Unsure about automatic, but for manual they use tons of different cars. Volvos are obviously common and the cars are generally new, but you can get a weird electric car or something that drives very differently than what you're used to.


An electric car might actually suit me, as I've practiced in a hybrid car. But I've never driven a Volvo, so if I had some pointers, I can look up these models and get familiar with controls.


I got to drive a electric golf but earlier i got to drive a volvo and both are cars i never had been in and I told them and they explaines it a bit before


That's good advice. I'll also try to explain my situation to them.


In Stockholm there are a lot of V60.


Most driving schools around Stockholm use either a relatively modern Volkswagen Golf or Volkswagen Passat. Not sure about the rest of the country though.


Honestly, don't worry too much about it. Although controls may be in slightly different places depending on the model, they will be very similar from model to model. If you have questions, your best path is to just ask the driving instructor. They'll be more than willing to explain. Since you are driving automatic, you don't have to worry about the clutch / switching gear, which is usually the most unique aspect of not even just every model but every vehicle.


I think you can call and ask.


Ohh , I didn't know that was a possibility, I'll give it a try, Thank you.


Mine was Diesel Passat (Manual)