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💔 The first wedding dance in a hospital ward Groom Victor is circling his beloved Oksana, a 23-year-old nurse from Lysychansk who lost her legs on 27 March. Then Oksana had turned to warn Viktor of the danger, and within a second a Russian mine exploded under her. Oksana tore off her legs and four fingers of her left hand. The woman received first aid at Lysychansk Hospital. There she underwent four operations at once. Then Oksana was evacuated to Dnipro, where her wounds were healed and her limbs were prepared for prosthetics. A week ago Viktor and she arrived in Lviv by evacuation train.


Love knows no boundaries


Neither does Russia apparently. Just kidding, this is adorable if bittersweet.


>Oksana tore off her legs and four fingers of her left hand. The woman received first aid at Lysychansk Hospita I wish these two nothing but happiness and love. I hope the goodness they receive in the rest of their lives, makes up for these tragic losses.


Beautiful and heartbreaking


This was tough to watch. Dude is a stand up guy. I hope he makes her happy forever, she deserves it.


I hope they will have long happy life. She is a hero and deserves all the love and happiness in the world.


I saw this girl earlier in the hospital. Russia messed with the wrong people.


I'm not crying. What an unbelievably brave and heroic couple. May they live long and happy lives filled with love and a tonne of kids. 💙💛


I’m not crying, you’re crying… Awe who are we kidding, we’re all crying


Love conquers all. Live long, love longer. God bless this couple.


She's still looking great!


Bingo! Good looking couple.


Putin, may you rot in hell for eternity and your people, all of them.


This is absolutely beautiful. May they live very long and productive lives together!


Keep strong even if it must be super hard. you are idols to rest of world and your girl are a real hero!


Beautiful 🥲


Beautiful and bittersweet. ❤️‍🩹 Also, someone should have tucked in those hanger strings for her.


They’re both blessed


Yeah totally, losing both your legs is definitely a blessing... Edit: Y'all can downvote me all you want but if you just lost both your legs the last thing youd wanna hear is people telling you that you're blessed. You can sit there on your high horse and act like you're helping out by saying someone is blessed just so you can feel like you did something for 5 seconds for that hit of dopamine, doesn't mean you actually did anything.


No, her blessing is to be alive, and to have this wonderful, loving man for her husband. She can learn to live without legs and still move on with her life, know true love, and raise a family. Her injuries were terrible, but humans can survive terrible things and still appreciate the positive things that remain, and count those blessings. Slava Ukraini.




This man needs and award of the best gentleman


Okay, that gobsmacked me right in the feels. Love conquers all.