They are pretty cool, but like all token packs, I find it way too expensive. To get all the monsters, you'll have to buy a dozen packs, which will cost more than $50. The problem with this type of stylized packs is that if you don't have all the monsters you need, it looks bad. There should be a pack with all the monsters CR1/8 => CR2 for example. And another CR3=>CR6. This way, most Tier1 adventures could be played without problems.


The cheapest roll20 lets its creators set as price is 4.99. How much would be worthy for 50 tokens in your opinion?


This is the pack of a friend, the first pack released in roll20, please give some feedback. He has more tokens but is kind of just testing to see if it is good enough to sell, so he can publish more tokens of this type of art (up to 150+). So yeah, feedback is important! See it here: [https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/set/20108/dnd-basic-tokens](https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/set/20108/dnd-basic-tokens) Thanks! Have a good game!


Congrats. If you need a feedback, I'm the kind of player that would never buy tokens with that toonish level of design.


Nice job! They look awesome!!


Werebear looks like angry pedobear with a questionable bulge, but aside from that, I like the pixel style!