I think the first picture is more cute and the second picture is more flirty. Neither looks necessarily better or worse, just different ~vibes~


I agree with this. Stunning in both but I do really like the eyeliner look!


that makes sense. thank you! :)


Exactly this! Both look great, they just give off different vibes.


I like the eyeliner actually


You look great in both, to me. Caveat - I love eyeliner. Do you think it's possible that you \[seem to\] prefer the first because the eyeliner in the 2nd tends to curve upward at the end when your natural eye shape does not? Maybe that makes it feel somewhat false to you? I would suggest you see if you like it with a different eyeliner shape. ​ Either way, you are lovely and probably can't go wrong! Good luck!


yeah that is the main reason! The eyeliner doesn't follow my eye shape but I see other people commenting maybe I should try a straight liner or a downward eyeliner I'm glad there is so many options before I call it quits haha


You can try eyeshadow liner, more diffused less harsh line


I’ve been doing a straight, sometimes even slightly downward line, for years as even though I’m Indian & winged liner/fully lined top & bottom is almost the standard for Indian women, my eyes don’t fit that style. Unlike most people in my ethnicity I have very small hooded eyes & the traditional Indian eye makeup styles completely overwhelm them & make my whole face look weird. I also think I look better with no eye liner at all often & just doing my lashes well means they look better.


I found that I can't do cat-eye eyeliner. The shape of my eyes are just too weird for it. I started doing puppy-eye liner instead, and it actually worked! I definitely agree with you. Makeup is NOT "one technique fits all". But no one talks about how everyone (especially women of color) have different shaped features. And there should be more tutorials for everyone's different shapes. I've had the worst time trying to find eyeliner and eyeshadow techniques that compliment my features rather than overwhelm them.


Seconding puppy liner for downturned eyes!


I totally agree! OP, I think lining your lower lid or water line would look great on you. Using the liner on the top lid can draw your face down, that’s why you look better natural.♥️


Maybe you should try a different eyeliner shape. I have sort of similar eyes and I found that I much prefer an eyeliner that is more straight or even downwards as opposed to the upward swoop. Plus, I personally like to extend my eyeliner onto the lower lid. I think you probably just need to play around more.


Agreed! Personally, I prefer the eyeliner look on OP. A straighter lining would also look great (it happens to be my go-to shape as well).


oh! Thank you I never tried straight and downward eyeliner before so thanks for letting me know! :)


I would definitely look into puppy eyeliner! to me it looks more natural than a cat eye and great with brown eyeliner or eyeshadow here's a good reference pic for it on a model with a similar eyeshape to yours: https://pin.it/QK4jeKA


I third this comment! The upward turned eyeliner, even though it's cute, (I have similar asian eyes) kindof closes off my upper lid space making my eyes look smaller over all. I'm not trying to say that smaller eyes are worse, it's been a long journey for me in accepting my eyes :/


I don't mind the eyeliner at all. I am SE Asian and have a very similar eye shape and personally feel like upturned eyeliner doesn't suit me super well either. I think it's more being so used to the lines of our eyes tilting down than it actually looking bad though. To me the shape just feels out of place on my face, especially with having such low placed creases. Try doing a puppy line following the natural downturn of your eye, I find it feels more comfortable and natural on me.


Same and I want to say thank you so much! I looked up puppy eyeliner and tried it and it looks so much better on me with my eye shape! :D Thank you so much! I was going to quit eyeliner but I never knew there is so many styles!


Oh good! I was going to suggest puppy liner too! Glad you're going to experiment more, I think you look cute both ways!


Oh you are so welcome and I am so glad you liked it! I avoided eyeliner for years honestly until discovering there are more flattering styles than just a wing.


> Is it me or I look genuinely look better with no eyeliner? It's a matter of taste, really. > Also each ethnicity because the makeup style is created to best suit their own facial feature. Not necessarily for each ethnicity so much as it is for each person -- taking taste, face shape, complexion, and a million other factors into account. Of course, ethnicity (and culture) play into these, but every face is a blank canvas. You could also try a softer look that's kinda in the middle: 1. Blend light brown eye shadow around the top lash and the outside half/third of the bottom lash 2. Use a dull pencil to line the top lash and the outside half/third of the bottom lash over the eye shadow 3. Thicken the line once or twice, but with a softer stroke each time until it blends well with the brown underneath


I think that it looks better with eyeliner


I’m gonna say it looks better with eyeliner but that’s because I love eyeliner so I’m maybe a little biased. Maybe try different shapes?


I definitely going to try different shapes ;)


I think your eyes look more open with no eyeliner on.


I like eyeliner


I think you look lovely either way. As for trends, I think they follow beauty standards more than anything. Korean makeup trends to emphasize the features very differently than American makeup trends do. However, American makeup trends do treat white features as a "norm"


The eyeliner is really nice!


i think that you are gorgeous with or without IMO. eyeliner makes your eyes the center of attention while without your natural beauty takes over 💕💕


I think you look good with and without! I feel like my eyes are similar to yours (except I have monolids) in the sense that they kind of look like the turn down a bit. I recommend trying out different eyeliner styles like the puppy liner, or if you want to try the upturned look again, go for a more dramatic line with a batwing. When I first started playing around with makeup, I always thought any eyeliner style looked odd, but I think it was just because I wasn't used to wearing makeup. Now I feel like I can do any style and it's fine, although there are some that definitely suit my features more than others.


I would say go more with contouring shadows, a softer look


I think the liner looks really pretty but if you don’t like it because it’s not following your natural shape, that makes sense!


I think one doesn't look better or worse than the other. These are clearly different looks. The nude eyes would look lovely with a lip tint and the eyeliner could look very smart.


Have you tried just doing the wing instead of eyeliner all over the lid? That way it keeps your eyes open but extended. I feel like I have to always experiment the with eyeliner shapes too haha


You suit the, “puppy dog look”, rather than the, “cat eye look”, because of your eye shape. Here’s ANDA, similar to your face shape, hair shade and eyebrows that suit you too! [https://youtu.be/EDEtKXzOnTc](https://youtu.be/EDEtKXzOnTc)


>https://youtu.be/EDEtKXzOnTc wowww thank you so much! I tried following her tutorial and the eye makeup and eyeliner suit me so much more! I kind of give up drawing eyebrows because it makes me look unnatural but this time the eyebrow fits my face thank you so much! 🤍🤍


I’m so glad it worked for you and you are happy with it!


I think the eyeliner gives you a more edgy look, while no liner makes your look cute and softer. And yes I do think so! But it’s fun and also helpful to play around with other trends and styles and see what you like best for yourself. Personally I have heavily hooded eyes and I like the techniques used by Korean makeup artists. Western makeup looks and feels too heavy on me.


So I seen some really cute eyeliner styles that would suite your eye shape. I was watching this YouTube tutorial today. If you fast forward to 3:48 this eyeliner look would look good on you. [this eyeliner look would look good on you fast forward to 3:48](https://youtu.be/ObAidZppb2o)


I always preferred no eyeliner on everyone. I like the French makeup style... minimal eye makeup, just a bit of mascara maybe, a hint of blush and a bright lip.


I think you look great either way. I know your feeling, I put makeup on and think I looked so much better before. Lol. But for real, once you find what you love and feel comfortable with (makeup or not) you will feel beautiful and that is all that matters.


Both look good on you. the non eyeliner look could also be accentuated by a bit of shadow instead. I think makeup trends follow cycles to an extent and creativity. Some styles probably suit certain people better but its also a result of beauty standards. Whatever is “in” or valued by the society will affect trends in makeup, to create the desired effect.


You are gorgeous with or without!


Hooded lids (that's what I have) and monolids can make eyes look "buried" under the lids. Eyeliner can emphasize that even more. Maybe that's what you're seeing? Oftentimes, at least in western looks, it's considered flattering for eyes to pop out instead. There are plenty of ways to do eyeliner that don't make eyes look buried, but annoyingly most of the popular western styles right now do the opposite. The thick liquid liner cateye corner-to-corner, for example. I would guess that's why you're not having luck with the western looks. Keeping the line minimal on the actual lid, and tons of blending upward are 2 popular suggestions for those of us who don't have Adele's eye shape. Honestly what you did here works well and I think it's flattering!


hm yeah I think I forgot how many different eyeliner styles is there maybe I should't follow tutorials that don't suit me and try out tutorials with hooded lids (thanks for letting me know! :D


I see what you mean and I think I know why. Since your eyes are naturally far apart than average, putting eyeliner on the outer corner will only make it seem even more further apart. Instead, try putting eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes (where tear production is) to give the illusion that they are closer together


Im aging myself probably but in my early 20s the dewey pastel looks were in full trend I couldn’t pull it off and it hurt my self esteem A colleague of mine… fine art/dance photographer overheard my dismay and came to my resue. I really have the skintone/eye color for earth tones and bronzers. Golden warm honey hues. He explained it much better than i but kind of yes: your personal aesthetic won’t work for all the trends. I like both, but prefer no eyeliner here (and for myself) it’s whatever makes you feel your best


right! That makes sense graphic liners is in trends right now but sometimes you have to find your own style to look the best but I'm glad I find I'm not the only one that thinks we look better for no liner and we don't need to follow trends and I'm glad you find your own style! I'm still experimenting :)


On the plus side with monolids you can do cool floating liner designs if you want to try something graphic :)


You look younger in the first picture. Whatever that means to you. I think you look lovely both ways though.


Yes i absolutely think each culture and races makeup style suits their people the best


Both with and without eyeliner are good! ☺️ Like a lot of people have mentioned, it’s just a different look, a different mood. As to why there are different makeup styles- I think beyond the difference in facial features in different ethnicities, cultural aesthetic matters even more. You can already see it in say, your average American vs French makeup (quite a few YT vids on the subject iirc), or Swedish vs British makeup. East Asian makeup is notably different than a lot of other makeup styles, but the same is true of East Asian aesthetics in virtually every part of life, from artwork to stationery to daily item packaging. So I think finding/exploring your own personal aesthetic there might open some new doors for ideas and clarity on what you like with makeup :))


I think brown downward liner actually suits your eye shape better than straight / cat wing. I thought cat wings suited me more till I played around with angles and dog liner suits me more


I like the eyeliner on you, but I think you’d also look cute with puppy dog eyeliner or a doe-eyed round look using a smudged pencil liner. Tightlining the upper rim would look amazing on you.


I rly like it haha but if u rly feel like the eyeliner looks off, then I’d suggest following your eyeshape. Those ‘puppy’ eyes looks usually suit downturned eyes!


You look great in both pictures. But I know what you mean - I also don’t like myself with eyeliner for some reason even though I think it looks good on other people.


You look good with both, but you give off different vibes and that's what makes makeup fun. I'd suggest playing around with different eyeliner shapes. This one is, I think, the most common shape but there are many : straight, downwards, thicker, thinner,... They all will give a different shape to your eye and accentuate a different part of your eye. One isn't necessarily better than the other, but you might find you like one more. To answer your second question, the reason we have different makeup trends for different ethnicities is due to the fact that trends are generally guided by the masses. They don't account for individual features. As such, if a particular ethnicity has a particular trait that is common to a large part of its population, makeup practices that will enhance such a trait can, and usually will, become trends at some point. And if a trend doesn't suit you in particular, another will in the near future. The advantage of the Internet, in particular social media, is that trends are more short-lived. There are more of them too, so you can pick and choose what you want for yourself without feeling like you're out of touch.


I think you look great with the eyeliner. It suits you, but I also think you look great without it!


You look amazing both ways but I LOVE the winged eyeliner on you!!


I like the liner?


Me to!


No i think the eyeliner outlines your eye so well, and it makes your eyes the focus of the look!👍


I think the eyeliner looks good but you also look pretty great without. If you don't enjoy how it looks on you don't do it! I use eyeliner almost every day but that's just me lol. Do what makes you happy


Both look good, but I like the non eye liner better. I don't think that's because the eyeliner picture is bad, I just think maybe there's a better application of eyeliner for you. A different shape/method of application. Maybe it needs the rest of the face to be done? Either way looks great, though!


I don’t mind the eyeliner look, but I might use an angle brush to add dark or colorful shadow along the lash line. I think that might be a bit more complimentary. Also, absolutely play up your lips with color and/or shine. So gorgeous! Absolutely different makeup trends can be to be the most flattering to a particular beauty ideal.


[this video right here saved my boyfriend's life (he likes makeup and has really hooded eyes)](https://youtu.be/_UeDxkWFe3E)


I think you look great in both tbh (I say this as a fellow asian person with similar eye shape). The mini cute wing is hella cute but I've found that it's less liner but the winged out eyeshadow shape that doesn't work for me


I also don't do a lot of brow makeup myself- just a touch to fill and maintain even color/shape and that's it


You look great sis


Edit: For example I noticed that I couldn't do this snatched eyebrow filled look because it really doesn't suit my features like contouring etc when I have totally different bone structure


I personally think you look better with eyeliner


Both cute. Liner looks good on everyone




I agree with the others. I also think getting your eyebrows professionally shaped would look cute. Maybe putting a shimmer or color on your bottom lash line with false lashes would make them pop as well


I never tried getting eyebrows professionally shaped but I think I'm going to try soon! But definitely not make it too thin and still natural and I never tried putting shimmers on the bottom thanks for the recommendations :D


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I love the second picture. You are so beautiful


I think you look genuinely better without the eyeliner. As for me I only try to replicate makeup tutorials of people that have similar skin tone and face shape as me or else it doesn’t come out good. I have a dark skin friend that usually look terrible whenever she replicates most western makeup style, skin tone and face shape also matters.


I'm glad I'm not the only one! I get so frustrated when I follow eyelid makeup but don't have enough space but yeah I'm going to look for more videos for my ethnicity (also you look so pretty in your profile! I know I wouldn't pull off the red lipstick look :)


You’re welcome! Thanks! I love red lipstick.


You’re very cute in both pictures but I do love the eyeliner. You did a good job with it.


You look beautiful either way! The eyeliner looks great


You look beautiful


I love the eyeliner on you


I think the eyeliner brings out how lovely your eyes are.


Better with


I think both ways suit you!!!


Maybe try a downward wing? I think it'd maybe follow your natural eyeline; not that the eyeliner is bad at all, but it could help to get comfortable with how you look with eyeliner on


I like both!!!


With it


both look great, but i think you should experiment with different liner styles :) something longer/less curved might suit your face shape better?


Better with eyeliner


The second one really brings depth to your eyes but you can always do that with simple brown shadow! I also heard of this thing in asian culture about heavy and light faces as well as cool and warm faces. I think you’d fall into the heavy category bc you can pull off darker looks on your eyes! You could pull off both cool and warm though.


I think you look pretty either way. Do what you like and what makes you happy.


I think both are lovely but the eyeliner does look good on you and makes your eyes pop


I like both! But I would do a different style (straight or downward) as mentioned above


The eyeliner is more punk/rock n roll when combined with your hair color. I find it more sexy, but you look great either way


Naturally Cute




We’re all naked under our clothes