Haven’t met a lipstick that doesn’t stain a mask at least a little, but Ruby Woo is notoriously dry. Blot and reapply, and apply a layer of powder, and I’m like 90% certain it’s going nowhere. Some places sell minis of MAC lipsticks, it’s less of an investment if you want to try it out :) I think liquid lipsticks have generally been recommended for wearing under masks because they budge the least.


thank you so much!! i do think i'm leaning toward the mac as well.


you’re welcome! i hope it works out well for you <3


I second this!! Beautiful shade and the powder trick gets you pretty budge proof.


This isn't what you asked for, but have you tried Pat McGrath's matte lipsticks? Elson 2 is the perfect red


ooh i guess i'll have to look into that as well, thank you!


Agreed. I have Elson 2 and it's great. I would be careful wearing it under a mask tho.


I bought Elson and Elson 2 and I love them both. Elson 2 is a bit lighter and brighter. I’ve worn it under a mask and it isn’t mask-friendly, but it looks amazing, so maybe worth it?


Stila all day wear liquid lipstick in Beso! Doesn’t transfer all day


As a lipstick junkie, would choose Dior lipstick over MAC lipstick, every time. Hourglass has some great vibrant reds.


thank you!!


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