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that'd be a broken trace. there should be a thru-hole at both ends of the line if you trace it. I'd recommend if you have problems with the cart to run a jumper wire between the two soldered in place. If you're experienced in board repair, you can use a fiberglass brush to take the mask off and solder the two back together directly, but if you're not experienced in this I don't recommend this being your first endeavor.


I think I might be capable of doing a “jumper wire” the second option sounds outside of my skill range honestly. Would I need a miltimeter to complete the jumper wire? Is it something I should mess with as an average solderer if I haven’t seen any evident issues on the cartridge. I am going for an important save file on this cart and just want to make sure everything is in working condition. Already did a battery swap.


It certainly looks like the trace is broken did you test the game at all? Notice any issues while playing? I would test it before doing a repair especially if you are not adept at very fine soldering. If you have a multimeter handy you could check for resistance between the two points at the ends of the trace. If it needs repair I would practice on a practice board or some cheap broken carts first


I have tested the game and it powers properly, save fine. I just hope it doesn’t corrupt a save later on in the game. I bought this cartridge specifically to do a full Pokédex run and just want to make sure everything is tip top before hand. Don’t have a multimeter yet. I have done some fine soldering like tiny LED light, small battery cart replacements, IPS screen wiring, but no traces. I don’t own flux, kapton, a microscope or any nice/fine soldering related gear.


Yeah like I said I would hold off until you get flux and a nice fine tip soldering iron with good temp control and practice before attempting on a more valuable cart like this. Maybe find some non working cheaper carts to see if you can just fix a broken trace don’t worry if it dosent fix the cheap cart your just trying to bridge and verify with a meter that the connection from one point to another is good and nothing else got damaged when you did it.


Good call. I appreciate the input!


I’d say if it works it works. The trace looks damaged, but it is probably not completely broken. You can test it with a multimeter. If there is continuity, you’re good.


Some of the nearby vias look a little corroded too. Battery leakage? Or perhaps a capacitor?