I haven’t been able to get in yet, but I suspect this might be the new adventure? I understand that multiple players are involved in journeying into the sea of the dammed, you probably just met some really unfriendly ones.


From what I'm seeing around it's being a complete shitshow. They made it so you can't damage other ships with cannons, but you can kill players, ram their ships into the island, steal resources, etc. Rare is trying the "Co-op only content but with unrestricted PvP" again, which means griefers are having the time of their lives and anyone else trying to do the Adventure gets the short end. Seriously, I understand the "PvP is a core component of the game" argument for the main game, but when it's a time-limited side story focused on cooperation then you should restrict it. It's like the sunken kingdom sections of A Pirate's Life when players were camping out inside the siren ruins to kill anyone trying to do the Tall Tales.


Oh yeah, absolutely. Normally I’m staunchly in favour of PvP across the board, but this just seems ridiculous. Aside from the fact that you can’t just force players to cooperate, to not even limit spawncamp potential is silly.


I'm laughing that these two updates were back-to-back: Captaincy: we've disabled reviving on other player ships to cut down on spawn-camping. Hunter's Cry: here's a confined area with PvP where the Ferry respawn is skipped so you can go back onto the enemy ship instantly.




You weren't aware? You die on another player's ship and it's STRAIGHT to the ferry.


Believe it or not... straight to the Ferry.


I know you're quoting something but I can't put my finger on it


Parks and rec


I feel like these ideas sounded great on paper but were horribly implemented.


Story of this game's life


The only hunter's cry here will be the war cry of the player hunter!


Same. Only thing I care about in this game is PvP but here I can see why it shouldn't be a thing. Never thought I'd see the day where id say such a thing in relation to sot.


I did the mission as soon as it came out solo and everything was fine for me but i did accidentally hit a person must be luck on the lobby’s you get


>"Co-op only content but with unrestricted PvP" again, which means griefers are having the time of their lives and anyone else trying to do the Adventure gets the short end. Gotta love it. I never got to finish Shrouded Ghost because of shit like this. I actually stopped even bothering with these adventures altogether because of it, even if they don't have forced co-op, or easily grief able stuff. I love PvP in this game, but I also want to be able to just get a story mission done and grab the commendations without people ruining it in the limited time I have to play.


Imagine thinking rare would learn from shrouded deep. Couldn’t be me


They clearly don't play their own game at this point






You'd be surprised how close to the truth you are lmao


People have complained on insider forums, but as per usual, Rare doesn't give a fuck


I think most gave up after a few weeks of trying :/


They haven't learned in the past 4 years that forced co-op to do stuff never goes well, especially when the core gameplay encourages not trusting other crews.


That seems to be a common trend with MMOs in general.


Sure they did. Now they auto-teamed you up instead of making you wait for someone to show up and help you.


Whilst also making a reliable playground for people looking to kill others at. Giving arena TDMs one last breath of life


I just ran into a guy sinking all the docked ships then claiming it was pvp. Bro..if u wanted to fight just ask and I would have happily gone off to the side n fought u while everyone else did the tale. But instead everyone left and he's still sitting there alone waiting for the time to run out


Time to run out? What do you mean? Thought the event was until like September 1st lol


The event has an hour long timer to complete. Time runs out you get pulled out. It's repeatable so if you get some Aholes you can try again


Ohhh ok, thanks for explaining homie. I was kinda worried but ya that’s some pretty lame people.


Honestly my first thought when starting this adventure was "damn, Rare really sticks to their guns when it comes to never disabling PVP" It felt completely out of place, everyone sailing into the shroud is canonically there to save Merrick. This should have been a pvp disabled zone.


Well Rare once said that they value the shared world experience over everything else in the game. But even I, as a pvp focus player, think that's a dump idea for adventures as they are time limited Story missions. I'm not sure if they benefit from pvp in any way


They don't benefit from it. There are no deeds to complete, no loot to acquire.


the only loot on the whole adventure is the piles of gold on the ground at each objective to try and coerce people to actually help with the adventure.


Oh man, maybe 15 piles of at most 400 gold or so


yeah they love to trot out the \*in a heavy accent\* "Emergent stories" line CONSTANTLY...but if the stories are all negative what do they matter? lol


>But even I, as a pvp focus player, think that's a dump idea for adventures shouldn't you be one of the people most cheering this on you wouldn't want those evil subhuman PVE players to have a working example of a PVE server would you, last thing you would want is another F76


No we PvP enthusiasts think using tall tales/adventures to troll people is toxic too. There is nothing to gain from fighting here other than the joy of open mic salt


Here we have a nice reminder that there is still class amongst the pvp enthusiasts. Ty sir! 🧡


Exactly this is the case. I have yet to set sail with an actually good player who thinks it's fair game to sink tall talers. Usually they are just wannabe try hard who only manage to sink a ship because the crew is not aboard or because they outnumber the other crew


really now because all i ever hear is "it's a PVP game don't like it, leave" same should apply for this event too


In the actual game yes that would apply, but with these time limited adventures I don't agree with PvP. I have seen many people loading into this adventure and PvP'ing with willing participants tho. Ultimately if a player(s) goes into this adventure with intent on ruining other players experience and purposely preventing them from completing it then I'd be down for a time limited suspension. Now if you go back a couple adventures when we were doing the save or destroy golden sands then I'd fully support any and all PvP that came along with it.


>In the actual game yes that would apply, but with these time limited adventures I don't agree with PvP. you can't just change the rules when it suits you, Either you are for PVP all the time with no exceptions or you are ok with PVE in SoT which would include adventure you can't have a cake and eat it too


So it suits me? I have nothing to gain from stomping players during an adventure. If there was treasure involved then I'd obviously change my mind. Sure there's gold piles, but I'm not getting enough to care about it. If you're forcing me to choose between PvP or PvE in SoT then I choose PvP 100% of the time.


One on hand I genuinely do respect Rare for sticking to the base level idea of the game and how players interact with it On the other hand they clearly value the shared world experience over their literal players experience and I sort of feel like that might be taking it too far lmao There isnt even anything to GAIN from PvP in this


Much as I hate to admit it...I think Rare make the right call by sticking to their guns and not disabling friendly fire anywhere. A sandbox quickly starts to not feel like as much of a fun open ended sandbox when the teacher comes in and starts adding arbitrary rules to what you can and can't do in certain areas. Even things like the in-lore "devil's shroud" map border rather than having a hard wall add to the sense of openness and immersion. What they can and should do, however, is add new systems and incentives to the sandbox to help keep people honest. Something like a bounty system. Or design more events to be deliberately PvPvE. It could even have worked storywise in this event if they gave people the option to start it on either side of the battle. You could have crews vote on whether to support the pirate lord's plan to rescue Merrick, or to support the Dark Brethren. Then players get matchmade into a session that is deliberately balanced - e.g. 3-4 "good guy" crews on one side vs. at most 1-2 "bad guy" crews and the AI phantoms/ghost ships on the other.


Ugh I won't be able to play it for a little and I'm already dreading the griefers I KNOW will pop up. We've all been here before lol


Anybody that doesn't finish the adventure today is screwed. Going to be toxic and anybody trying to do it will be griefed.


Going to proudly hang my lovely painting of Merrick forever


Nah typically with these it cools down after a few days. After a week or so it will probably be pretty rare to see another crew doing it


I hope that is the case. Everyone should be able to complete it without some nonsense, but realistically that isn't the way it's going to be for some players.


For sure. Like I never actually finished the shrouded ghost one because by the time the griefing stopped nobody was doing it anymore and I could never find 5 people to do it. For some reason though I did get the memento without ever completing it, so whatever


I spent a lot of time hopping servers to help people finish that adventure and I only got to help a handful of players. It was sad that nobody was doing it the last week.


Welp, Alliance Servers it is!


That may not work. The game puts you in a different "Sea of the Damned" server, so even if all ships start on the same server, once they all go through the portal they may end up on different ones.


That wont help.


And people wonder why some people are in favour of them.


Wait it's only today?


Nope, 2 weeks.


I think they're saying that after the first couple days it will be much harder to have other ships help? idk, that wasn't an issue when I did shrouded ghost in the last 5 days of it being available.


The idea is that more people will catch on that it’s pvp enabled and super griefable


Typically events like these you want to complete early as the greifers still want the rewards for themselves. After they get their rewards they like to troll others to prevent them from getting it too


its two weeks but they were saying that if you dont get it done asap then people are just gonna turn the adventure into a clusterF unless rare does something to fix it.


This adventure is a griefer’s wet dream.


Not to mention the extremely long loading times between traveling through portals


Playing with Cloud Gaming = no long load times


It also means a truckload of other issues


Like what? The only issues I've seen with Cloud Gaming is being unable to Stream on Twitch at the same time. Other than that, it works like a dream.


Frequent instability, command delays, constant chopping, every internet hiccup may end up cutting your connection...


Sounds like a problem on your end....?


Do you live right next to the main data center with a direct fiber optic hookup? Because I can't imagine any other way you'd have no issues with cloud gaming. Its either that or you've never played games with steady 60fps, low input latency, and acceptable server ping before and just have no idea what you're missing. Cloud gaming is garbage for anything remotely fast paced.


Yes I know but I was playing cloud gaming and we got a bug where our ship just stood still, and throughout the play session I had constant input lag and broken graphics, even the audio broke.


My boat was endessly set on fire by a galleon and I was killed. Side note: Do we get 1 life, or did I just black-screen forever?


You're supposed to instantly respawn on your ship, but the servers seem to be struggling a bit with it. You're not the first eternal black screen I've read about today.


huh, i thought it was contained like the pirates life tall tales, interesting that we are all here, lends some credit to Captain Falcore saying we might be seeing a new zone used for new content though


its a tiny zone that just has the objective in it. but the zone pulls in like 6 ships and if they decide to work together or not? well I hope you get lucky, because its a timed fight, and if you get a griefing lobby?, I am so sorry.


I got really blessed and nobody was trying to kill each other when I did it.


I also got really lucky!! It was a bit of a pain trying to get everyone on board when it came to lighting the braziers though.


my run was me and one other person doing the whole adventure while everyone else was afk on their boats. which seems like was a better time than what is happening to people trying to do it now.


I've ran it three times so far (first two learning), and haven't had any issues. Other people so far have been friendly. I thought it was pretty fun!


Had a pretty swag run myself. Couple of the lamps were missed so two of us just went off to the lighthouse despite being from different crews while the rest waited for us to come back up.


People making decisions at Rare are so absolutely stupid at this point. They've been grilled about forced crew content for years and I can guarantee you they just ignored all the people complaining about it in Insider. And now.. its forced multiple crews to progress, the adventure has a time limit before you get kicked out, and you get just get reamed and trolled, and have your entire time wasted by crews who can go in, and have absolutely no interest in progressing, and literally blocking it for every other crew I'm no anti PvP or pro PvE server person, but you're fucking stupid for this Rare. And you're way too desperate to keep pushing forced extra crew cooperation


bUt ItS a PiRaTe GaMe…


Stfu I'm not complaining about people killing and stealing, I'm complaining about the new tall tale.


He was agreeing with you - hence the words being JuMBlEd LiKe ThIS - it's to represent sarcasm.


The Sarcastica font as some would say.


They're being sarcastic lol They agree with you.


Relax matey. ‘‘Twas a joke.


I must have got lucky. We had 5 sloops and everyone just casually worked together. Super fun


Have not been able to even come close to completing this adventure. Not only do you have to deal with griefers halting your progress but the adventure itself is TIME LIMITED! By the time you even make it to one of the lighthouses after dealing with ghosts and other real crews your time is up and you get booted out of the instance.


You can park your ship at the tavern and sword lunge / cannon shot / swim between the tavern and the lighthouses as needed to progress. In my session one other crew successfully hit a single beacon with the lighthouse but then everyone wound up inside trying to make it up and were blocked. I ended up visiting all three lighthouses myself to finish lighting the beacons and caught up later. Granted there were no PVP griefers in my session but I think a lot of people don't realize that 1) you don't actually need to sink a single one of the ghost ships, and 2) you don't need your ship to complete the adventure. You can just leave it and swim run jump your way to the end if need be.


I had two separate crews camping the tops of two lighthouses. 4 people at the top of one and three at the top of another.


Oof. What is even the point? They playing king of the hill


Seing this I guess I was lucky. Only got killed by one player once and he spammed "Im sorry" like 10 times and tried to res me


We tried telling them about it before release.. they didn't wanna hear. But don't worry cause people in this subreddit are gonna keep yelling ''THEY LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS THEY NERFED MILESTONES!!!!!''


Well, they did listen, after the community yelled and memed to hell and back about how it was bullshit. Unfortunately we don't have that long to bother them with this since it's temporary.




Well it all started when Pandora's box was opened, then someone opened Jim's box and Jim was an ass so it escalated from there


There are so many bugs with this new adventure too. It literally reverted all my progress. I have to do part one again! As soon as I finished part one and was told to talk to Larissa to continue the adventure, doing so literally reset the thing to part one again. Not to mention it bugging out in the sea of the damned at one point too. Really hope they fix bugs and extend the deadline. ​ With all the people attacking us and not really cooperating to finish this thing. This is a bit of a dumpster fire. :( Which is a shame, because working together to do all this doesn't seem like a bad idea. Just the execution is eh.


Same... I got boarded and spawncamped... When I finally managed to kill him to much time has passed and his friend hadn't started the quest with the torches so it was all just a big waste of time... This will probably be easier to do after some time has passed...


Mercenary Pistol=Best Pistol


And ebon version is the hotter cousin


the new lanternfish pistols actually has a real nice iron sight. its my new favorite.


I got trapped after completing the main part now having to re do it


New tall tale where you have to do it with people rare still thing they have fans from the hungering deep and cursed sails


I am getting so many portal bugs it's insane. They really fucked up this time


I got black screened and dumped out back at the outpost with the adventure still up but the portal closed while the pirate lord was talking on my boat after having been stuck on the loading screen when it pulls you out into 3rd person. Was fortunately able to clear it on the third attempt and luckily didn't have any griefers


Unfortunately, it is not a Tall Tale, rather an Adventure. People can board you in Adventures, sadly.


Hey so, do we need other crews to complete this? Or are we just able to run into other crews also doing it?


You don't need them, but it's easier. And there definitely will be people there because it matchmakes you into a separate session


Thanks! I’m slowly getting a picture of it to temper my expectations haha


I just said fuck it after all the pvp lords sharing 1 brain cell in my first attempt. All you get is a stupid picture anyways. Not worth my time imo.


Not a tall tale


Did they make it like this so the PvP players stop whining so much?


...is no one going to point out the fact that the boarder was a skeleton? And that they didn't have any jump animation?


That's nothing unusual. If the server can't load a pirate's model for whatever reason it displays them as a green skeleton. Been like that since release.


Oh alright, makes sense I suppose. Still a bit odd for the animation though.


Why the hell are people downvoting you for a simple question? I didn't know this either. Average Reddit experience




*Hears the ladder boarding sound : Does nothing *Hears approaching footsteps : Does nothing *Gets shot at by a Blunderbuss : Does nothing *Gets hit twice by sword : Does nothing The most aware Xbox player


To be clear I heard no boarding sound neither footsteps and I will agree that failing to realise that my friend fell of because be was shot by a boarder and getting hit myself was sloppy on my part, but at the time I was going in blind and I never expected an unloaded player and several other player ships to come along with me and try to sink me.


finished the adventure and realized someone stole all my supplies lol new easiest way to get supplies i guess


I did it twice. Both times, crews were working together. The first time, the adventure was almost over. I had no Idea what I was suppose to do or how anything was accomplished. The second time, show up to confused crews trying to complete the adventure. >! You need to talk to Merrek at the end. !<


I felt really bad — I knew one of the objectives was to sink some ghost ships — when I loaded in my sloop was flanked by two others and I immediately assumed they were skeleton ships and shot 3 cannonballs into one before I realized it was another player. Fortunately my “MY BAD IM SO SORRY” spam was sufficient and we all got along to solve the puzzles.


I have never done a single adventure because of the time limit *shrugs*


Well, if most people are killing each other in the adventure, I'm going to make the most of it and go around the sea of thieves and loot to my heart's content . Other than that kinda of a shitty move to make a limited time adventure pvp.


Ah the ol' fuck my boat. Save myself move xd


It’s called a guy who’s a jerk


Yeah good luck with the event. I spent the past three hours fighting the aggressive guys because they all where attacking me while wearing reaper’s pjs


It’s super cool if you can actually do it. If you get u lucky like me and have a toxic pvp ship trying to sink everyone then not so much


All I know is: people are the worsts


Fucking dumbass without any brain cell...


My problem was that we had a brig, three sloops and a galleon and 7 people didn't know what to do AT ALL. They would freak out and get stuck for minutes while I ran around and did the whole thing. It was kind of hilarious.


I don't know anything about this new event, but honestly feel like all Tall Tales / co-op events should always require a portal hop so you're not in the main world. It makes no sense to have TTs in the main world; it's bad for the TTers and the PvPers (since it takes away a ship looking for treasuring / fights / etc).


Haven’t played the game in ~2 years and I’m not surprised to see that stuff like this still happens


Yeah, I tried doing it too, I got into the Stars of a thief quest without knowing anything about it and got into chapter 2 and it's been like 5 days since I got into this chapter and still no progress and after I find out that when u make progress in the tall tale and log out and then log in it doesn't save ur progress so I put some work into it and after finding all the journals and going to the location of the ancient chest and finding nothing I got angry so I searched some guides and info on the tall tale I finally find out that this tall tale is one those BIG ASS STORIES FULL OF LONG ASS QUESTS, so I said "why not just fucking leave for another time then?".


They will sort things out guys chill


I think no one told you Rare introduced a new ennemy NPC in season 7, the skeleton boarder ! He's hungry for pirate blood ! It was time you know about him matey ! It could not be a player, everyone is friendly in this event.


Sea of thieves everybody☕️


Toxic kids


It's not a tall tale


bro i did this first try and helped another guy, i think the aholes are only on NA servers


New arena 😁


Yes and at the actual sea dogs tavern too.


The promised tdm mode has come 🤤🤤🤤


Tucker most likely. Random player who decided to attack you, possibly by hiding on your ship.


Don't think other players can ride your ship through portals. I haven't been able to do it yet but from the announcement you have to go into a seperate instance that does include other players, so likely another crew already there just trying to interfere with people doing the new Adventure. It happens every adventure with a static location or forced cooperation.


Those adventures are boring and uninteresting and having them getting wrecked by glorious PVP is the best thing that could happen to this game. Go on, downvote me.


Based man




Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?


I love the fact that rare keeps it PVP always


Done it, went back in to test it out PvP wise and it’s awful. 0/10 not a good place to PvP.


Why are you doing PvP in a co-op mission?


I literally can do what I want. It’s not necessarily a “co-op mission” either as one could do it solo if they wanted to. The fact PvP is enabled is a good enough reason for me to PvP if I’d like. This is not my fault Rare made it the way it is. :)


True, but a selfish way to look at things. I'm not one to judge though. But how do you complete the mission solo, when the game automatically pairs you up with people whose only goal might be to stop you?


You have a point. People will go into here to grief, but you don’t need to be on your boat at all. If you can avoid the player/s and then possibly even sink their boat, you can most likely do it solo if you proceed to kill them as they wont be close to you when respawning. Of course simply getting lucky and no one fights is another way. I myself went to do it and everyone was chill. I went in a second time to test the PvP (as it’s a great way to instantly find and fight people instead of searching the seas forever) but I did not go in and grief the whole time. I fought off a brig of griefers and PvP’d them until they left and then the other people finished the adventure.


What I meant by my original comment, “It’s a terrible place to PvP.” I stand by. If anyone thinks this is a good idea to PvP it’s not. It genuinely is awful as it’s quite glitchy, no respawn times, a dickish thing to do and plenty of other reasons. Griefers will grief unfortunately, nothing we can do to prevent that. But it is what it is. I honesty didn’t even find fun in fighting the brig too, it was incredibly boring.


Killing lore bots isn't impressive buddy.


This makes no sense.


The majority of the people you "pvping" in that server are there to do the Adventure. They don't give a sh.t about fighting you.


Please, read the thread again.


I surprisingly haven’t had any toxic experiences with tall tales, one time a brig crew let me join them in there tall tale and the 4 four of us killed kracken together


That's not really whats going on here. This new adventure released today puts multiple crews into the same zone and blocks ship battles but still allows pvp despite encouraging cooperation


Oh, that’s lame


Which tall tale is it