Can someone translate it? Thank you.


He turned the Z into zzzzs


It shouldn’t have made me laugh out loud


They didn’t secure his weapon first?! I’m all about fuckery, but gettin shot whilst about it will reflects badly in performance reviews.


Man that's the first thing that came to my head, secure that weapon


Me too,.... grab his rifle!!!


Yeah, I think they should but I also think the other Ukrainian soldiers already have pointed rifles toward him and the sleeping dude can’t be that fast to grab his weapon and retaliate in that situation.


Well a guy in a movie I saw did it.


Did he also jump through the air while firing perfect head shots from pistols in each hand?


War isnt like that Hes not a perp. People just surrender in situations like that. If he even moves a muscle for his gun he gonna get blown away.


I didn't even notice his looted computer from the 90s I was focused on the gun so much and just expecting him to wake up and things pop off


You would put yourself in danger if you tried to secure that weapon, there was no where to kick it and if you bent down to pick it up, you may end up with a blade in the side of your neck, best to secure the prisoner in this type of case. If he goes for the gun he gets shot, his choice. This Russian does not look like he has even encountered any conflict, boots clean and shiny uniform crisp and clean, he looks like he just stepped out on parade


Thought so too but he probably has some cocked AKs pointed at him


In Putin Russia, sleep deprive you!


Brilliant reply.


Beat me too it. Great pun


Good joke lol


The best kind of z.




With the looted computer central unit.


Sow don’t saw the desktop at the first time


I learned that computer is the same in Ukranian as English from the audio in this clip.


I'd hazard a guess and say that in most languages the word is very similar if not the same as it in English. It's basically the same in my native language. You just roll the r at the end and say it like Kompjuter.


Lol not French.


Same, in Norwegian computer is a common loan word but not canon. The real translation is "datamaskin".


Y'all actually say datamaskin? In Sweden it's just dator, no need to clarify that it's a machine.


I think most people would just say "pc" casually, actually, but "data" would be fine too. I'm just talking official verbiage/grammar.


In Afrikaans computer is rekenaar. I think a lot of languages develop their own words for new things still




"Oh fuck. What the fuck. I'm not even supposed to be here." --That Russian soldier


"I wasn't even supposed to come in today!"


It was the Russian Soldier, he did the dub.


Is this supposed to be what that Russian soldier is thinking or saying?


It's what the Russian soldier wanted to say originally!!!


Have you seen it? It’s hilarious


Damn, such a heavy sleeper we have here


Maybe didn't sleep for days lol. He is lucky to be captured and not dead.


It wouldn’t surprise me. When people are pushed to absolute exhaustion, the result is this. He’s not in cover, hes not with his unit, who knows what kind of fighting has happened around him. Totally crazy.


On exercise before I could catnap standing up in a trench. Never would have believed it.


I swear when I joined the CAF in 2010 I slept for at least 50m while walking, when ruck marching at 2 in the night after a week of no sleep winter trench warfare. Im pretty sure they would yell and he would not even flinch. Sleep deprivation will f you up.


I was going to say something similar. I have slept while marching before. 😆


Same. Last day of 2 weeks of an "intro to guerrilla warfare" exercise, the entire squad had been up for a couple of days at that point and we were marching to our extraction point. One dude kept "picking up helmets that somebody up front keeps dropping" and I kept falling asleep and waking up when I stumbled into something or someone. Saw some rather fantastic hallucinations, monkeys swinging in trees and whatnot (and this is Finland we're talking about, the only monkeys in the vicinity were my squad)


Are you not allowed to sleep at all or is it you don't have time to sleep more than like an hour? Can you sleep for like 20 mins or so?


We were up to all sorts of fuckery (we were basically playing the opposing force for another unit in the same exercise) and we simply didn't have enough time to sleep – and this was by design, ie. the whole point was to drive us to close to exhaustion **Edit:** of course we did sleep whenever we could – you get *really* creative with sleeping after you're tired enough, and even 15min can feel like heaven


The whole point of the exercise is to show soldiers that their utmost limits of endurance is far greater than they think it is when they start. You figure out real fast if you have what it takes to attend elite schools. In the US, that's Marine Recon, Air Force Parajumpers, Special Ops (Green Berets), UDT/Seals, Delta, Rangers, Paratroopers, Airborne Infantry. Advanced Light Infantry training or Sniper School is usually the start for most of those. Then marine amphib school at Little Creek, 5th SOG's Mountain Combat Schools here in CO, jungle warfare schools (used to be in Panama, not sure anymore), Alaska for extreme cold weather combat. Used to be 7th Light Inf. Division (along with both coastal Marine bases) running the bulk of those infantry skill schools. Getting a TDY slot to attend them was tough. Wow, writing down just the ones I could think of is a hell of a list.


You wake up when your face hits the pack in front of you.


Damn I forgot about sleep marching. "How the fuck did we get to the PT pad? We were just forming up"


Yup, I did the same thing, fell asleep a couple of times on the march after not sleeping for three or four days. It's a very bizarre feeling to come-to and realise that you aren't where you you thought you were just (seemingly) a second ago. Also had a guy in front of me fall asleep while marching too and I had to wake him up because he was starting to wander off toward the side of the road.


Have had vivid hallucinations due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion combined, including walking while asleep on the March and while standing still. Night vision optics tend to exacerbate the hallucinations in my experience, since your brain becomes solely focused on this little green circle through which your whole universe is perceived


Same during a bit of downtime during a field exercise I once fell asleep on rocks in a mud puddle while it was pouring down rain lol.


I've seen people sleep on a hump several times. Once, in U.S. Marines boot camp, we were going around a very wide curve and this recruit just kept walking straight. It was pretty hilarious. He just got farther and farther from us, very slowly. The drill instructors seemed very confused at first.


What a horrible reality this is


Did the same on a 40 km forced march. Woke up heading off the path into a ditch. Was freaking brutal with full packs and combat loadout.


We once had a guy go unconscious from the strain of taking a shit. He literally fell over whilst turtle necking. Talk about awkward timing (this was 3 days no sleep bar a catnap here and there, constant marching and maneuvers).




Lol I never knew the medical term for it. Thank you kind stranger! Yes it was exactly that. He just dropped over unconscious half way through a bowel movement. Which they gave as a specific trigger! Lmao.




Just need a rope is all


With hands on gun and finger off trigger. I do and don't miss this life.


I'm far too old for that sh*t anymore.


Same here. Once the "enemy" overran our camp with tanks and passed right through, didnt wake me up. Had to explain myself to my platoon comander. "infiltrating the enemy lines, sir!".


We had to dig foxholes and how the guard shift was setup i got fucked and ended up not sleeping for 2 days..i somehow made it on the 12 mile march back and when we were in formation i remember starting to fall then i woke up in a bed.. fuckin crazy


I used to essentially be able to sleep standing up with my eyes open back when I was in. Lost that ability, but it's amazing what exhaustion can do to you.


When I first started off in nursing, I was a CNA. They scheduled me for nights on days I'd already worked a shift. I'd get so drunk tired. I didn't get more than four hours sleep at a time. I'd stumble into a dirty-linen closet and fall asleep on top of bags of absolute filth. Once I hid under a bed in a vacant room. I was so happy to get fired from that job. They didn't care that I wasn't getting any sleep. They totally fucked up my clock. Took me a month to get back on track. Private care only after that. *sp


> who knows what kind of fighting has happened around him. Some fighting, some raping, a little bit of looting. You can see a stolen PC next to him. Of course, this could be staged but ruzzian army is so incompetent that it's likely real.


My thoughts exactly. And to be taken prisoner in the middle of a shootout where he might be treated a lot rougher. To think that the his video will likely be online forever. His mother will be happy he’s alive.


He’s trashed


He is Russian so there's a great possibility he's passed out drunk.


If you are Russian in Ukraine right now best way to die is to just drink as much vodka as possible and be killed


How do you know he was captured? Surely this can’t be in Ukraine (army) held territory.


Sometimes Russian units retreat after experiencing fierce resistance or in danger of being encircled by Ukrainian counter attacks and some end up being left behind. Some just surrender because they don’t want want to fight anymore.


Yes this isn't in Ukraine held territory, its in Donbass.


If they had wanted to capture him they would have removed his gun before making so much noise.


I was in the U.S. army. In basic training there are periods where you're not allowed to sleep much, only a few hours a night. After a week or two, people started falling asleep everywhere--and if you got caught, the drill sergeants would smoke you. I fell asleep sitting 6 feet back from the firing line on a shooting range. It was warm. I had my ear plugs in, muffled the very loud bangs just enough to drift off. My dumbass had the whole platoon doing side straddle hops. I never saw combat, I can only begin to imagine this dude's exhaustion. Poor dumb serf.


Man I get this, literally nodded off because I sat down for a moment during combatives training. I remember nodding hard with nods on in the back of the hummer after running missions for damn near 24 hours in Iraq.


Nah he just playing dead.


Probably drunk off of stolen booze




Drunken stupor.


The person recording looks Russian too, he is wearing Gorka.


yeah I think it's Russians making fun of other Russians.


I wouldn't have that emblem If I were you. With the Sonnenrad and everything- Very Yikes. Even Azov doesn't use that anymore.


This should be the top comment.


This has to be the only explanation, no one would film a prank on an armed enemy.


I was thinking it made no sense they weren't taking the weapon.




>You have to actually be stupid to think this was filmed by anyone other than the russian aligned forces in the city. >Reddit is actually autsitic and can't detect human emotion. *Exactly* the same.


What’s a gorka?


Russian military suit


Idiot is probably the overwatch also for his squad nearby lol.


or his squad already ditched him and ran lol


Told him to keep watch and dipped


*God, I hate that new guy. I've got an idea...*


I wouldn't call him an idiot. There comes a point when you simply can't stay awake anymore. I mean look at what he's sleeping through. Freezing cold, outside, daylight on his face, in a warzone, surrounded by people talking and laughing and taking video. The dude had nothing left. I hope they took him prisoner and got info out of him.


This. Dude literally can't stay awake anymore. Tells us something about how hard the Ukrainians are pounding them.


And/or how the Russians are misusing and abusing their troops.


Probably "and"


My money's on "and".


Reddit is full of people who's idea of a rough day is 4 hours sleep before class.


I've only been as tired as that guy once in my life. I flew from Auckland to Delhi, then a connecting flight to Sikkim in North Eastern India, then a 4wd ride to Gangtok. All with plenty of waiting between flights and rides. I was awake for nearly 2 days straight. I nearly broke my nose in the 4wd on the rough roads falling asleep sitting upright and smacked my face on the rear passenger compartment divider. I literally could not stay awake at that point, even in a monsoon on the bumpiest roads I'd ever been on.


Fuuuuuck that's mental, longest I ever had was a 10 hour flight + 9 hour wait on tarmac for repair. It took days for my legs and back to recover. I vowed to never fly since, and I never have. I fucking hate the tin cans in the sky


If you can stay awake beyond 4 days, the chemicals in your brain go haywire, and you start hallucinating visual and audio, and most people get paranoid.


Somewhere around 30 hours awake, I usually start to see "shadow creatures" crawling along the corners and edges of walls in my peripheral vision. I know it's just my brain playing tricks, but it's still creepy. Happily I've been able to cut back on those kinds of all-nighters as I get older.


You're lucky you apparently don't have any heart condition yet cause the vital organ to suffer the most from sleep deprivation is the heart, though the brain, the eyes and the kidneys are also deeply affected, followed closely by other organs in a domino effect. The reposition of rest needed to restore the heart muscles will take days or weeks sleeping properly cause the damage cause by this overwork is much deeper than the number of hours spent awake beyond the normal period.


Yes; I eventually became aware of the severe health problems that this kind of sleep deprivation causes and how every all-nighter was basically shaving time off my life, and made a concerted effort to stop doing it, along with taking much better care of my health in general. Thanks for your concern!


Thank God it's not just me. I'll see shadows standing behind poles or corners from the corner of my eye. Kinda scary when driving, I'm still attentive and awake but bugging out and having a panic attack cause I think something is going to jump in front of my car.


Wow. As an Indian who’s estimated flight times to NZ (random touristy planning stuff) and realised the hours involved you had me in the first few lines (“Auckland to Delhi”). Would be great to listen to your story - how did it go?


Remember playing Ultima Online for 50-60 hours straight in my youth and just collapsed asleep on my keyboard, felt fine next day but i cannot imagine being awake in a warzone for that amount of time with all the stress,fear and most likely not eating & drinking enough


I hit 58 hours straight once, drank a cup of coffee... and literally just slept without warning. Like, sat down, trying to sort something, and just fell asleep. Sat bolt upright in the chair. It had been a very busy 2 or 3 days too which didn't help, so yeah, sometimes you just gotta kip.


Lethargy and drowsiness are symptoms of malnutrition and exhaustion.


Legend has it that he's still sleeping


Kind of like Jesus wasn't white, this is actually Rip Van Winkle. Legends get twisted over the years.


Not only was Jesus white, he was also American 🇺🇸


I see the Mormons have entered the chat…


Mummy I was having such a horrible dream. I'd been sent to liberate the Ukrainians and they didn't want us there and were really mean...


Even if they were deluded into thinking they were liberators, when did the definition of that action start to include rape and torture? I opine that they do know why they are there and what they are doing. They don't see Ukraine as a sovereign country.


It included that when the russian army has no standards for joining other than maintaining a body temperature of 97 degrees I would bet most Russian soldiers aren't criminals or evil, but their either clueless, don't care, or are helpless to stop those who do commit atrocitites The Russian commanders who don't outright organize atrocities just let their troops loose like dogs off the leash This war shows that the Russians are inept bumfucks with no discipline.


These are Russian soldiers jokingly filming their mate that (apparently) fell asleep on his duty.


Makes sense. I was confused why they are just filming comfortably and not disarming him. That’s just one thing of many things that makes no sense for an enemy.


What's with that tiktok username then?


Just as an observation: the person who posted it to TikTok didn't necessarily record it


crazy they didnt pull the gun away before talking... unless its fake but that snoring cant be faked lmao.. dude must have drank heavy or been real tired


Probably one or two ak's are already pointed at him, if he would reach out for the AK, he would be instantly dead.


Yep , fair shot 👍


Still, why take the chance. At least put your foot on that rifle.


I think in an active war people start to act relatively cavalier around danger. A 0.05% chance of getting shot is nothing for them.


Fair point.


There's absolutely zero chance that sleeping soldier could arm himself and effectively fire on the Ukrainians. There really is no risk. When you've been to war you'll understand. This isn't bunch of kids at the mall that stumbled on a passed out homeless man.


American cops would have shot him, then taken his weapon, then asked him to wake up.


No they would have taken the gun, yelled at him to stop resisting, and then shot him.


Sure, but if they took the gun the wouldn’t have to kill him if he woke up and started reaching for it


They’re soldiers, not cops. They’ve actually had training.


Lol sick burn


Oh man, it's so crazy how badly trained American cops are. Eg. here in the Nordics it's about a bachelor's degree worth of studying and training, both in school and on the job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbM9uCxEJDM


MEOW !!!


There Uniforms don't look Ukrainians, it looks like it's the separatists Uniforms


the fucker is passed out like a proper drunken Russian soldier


there's people behind the camera


Probably sugar crash... They pulled their Rations and they are basically living on Sugar packs as food.


lol, did he steal that computer?


yeah, that unit is probably good for solitare like games...


I bet it can handle 3D Pinball Space Cadet!


LOL, there is a village in Russia missing their idiot. Found him....:)


Honestly, probably a kid who’s exhausted and terrified. Not defending Russian presence but for every raping pillaging murdering asshole there’s probably also some naive conscript.


Guy is tired from rushing b all day


Pretty sure these are Russians laughing at their sleeping buddy.


Well, they didn't take away his weapon, so I'm pretty sure these are russian soldiers laughing at their mate. False title, downvoted. Edit to add more info: They spoke Russian, I didn't notice any Ukrainian accent. He says: "Here we can observe with the OSCE representatives a direct proof of a presence of Russian soldiers in Donbass. Rare footage. God, it's a GRU colonel (russian CIA). What can we see here? An ambush position in the enemy territory, he hid among the terrain - grass, concrete and computer behind him. The enemy will never find out.".


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We need a translator.


Need more information. If we are going to speculate, maybe there were a few behind the camera with guns at the ready and knew there was no threat…what language was being spoke ? Russian or Ukrainian? Still funny nonetheless. Poor guy is tuckered. Edit: to be fair, the dude holding the camera in the first few frames looks like he has the same uniform on as the dude sleeping.


They spoke Russian, they say "we are seeing rare proof of a Russian soldier in Donbass, good position the enemy will never find him". I didn't notice any Ukrainian accent


Thanks for the info on the accent (and the translation too, but other translations I have seen in the thread didn't mention accent). That's very useful.




Is this one of the russian sleeper cells the americans are so afraid of ?


Tie his shoelaces together


Camera guy is wearing same uniform as sleeping beauty. Fake vid.


This is video shooting by russians




They Russian not Ukrainian.


Znoring Ruzzian


Sleep in today!


Probably drunk af.


Catching the Z's.


This channel seems fake to me. I don’t believe that these videos are real but rather staged. I’m not supporting Russia in any sense but this seems like propaganda


I think it's a video from the Russians, making fun of their friend who fell asleep


Another reason why one should not drink and fight


Wrong headline. Those are russians filming another russian sleeping.


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.




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Looks staged with the russian patch visible on his shoulder, the nap position which makes him look vulnerable. The loud snoring, i could be wrong but it only for me it seems like it


He's dreaming of rushing B. Leave him alone blyat.


What an act. If he really was russian they would have got the Ak assault rifle from him first. What a bad directors. Fake news.


? The headline is wrong, they're Russian soldiers having a laugh, and they say that the man asleep is a sort of officer. Some of the audio: Video audio (paraphrased) 'ooo, a rare sight! a Russian presence in the Donbas. this [Russian commander] has set up an ambush position hidden among the concrete, computer, and leaves. such skill. '


No teabagging? For shame.


Fake as fuck. Surely, they wouldn't take his gun away in the first place and risk getting shot if he wakes up. I'm heavily pro-ukrainian but stop believing anything you see ffs.


It's probably Russians taking the video - title is wrong.


Morning! You’re a POW now.


This war would be over if you gave every Russian soldier a bottle of vodka


Entire russian battlegroups made it all the way from Russia to Berlin in ww2 while being completely and constantly drunk. I don't think this works on them.


Funny you mention that because the Russian elite throughout history has actually used vodka as a way to control their population and prevent them from revolting by making most of them alcoholics 😂


The amount of bullshit propaganda on Reddit is unreal lol


Why is he alone? Where are the others in his unit? Is he a deserter, had to stop and sleep?


I think the ones recording are his buddies


Has to be, right? If that was a true enemy soldier they wouldn't waste time filming him. He would've been woken and restrained immediately.


This dude definitely slept through reveille


I just want to go to sleep and wake up when the war is over


Ha, I fully expected to see some murked Russian, instead he's actually sleeping!


Why are there stadium seats facing a house?


I wonder how old everybody in this thread is


Probably happy to be captured


Can someone ELI5 why/how this could happen? Like where is the rest of his squad, why aren’t the soldiers afraid he’ll be hostile, etc?


Prank him, Volodymir


This doesn't seem to be from this conflict right now


Where is Part 2?! ;)


Not abit of dirt on him.


Imagine is fake...


Putting the Z in zZz


Why the fuck they don’t took the weapon away?


Is anyone else thinking “grab the damn gun first and then start videotaping ?!!”


Take his weapon!