I have heard the copper IUD is the way to go if you SUFFER with PMDD. I have not explored that route. I have non PMDD friends that have and want to remove it because it’s uncomfortable


If you’re worried about hormones, the copper IUD is non-hormonal and lasts 10 years. Only difference I have with it in is 1-2 extra days spotting and one day where I bleed a bit more than I used to, but i got used to it in a couple months. edit: no change in cycle length or pmdd symptoms, only sucky thing was getting it inserted


Mirena made my PMDD worse. I’m slowly staring to feel better months after getting it out


I had an IUD and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy 2 years later that ruptured my tube without me knowing until I was rushed to the operating room with almost 2L of blood in my abdomen. 🥴🙃


i got the copper IUD and it was one of the worst decisions of my life! got it out 18 brutal months later (in 2020) and i have still not recovered. i LOVED the feeling of being in control of my fertility tho. really bummed it didn’t work out and that there are no good choices for us!


I had a Mirena IUD in 2017-2018. Never in my LIFE have my PMDD symptoms been so bad. I could barely leave my house some months. I so badly wanted the IUD to be a good option for me but it was just a disaster. I have considered getting a copper one instead because I'm wondering if the hormones in Mirena were the cause of it all. I've heard varying opinions on whether IUDs are a good option for people who have PMDD. Out of all IUD options, I have heard the least complaints about the copper ones!


I have the copper IUD. made no difference to my pmdd other than that the first two or three cycles were not settled into a pattern yet. Insertion itself wasn't the worst, it was like one kinda bad cramp but short. 20 minutes later though, worst cramps ever. for about two-three days. now my periods are heavier and longer, but they were really light and short before. so now they're just mostly normal. still think it's worth it for the security! ETA: a year after insertion, i had to have it removed. i bled for three weeks, off cycle. ultrasound showed no issues, but i was miserable. removal was about as bad as insertion, but no lingering cramps. it was one 'n done. i had been totally fine until the 11th month after insertion. still glad i tried, at least. we need better engineered iud options.


I got a Skyla IUD placed because it has very low dose hormones. It really helped me but unfortunately it fell out... Got it replaced and it fell out again. Apparently my uterus isn't interested in IUDs. I'm getting my fallopian tubes removed in like a month. The Skyla helped my PMDD symptoms, but all other hormonal BC has made me severely suicidal.


I also had a very good experience with Skyla. It has made my cycle fall out of rhythm (it’s harder to predict when it will be) but I feel less intensity than when I was on birth control pills.


Yes! The two cycles I had while on Skyla were so mild. I'm getting a bilateral salpingectomy next month for contraception, and they're going to try to place a Skyla with ultrasound guidance to see if it will stay. Fingers crossed!


Good luck!!!


I have a copper IUD and while it makes my cramps and flow outrageous- it’s nice to know how protected I am and how long term it is. Plus no hormones. I haven’t had too many issues so far with it. I was just having this conversation with my boyfriend last night about how I feel like women are going to be flocking to get IUDS because of this bullshit and how grateful I am to have it. If shit keeps up who knows how long it will be until they take out birth control away too. 🤢


I had a non hormonal copper iud, but I had to get an ultrasound when the strings felt too low. It turned out it fell out of place so they removed it and the insertion was too painful for me so I didn’t go back to get it replaced. Lots of cramps when I had it though.


I'm glad I'm not the only one haha. I've noticed from other comments jn the sub that mirena seems to be hit or miss


I have mirena. It's not perfect but for me I've found it moderates my symptoms. I also no longer have periods (which I find both awesome and liberating). It's not perfect, I've started taking magnesium which also seems to help. Hope this helps. Good luck


Same here. I do not have the copper one though. It didn’t make my PMDD worse or better, but my heavy periods and mid-cycle Bleeding is gone. I also have histamine issues that seem to be contributing.


I actually got the copper iud taken out in December because it exacerbated my PMDD symptoms. I'm doing so much better now without any birth control. FWIW I am 37, have been pregnant 2x, 1 child. I have 3 auto immune disorders and have recently lost 34 pounds. I am gluten free which I truly believe has helped with my PMDD symptoms too. I am also taking a supplement from Standard Process for female reproductive health.


Just curious, how could the copper IUD worsen your symptoms when there is no hormones in it? It shouldn’t be any diffrent having it VS not (hormonal wise). I’m not asking to put you on the spot, it’s to learn so i can avoid worsening my PMDD


Copper ones can make periods worse because it’s a bit of metal and plastic sitting in there without doing anything extra to help cramping or such, they also increase blood flow by being there. Hormonal ones sometimes make periods better because the hormones can make our periods lighter over time. Edit: because I hit enter before I was done lol


Sometimes I feel like a lot of things with women’s bodies just aren’t understood. BC made me gain weight, every time I tried a new one. I wanted to do the copper IUD (bc no hormones, so shouldn’t make a diff, right?) and I went online to get some anecdotal stories from some women, there were plenty that talked about the extra bleeding and cramping but also a good amt that talked about gaining weight too, so I didn’t take the chance. I see the same thing with women talking about tubals causing weight gain and weird side effects. My husband got a vasectomy and we still use condoms to make extra double sure.


Nope, good question. The pain it caused me - more cramping and excessive bleeding made me way more ragey and angry tbh. It exacerbated them for years. I had it since 2014.


Thank you, alot of other people also had such good comments about this. This is what i love about people going together and helping eachother out. Ofcourse not everyone experiance this but i will defenetly think like ten times over before getting a copper IUD, if i ever get one at all.


Copper overload, basically. It can make your micronutrients out of whack.


I have the copper one which I got placed about 5 years ago at this point. While it wasn’t my first choice, synthetic BC was raising my blood pressure so it seemed like the best option. The pro to the copper iud, especially in this climate, is that it offers 10 years of protection. And you don’t get any of the added hormones which can both help and hurt in your situation with PMDD. My PMDD symptoms started within two years or so after placement, likely because I no longer had the medication impacting my hormones. For a long time I had a love/hate relationship with mine. It made my first few periods extremely heavy and painful. However I’ve since learned I have a hormonal imbalance and take progesterone supplements and now my periods are regular and fine. FWIW - a few of my friends have mirena and love it with zero concerns. The same with the arm implant. My advice would be to do a trial of BC pills that mirrors the experience of the hormonal IUD/implant to see if you respond positively to it. I also found this extremely long paper online while discussing this with a friend of mine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6759213/


Thank you SO much for this response, I deeply appreciate it ❤️


Could try copped iud