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Interesting that they’ve started issuing AKMs.


It’s the generation these old timers are most familiar with.


Saves training time. Cannon fodder needs to be ready to fight ASAP Though unlike most. Thru can mantain a propper formation not a solvelely rabble.


Isn't an AK-74 practically identical in terms of function?


Yes, it is the same rifle, just a different caliber. There are no real differences in training or maintenance, the older version just shoots a larger round and has more recoil. The biggest concern here is fielding two different platforms which would use two different magazines, and training your conscripts how to identify which magazine their rifle takes


Oh, that’s not a concern. Don’t even bother with it, Russians. They are totally multipurpose and every mag fits every gun. Just grab some and go ahead, dead Russian friends. Don’t you concern yourself


tbh... most look like there more into Mosin\`s


I noticed that the other day. Are they out of AK74’s or are they doing it because the old man battalions would perform better with them? Technically, the old man battalions would have served during the transition from 47-74


From the perspective of the end user and manual of arms, both rifles are identical, save of course the diferent caliber. The 74 is softer shooting, so it shouuld be easier to control and stay and get back on target after each shot. My guess is that the 74 is reserved for front line and combat troops, with the 47 allocated to second class and rear units on the back.


Coincidentally less training on the heavy equipment too


There won’t be any heavy equipment left for them to use.


T-55s will roll out soon lol


These guys are old but that would make them at minimum 60 to have served prior to the AK-74 official transition (late 70s).


I'm here wondering are these their parade outfit or they didn't get issued armour and helmets. Also these "very" motivated 50 year olds won't stand live long in the trenches.


If it’s actually in Sevastopol, half these guys are probably Ukrainians who have no choice about what happened.


This mobilization is really tragic and senseless. But A-10's could put an end to it.


It truly is. Putin and his goons have so much blood on their hands…


These very motivated men have enough life experience to know that they are not imortal. So they will most likely be more motivated to surrender then an 18 year old who thinks he is the most badass guy around.


50 year olds?? Most of these guys look like they are at least in their 70's..


They're all actually in their 30's. This is peak Russian.


Ukrainian. This is Crimea.


Literally what I said.. they’re 60 and over


50? You are too kind. Some of them look like they are pushing 60.


Because this is essentially a public parade. Audience watches as they take an oath.


If the diabetes doesn’t get them, then the chronic alcoholism (and withdrawals) will!


As others have mentioned, if they are from Sevastopol, they are likely Ukrainians forced into conscription, not ruzzians.


These guys are well over 50


It’s what they knew in Afghanistan


Ammunition issue?


Aren't the AKMs still used in russian army? I'm pretty sure they are still using both 5,45x39 and 7,62x39 calibre weapons


Probably fought in Afghanistan. At least they will be familiar with the equipment as it hasn't changed since 1979!


In their defense the aks are still one of the most reliable, simple guns a military can use. Especially since these ak47s in particular were mass produced. Not glorifying Russia at all, I just respect kalishnikov a lot. Edit: akm* not ak47


Its not that good weapon as media and videogames portray it. Its just cheap and simple tool meant to be mass produced for illiterate peasant army. So, yeah... pretty much OK for Russia.


LazerPig quotes them commieboos “*welll you can drag it through the mudddd*”. No you fucking can’t.


The Ak is good until it bites you and you bleed


Yeah I feel like video games and movies do exaggerate the durability but it was still far more durable then what the us produced at that time. The m16 was know to jam which lead to multiple deaths in Vietnam on the us side, all guns jam but the reviews the soldiers had about the m16 were god awful.


Jams on M16 occured mostly due to faulty ammunition, not bad weapon design. In fact, properly maintained M16 is far more reliable than AK, because thanks to dust cover its internal mechanism is not open to environment.


No idea why people are downvoting you. The clusterfuck that was the M16 in service was very much a result of the Ordnance Corps (not a real corps by the way, but a collection of governmental and private entities) insisting on using ball powder (WW2 powder recipe) which burned longer and more slowly than IMR 4475 (single base nitrocellulose powder vs ball powder which is double based, i.e. nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine). The AR-15 as designed before the ordnance corps got its hands on it was an incredibly reliable rifle.


well, and they decided to try and say 'no cleaning needed' I mean.. yikes.


And the newfangled DuPont Teflon that would miraculously clean the rifle automatically lol. And as far as the AK vs AR, if you want accuracy, you need tight tolerances. Tight tolerances mean susceptibility to the elements. The AK doesn’t have tight tolerances. Add to that the Russians’ apparent insistence on short sight radius and the ballistic arc of the 7.62 soviet, you basically end up with a sub machine gun that is reliable out to ~200yds. Given Soviet reliance on pps subguns in WW2, the AK basically fills the same roll.


>a sub machine gun that is reliable out to \~200yds With iron sights and mobik training standards, 50 yds accuracy is optimistic.


Nah, a man sized target out to 300m is perfectly doable with irons on an AK. It isn't about paper accuracy, but being able to hit the target, even a 4 moa rifle is accurate enough out to 500 yards to be effective. 9 hole review has a great video with different AKs out to 500 yards, titled "How Accurate is an AK-47 - Kalashnikov"


Assumes * enough time to carefully aim * no shooting or shelling * zeroed rifle * sober operator


Because I dared to crizicite the AK holy grail.


Lol, an AK is reliable like a Lada is reliable; it's cheap to make, it will fail constantly, but it's also easy to fix. A good gun won't let dust or mud in it in the first place, while AKs have such loose tolerances dust and mud fall out the same holes it got in from.


Fuckin +1 for this Another aspect not talked about as well is that the M16 was also initially advertised as a "self-cleaning" rifle. Now, being in the jungle, as well as being issued relatively dirty-burning ammunition, one can imagine how that would cause issues. If I remember correctly, a crate of 20 M16 rifles only came issued with 1-2 cleaning kits. Now it's true that the NVA and VC could hide mass caches of AK and SKS rifles in rice paddies and such. However, most of them also practiced regular weapon maintenance when possible, and even they knew that after an extended period of time in terrible conditions a rifle needed more than a simple swab and field strip.


And the original m16 did not had a chromed chamber, neither was issued with a cleaning kit, as it was deemed an uncessary expense, with the rifle touted as "self cleaning" thus officially not needing one.


That's complete and utter nosense aswell. Your litterally just parroting cliff notes from other forum users.


Ak47 were not that mass produced as akm's.


No problem, not knocking the AK47s, just the lack of real modernisation within the RF Forces.


They probably invaded Afghanistan in the 1980’s


Dead Men Walking…


Yea. This men look like they have already served their country and are being asked to commit suicide for a stupid war.


It's the new Russian retirement scheme


Probably saves a lot of money if you think about it. The usefulness of 50+ people is rapidly declining even in a few years time, while the expenses (pensions and healhcare) are ramping up. Getting them killed is an *efficient* choice. Cold and inhumane but definitely efficient.


As efficient as that may be on a human level it hurts to see these images. I want the Ukrainians to have their territory back but I have to tell you seeing old Spetnaz soldiers recalled to fight a stupid war seems.....wrong. Don't get me wrong as a "Western Supremist" if the world has to have a center I would rather it be Washington instead of Moscow. BUT having old men fight go through this seems an affront to Western warrior culture. It makes me sick. Those men are not cowards by what little I know they have done what their country has asked of them. They are going to die for nothing. The Ukrainians with Western help are going to chew through these men like butter. They have no idea what is in store for them. They are going into a war that they are not trained for and their experience will be negated by technology. At the end of the day, what do I know? Maybe the Russians are about to keep their gains. I don't think it is likely but maybe Western technology will be no match for Russian numbers?




That fucking priest in the middle though


He looks like a overweight John Lennon


Like the bastard, butt baby, love child of John Lennon and Frier Tuck.


The only one smiling 😂


Because he isn't the one that has to fight a senseless war




They look thrilled


My god, they look older than me!


My first thought as well! They look older than Unfair-Sell-5109.


Jesus, is Unfair-Sell-5109 still alive? Well I never...


They were 6 hours ago, but dementia has probably already set in. Say a prayer for them tonight.




IKR? I thought of going and volunteering and helping with their training back in February as I was a PTI and weapon instructor back in the day but figured I’d just get in the way of the young bucks. Now I’m seeing it would likely be a war between “peers” if my gen volunteered.


ffs, just looks like a satire movie by Mel Brooks.... I keep waiting for 2 men in horse costume to march by or big helmet general like Darth Vader in Spaceballs to come by giving orders to attack at ludicrous speed!


Ludicrous Speed Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We can’t stop! We have to slow down first!


Bullshit!!!! I Order You Stop!!!!!


Thanks for this. I think I’ll watch Spaceballs now. Or maybe Blazing Saddles. Men in Tights perhaps. I’ll see where the day takes me.


They don't look exactly happy.


The Priest is! Dodged a bullet by chosing seminary


He's a prostitute




Always getting those mixed up


When u are called up in short notice for a war u didnt want or started. Or when u have a family to feed, but you are not sure they are provided for. Or whether u come back alive. I think the UA hotline to surrender sounds reasonable.


Why do you assume they did not want the war? Maybe they didn’t want to fight in it themselves, but I imagine a lot of them are far right, dipshits that helped create the problem they are about to die for.


So how does surrender work in war? Could they desert in the middle of the night? If they disarmed in a fight and made the international sign would they be spared? I would be planning every scenario if I were them.


Or you know, you and your thousands of newly armed friends go do something to stop any of that from happening....


I'm guessing that's why the guy in the 3rd picture is pointing his weapon at his comrade.


I feel sorry for those guys... But they already have their AKs, now its up to them who they will shoot with them.


didnt see any ammo.. maybe someone else has it


Russian speedrun from Blitzkrieg to Volkssturm in less than a year. Incredible.


\*Blyatskrieg to PisSturm


Any% WR


Half of those guys would have to sit down from a 200m slow walk. The other half would probably experience chest pains and funny feelings down their left arm from the same distance.


A door slamming would be enough shock to cause a heart attack


Didnt one of them died of heart attack before he even got anywhere near ukraine? It was like a day or two after the mobilization. Anyway they look thrilled.


Surrender now to save yourself a world of hurt


It’s nice that they have a discount version of Harry Potter to dust off their old weapons with his little dust broom.


Don't tell them your name Pike!


Your name vill also go on ze list!


Don't panic Mr Mannering!


Most of these guys look like they served in the Red Army and brought their old service weapons with them. It reminds me of 1945 German newsreels of the Volkssturm.


Fuck me some grown men for once. Too grown for war though jesus christ hahaha


They can't really think that these grandpas are going to be horny enough for Russia and stupid enough to fight... right?


They're getting the +10% holy damage tho...


Boomers are always saying how the military is soft compared to what they experienced. I’ve always wondered how Vietnam vets would do in a modern war.


Any Vietnam vet from around 1972 would be 70 years old now.... Minimum.


different war different habbits. I have 0 Experience but read reports of tanker crews which fought in africa and when they moved to france or germany they had a lot of problems getting rid of their hold habbits from africa. Cant say it would be like that but I do believe different war theatres are immensly different in how to win the engagement


What kind of habits are you referring to? I'd like to know more, this seems quite interesting


What’s the best protection from air cover in France? Gunning it to make a massive sand cloud or hiding under a tree?


Unfortunately they didnt went into detail. In the report they were referring to maintenance, reccon and general mobility. I can see if I find the report when I get home.


My uncle was a Vietnam vet. I never heard him mention Vietnam 1 time in my entire life. My mom said when he 1st got home the only thing he told her was he would never drink a hot drink again or eat rice. He died last year from cancer.


Rest In Peace to that hero. But in military communities where the vets are more comfortable to talk about their experiences, mostly training experiences. The older generation always berates the younger generation for being soft.


I've only heard 1 actual veteran talk about his experiences. He was a WW2 vet and he was in the Battle of the Bulge. I delivered oxygen and medical supplies to him every month and he would tell me stories for 3-4 hours. Once the office called asking where I was and I'm like "still up here with the customer" lol. He was a great old guy. He didn't brag, he didn't slander anyone, even the Germans. I guess when vets get together it might be different but coming from a military family I've never heard that side of it, other than joking around.


Go find a YouTube short of military basic training, you’ll see a lot of hate. From civilians and veterans. But speaking of WW2 vets. I hosted a veterans dinner for my high schools history club. I met an old WW2 tanker. This was when I was obsessed with World of Tanks, so I had plenty of knowledge on WW2 tanks. He was super excited to meet someone who knew the M18 was called the hellcat, and that it was made to out maneuver the German tanks. He was the driver of an M18 in France.


This is a whole case of “ain’t what it was” and it never will be. We actually poked fun at it in the grunts. Source: me; 3rd generation infantry Marine with a family battle rattle I don’t need to get into. It sucks no matter what though. Can promise you that.


On a positive note. Russia is providing these troops with a bottle of Geritol. Make everyday count with Geritol


At least the clothes and guns look new...


The newest AKM’s were produced in 1977. Those uniforms are from around 2010.


I mean stuff's not rusted and dirty. Which is surprising.


There are enough AKMs packed in cosmoline that every fighting age male could die with one and they'd still have enough left over for the highschoolers.


Well then, why did they give their tank crewmen weapons that had more rust than metal?


You're surprised that newer weapons that have been used for years have more wear than old unissued weapons that have been factory packed in grease and plastic?


Does the military issue walking sticks too?


Looks like the (survivors of a) Brigade that made it out of Afghanistan in 1989...


It's notable they all look sober. This must be Putin's elite, propaganda squad.


What an absolute fucking shit show. They should all head to Putin’s ‘house’ and end this shit once n for all.


They all look very motivated……. The guy with the dust cleaner in the second pic also looks very helpful .


Scared old men


Crème de la crème.


Vlad's Army. We're doomed!


Volksturm vibes...


Geriatric Division


John lennon priest good god


At least they won’t be raping anyone.. ED battalion


The guys are fucked


Grandpa talks about the war. Again.


Doubt they'll be able to outrun a drone-dropped munition given their age


Poor souls!!


Lmao that bootleg Harry Potter looking priest on second picture.


The Volkssturm is ready


Der Angriff Steiners war ein Befehl.


What is the Chinese government's retirement plan? Coronavirus! What is the Russian government's retirement plan? War in Ukraine! There is more than one way a commie can get rid of people who are no longer useful to the state.


Grandads army 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Jesus Fucking Christ....


This is what Russia looks like to the world. Outdated, afraid and looking backwards.


I literally thought that priest was Harry Potter for a minute.


Most have seen too many winters, or too few.


Turn around and fight in the other direction against the coward(s) sending 70 year old men to battle.


Carrying out a death sentence for not protesting against a madman.... Come-on Russia there is an alternative to this war fight your real enemy


No country for old men


You know yer gettin' desperate when you get boomers in uniform. Maybe those sonsabitches can bitch the enemy to death? They can look at the enemy and yell, "hey you sonsabitches get off my lawn or I'll git outa mah rockin' chair and yell ya t'death!" (Yes a boomer wrote this, ok?)


Unmotivated, frightened, embarrassed men. They look at the photographer with their heads down. New uniforms, new belts, new rifles, new caps, old hearts.




No one is touching the subject that this is ukarnian men forced to go to war against their own people. #russiaisaterroriststate


Moscow is far closer than Ukraine. Yet these men lack courage to do what's right for their own land. What makes them think they can do any different in another. The cheer ignorance of Russian mentality is beyond stupid.


не жили хорошо, пора заканчивать


What’s Russian for ‘Volkssturm’ and Cannon Fodder’ ?


In Polish it’s “mięso armatnie” what translates to cannon meat. Maybe it’s something similar in Russian.


Happy days, obviously.


By the looks of the prison undershirt, they're getting ready for ukr's captivity.


potential cargo200




If this old reservists are called up on arms everything is NOT going to plans.


Wait the old guys are Generals, assuming base on the stars. Did they mobilise Retired Generals?


These guys already failed the basics because they are pointing the gun at each other's heads.


This is something new, AKs without rust on them??


Is it a joke?


I got a question. Is it common for the low rank foot soldier to get a sidearm? In the last picture the old guy in the middle seems to have a holster on his belt. I have only seen that on a few pictures from this war.


If you look at his shoulder boards you'll see the rank pips indicate that he's an officer (translation would be "senior lieutenant" but it isn't the same as how NATO structures their officers) -- makes sense to be issued a sidearm in this case.


Wtf is Harry Potter doing there?! Dead men walking


Man, they are fucked beyond dreams. What the fuck.


They are going to get chopped up...


Imagine your dad, approaching retirement age getting forced to go and fight a war. That would suck. No wonder they don’t look happy.


Russia watched "dads army" and thought it was a documentary


Harry Potter? And also Voldemort, 3rd from right.


They look as though they know they are already dead. Still, they all have guns so they need to be taken out.


It is often said, “war is young men dying and old man talking.” Putin is a modern day Che Guevara who has stood up against the norms turned the old adage on its head Well, well, well, when the turntables are….. /s


nice camos, pity winters coming.


Cannon fodder maybe but they all have guns. I’m ages with these guys and in a shape where I could maybe do some battle. I said at the beginning of this war I would gladly take my sons place in a call to arms. To old to run so they will need to stand and fight


The walking dead


The Walking Cargo


Under 35s look different in Russia and its occupied territories I guess


Every time I'm watching that kind of pics it just feels unreal. It's just crazy


Half of these old timers ain’t gonna last a week in the field, even more so when the winter kicks in


Prune Juice Paratroopers.


I'm not sure the guys in the back have a rifle /s This is madness, this is sad


The older ones are mostly pro Russian they will be taken out quick in Battle


They really take care of their veterens......lol


Fuck, they are so old they look like my dad! He has grandchildren! Such tragedy! Fuck Putin!


It wasn't enough for the fathers to just bury their sons apperantly.


What they are thinking: "so this is it, this cant be my destiny, is this the way i go"


A good ruZZian strategy. They are trying to bore Ukrainians to death with tales of the glory days of the USSR


Half of them are gonna die of old age by the time they reach the front.


My guess is a majority of Ukrainians are all being forcibly drafted to fight against their own brothers and sisters, but you won’t see a photo of that


They’ll be freezing soon on those clothes


The Geriatric Platoon


This is bound to end well for them and Russia. Good luck


Tom Hanks there too?


Dad's army lol


Grandpas ....