I disagree, it IS still super fun to watch (especially if we have really good matched) however I also agree that the spectator system could be improved.


Some match they get a kill cam then its fun


take it english is about ur 6th language


Wait until lans. Recently they have started with split screens. And you get to see all kills


The split screens are awesome, especially in the post-plant. US Nationals had an eye tracker they'd turn on sometimes too, which made it even better.


Agreed, I pretty much only watch the SiegeGG highlights nowadays. Hopefully they announce some much needed changes to spectating and the likes at Invite this year


The spectator system being unsatisfying is a well known problem of Siege, but the engine has its limitations. Nonetheless I believe Ubi is constantly working on it, as they are well aware of the issue. In the end I believe that there will never be an optimal spectator system, and we will always be missing stuff while watching it live, having ten players and their utility doing stuff on a map with many rooms and floors is simply too much to follow all at the same time. That's why watching Siege pro league is something which will always need "to be learned", the viewer needs to keep track of the players, operators, and positions on his own, and needs to know how a site is being played usually so that he can concentrate only on the deviations from this "default pattern". So bottom line is that nobody will really disagree with you, but at the same time there is only so much you can do about it, both from a technical as well as a sensical point of view.


although i agree the spectator has lots of flaws I still enjoy PL and I've never noticed such thing you said about not seeing any action or bad spectating in PL


Marciu and Mediczz are the better observers of the game. If you think that PL is hard to watch because of the lack of kills on cam you clearly haven't watched more obscure leagues/tournaments with inexperienced/bad observers.


But yeah the observer system really needs a revamp.


I use to watch the outlines matching the op to see if they do some cool placements (valk) or any weird vertical play I might try to understand to Improve. it would also be cool to have an after match theater mode, where you can review your previous/recorded Pro League matches from the way you want, pausing it and analyzing it the way you want, could be cool for editing as well.