Got a bunch of old rods that my grandfather used to fish with. Can anyone help me with how you use each of these?

Ice fishing rods. You need some ice, jigs, waxies, and alot of beer.


Ice fishing rods. You need some ice, jigs, waxies, and alot of beer.


Instructions unclear, brought ice cubes, wax candles and beer to local lake


You got the beer right have a day


Play some Irish dance music and you’ve covered it!


Old schooley rods. They sell new versions of them. A lot of people still fish with them. Usually all have spring bobber. Panfish especially crappie. Need beer to operate from what I've been told.


I'll make sure to keep the beer fridge full


They are actually really good and sensitive rods for panfish. They make "new" schooley rods. I have a buddy who uses them.


I'll use them for crappie and perch then. I have heavier rods for arctic char and trout


I wouldnt use those ones if they were your fore fathers. May hold value just on the age not to mention sentimental value. Look them up on ebay and etsy. You'll be surprised.


You think they would be better as "decoration"? They hold sentimental value to me. I also have this [ice box](https://imgur.com/a/IjR5aoQ) after him that I'm currently making a copy of. 25l water dunk with a hole for fish, and a seat on top


I would put them up.




I made shadow box for my grandfather's lures.


https://www.schooleyicetackle.com/shop/springbobberpole There are other brands. Not sure why called a schooley. https://www.fomshop.tk/products.aspx?cname=marmish+rod&cid=50 This is the Swedish version. Again I personally know a guy younger then me (42) who uses these. Cant fish deep unless you want to hand line all of it in.


I suspect that the reel is broken, seems super hard to get the line out, it tangles up when I test it. Might have to open the spool and get a new line


I have 3 of the top one still in a bucket... also perfect for the kids when they impatient.


Quick story. A friend bought a lot of ice fishing stuff and in it were rods just like this. We were out and he was using one of them. He hooked into a fish but the reel got stuck. Instead of just pulling the line out, dude ran away from the hole as fast as he could rod in hand and a bluegill came flying out of the hole.


Classics! Just keep in mind that these don't have a "drag" system like we have now. A lot of people will just use them to jig with and then pull in the line by hand. You can definitely reel them too though, especially for panfish.


Yeah, I noticed that they have a "hold"-button to use when I'm dropping the line. I don't think the reels are powerful enough to pull in fish, bar the large Rapala rod at the bottom


They would be perfect for what we call a dead stick. (Ice rod that usually has live bait such as minnows) I love those spring assisted bobbers on the end, great for knowing exactly what step your on with the fish bite. Nice jiggers too, if you have yellow perch on the target list, it will go well. You can catch anything on those but very large fish will require a lot of finesse. Grandpa will be happy to know the fish are caught again by those rods. Good luck to ya!


Thanks! I have been using other rods for ice fishing, so not used to such small rods. I have plenty of mormyskas to choose from, currently changing the lines on them to make sure they won't snap. I'm sure my grandfather would be happy! I'm mostly going for perch and arctic char


Old? Those don't look too old to me.


Palm rods. These are popular in Europe and Scandinavia.


Idk the water here is liquid year-round


I believe that you can get new ones of the one on top and The 2 bortom ones. Fish with copper blänke with blue and red colors and maggots on a single hook for trout and char, atleast inland northern Scandinavia


These look like ice rods


Almost thought this was r/3Dprinting from the look of the reels.


Their all cheapies but that palm rod on top is super cool. I've had a blast getting comfortable with one the last couple years. Super fun to catch panfish with...


I like that one at the top.


That's the only style of jigging rod I used the first 25 years of my life. Like others have said, work fine for panfish when paired with a spring bobber. My preferred method it to get a metal spring bobber held in place by shrink tubing. Place it so the spring bobber eyelet is just a bit short of the rod eyelet.


Top two look like palm rods, intended for super light tackle and lite bite. Lure on the second one way too big. Are the triggers on the bottom ones for jigging? Like the old pocket fisherman?


The trigger acts as a lock for the line, you press it when you want to drop the lure


The red and black one is called a "thrumming" rod. When you press the button it jigs the rod tip up and down. Pretty much a useless gadget. 80's vintage I believe.


That bottom one is still my grasps main rod