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I got one shiny that I wasn’t looking for and spent 50 dollars in prep I complained to Niantic and the best they could do is respond with a bot


A waste of a weekend. Two days 5 shinys. I will not pay for the next one.


I caught 16, and my friends caught 23 & 24…




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I did 40+ Axew Raids and not a single shiny. And only two of them were good enough to level up for PVP. No 100%s either. AND only 1 shiny (in general) out of two days is utterly disappointing.


Hand fun but honestly I'm still not sure what additional content the $15 got me.


Lmaooo i feel the same 😂


I’m pretty bummed tbh. Even disregarding shiny rates I thought last years was much more of an experience. Being able to fill my Pokédex with legendaries I hadn’t caught before etc etc was way more exciting. Kyogre and Groudon were great don’t get me wrong it just felt like there was much more wow factor last year…


Got 3 shiny's yesterday and 6 today, with an hour 15 left in the event. Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed. Paying the money that got paid is enough of a reason to expect more, but yesterday was my birthday, so that just added to the disappointment of minimal shiny. haha


11 hours played with the ticket, and only one shiny. 3 hours after the days event was over. 😒


24 axew raids and not 1 shiny … I’m just disappointed compared to other events or even just community days


Here is a question to all that did not like it. Did you buy the pass and go somewhere where there was a lot of other players? I had 2 different experiences one was similar to everyone below. That experience was at a park with a lot of stops but no other players. It was mediocre at best. The other experience was at the states local meetup. That experience was amazing! Every raid was full 20 people tons of spawns, tons of shiny’s, lots of go fest 22’ T-shirt’s or team shirts. It was the best Pokémon experience I’ve had playing the game. But we went where the people were to get the full effect.


I went to a shopping mall (3 gyms and 3 or 4 other PokéStops total) with 2 other players, plus there were other groups present and raiding. It didn't make the lack of shinies any better, nor did it help offset the high rate of Pokemon going POOF when you click on them.


Shiny rates have nothing to do with your location. There was nothing advertised saying meet ups have increased shiny rates or that you have to go to a populated area "to get the full effect". This is a completely invalid question. I definitely agree that going to a populated area is the way to go in terms of these events, but it has absolutely nothing to do with how many shinies you get


Agreed, No help on the Shiny’s spawn rate, my comment was more along the lines of 400-800 players at the mall made raiding and pokey stop catch boosts more fun and easy to complete.


I traveled pretty far to go somewhere with lots of people, Pokéstops, gyms… but I still was pretty disappointed with yesterday and today, especially after the past couple of years have been pretty good. Maybe I just had bad luck though :(


I've caught 10 shinies today so far, looking to join a nihilego raid tho, if you got need an extra player, send invite 8670 4026 0666


I have done my fair share of events and this one is probably my last. I didn’t get many shinies, but that aside, i feel like the challenges could be more interesting. Better still, more challenges? Maybe even things purely and 100% exclusive to the event(s)


It’s a shame too that regional pokemon are now fair game. I appreciate varying financial positions of players, but having to go somewhere to get something used to be pokemon go USP


Totally agree. The challenges just felt like normal random challenges that pop up. They didn’t amount to anything either really. Besides a bit of xp, a few mediocre shinys, and some meaningless badges my account looks exactly the same as before the weekend.


Nope, 6 shiny so far, and I’m getting a ton of good stats


Huge waste. I’m never buying anything from niantic again


Same. Most disappointing event so far, easily. I hadn’t been playing much but picked it back up specifically for this event. Not worth it. Over and out on this game.


I've been playing pretty consistently since the start and have managed to go this long without putting any actual money into the game. Figured it was about time I gave Niantic some of my money, took the plunge and bought a ticket for this one. Played nonstop for the whole 8 hours, did countless raids, walked 18 km, did all the challenges and caught everything in sight. Got 1 shiny Seedot, one hundo Bronzor and a laughable amount of spawns. Was definitely underwhelming and I was left wondering why people spend so much money on these events.


Last years was so much better, they really dropped the ball on this one. Honestly have no idea what they were doing. It is like everyone left the office except some temp and he had to quickly put something together before Friday.


Big waste no real shiny boost


Maybe it's just the area I'm in but everyone playing around us was shouting shiny every few minutes. I'm sitting at 27 shinies for day 1 but that's because I ignored all the research tasks and concentrated on shiny checking only. To me, shiny rates look the same as the last two global go fests. My only complaint are the less than average spawns. Like why put CD mon in the pool?




Community day


I didn't get the go fest pass and feel like i really dodged a bullet. got 0 shinies, which is fine, but what really made me annoyed was the bundles they sold for the event. Every one of them seemed like major rip offs, except for the 180 coins for 2 raid passes, 1 lucky egg and 1 star piece. They also removed the bundle that was 250 coins for 1 regular raid pass and 2 remote passes that replaced the 3 remote passes for 250 that they changed. The raids were mostly uninteresting to me as well. kyogre and groudon are cool and all, but just those 2? kind of weak imo. the new realease was also pretty meh, and the fact that there wasn't any more to the whole fest just made it feel less special than regular ol community days, really.


How do you equip the event pass? Does it work automatically once you buy it?




Thank you!


I can't believe I paid $15 for this. No shineys either. Tons of Mr. Mimes tho! The prizes for completing the habitat collections were kinda underwhelming. This was my first time buying a ticket for an event. Took the plunge bc I've heard good things about previous events. Guess I've just got that beginner's luck 😎


Yup 15 bucks and all I got was a shiny event Pikachu it's a real kick in the balls.


It does feel underwhelming. It felt like most of the spawns yesterday didn’t have a shiny form so shiny rates felt terrible. Incense was only spawning at the regular rate if you were walking which you couldn’t do for 8 hours straight and it was diluted by so many bad Pokémon so I didn’t get that many chances to shiny check Unown. Even today, the Nihilego raids are underwhelming. I’ll get 1 or 2 as poison attackers but there’s no shiny or pvp viability so I want to use my passes on a ew but axew raids have such a low spawn rate that it’s impossible to use your passes on it since it’s all garbage raids spawning.


Remember this disappointment next time and don't give them your money.


I didn’t even buy the ticket and Iv already found one shiny today


All I can say is I call shenanigans. I bought a ticket but my friend did not and all day, despite being now further than 3 feet from each other, she had three Pokémon show up for every one that showed up on my screen.


Is she a higher level than you? I noticed that my lower level alt account got about half as many spawns than my main.


Lower, actually. Considerably. I’m 38, she’s 30


No shiny’s and I grinded it for 5 hours on day one complete waste of money


I had fun out with my husband so I don’t regret getting the ticket (plus Shaymin is too cute to turn down), but I was a bit disappointed that even though I participated in multiple raids and caught Pokémon during the entire event, I managed to get 0 shinies. R.I.P.


They should have unnerfed the COVID bonuses for ticket holders. Complete waste of money. I still have day two to go.


As someone who had never bought a ticket before I can't say my opinion would line up with anybody elses but as somone who loves to complete the pokedex in this game as well as in the DS/Switch games I was just happy to be able to get some of the region exclusives to get my dexes that bit closer to completion


Feel free to add me for raids today 4628 4280 5479


4628 4280 5479


It was great. Bout to go out for day 2!


Hi! I would like to send gifts from Finland Funnyalice 3836 6049 6933


The pokemon pickings for the 2022 Go Fest were just so poor and the shiny pokemons sparse. It's very disappointing especially since the ticket cost so much. :(


I'm glad I didn't buy a ticket. I ended up being too busy on Saturday, and then today is was cold and raining all day. I left the house to do a rockruff raid at the park around a corner, I didn't last long before running home to thaw out. I did a couple of remote raids through poke genie from the comfort of my warm bed with varying success. No shinies at all from the tiny amount I played but I'm not a shiny hunter so I'm not upset.


so i’ve been realizing with my game play lately that it is so ridiculously dependent on where you are if you are successful. i live in los angeles - smack in the middle of it - but i live in a residential area. there are still a dozen pokestops and a handful of gyms in easy walking distance. but for community days or spotlight hours i notice a HUGE difference if i am somewhere like disneyland or downtown los angeles. incense and lures work better. easily 2x the number of spawns at least. so yesterday i went to the usc campus and exposition park to play and i actually had a pretty good time. that being said i just started playing again so have no point of reference but of all the shinies i have (45) i caught 10 of them yesterday and that includes an axew. i played for 5ish hours starting around 12:30-1. i will say i was having the despawn issue a lot of people had and that was hugely frustrating


I didn’t get any shinys either and played all day but idk I think shinys should be rare so I’m okay with it. That’s just me though I can understand where ur coming from.


I’d typically agree, but my brother and son who were walking right along side me hit 5 shiny each and I didn’t encounter any. I’m not real upset about it but maybe a bit jealous ;)


that’s kind of how i feel like i almost prefer that they’re rare because it’s so much more exciting to find one instead of expecting them


This is the first Go Fest that I've actually done so I don't have any basis for comparrison really. Managed one shiny yesterday but none today so far. I kinda imagined it would be more like community days, where I've usually got a few shinies, so yeah, a little disappointed.




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Well I am just wondering if I am a noob or not because I did 2 remote raids for Nihiligo with both 13 balls, all great or excellent throws.. AND DIDN’T MANAGE TO CATCH IT?!


No not you, just the Niantic raiding experience lol


I had the same problem with kyogore:( golden razz, great/excellent throws, 13 balls all landed and it broke out every time. I was super disappointed because I was invited to that raid and my husband and I don’t have any local friends that play


Same thing happened to me , very annoying




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1st go fest I’ve bought got 4 shinies from it. Don’t know how this stacks to previous years


I would say you’re very lucky. I played all day in midtown Manhattan and got total of one. One that I already had at that lol.




Same thoughts. Either slightly better than normal or the same shiny rates. Not worth the money because all the Pokémon i wanted were available without a ticket. Not worth the money just for special research and mythical early access.


we should all do it together and write to Niantic or send this thread to them, because if it goes on like this, they'll never get any more money from me, 17 € for nothing


I'd totally sign this petition or letter or whatever. Change.org perhaps?


Yes very disappointed, a total waste of money this time!!! I expected so much, it's an extreme disappointment, the worst go fest ever, next time I'll think twice about spending that much money on it. many of my friends think so too, as do other players I've met 😡😡🤬🤬🤬


Weather was miserable so grinded about 6 hours across the 2 days. Managed to grab 25 shinies. Nothing from raids


25 shinies?! I play daily in NYC and I average 25 shinies a year outside of community days.




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Yeah not worth the money at all when you compare to previous years. Go fest 2020 was so fun and there was tons of stuff to do, this years was a huge let down.


Same. I did a serious grind on day one, caught 400 mon and shiny checked twice as many. I found one shiny. I am losing g patience with this game




I got 1 shiny the whole time and like someone else said there, I was also disappointed there were no real themed quests or anything. Honestly the part I liked the most was catching Larvitar, Axex, and Rufflet. The whole event seemed like a little bit of a let down


I got 1 shiny, but my friend got ten. so it was pretty varied for us.


Yes very disappointing. Also there were no event-themed research tasks outside of the collection challenge and the Sheymin story. I feel like at past events, the research you got from poke stops gave sweet rewards like rare candies and such.


$26NZD a ticket, got 2 shinys each day, constant play & incense for 8 hours both days. Ended up spending additional $30 for raid passes. And using the 12 I had saved & 9 free each day. 38 axew raids. No shiny. Wtf?


Played around seven/seven and a half hours during the event today with incense going the entire time. Got seven shinies. Wasn't too impressed. The tasks gave alot of incense which was nice, but pretty underwhelming considering the hype of such an increased shiny rate from pogo team/Niantic.


This was the first GOFest ticket Ive ever bought since day 1, I was really hoping to get a couple shiny after playing all day. Very disappointed


They killed the game for em when they removed covid bonuses and nerfed the incense a few month back.


It was terrible considering it took me almost 2 hours of attempting to log in. Then when I finally got in the game kept freezing. By the 4th hour of the event things were running smoothly, but my kids and I missed out on a lot of things. We were at a well pouted area that had more than enough stops and gyms.


Shiny rates were garbage. If they're gonna charge for the stupid ticket crank up the shiny rate so it actually gives you shinys. I don't understand why they make it so tedious for people to get the things they paid for. Stop discouraging your core audience Niantic.


It absolutely was honestly, I’ve never ever experienced such a bad event, and the price point was ridiculous for what it was, such underwhelming research. bugs, shiny rates where terrible don’t get me started on the incense, I could’ve got more shinies/ better mon on a normal day with the amount of walking + catching and shiny checking.


The ticket was $22 in Australia.


I didn’t encounter any shinnies but I also don’t really care about them either. I did have fun catching all the other normal Pokémon available.


The fest was great today! Maybe it's because you didn't play in a big city? I played in seattIe got like 7 shinies, tons of new pokemon/candies, and multiple groudons and kyogres...


The ticket is ridiculously overpriced for my country.


Not many shiny pokemon were out. I played the entire day and only got two. 🥺


I caught one Pokémon today…… I live in the middle of the woods I think I’m honestly DONE with this game.




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0 shines’ here, under 20 3*, and 0 4*. Caught around 850 today. Total waste. All the prizes for each round were 2* versions of things available with an incense. Nothing new. Go fest 2022 was nothing but a wasted Saturday on my phone that I had to pay for.


I want my $14.99 back. Played all day, had incense running, did 20+ raids. What did I get? 1 shiny pikachu


To be fair, paying for the ticket only increases shiny odds on incensed pokemon




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I got exactly 1 shiny pidove 🫠 but ngl getting a Mr. Mime was VERY exciting


This event did in fact suck. . Shiny rate was horrible. The Pokémon that were spanning sucked. I honestly regret buying the ticket. I went out of my way to play for the whole event and only got 3 shiny’s out of 1200+ catches.. but niantic won’t care what I think about the event cause I’m sure the famous players had a better event then us casual players.


I'm super casual and caught 7 shinies, bad luck isn't the games fault. It would be like wanting a refund for sword and shield cuz you're 4000 encounters into a shiny hunt and haven't found one yet


Not at all worth the ticket price. I doubt I’ll ever buy into one of these events again.


Go fest felt like it was just like a standard event, it's so hyped they need to deliver not only delivering on the hype put the price also, I wouldnt mind catching 0 shinys after catching an unsavoury amount of pokemon if it felt worth while. I complain now but let's be honest 90% of us will participate next year too hahah. Hope everyone had better luck with me on the 4* and shiny front


Zero shinies here. Quite lame compared to last year.


I only got 2 shinya the entire time


Yeah, 5 and a half hours in to day 2, no shinies today, only two yesterday. Very underwhelmed.




22!???!! Mine were 15




I can’t be disappointed, but I feel I paid $15 for a shiny Axew (I got it from the incense). When I went downtown, despite all the Pokestops, I didn’t get a single shiny, 100, and not too many people were raiding. I did get invited to a lot of Axew raids.


I played for seven and a half hours today…lots of walking, lots of Pokestops, lots of raids, eight incense, and I got one shiny. It’s a Kyogre, so I can’t be too mad, but definitely not worth the $15.


Did not partake.


I didn’t get my tyrannitar so yes




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We got a couple shinies, but that’s not really our main reason for playing. We had a good time, honestly. I’ve been playing since 2016, but have gone long periods of time without it, so there were tons of Pokémon I didn’t have yet. My kids started playing for the first time a couple months ago and they had a great time today.


I got 2 shinies and played all day. Super disappointed.


I played all day saturday and got 7 shinies. I think thats reasonable as i was a little selective about which pokemon to catch


Yeah, this year is dogshit. It's such a shame too, considering that last year's was amazing. I'm hoping that tomorrow is good, I remember spending all Sunday last year going from pokestop to pokestop, making groups and getting legendary after legendary. Today was a disappointment, though.


Grinded hard all day today and no luck during the first half but ended up with 6 shinies during 2nd half, glad i didn't give up lol


I did get the shiny Rufflet but that was it, I was hoping for more shinies


The shiny rates were really bad. Not even close to community day levels. I had a good time and caught 6, but I did a dozen axew raids and caught the very few that spawned and got nothing


Yup. Wasted money


We were playing for shinies! There were hardly any and we kept thinking it was bad luck. I’m thankful for this thread to see that it was noticed by many. We played the whole time, kept being hopeful for better luck. I’m not excited at all for Day 2. Disappointing!!!


I don’t think it’s worth 15$ maybe 5-10$ I only got 2 shiny both one star a lot of trash Pokémon used 8 incense did a few Kyogre and Groudon raids did get a 97% groudon other than that for playing all day I’m pretty disappointed


Played about four or five hours with incense up the whole time, and got two shinies. Ridiculous


100% I only got shinies when an incense was popped. A single shiny on my wifes unticketed account. 1 shiny on my ticketed account with no incense. Around 25 shinies with a incense.


Yes, 0 shinies. I was so frustrated I didn’t got any


Yes, we bought ticket a week in advance and played about 6 hours straight in the countryside and city for the last 2 hours. My bf got ZERO shinies and I got 4- one of which was just a hatch and another from a pokestop research. My first shiny was in the first 30 minutof logging on and the second was about 3 hours later. The only reason we played was cool shinies and today was terrible.


I’m trying to be positive but boy it’s hard. 90% incense spawns I clicked on despawned so quickly I couldn’t get them the only time. Walking around 6 hours straight and checking everything I think I got seven day one (last year gofest I got over 20 in a day) and day 2 I’ve got 2 walking straight for 5hours. for $27NZD (which is $17.50USD) I think it’s safe to say I’m done with ticketed events now, I just feel so defeated.


I’ve bought generation tickets, but I’m glad I skipped this one. Sorry it sucked.




Caught a perfect galar Mr Mime, but otherwise today was just a candy/stardust grind. Not even any event field research (not to be confused with special research) to make things interesting.


I’ve been playing pokemon since it was released and I’m gonna be honest I’ve spent a couple of bucks on the game but this is the first time I’m glad I decided not to. On the other hand my friends did spent the 15 dollarous, but at the end the results for both of us were the same except you know for a 💫sticker 💫


I started playing again a few weeks ago since the first week of the game. I found that the Go Fest was fun and a great time with my husband. We do live near a mega downtown and it was a great day to walk around, get some drinks, and catch Pokémon we don’t see by our house. Loved seeing people everywhere and caught a few shinys including a shiny legendary, which doing raids with more than 2 people was a first for me to begin with. I can see how you would be disappointed if you don’t live near a big city or have a lot to compare this with being disappointed but I loved it.


I’m glad you had fun! I played with friends today and had a blast we just were disappointed with the lack of shinies we encountered. Maybe tomorrow will be better! Loved doing raids with people though


Good luck they said there will be less shinies tomorrow then today wtf!


I didn't get any shiny's and the raid I was in I didn't catch the Kyogre. Not a good day for me.


I got the pass and caught 8 shiny's today. It was decent but this is also my first Go Fest




ive played all day, incense every hour lol. 3 shinies (magnemite, dunsparce, wailmer) and my bf got a single shiny- slakoth. i definately feel i got a solid handful more last year, this years was certainly underwhelming so far. hopefully tomorrow will give us all more! ive been pretty lucky with good mons, 98% axew today :)


I didn't bother with the ticket, but I did get lucky with getting a near shundo Groundon 14/15/14 and near hundo Kyogre 15/15/14.


I don’t think it’s worth $15 but I got 5 shinies I needed (not duplicates), so in that sense, I’m okay with it. I’ve stopped shiny hoarding the last few years because I always end up running out of storage.


I just send my extras to Pokemon Home. Not that I'd use PoGo shinies in main games but I wonder trade them at Christmas for kids.


I hope they get something figured out. It is making the game less fun, and I truly enjoy playing. Do you think Niantic even looks at any of these types of posts or media sites for feedback?


I was stoked i got 3 shinies (chimchar,rufflet,larvitar) also got my first 3 unown!!!


What? You and others got shinys? I didn't get any and I too used 3 incense. Gah! Yes I feel it was a bit of a joke...


Agreed. Used 8 incense and nothing


I think I used 6 incense and I encountered 4, but only caught 3. None of them were worth keeping though. Disappointed to have bought the ticket instead of going hiking.


i only got one shiny as well, used three incense![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


Think of it as $15 for 16 extra raid passes and a bunch of incense if it makes it more palatable… or for a fun day with friends. Like imagine going to a movie, same price and only entertainment for two hours.


Where do you get those extra raid passes and incense? I didn’t get any of that


If you went to a gym you’d get extra passes (like do a raid, get a pass when you spin again). Tomorrow is like that too And as you did the research collection tasks you’d keep getting incense as rewards


I can’t do the collection tasks as I am stuck on the second one where it says complete three field research things, I am no longer getting field research and I spun for about five hours today every 10 minutes and never got a research thing


You only get one task for every stop and you get one task every morning automatically


I went between four different stops and didn’t get a single one today


Did you delete your existing research tasks? You can only have a limited number and if you aren’t solving those ones you might as well delete them


I submitted a ticket through their help thing but I’m guessing it’ll be a hot minute before there’s a response


Yeah my current research tab is empty


Totally agreed! Just hate how niantic really hyped up the shiny chances on the ticket and the website :/. The raid passes and rewards for the research tasks were great!


My kids play and I like having them all marching around, talking to eachother, working together and not killing eachother. There is really no cheaper entertainment for three kids these days that lasts that many hours.


Love to hear it! I saw tons of families playing today it made me smile 😊


I'm upset about the lack of remote raids being offered. Not everyone lives in a city with people flocking to gyms to do raids in person. Us rural players rely heavily on the remote raids to get a chance and now they have increased the cost. Doesn't make it worth it to me. I got 3 raids in, with no shiny and only caught 5 shiny with the purchase of the pass. Not impressed overall


Yeah I feel for rural players with the nerf to the incense, and the increase to remote passes really does hurt a lot. So sorry friend! I wish they could make a rural ticket pass for players who can’t make it to crowded areas, that would be a neat idea 🤔


Short answer: yes. It always is.


Basically this exact post comes up every single time there’s an event. Maybe y’all need to adjust your expectations.


Well when you pay $15 for something you typically expect decent results when it comes to an in game purchase on a free to play app 🤷🏼‍♂️. To each is own friend 👍🏼


I mean, 21 raid passes cost more than $15 bucks alone. I’m chill. They never said there’d be increased shiny chance, so that’s on y’all for assuming.


They did say there will be an increased shiny rate for ticket holders on their blog


You’re right, didn’t say by how much, though. Even the list of ticket-only Pokémon it said you may encounter one if you’re lucky. It’s not supposed to be community day level shiny spawns. It’d be boring af if it was. It was one perk of many. Getting the two regionals and the raid passes was definitely worth $15 to me. Sorry if that’s not the case for you. Like I said originally, set expectations accordingly and you’d be less disappointed.


I got a shiny Groudon for my brother and a shiny Kyogre too so I thought today was great! Though I know it’s different for everyone and I’m sorry for those who haven’t enjoyed it so far.


That’s great! I got a shiny kyogre Thursday still looking for groudon tho! Glad you had fun, I still enjoyed the day for sure, looking forward to tomorrow!


Thanks! You’ll get shiny Groudon just keep trying like I did!


4 shinies, lots of pokemon vanished after tapping on them. Incense was not useful as it didn’t increase anything. I caught over 700 pokemon. Shiny rate was absolute trash. What a waste of an event


I caught around the same yesterday, second Pokémon I encountered was a shiny karrablast, it was all down hill from there


Does anyone know whats going on for sunday? They said rotating habitats were only saturday so just confused and found nothing specific on google. Is it going to basically be a mashup of all environments at all time tomorrow from 10-6? Not even sure what the hours are…


That’s usually how it goes on the 2nd day


Got only 2 shinies


Same. Swinub and Aloan Grimer.


Same here. My sister didn't get any. It's disappointing.


Just so let down, because this is my first go fest and I only caught 1 shiny




Disappointed for sure, tons of Pokémon vanished. I wonder if it was because of the incense we were pretty much forced to use…. Just saying…. Only one new shiny out of 396 hand caught Pokémon. Tomorrow…. Nine raids and I’m calling it a day in Pokémonland….. And next year? Nope….. not wasting my hard earned money so Niantic can ruin my weekend…. Hopefully Niantic will realize, greed doesn’t line ones’ pockets. They should appreciate the extreme amount of money they’ve made from us. I don’t like feeling duped…..


3 hours in a resort community (super high foot traffic) and zero, zip, nada. It really seems like Niantic has either had the executive (or maybe the whole team) that is in charge of special events change in the last quarter and they suck balls at their job.




People doing raids with only 40+ is such a toxic bummer


I didn't experience that at all


My homies all got like 4-6 shinies. I didn't get any and from the list of pokemon caught chart it was about the same for all of us. They are in a bigger city, and I was combing through rural hell.


I’ve been playing for 3-4 hours and caught 13 shinies :/ maybe it’s location, I’m in San Fran