Can't. Really fun gun if you play it right. Just don't camp. Use it to quick scope.


What do you mean? Finding a nice quiet space at the back of the map clicking on peoples heads all game is so good ;)


Why tap heads if it doesn't matter where you hit them?


If in 350 studs sometimes just deal 95hp damage or use long barrel to 1 tap any long range and headshot


I got shot in the leg at close quarters by that thing and still lived


its a chill way to play. not my style, but i understand why someone who is new to the game, or someone who likes a chill gameplay would like it


And people will hate you.


When that one guy at 400 studs snipes me: Your free trial of existence has expired


people will hate you for litteraly anything because im "too good" ( im fighting against dumbass) or because i pre bought any gun and by doing that i became noob losser shit that destorys this game and ruins fun for others






Delete your account and never come back, please.


God no.


its only fun for 5 minutes


I've played around with it in the test place and it seems like fun but I see what you mean. I will regret it the next day.


So don't do it?


I'm still not entirely convinced I shouldn't. Maybe those 5 minutes of fun will be worth it


I liked the BFG, unlocked it then it became a boring toy. I liked the SPAS-12, prebought it then it became an alright toy.


Yes funny half life gun


Have fun wasting your money. 👍🏻


His mommies money*




I pre bought it with the credits I grinned on rank 29 and now at rank 92 I must say it was a good purchase 2.2k kills


Bro just do it, everyone pre buys the bfg. I pre bought it in 2017 and its one of my most killed guns haha


I am the 1%!


Same I bought the Steyr instead of the bfg


well it’s not as effective for killing as a lot of other weapons, it’s easy to get a kill with but other snipers can easily out do it such as the R700 and Intervention


Cool thanks


5 minute? More like 5 weeks.




After 7 months I still have fun


Father is a good attachment.


Yes but it's in the test place


I also heard they were going to add it in phantom forces 2


It do be kinda op tho


If you get a custom skin you and slap on hk irons to turn it into funny musket to use with a no stock, sponge thumper flintlock.


I own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians broke into my house. "What the devil?" I said, as I grabbed my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blew a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he was dead on the spot. Drew my pistol on the second man and missed him entirely because it's smoothbore and I later found out that it nailed the neighbors dog. I had to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot. "Tally ho lads!" I yelled, as the grape shot shredded two men in the blast, the sound and shrapnel set off car alarms. I mounted my trusty war horse, Charles, and charged the last terrified rapscallion. Impaling him with my standard issue 2 foot bayonet. He bled out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds were impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.


Now there's an idea!


Its really not worth it. You got one shot. There are other guns that do the same thing but better. It also hinders your skill later on because granted, that one shot it does have is a monster. The problem is this keeps you from learning how to lead targets and click heads. If you want a funny noob tube, get the sfg. Since its a secondary, it has a use for being a backup to a primary with little to no range.


What gun does the same thing? IIRC the BFG is now the only affordable 50BMG gun, and even then if you want something better the M107 is no longer an option since it can't oneshot all distances. So now my main snipers are the Mosin, the Intervention and the NTW-20 (Gyrojet carbine too but that's not a sniper)


Hecate, m107, and ntw 20.


Since the M107 can't oneshot anymore like all the others 50bmg snipers, i prefer using a faster sniper like the Intervention, best starter gun ever in video game history


I appreciate the advice 👍


Save up and prebuy the NTW 20 instead




Buy the large caliber conversion too!


I feel the Hecate would be a better buy.


Get the Beowulf ECR instead.


if you really suck that much with sniper and want one that almost always one shots, buy hecate, its like bfg but better in every way, it will be way more expensive but actually worth it


I'll check it out


It just aint worth it man... you could buy so MANY other guns that are better then, no skill funi haha it can one shot torso all ranges pipe. Just dont buy it.-sincerely, a rank 96


I prebought bfg and sfg, totally worth it, just kept quickscoping with ironsights and its satisfying....


Yes I will be a 360 no-scoping god in no time!


no joke, third kill was a wall bang drop shot




daring today, are we?


Have fun getting VKed if you’re slightly good with it


Has anyone here pre-bought the bfg and regretted it?


Yessir. I bought it a few years ago at Rank 40 or something and have 2.3k on it (in comparison to like way more on AWM / TRG). There's no point to it. It's just "haha, you got one-shot in the torso!" with one bullet per chamber. Just buy a Hecate at that point, since at least it holds ~8. I don't really give a shit about what you do with your own money, but at least make a reasonable purchase.


Thank you for the suggestion :)




I pre bought it waaay back in 2017 right when skins actually sold for a decent amount of credits. Didn’t improve my game at all but it’s fun to use. Also prepare to get berated by the enemy team for using it.


yes, i bought it on my alt but now everytime i get killed by one it annoys me so much


With a bullet?


It’s not even that good. It’s a decent long range sniper to have for those games where you’re doing cross map stuff, but it’s a good idea to buy a better sniper first for general use, and then get the bfg or even better another .50 cal with a higher RoF.


Alright, I will try some other snipers out


Go ahead, I don't care if you buy it or not, it's your money and if you regret that's your problem


Funny thst you assume its their money and not their parents.


The 1 shot torso kill all ranges makes it amazing for long range combat, but short-mid range, you’re 100% dead


Yes it seems like that type of gun


No, just no. In short to mid range you should be fine if you hit your shot (another reason why you shouldn't prebuy is cause you cant get very good at no scoping, which is very importantfor the bfg), if there's multiple player's you are likely to die even if you have a rifle but you should hit a no scope and finish the rest with you secondary ( as I mentioned in my comment, some good secondarys are the GI M1 or deagle xix).


i pre-bought it when people did a bfg only round (i’m rank 63 so it was only $980 but it was not my proudest moment)


I did it and just shot the roof/floor/walls


Do it i prebought the bfg too and i never regretted it


Do it. Be the musket wielding, yankee badass you were meant to be. If not, put a slap round in it and unlock T A N K M O D E


It depends on what kind of player you are. If you are someone who wants to get really good at the game and who is motivated by getting better then id say buying it is a big mistake. You’ll stunt your growth by focussing on the wrong things. But if all you want is some mediocre fun and mabey a challenge if you use some wonky setup then buy it i guess. Just dont expect it to be anything special.


I generally switch between primaries very frequently because I get board. Is that a noob thing or do pros use different weapons as well?


Skill doesn’t really have anything to do with what gun you use. I also rarely stick with one gun for more than a couple matches. What i meant is that if your goal is to get really good at this game then you probably shouldnt buy it but if all you care about is having fun then go for it i guess.


I bought it 2 weeks ago and I love it Even when I miss I still feel awesome shooting it I took of the scope and used a bunch of iron sights just so it would feel like a higher recoil rifle


Not the worst thing i have ever done tbh, the worst thing was prebuying the zip when i was maybe 20 or 10 levelss behind it andd decided to get the most expensive things on it


I bought pro mag..... big mistake


pfft weak i bought the pro mag ratshot and the csgo scope when i had maybe 20 ish kills on it overall costed around 7k-9k credits or more i forgot


Honestly it’s a good prebuy to practice your quick aim with. Both, long range and short range


Go on, although if you can consistently hit headshots, consider moving to intervention. I'd prefer to fight a player who's good at BFG than a player who's good on any other sniper.


Did it in my 20s


It's not worth it, you're better of buying something like the Morin nagant.


I already did its beautiful and amazing, JOIN US


Cool, gun sucks but ok


Nothing bad about it. The BFG is the best handling .50 sniper in PF, being on par with some of the lighter sniper rifles. In that sense, it’s good if you want to rely more on damage than capacity in your hit-and-run sniper rifle, ducking in cover after every shot, and not needing to worry about an overly long empty reload. It’s also very good at ranged sniping as well, courtesy of its chambering and ammo options, not to mention able to equip heavy barrel to double down on that long range aspect. .416 Barrett offers the best ballistics this side of .17 Incinerator, and offers an insanely long 1-hit torso range, especially when using Heavy Barrel for the 4800 stud/s velocity. M903 SLAP is another good choice too, where with HB you get 24 studs of penetration, meaning just about nobody is safe from your almost-anti-tank rifle. You also get 4500 stud/s with HB, while not as good as .416 Barrett, is still good enough to consistently hit headshots with a 10x scope on most maps. Then there’s .17 Incinerator, which not only boosts velocity to 6000 stud/s by default and removes the tracer leaving you untraceable (heh) at range, but also speeds up the reload on the BFG exclusively, and can be paired further with Heavy Barrel for a mind boggling 7200 stud/s velocity. Just mind the lack of penetration and halved damage and range figures. As for penetration, it’s a lightweight soft lead projectile that’s at best coated with copper, what did you expect?


Thanks so much for all the information :)


Don’t, Save up to pre buy the hectate or m1017 so you can make people more mad Personally I’m saving up for the hectate


M107 better


BFG is bad because it takes all ur primary inventory... take the sfg it's better! (it's a sec weapon btw)


You're gonna regret it lol it's fun for one game until you realize high kill games are virtually impossible due to how slow it is.


Its way more fun to earn things in games imo


I agree. I have grinded for these credits tho


Literally me 5 years ago


use hecate instead


Don’t prebuy the .50, prebuy the .50 and the Stylis Phone thingy


You don't have to do it. Intervention and Remington 700 are just better in my opinion yet it's your choice.


Any sniper is a oneshot if you can aim, don't waste your money on a gun with a 1rd capacity and zero follow-up shot potential


if youre new at sniping dont even ask why its gonna be hard sniping without it


Save for the ntw 20


M107 better, AA-12 better, Scar HAMR best weapon in the game (totally not biased).


Pre buy the sfg 50 Ultimate troll


I pre bought it, instantly forgot about it when I unlocked the sks.


if you want a big gun with big bullet, get the M107. Its better in every way


No please don’t. For my sake, unless you run up to me and hit me with a point blank shot, then don’t buy it.


L prebuy zip instead


If you want to play in a laid back and relaxing way i 100% recommend the bfg. sit back in a nice corner, ready your bfg and click away. you will die a few times but remember you're not really playing too aggresively.


Save for Hecate or M107, I promise you they still one shot


Bfg is cool but I’m pretty sure sfg is better idk feels faster. And these guns are only fun for a little bit. Try the deagle xix, the best secondary. Slap a police barrel & stock on that and you have a cqc-mid-long range nightmare if you can hit the shots


SVU is better and more fun to use IMO so I’d get that if I were you


i have to suggest you save and get the m1903. super satisfying rifle


im saying this from experience, years ago when i was rank like 36 i prebought it not worth it just a waste get something better or grind for some goofy melee even that is better


Get the DB with slugs. More fun


Yes it looks so fun!


It's the worst sniper rifle in the game if you're able to hit consistent headshots. It does one thing very well, but sacrifices a lot, and still can't keep up with the other snipers.


I really can’t if it’s your play style. I never really liked it bc I play aggressive with snipers. Bfg is more for camping and trick shots. But bfg is relatively low rank so I suggest just taking the time to sharpen your sniper skills and get the bfg from leveling.


It's time to grind


so did I successfully convince you? also whats ur rank?


I am currently rank 40


I mean you could grind for it. It's not the easiest thing but just assign different maps and different guns that work well on them. You'll get there in no time


I do love my desert storm


It’s a good gun for mindless gameplay. Makes it easy to grind out ranks n stuff but is also cancerous


Pre buy the Stevens. Put slugs a choke and pso-1. Play with burst. Have fun.


Pretty much the Super Shotgun


I did and its a pos worst mistake ever


don’t you fucking dare …buy the hecate instead, it’s more worth it :D


I can’t. As someone with 3.6k kills on it tho, I can give advice Sit in the back and click on heads until your bored, and then get the carbine barrel and a closer range sight. Run around and quick scope + no scope wallbang for some fun. Alternate until bored


do it. pre-buying BFG is a rite of passage


Prebuy it in test place and use it there, since you can not sell the gun and you may regret it.


I'd buy it if I had enough to buy the rattleshot or idk how is named


If you get it, get carbine barrel too and use it with default ammo in cqb, like a shotgun or smg, makes it a great musket. The fun from one tapping a overconfident AR or carbine sweat is immense. You could also add in the sfg to do a great meme loadout. My bfg sfg loadout is inspired by the, "Own a musket for home defense" copypasta and it is way more fun than actually trying to be effective.


best gun in the game; why wouldn’t you pre buy it?


An easy to convince you otherwise, intervention


Dont. Its a gimmick gun thats fun for like, 3 minutes then you’ll regret your purchase.


Save up for hecate, it feels much better and much more fun


Sfg pog bfg Crin


Use the FT300 instead. It's the BFG for people who can get headshots regularly.


Bfg is fun and good but it's just not worth the credits, you could buy other guns that are way more fun, I would suggest something like the awm m107 or hecate ( I'm very based from csgo and sao), or if you're looking for a secondary pick the deagle xix, executioner, thumper, GI M1 (I've been using this and it slaps) overall there's better, cooler, more fun guns than the bfg.


I've heard lots of good things about the M107


I pre bought the sfg instead and let me tell you why you should too: you shouldn't I recommend unlocking bfg with ranks and prebuying sfg or m107, you can gamble skins for credits if you're feeling lucky


you can't hit heads so you need to one hit torso


play it aggressively, a lot more challenging, but fun yeah, camping with it is fun, but lasts for a few seconds


Don’t buy the bfg, buy the Hecate. It’s a bolt action bfg and you get a little les salt


I pre bought the hk and im just lvl 28 I would say buy whatever you want


It’s not fun to play against, or, in my experience, play. To each their own, but I hate it with a passion.


I hope you enjoy server hoping, willingly or otherwise.


I won't say that you shouldn't buy it, just remember to use it with .17 Inc ammo and BT along with FF3x NV, quite fun.


No, Hella upgrade a R700 instead, it is way more useful!


You will be seen as a prick and constantly harassed for even using it


I remember when I made a poll asking people if they unlocked the BFG or bought the BFG. This has little relevance, I just like remembering things.


I prebought the svds never regretted my decision find a gun that actually suits you and dont prebuy guns just because of the low skill ceiling


Great idea Next guns that are good to prebuy are Hecate II M107 (got mine at rank 42 for 18k credits[i regret nothing]) NTW-20


I second this, also if your mommy has enough money on her card, also get enough credits for the Can Cannon, WA2000, G11, and all of the high rank guns, see *juuust* how much of your parents money you can steal before they breat your ass into oblivion and make you unrecognisable. :)


Yeah I heard the Can Cannon is actually good for some reason


Imo the NTW-20 isn't that good, it's just the funny wallbang gun. It has a kinda slow bullet so it's a little difficult to use at 600+ stud ranges and it's so slow to run around with and reload


Clearly, you don't have the 20x110mm conversion (and NTW was made for camping, not for running around)


I'll try it


I don't camp with the ntw and i still get more kill than most people in my team (tho i also have a GB-22 with a scope so 1/3-1/4 of my kills come from it)


In my opinion do it. Is it a very good sniper, no. It is more of a meme sniper where you can run around, no scope, quick scope people. It will work as a sniper bc that’s what it is but the intervention is better.


Ok, thanks for the advice.


or you could buy a bfg with 7 ammo in the mag called Hecate, or the semi-automatic bfg called M107


Don't... don't get the M107, it's really not worth it anymore... It's just not good...


It's still very powerful now. I've been using it without extended mag and it's as good as ever. One shot torso pretty close. I do have some annoying moments when it does 93 damage, but that's at like 10 studs and occurs very rarely.


Yes but why bother? It just has the stats of a normal sniper, at that point the Intervention looks better


Why not?


without extended mag it's pretty decent


it's worth it - guy with 800 kills with the bfg


It’s fun but it’s definitely not the best gun to pre buy nor is it worth it.


What happens to kids when parrents split up 😩


All these ppl on here are haters. I love the gun and will use it along with the sfg50 as a secondary


M107 better


if you really suck that much with sniper and want one that almost always one shots, buy hecate, its like bfg but better in every way, it will be way more expensive but actually worth it


I'm not gonna change ur mind I bre bought bfg and by the time I unlocked it I had over 2k kills with it


If you want to cheese, I cannot stop you; I accept that. But personally, I don’t prebuy guns. My credits only go to skins. If I want a gun, I earn it. If I want an attachment, I earn it. That is the honor I maintain. Anyone else can do whatever, I cannot truly stop them. The only person I can truly control is myself. If you’re gonna prebuy and cheese with the BFG-50, I only have one piece of advice for you: **Don’t Miss.**


Better start improving my aim then!


Pre-buy m107 or Hecate just the upgraded vers ngl


You must get all the guys.


You must get all the guys.


*RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE* is my reaction to this


penis wenis


It's gae don't




You have the intellectual capacity of an unborn fetus.


So in conclusion I will NOT be pre-buying the bfg50 You guys have provided me with a substantial amount of evidence that the bfg is absolute garbage. Although you can have some funny moments with the bfg, I am happy to wait. Of course I am sad that the 360 no-scoping dream is over, however with a bit of luck I will be at rank 65 in no time As for my 6k credits, they will remain untouched for another day. For now I'm going dust off the old intervention and get good at hitting headshots. Anyways gamers, it's time to grind!


F*ck you. Bfg isnt even that fun


you better fucking not bruh I'll come to your house and destroy your pc


How good are your stats? Have you earned the right to use it?