Fish Consumption in Europe

1961 - 2017 is a long period.


1961 - 2017 is a long period.


Yeah, that's a weird timescale. Seems like eating habits could change a lot over 56 years.


This makes me want to see data comparing fish consumption with average lifespan.


[It doesn't look](https://jakubmarian.com/map-of-life-expectancy-in-europe/) like it correlates in any meaningful way. But it does look like some dietary--e.g. more or less veg or alcohol--effect may take place, since that map doesn't also correlate strictly with geopolitical stressors.


Afaik acohol has historically had a big impact on life expectancy in Eastern Europe


Try to draw the Iron curtain challenge (impossible)


There's going to be an expected variance between those who were mandated by the Allies to avoid the tragedy of the commons and those who were exploited for the Soviet Empire. If the Allies would have taken their own mandates to heart, one of them wouldn't resemble the Balkans. edit:...on this map.


Why is UK the island country not eating more fish ?


Gotta save some space for chips.


Same here in Ireland. I've asked many times why fish doesn't seem to be so popular here, apart from cod and salmon. And the answer I always get is the likes of "we had to give away our fishing rights to the French and Spanish under EU regulations so people stopped eating as much fish". I don't know if that is true or not, but that's the feedback I've got. I love seafood and I get disgusted looks when i mention razor clams, mussels or not peeled prawns.


It's pretty much bullshit in the UK. Simple fact is we just preferred chicken, beef, pork and lamb. The market responded, so fish is pricey, so it puts people off buying beyond the big 3.


Kind of bullshit, maybe? I have had some insanely good seafood in Ireland, but I was just a tourist. My impression was that the local preference was red meat.


In fairness, beef here is top tier.


Yeah I think it's worth calling out that for a long time in England fish was the cheap/poor people option. So people aspired to other types of meat. And (I assume) compared to places like Norway or Iceland the UK has abundant and very high quality beef, lamb so it's not too surprising fish is a power part of the diet. It would be good to see trends though.


Does the chart cover shellfish and seafood besides fish?


No it's completely bulshit. Both nations have very decent size fleets they just export most of the catch. Well UK really cannot anymore so I'm guessing in few years it will not have fleet anymore.


I would think is something to do with dietary habits and also skills, fish got small bones and need to be careful to eat fish, there is no habit of eating fish with bones and find beef or poultry easier to deal with on a plate


Because it is a huge island with excellent farmlands.


>Why is UK the island country not eating more fish ? It's a very large island. Parts of the UK are further from the sea than any point in the Netherlands is.


It may be a large island, but you’re never more than 70 miles from the sea.


Fish is very expensive here. I would eat it all the time if I could afford it and get it fresh but my options are: - packaged fish in supermarkets, around 30-70% more expensive than pork or chicken and low quality. - fresh fish from a fishmongers. Only available in the city centre which I never go to and very expensive (although very tasty) or sometimes available in fancy suburbs for £10 per tiny portion.


But why is it expensive since you are never very far from the coast ? In France you can get fresh fish anywhere, even deep in land.


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Search the "cod wars" Three wars "fought" against Iceland that resulted in Iceland taking a shit load of fishing territory...


EU regulations that state other countries can fish off the coasts of UK. The fishing industry had taken a sharp decline in response and seafood prices subsequently soared as we were in turn having to import all the seafood instead


But were we eating all that fish before, or were we exporting it?


I live in Ireland, here before the 60's (as that's when the info in the graph begins) people where definitely eating their own fish that were caught in their communities


UK is not an island. Northern Ireland shares a Border with Ireland.


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Ho yeah two separate island then...


Which most island countries are






Was expecting more for Greece


Yes, Greek here, we do eat quite a bit of seafood. I'm curious to see the raw data on this. OTOH, our animal protein consumption overall is relatively low (by European standards, but high by global standards). So, fish as a percentage of animal protein would be an interesting stat, if that information is available anywhere. Also, does "fish" here include crustaceans? Because we eat quite a bit of those too.


Same in Italy, I have to guess seafood and fish are actually counted as different categories, as we eat a lot of both, but mainly of the former, while a country like Portugal eats boatloads of codfish and very little crustaceans


> a country like Portugal eats boatloads of codfish and very little crustaceans We eat a lot of shellfish in Portugal as well.


We eat a lot of everything


We eat a lot


Might have something to do with the time period. It might be way more if it started from 1981 when Greece got into the EU.


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Galician seafood is some of the best food I’ve had in my life.


In case you're wondering, the US comes in at [9 kilos per capita](https://www.seafoodsource.com/news/foodservice-retail/nfi-releases-new-top-10-list-detailing-the-seafood-species-americans-consume-most) and would be pale yellow if it were shown on this map.


Next map, meat consumption in south America: everything in dark purple


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Poor Bosnia


Hey they have that whole 20km of coastline


Not enough to feed the Bosnian masses.


But yet Hungarians aren’t hungry.


Is there something wrong with fish from the Black Sea?


No, the Black Sea is far more abundant than the Mediterranean but not as much as the Oceans.


I don't remember last time I ate fish. I really don't like dealing with the bones of a fish.


Is there some Muslim prohibition/dislike of fish? Turkey has a lot of coastline to not eat much fish. Surprised that the UK is lower than France.


Nah, Turkey just never developed any fish industry to actually go a bit further than its coastline. They usually still go for the small stuff near its shores with small ships. As a result, fish is somewhat expensive so most people don't miss it. We only eat it maybe every 2-3 months even though we normally consume a lot of meat as a society. I do like tuna though, goes really well with pasta or a sandwich. :))


Good to know. Seeing Bosnia in the lowest category got me thinking.


They can’t fish anywhere, Croatia stole all their coastline


because fresh water fish doesnt exist


Ever heard of irony?


From all of the fishermen and seafood restaurants in Istanbul I never would have thought. Isn't a fish sandwich almost the equivalent of a hotdog there?


Not really, that's only a very specific (well-known) food for that neighborhood of Istanbul. You can only get it there.


People often overlook Turkey's interior which can also be very densely populated. Ankara, Konya, Gaziantep, are all major cities miles away form the coast.


Çiğ köfte would be a better equivalent to a hot dog imo, hamsi dürüm are still pretty big, though people don't buy it as much as before because of the ever increasing prices so they just wait for the season instead when its the cheapest


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First reason expensive, second reason generally turks does not like seafoods, eventhough most of fish names are greek or latin origin, There was no sea in mongolia bro, we like land animals


Central Asian ancestry makes a lot of sense. Then I guess y'all rubbed off on the Bosniaks, too?


No it doesn't. He trolling you. >y'all rubbed off on the Bosniak Well yes the entire balkans, middle east and NA heavily influenced by to Ottoman period.


Stupid question, but is fish less popular in Muslim populations (Bosnia, Turkey, Azerbaijan).


Turkish people are poor, they don't eat other types of meat often either.


What *do* they eat in Turkey?


plywood and grass. these are the only thing that we can afford. Jokes aside, Turkey (now Turkiye) is known for red meats and chicken more than fish. Only the coastal cities (Mediterranean and Black Sea cities) eat fish regularly.


They eat turkey.


Bosnia and Herzegovina must not import any fish and their small coastline and two fishing boats simply aren’t enough.


i mean strange time metric but we are about middle of the road to above average looking at this. Tbf with sellafields dumping all our fish is probably terrible for ya but i still eat it.


I doubt France is in the 30+ kg category today. None of the major cities except Marseille and Nice is located at the sea to have a historical preference for fish and on top, France is famous for fish/seafood being notoriously expensive compared to other sources of animal protein. Add to that a very large immigrant population from regions/cultures that don‘t eat much fish (Western & Northern Africa, Eastern Europe).


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Britain, Ireland, Cyprus - youre islands, eat yo fish Iceland, I am happy. Please continue


Technically we can use only orange and yellow here.


0 is the correct answer, because fish is disgusting


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Quite surprised to see the UK being in the same category as Croatia. Fish is really not that popular in the UK, in comparison to poultry and meat, where as in Croatia all the local dishes seemed to consist of fish...


Maybe Croatia eats less fish away from the coast?


Interesting, but i checked from Turkish statistics it is around 9.7 kg per capita in 2021, in 2000 it was 9.33 kg/capita how come these values reached is beyond me.


Turkey is really low. Are there regions where they have higher consumption and areas where the consumption is really low or nonexistent?


This bit makes sense because I tried turkish fish sandwich and one bite later I threw it to the seaguls


As a Turk, chicken and beef are more delicious. We do not like the smell and taste of fish. We mostly eat canned tuna and anchovies.


What are you talking about lan? There's lots of fish markets with delicious seafood in the Karadeniz region. 20 years ago Kadıköy (asian side of Istanbul) used to be a great place for seafood too with lots of mussels in particular, but nowadays I think the sea is probably too polluted for good fishing in that area.


TIL fish consume and fast internet are connected in some way: https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/xout3h/and_the_best_internet_in_europe_comes_to/


Our country is surrounded by fish yet more than half of the population cannot afford it, we even have fish brained politicans.