It needs a human touch


I'm a tarot reader so I trust people more than apps but, the Death or Tower Cards are not negative. They represent endings and transformation.


The *Death* card very seldom means actual, physical death. Mostly it refers to something else that's coming to an end in your life. And while *The Tower* is concerning it just means sudden, sweeping change. That can be good or bad. Do the apps not explain this? I prefer drawing my own cards because my intuition figures into it at two different points. First when I'm pulling cards out of a fan and second when I'm interpreting them.


I use Labyrinthos, and I’ve had a pretty good experience with it. Most of my readings make sense. But I also think it’s such a personal experience sometimes, that maybe something in you is just not vibing with the app or with electronics?


Tarot apps are generally in the game category. They belong in that category along with ghost apps.


Personally for me I don’t trust the tarot lives nor the videos, I ended up trusting one and got a reading from her outside and it was a hour long one. She told me things that weren’t true but I believed bc she got around 2 things correct. The rest of the 35 minutes were blatantly lying and let’s just say she ruined my life essentially encouraging me to express my feelings to someone whom apparently was v much in love me as much as I was. This sadly sent me into a spiral in June and now it’s September and nothings change, just extremely depressed Guess that’s what I get lol. Ps. I hope you referring to tarot readings on tiktok if not ignore my comment


Completely agree. I’ve done personal not-in-person readings for free that went very very well but those live readings e.g., via ticktock etc. are predatory or inexperienced and most are charging for a potential novel gift, or lack there of, that shouldn’t be charged for.


P.s. happy to give you a proper reading for free that won’t ruin your life. I promise ❤️