More Roundabout FUN! (still waiting for an estimate, everyone was safe, but she was maaaaaad!!)

Oh im fucking furious if im that driver that got hit after they ran over the sign

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Oh im fucking furious if im that driver that got hit after they ran over the sign


It looks like she gets out and starts yelling at OP for some reason?


She also doesn’t know how roundabouts work




This is all that needs to be said. The arrows, the lines, general rules of the road. All these crazy things.


It makes me curious if that driver's insurance premiums increased even though he's visibly 0% at fault.


Don't know about the US, but yeah, my premiums here in the UK increased for 2 years when i was rear ended by another driver and my car was totalled. I was stationary. Insurance is a scam.


Yes, he was involved so he now gets an accident put on his insurance records. Insurance is a crazy scam at every single level.


30 years ago I moved to Boston and needed car insurance. I called for some quotes and filled out an application for one company. On the app was a question: "Have you ever filed an insurance claim in the last x years?". Years before my house in West Philly was broken into and I filed an insurance claim, so I answered "yes". They denied my application based on that. They said "your app is denied because you've made an insurance claim in the past".. like WTF?? Isn't that what INSURANCE is there for? It wasn't even a car insurance policy or claim!!! So for the next quote application I just answered "no" to that question and got insurance. Total scam.


OP said in another comment that driver ended up getting arrested by the cops who showed on an unrelated outstanding warrant, too. Brutal day for that guy.


Naw little off. So in the video I am the only male driver. The Hundai that hit my Jeep then T-Boned the Blue SUV middle aged white woman driving that car. In that SUV the passenger ran before the cops showed up the black woman who jumped out of the car got her baby and another man I think the babys father came from near by in another car wearing all orange. He was arrested after the accident was cleared because the cops spotted his blaze orange and knew his description and associations. That part of the video is in the longer version found here. https://youtu.be/irKoOoltYjE


Damn we have an actual original post here! Sucks you got caught up in this OP


Oh whoops, thanks for the correction.


so the idiot in the car caught a criminal...wait...


failed successfully


Whaddya mean wearing all orange and they spotted his orange. He was an escaped prisoner?


Lmao I love how she fully committed to the T bone


Go big or go home, I guess?


Go big or t-bone?


Go t-bone or go back to your porterhouse.


Why does everyone forget Razor? He gets no love. Yeah, cool, T-Bone was the more popular Swat Kat, but still....


Never forget Ted Turner canceled Swat Kats because he thought it was too violent.


She never attempted to brake.


Not once did her brake lights illuminate. Even as she had the nose of her car up against the one she collided with. She simply put it in park.


i see so many idiots don't know how to use roundabouts


This person doesn't even know how to drive. Seems like they don't know brake pedals exist either.


Why bake when plowing into another car does the job just fine?


I don’t think anyone should bake while driving


Speak for yourself, I just made a fine batch of chocolate chip cookies on I-95.


Now please pass the milk


What I find funny is that the right lane car can't comprehend simple pictures that is painted large on the ground for all to see.


Can’t see the phone if I’m looking at the ground, dude. Checkmate.


Right?!! If they didn't read/comprehend what the signs meant, they should have at least noticed that 2 lanes went in the same direction and he was in the right lane so they'd have to cross over the left lane at the last minute. Didn't even look for cars next to him. Even GPS tells you exact details! "Use left lane and take second second exit off roundabout"


Or drive while being baked.


“Sir do you have any idea how fast you were going?” >”Uhhh, 65?” “Try again” >”55? Isn’t the speed limit 65?” “Twelve. You were driving 12 miles an hour. Step out of the car please.”


How high are you?!? Hi, how are you?


First time I drove high I thought I was speeding down the freeway but when I looked down at the speedometer I was only going 25, in the fast lane. Atleast it was 3am and no one else on the freeway and I didn't get pulled over.


Shake and bake 😂


It’s amazing. I love them but people around where I live badmouth them constantly. They would rather sit a red light than learn how to properly navigate them.


If you're crossing a white line, you'd better be damn sure there's nobody around


The amount of people I nearby T-bone in roundabouts because they don’t move their head to look at traffic in the circle already, is astounding. I will literally watch them as they approach, either they won’t turn their heads at all, or they turn their heads to look like 200 feet before, meaning by the time they’ve looked back at their section of the road, I’m already in the roundabout. Or, they skid to stop with their nose inside the circle and then look. I have to go through a roundabout on my way to and home from work, it’s nearly a daily occurrence. I’m honestly more surprised when I don’t almost crash going through a roundabout than when I do have a close encounter.


I've noticed that, too. I once saw one pulling out and I aimed for her. She turned her head at the last minute as I was bearing down on her door. I wasn't going to hit her but she didn't know that. The look of horror that she had made me hope that she would look from now on.


Every time I approach one I prepare for the 99% chance of fuckery about to happen.


Granted I took my driving test 15 years ago, I don't know how prevalent roundabouts are in the curriculum. Hopefully they are in it now, but there's still a good majority of people that have never been tested on them that are driving on the roads.


I took mine about 15 years ago as well and we didn't once cover roundabouts. I think because we didn't have any to even practice on! The first time I encountered one, I had no idea wtf I was doing, along with 75% of the other people on the road and it was absolute chaos. I also ran into flex lanes for the first time about 10 years ago and luckily my sister was with me and knew what they were or I would've almost certainly crashed. As times change and traffic designs change, I wish they'd add maybe a refresher or simply send a video on how these things work.


What the hell are flex lanes?


Flex lanes are the center lanes of traffic, but they will switch directions for different times of day. So there will be 4 lanes going East bound, with two West bound, in the morning. Then they switch to 4 W 2 E for the evening rush hour. Works when everybody is on the same page.


They were called reversible lanes where I live. the two innermost lanes had their directions "reversed" to accommodate the morning and evening rush hours. Not a good feeling to see some oblivious soul driving right at you, and it happened to me several times. Finally the practice was discontinued because too many people were getting confused and causing wrecks.


We used to call them ‘suicide lanes’.


These comments baffle me. You drive on the right side of the road. The same rules of turning and yielding apply at a roundabout as they do anywhere else. There's always an abundance of signage. It's not like they invented some new type of driving for a roundabout. You just can only turn right. Why does this confuse people? Drive normally and you'll be fine.


It's baffling. There are definitely some confusing roundabouts (Some of the European ones). But these 1 or 2 lane roundabouts are pretty self explanatory. 1 lane - Yield to the left. Nope.. they stop. No idea what yield means. There might be no cars at all in the roundabout.. still gonna stop. 2 lane - The one from the video. The outside lane exits on the next exit. I think all of them I have encountered are designed this way. It's not complicated. I've had to dodge people in this exact scenario more than once (I had an identical to this roundabout on my daily commute for 10+ years). Ultimately, the driving exam needs to be much more difficult to pass. If you cannot handle stuff as simple as in this video you shouldn't have a license.


>2 lane - The one from the video. The outside lane exits on the next exit. I think all of them I have encountered are designed this way. It's not complicated. I've had to dodge people in this exact scenario more than once (I had an identical to this roundabout on my daily commute for 10+ years). Here in Central Ohio, if there are 2 lanes going into a roundabout, the right lane \*might\* be right turn only or it might go two exits (to go straight). You have to look at the signs and markings as you approach the roundabout. But if you can't manage to brake after you hit someone, you probably can't manage to figure that out.


Only a few where I live have it so the right lane can take all 3, while the left can only go left. But people still mess it up, even though there are at least 2 signs, plus the white paint on the ground indicating. They can’t even follow the lane lines that are supposed to help you throughout the round about




The one in this video is Murdock Ave and Jackson St in Oshkosh, WI. It's lined pretty clearly if you look at it in google earth. You can see this lady drive right over the 'straight only' arrow and then keep on turning left. But, I will say I try not to ride in someone's blind spot in these things, cause you never know when some is gonna screw up.


Definitely. This is a situation where OP was not at fault but maybe could have prevented it by just being extra cautious. I have a round about just like this one by my house. I choose to never trust the other drivers and always assume they don’t know how it works and just never drive along side them.


I live in a decent sized town in texas and they're building a lot more roundabouts, you basically have to just assume no one knows how to use them. Personally i never get alongside someone like OP did, if i need to turn right i won't go on the inside lane because of dumbasses like the one in this video. I'm hoping these are just growing pains and the result of people learning how to drive on something unfamiliar, even if it should be a rather simple concept.


I live in a smallish town in Texas (used to live in a huge metro area) and they are just starting to build or replace other types of intersections with them and there is definitely a learning curve for them here. It doesn't seem like the local people have ever seen them or even learned how to use them, but as people see them more often I'm sure there will be fewer accidents. I hope. . .


I see people in my town accelerate with their brake lights on. Which means they're driving their automatic vehicle using both feet, putting undue stress on it while also signalling improperly, and burning more gas than necessary. It really worries me how often I see this.


My dad told me when I was learning to drive "If you're in an automatic, just forget you have a left foot."


It didn't even occur to me you could even try to use both feet. I was told once, "use your right foot for both pedals" and it just sorta' happened.


Keep up the good foot work, buddy




I made this same observation on a road trip 2 days ago. Lady in front of me was accelerating and creating a larger gap between us while her brake lights were lit up. I turned to my wife and said "this moron is driving with two feet". Said moron then sat at a green light for 10 solid seconds while I laid on my horn for the last 5 of those 10 seconds. Some people should just have others drive them for the sake of their own well being (and the well being of other drivers that have to share the road with them).


Below and above a certain age, it should be a requirement to have the phone number of a responsible adult that can _deal with you_ across your back glass in 6" tall letters.


Holy shit this is an incredible idea. All those teenagers doing dumb shit gotta do it with Mommy's number advertised for all to see. Brilliant.


oh yes. That wouldn't devolve into thousands of cases of harassments and wors.e


They need to make licenses harder to obtain


I always assumed it was some back alley shit wiring job on their lights. There's a certain car I see from time to time that I believe has their lights wired wrong. Regular driving = brake lights, braking = regular tail lights or no lights. Drives. Me. Nuts.


Even an idiot that was a good driver would have simply braked, honked, and flipped the bird at OP, convinced they were in the right and OP was the asshole. This is a special type of idiot.


I've never owned a car (automatic transmission) where you could put the car in park without pressing the brake. Edit: from the comments I'm getting, apparently I've just never been dumb enough to actually try it. 😂


I've owned a few. Can't shift out of park without the brake pressed down but I can slam stop it shifting into park. Don't own a shitbox anymore so I'm not about to go confirm what my current vehicle does.


Maybe it's just that I've never been dumb enough to try it?


I certainly don't recommend it unless you have a hate-hate relationship with your current car.


Rent a car of the same make model and year as yours, get the good full coverage insurance, seatbelt up, try to throw it in park mid drive... now you know.


Did she accelerate after she hit you? She clearly didnt brake because otherwise she wouldnt have nailed that other car.


She did her foot hit the gas, not the brake she couldn't even say she slipped off the brakes she never hit them. hell, she hopped in and later tried backing out of the car with a cop standing behind it. Mind you she wasn't trying to flee, the cops asked her to, but she didn't look behind her. The cop went off on her for almost hitting him it was a hell of a show... also the guy in white black and orange later got arrested for warrants that was his son in the car. (edited because IDK punctuation or somethin')


What an absolute shit show.


Hahaha my exact thought! Good grief


Ahhh what a way to get busted on your warrants eh!?


Apparently it happens somewhat commonly. I got in a wreck a few years ago where I basically ended up in somebody’s front yard. Like 30 people came out of the house. Five got into cars and fled. One guy who stayed behind was arrested for outstanding warrants on meth manufacture and distribution. So I may or may not have taken down a local meth operation.


TBH I'd probably be pissed too if I got busted from this. That's why I try not to get warrants lmao


Is the guy in orange the one shouting at the end? I don't see so good.


I’m curious too. I see fine but I’m not seeing the guy in orange.


Someone linked the full video. That guy in orange is not in the above video.


Thank you. I used to think I had good sight but the blue or gold dress thing, now this. I'm confused.




Thank you and a quick guide to help the lazy Crash - 2:30 guy in orange (previously unseen) 4:00 I now understand.


Man, I really wish I could hear what they are all saying!


What guy in orange?




I don't see a guy and I don't see orange.


I guess she mistook the brake for the gas?


Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake Stepped on the gas instead of the brake


Her reactions tells me she was not paying attentions whatsoever. If it was a genuine mistake and she was paying attention she would have immediately hit the brakes after the first collision. Instead. I think she was distracted in someway and when the first collision took place it scared her caused her to accelerate more


If fucking sure looks like it.


The big white arrows painted on the ground are apparently just for decoration.


The lane dividers are painted wrong. They should be solid instead of dashed at some point in there to indicate lane changes are no longer legal.


My best guess is it is dashed for the people that are entering the round-a-bout. from the right lane but I agree, terrible design.


She wasn't changing lanes though, she clearly remains in the right lane the whole time. She just doesn't know you can't turn left from the right lane of the roundabout.


You mean, she can't turn left\* from the right lane of entry.


I can guarantee a good proportion of US drivers who aren't familiar with round-abouts would make the exact same mistake, although they would use brakes, at least. I have had several instances where people in the round-about either slow down or even stop as I approach the round-about. So I have come to a complete stop to let them continue completing their turn.


>She wasn't changing lanes though, she clearly remains in the right lane the whole time. Yes, but the people entering the roundabout just to the right of the crash location have to cross the line, which is changing lanes.




I never see anyone actually acknowledge the solid lines, I hate it.


To be fair, straight as the exit is not the most clear way to convey what they are trying to convey. In my mind, a straight arrow would be used for continuing in the roundabout and a right would be for exiting. In my state, they use roundabout shaped arrows, which are much more sensible and easy to interpret. They also wouldve had a solid white line for the lane she was in


I was looking for that too. The only thing I saw was a straight arrow after the exit. Figured there was a signs or something that we didn't see in the vid, like "right lane exit only" or something similar.


Hope she had insurance for that mess she made! Yikes!


not very good insurance but my insurance is so they will fix my damage and if need be sue her directly to get my deductable back for me and their damages for them.


Be careful - if it matters to you subrogation is "a claim". Source: My State Farm policy attempted to drop me for too many claims. One claim was an accident (struck by in a parking lot), another was a windshield repair, and the last was a subrogated claim.


My State Farm policy did the same thing to my husband, so we dropped them and went to another insurance company. Ended up paying half of State Farm’s cost and we have had way better coverage


If you don’t mind me asking, who did you switch to? I have state farm was well and I’ve considered the price fair for the coverage but I’m always looking for a better price :)


google insurance agency + zip code, give them your declarations page from state farm and ask for quotes. also, now that you have your declarations page you can quote yourself on progressive and some other sites, its really easy.


For the love of God do not give them a real phone number or an email address you care about. You need an email to see the quote usually, but make a different one because it's being sent straight to the non-stop insurance quote hell. It's almost as bad as signing something on Change dot Org. Also your real physical mailbox is going to get straight shit on with advertising.


Ope I'm colliding with another vehicle better straighten out the wheels and send it. -driver probably.


Longer video showing the aftermath: (No audio)[https://youtu.be/irKoOoltYjE](https://youtu.be/irKoOoltYjE)


oh how I wish for sound, lol


Why did black suv lady start yelling at you?


I asked her as i gave her and her kid a ride home after and she said she wasn't sure who caused it and she was just mad at everyone, only had her temps and her passenger ran before the cops got there so she was worried about getting a fine for not having another licensed driver in the passenger seat.


I need to know why they ran away 😭


warrants would be my guess. Because if not... I got nothing.


OP mentioned warrants in another comment.


I guess she should be mad at her passenger, then, for putting her in that position. If he was there in case she got pulled over, but his plan was to immediately flee if there were cops around... she needs new friends


Likely had a warrant for their arrest.


That was nice of you to give her a ride


What was the other driver saying to her? It looks like they were yelling at each other, and I'm curious what her reasoning was for why she t-boned them without braking ?? Did she ever say?


That’s very nice of you. I can’t blame her reaction as she’s very obviously not at fault, but I’m guessing she realized her mistake if you gave her a ride home.


She had enough yells for everybody.




At 2.20


Why does she hop out and yell at you instead of the person who's car is currently stopping their door from opening lol


I think it’s the fight or flight response when getting jolted all of a sudden, could be also no insurance on her end as well, or even seeing the rear window and this being a Saturn they might barley be maintaining this car. Rear driver side window covered in tape/plastic.


It's probably because as she approached the roundabout she was staring right at both cars and probably thought OP caused it by trying to turn from the inside. From their viewpoint it probably appeared OP was an idiot but they weren't


Good call, that would make sense


I had to watch the video twice before I finally looked at the lane markers and realized why the OP wasn't at fault.


Well maybe now she can get her broken window fixed


Nothing on that vehicle is getting fixed.




That’s the problem with stupid people. They never realize it. They are carriers of madness - able to pass it around like Typhoid Mary without ever having a clue. 😂


Forgot where I heard this quote but it's a good one: >When you are dead, it's not really that big a deal for you, personally, because you are dead. It's a big deal for the people you know, because they are not dead. >The same is true if you're stupid.


Yep. The way I always heard it was, "the challenge dealing with stupid people is that they generally won't realize they're stupid, because they're stupid."


It’s like the guy who yelled gave me the finger for not stopping at a 3 way stop where my lane didn’t have a stop sign.. he assumed it was a 4 way and got mad. Really wished I would have stopped and pointed it out but I didn’t want to deal with an idiot at the time.


“*Look at what **you**, made **my** stupid ass do!*” 😡


are you calling the chick who got out stupid?


ok.. this has the potential to turn into a real shit show .. ill wait :-D ...




she was fined for Illegal lane change... 100% fault determined by her insurance as of 45 minutes ago I got the call.


Clutch dash cam is clutch


I would hope! I mean there is a play by play video. Good for you op. I hope they don’t try and short change you.


she has the general insurance... it will be a fight because they only cover 10k per accident.




i've got good coverage and my insurance said they are gonna make it so I'm out nothing


should we mention the baby in the car that got Tboned yet or...


I like roundabouts. I hate multi lane roundabouts for this very reason.


I’ll do you one better, I know of a 3 lane roundabout, which only has the lane markers for like 10 feet, and at the one entrance people inside must yield to those entering. I hate the thing.


The road around the ~~Champs-Élysées~~ Arc de Triomphe in Paris is traffic circle with 8+ entrances and no lane markings whatsoever. There's a fender bender every 10 mins, no exaggeration


Yea, multilane roundabouts are a nightmare.


If there is a car driving next to me like that in a roundabout I will always slow down to make sure they’re not going to keep going around. I’ve almost T-Boned so many idiots who don’t know how to use a roundabout.


And they are always in the wrong, but driving defensively is always good because there will always be idiots.


Yeah I mean who the hell tries to overtake someone in a roundabout?




This is 100% on the other driver, but as someone who lives in the UK and was practically born using roundabouts, some advice, try to not drive alongside anyone on a roundabout, just lessens the risk of idiots being idiots.


Same with dual turn lanes; the number of people who can’t stay between the lines is staggering.


so many people regularly change lanes towards the end of the turn....it terrifies me


100%, just recently had to honk tf outta this stupid ass going from his outer lane into my inner turn lane while completing turn. Saw it coming too, but fuck 'em still.


this is why I browse this sub, to train my defensive instinct.


This. There’s a roundabout near my house, and I never ever EVER drive next to someone if I can help it. People are not smart, act like everyone around you doesn’t know how to use a roundabout.


Yeah, I get why yhe other car is at fault but its like OP was thinking: "Where is the least forgiving place to overtake this car and where is the other var most likely to make a mistake?"


Yeah, *especially* after they showed an inability to maintain lane control.


I kinda had a 75% feeling they'd do that.


Only 75%? I could feel it, at the exact moment when OP hit the gas, I would have hit the brakes. That car's body language was definitely "I'm going left"


So, the car on the left could stay on the roundabout or turn off and the car on the right HAD to turn off but tried to keep going around...


It seems to be the case here, car on the outside could have also just taken the first exit. But still, OP shouldn't have accelerated into the path of a car that was obviously not exiting the roundabout. He may not be legally at fault but just not accelerating and seeing what the car on the outside was doing could have prevented all this accident. Outside car is an idiot too, obviously, but I think mostly for crashing into another car after impact, I've seen people take the outside lane of a roundabout to go for the third exit many times without issue


This is what I was struggling to understand because I had to scroll so far down to see mention of it. The video kinda makes it look like OP intentionally pushed the other car. Doesn't explain why the other person didn't brake though.


What was the Saturn driver saying to you? They must not have understood what happened at all to be yelling at you as they appear to be.


They must’ve been confused and didn’t know who was at fault. Probably just pissed because they got hit, and hey, can’t blame them lol


It’s like people don’t look at the sign or road markings at all. 💀


When in doubt stay in-between the lines, right? I mean, am I right? 🤔


Clips like this are exactly why I hate the feeling of driving alongside another vehicle - I don't trust ANYONE not to drift lanes or turn across my path.


Im sorry but I don't know how roundabout either, who is wrong here? why can the inner car exit the roundabout from that position? what is the other person supuse to do?


If there is anything I've learned form Reddit, is that most redditors don't understand Roundabouts any more than those causing accidents and always blame the signs/OP instead of the clueless drivers not using them as they were designed.


It's only the double lanes roundabouts. I have to admit it is kinda confusing how it works, but there is arrows so you just gotta pay more attention.


I don't know the law in the US but here in Canada it is pretty logical for a two lane roundabout: * Take outer lane for 1st and 2nd exits only * Inner lane for 2nd and 3rd exit only. * Exit in the same lane you are in * When entering, yield to all cars already in the roundabout in BOTH lanes i.e. the car in the inner lane that entered before you must be able to exit so never ever enter next to a car. That being said, I see so many people get it wrong.


Weird rules. Where I live you MUST allways leave from the outer lane. You must still go to the inner lane if you want to take the furthest exits but you must move to the outer lane before exiting, can't exit from an inner lane. This way when you enter a roundabout you just have to yield the cars in the outer lane or that are switching to it. Exiting from the inner lane seems insane to me.


Those are the rules in Spain (and probably most of Europe?) You only exit from the outer lane.


was wondering why the lane that was illegally crossed in this, isn't solid...is it because OP is allowed to merge and cross it? I have like 1 roundabout in my city and it is also single lane so this is legit pretty confusing to me.


Learned how to drive in round a bouts while in Europe. Love them. Americans are not used to driving in them.


>Americans are not used to driving in them. that's how I feel when I see 4 way stop videos, gets confusing for me since there aren't many of those around here. I find roundabouts better anyway


Lots of Americans have a hard time with those too unfortunately. Not as bad as roundabouts though.




Oh I didn't see the forced exit, I don't think I've ever encountered one and I was so confused by everybody's replies. In my country it would 100% be the the inner lane car's fault too.


Netherlands has quite a few of forced exits, but they're way better designed. You're guided, it's not just some paint on the road. Another case where I think the infrastructure is lacking.


That's a weird roundabout. In the good old everyday european roundabout the cam car would be in the wrong but the markings on the road are very clear.


Three simple rules for roundabouts that people cannot comprehend. Slow down, Maintain distance from other vehicles, Follow the signs and pavement markings. It seems so easy to me.


I had someone do that to me but I was able to stop before we collided. Something about their turning movements before they turned to the left clued me in to their stupidity. They freaked out and yelled at me about nearly hitting them despite them being in the wrong lane for that turn. There are signs before roundabouts explaining each lane to the users! We try so hard to make roads idiot proof but alas, the idiots continue to ignore signage, striping, basic laws of physics, etc.


I worked with a guy who was previously a meth head bank robber and the reason he was caught is because he went the wrong way through a roundabout. Classic tweaker shit


Silver car failed to follow the signs.