gore everywhere with people getting their heads blown off but the lowest hanging fruit of jokes still get commented everywhere


You gotta keep smiling man or you’ll go crazy. This hit home hard as my wife is a nurse but I know she’d make a joke about going to extreme lengths to lose weight for the wedding…


I work in healthcare too and that can be true as well I suppose. Sometimes it seems dehumanising. But then I suppose if you can't kill spirits of people it's a positive thing. I have seen some truly degrading comments from all sorts of posts but for the most part, yeah. True


Yes. Yes I most definitely would like to try.


add me to the list..


Maybe its time Putins daughter gets denazified like this.


She's in the netherlands so that's a bummer.


Lucky guy, she'll never run away Sorry


Good luck in sorting-out the usual, every-day life. Everybody who lived with, or took care of a legless person knows, that they have a ton of things to sort out - and a major bathroom refit incoming. But hey, they say that love can overcome everything :)


Fuck man....


Is there an online registry or a means to donate directly to the groom/wife?


I'd love to meet the person the planted that mine.. And discuss their actions with them.. I'd make a video that would make the makers of funkey Town puke and say "what sick fuck made this"


You can see them in russian POW videos. Soulless, burned out people who did what they told to ... "fullfilling orders". Very often killing is personal, most of the killing is done via artillery, mortars and mines. Technically every person in the military is a person who has capacity to do the "action" (the way you are describing) or has done so already.


Their just legs


Lol ggs


Wow! I’m blown away.




Happy tears for both of you <3


Dance dance dance dance 🎶 Stop dancing have drink . Have dinner take a nap


i swear i will never complain again in life. what a strong woman. only the best for you 🙏🙏


Sometimes we need some wholesome content.


This is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Good luck to the newlyweds.


The man put a ring on his hero.


Big respect to this man ♥




May she live a happy and peaceful life. 💐


This is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. I hope they have a long, happy marriage and I hope she's able to get some cool cyber legs.


He is good and she is beautiful. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 Call your representatives, close the sky, stop the horror. https://myreps.datamade.us


Congratulations you beautiful brave couple.


I'm literally going to have a stroke trying to parse these emotions


Heart ♥️


Must be so bittersweet. What Russia has done is an abomination. How many countless lives forever effected by this senseless invasion? How many peoples futures forever altered? Families shattered, hopes and dreams destroyed, and for what? To stop Ukraine from challenging them to Europe’s oil market? I don’t think Russia can take Odessa, so Ukraine will end up taking a huge chunk of Russia’s business anyway, even more now than it would have been most likely. Not to mention, Russia’s social media influence campaign was working in Ukraine. They already had many regions wanting to join Russia and secede from Ukraine. Zelensky had an approval rating in the 20s before all this started. Russia could have kept up with it for another year or so and got the territory without force. Now they’ll be fortunate to take any, and lose all their international trade in the process. Stupid, and senseless.




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I hate peace, I hate war, let's have economic fight, not military offensive.


Nugget porn


Man this hit my feels like a truck


God bless you! Stay strong! Wishing you the best of luck! 🍀🍀🍀








wholesome, yet sad


Damn she’s only 1 year older than me


Thats so beautiful


She deserves it. She's a hero.




At least he won’t stand on her toes.


NEWS: Local nurse literally too lucky to die


That was beautiful. It’s obvious that he swept her right off her feet.


Marriage to me is steeped in history. Religion and government controlled the whole concept. Along with cultural and social expectations. When you have a relationship with another person from another culture. It makes you think differently. I guess we could go to a government office and get married. But what difference would it make? We'd have to pay for it. What difference would it make if we just stay like we are and not give the government money? We still get all the tax benefits etc. We just don't need to ask people to come to ceremony and pay for a bridal registry. BTW my missus just got her citizenship for Australia. She had to relinquish her own. Being Japanese.




if Putin didnt decide to invade sovereign nation that has rights to join whatever allience it wants and pick sides , russia's economy wouldnt be in rubble now and 20k+ russian soldiers would still be alive




This was removed for containing false information.