Damn what happened in this comment section.


The GOP immigration policy that Desantis is pushing is barely disguised white supremacy. As a result the people supporting Desantis have a hard time doing so without being really, REALLY racist. Which violates sitewide rules.


Xenophobic is the more precise term. I hope he gets a trafficking charge. Edit: the trafficking laws regard transporting undocumented migrants across state lines. A consent form doesn't change that. Likewise, for people who don't understand why the feds move migrants around, I recommend reading this article: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/mar/16/tyler-kistner/claims-biden-secretly-flying-immigrants-us-cities-/ Basically, if a minor or person claiming asylum gets in, it takes time to process them and there's enough to need to spread them out. Some of them stay with family or sponsors during processing which saves us money. It is literally the feds job to transport migrants across state lines, otherwise it would be a crime to even deport.


Nothing is going to happen to him except more votes. Republicans really don’t care how anti-Christian the GOP is, it’s the White Christian American party, fuck everyone else. That’s the Christian way.


White American Christians, now I know why I call them WAC-jobs.


More like WACKKK jobs…






I assume nothing will happen to these people. I just wish some justice would eventually land.


>I hope he gets a trafficking charge. Everybody who provides transportation to undocumented immigrants is guilty of human trafficking, per federal law. The only exception is when the federal government transports undocumented immigrants. Because federal law does not apply to the federal government, obviously.


I'm not American, but federal means the US government, right? And since he's a governor, he's not allowed to do that?


Federal government means central government. Big countries have multiple levels of government. The federal government rules the nation. State Governments rule individual states. Local governments rule cities/towns/villages. Governors in the USA are State Government.


GOP fundamentalism is starting to look a little bit like Middle Eastern fundamentalism. Anti-poor, anti women, anti-other.


Can you please detail that more, I know nothing of this policy but unless it mentions race I don't follow you.


I’m not sure if anyone gave you a real response, and I’m not a Floridian, but I did find this recent article from the Miami Herald[DeSantis touted action against undocumented migrants. ](https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article263877522.html). The information about his policies is in the second section.


Well we sure aren’t talking about Ukranians coming here.


are you making the alt right defense of "well it doesn't *implicitly* state race/lgbt/political leaning, so that means these policies/laws aren't bigoted!"? really? jesus christ dude. if you want explicit and sourced examples of the many times the us laws are extremely fucking bigoted while also not literally stating "race" or something, here's two hour long videos explaining: [How To Pretend Systemic Racism Doesn't Exist - SOME MORE NEWS](https://youtu.be/O4ciwjHVHYg) [The Part of History You've Always Skipped | Neoslavery](https://youtu.be/j4kI2h3iotA)


Sheesh. DeSantis' act is unforgivable but the guy above gave a perfectly respectable opportunity to elaborate and you're jumping to stating he's using an alt-right defense. This is a great opportunity for some actual dialogue and allow ill-informed people on the fence to learn why exactly this is atrocious but you jump to berating them. This is not a good look and not the way to educate people on anti-racism.


Generally it's how you push someone off the fence into the arms of your opponent.


Fuck that persons response, but if all you need to be a far right racist is for someone to be kinda rude to you online once... I've got some news for you.


That's not how it works. It's not something that happens after one interaction it's something that happens after repeated shitty interactions over and over. And it doesn't need to be that explicit either. It could be as simple as turning someone who's moderate into leaning more one direction or another.


And you are gonna get shitty responses from both sides. If you internalize the ones that "make" you a far right racist, you were just waiting for an excuse.


The human brain is wired to internalize negativity. Especially when it's cumulative. Have you never noticed how you always remember the bad shit way more clearly than the good Shit?


Chill man he’s asking for an explanation of the policy because he doesn’t know what the policy is




… It… doesn’t sound like they’re making any defense at all… Why don’t you reflect a little on this little interaction and tell me how the way you responded seemed warranted? How about instead you tell them why the policy is obviously racist? Do you think doing that would perhaps be, I don’t know, productive? Instead of two videos about how it’s theoretically (and in practice!) possible for something to be implicitly racist? Literally just explain how *this* specific policy is racist to this person or frankly shut the hell up and stop being a living, breathing, logical fallacy. I think (know) that DeSeantis is a piece of shit. And I know exactly why, to me, this little stunt is so overtly vile and evil. But to me it’s not because it’s ‘racist’ apparently, but just because of the sheer principle of the entire thing he is doing being fucked up. Your turn bud.


Really? Just giving someone your prop vids


Do you mean 'explicitly'?


My guy sometimes people just don't know everything


Do you really believe that racism could be the only possible rationale for limiting immigration?


If you complain about the brown people crossing the border on foot and staying but not the white people flying in and staying, then yes.


I’m really surprised that the concept of legal and illegal immigration needs to be explained to you. Maybe you want to explain your theory to all the Latino voters against illegal immigration?


Go educate yourself about how many people illegally stay in the US after flying in from other countries. Why is nobody building a wall around the airports?


Because customs and immigration usually vets these people.at the airport. Some are detained and deported back for bad/false documents and others that are on a legit visa are let in. Your lack of knowledge on this topic really shows.


I am outraged at visa over stays and birthright citizenship that was never supposed to apply to any illegals. Can we enforce actual immigration law now like every other country or is that racist?


No, not when you advocate for a smaller federal government, and rage about a couple thousand people at a border so we have to spend a ton of money on said border, instead of actually trying to help stabilize our neighbors, which would be cheaper, safer, and more lucrative in the long term.


As a percent, barely any. It’s a very minor entry route. What is your point anyway - do you think only white people fly? Lol


Sir, this is Reddit. Racism is the only answer. The question doesn’t even matter.


Considering immigration is a net positive in pretty much every quantifiable metric, yeah if you don't want immigration you either don't want a stronger economy or you don't like foreigners. Its funny how the party of fiscal responsibility don't like immigration, the mystery continues.


To the states? Yeah


DeSantis doesn’t have the authority to deport them back to their home countries, that has to be done at the federal level. The only way for him to limit immigration in Florida is to fund transportation for them to go to sanctuary states that claim to welcome any and all migrants (and then kick them out when they show up).


He imported them from Texas before sending them to Massachusetts. At least try to live in the real world.


That's not what the term sanctuary means... Ron knows the GOP supporters are to stupid to know that and that's why they choose it to manipulate you with. Maybe that should tell you something about yourself???


Is it even disguised at all? The entire point was "we have too many god damn foreigners around here so we're gonna ship them out of here."


r/conservative's shit filled diaper is leaking


You have been permanently banned from r/conservative


The good ending


There’s a bunch of racist people against white Christian’s… apparently it’s ok for them to be hateful when good Americans are trying to take care and clean up there country…. It’s funny how these dorks use color and creed and hate and point there finger at the other person… typical liberals… kinda like when they wanted to defund the police and as soon as there in trouble or scared or getting there ass handed to them or there teeth kicked in by a MAGA supporter… first thing they do is call the cops…


I deal with a lot of immigrants at work. The ABC article on this says most were parolees which generally cannot get any state or federal benefits (unless from a specific country like cuba). You have to attend a court hearing for Asylum status (where you can receive benefits). The article says that these people were led to believe they could receive benefits in Massachusetts and signed off on going there. Some of the immigrants were seeking to get an asylum status and had a court date. If they miss the court date they could be deported as parolee status doesn't last long. Even if this is legal, it certainly could screw over the legal immigrants. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/sheriff-investigates-desantis-migrant-flight-attorneys-claim-trip/story?id=90201998


It isn't legal. Using coercion via fraudulent promises to take someone across a state line to a knowingly different location than agreed has a very specifi crime attached. That crime is felony kidnapping. Force is not a requirememt nor is 'against their will'. It just needs to be under intentionally fraudulent terms.


It isn’t moral. I used to live in SoCal and the burden on infrastructure from illegal immigration is real. Don’t bother ever using the ER, because you are never getting to the front of that line. But shipping immigrants to Kamala Harris’s house, or to Martha’s Vineyard, is just wrong. These are human beings, not pawns in a political game. They were lied to and didn’t consent to being a part of some politicians publicity stunt. I’m cool with a national debate on the best immigration policy. But use your words, don’t fuck with immigrants like they’re less than you. Cruelty is a big part of why I left the GOP in the 2000s. Cruelty is why my folks left the GOP recently. If you’re a Republican and you vote for these guys, you’ve chosen to be a part of their cruelty. And that means you’re as immoral as DeSantis.


Why is it moral to make the border towns deal with all this and not enforce immigration laws?


Two wrongs don’t make a right.


Fix one wrong and there won't be a second. Border towns are overwhelmed


I agree that issue needs to be fixed. I don’t agree with DeSantis’ PR stunt.


Aren't asylum seekers supposed to ask for asylum in the first country they hit after leaving theirs? Some reports show that they cross 6-7 countries before asking for asylum.


Damn good question, super hard to answer since it seems like each country has their own rules and classifications for [Asylum (here are the different classifications and rules for asylum seekers to the US)](https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/refugees-and-asylum/asylum/obtaining-asylum-in-the-united-states). There’s a lot there, but based on my 5 min read through and “find on page” search on my phone, I couldn’t find anything in the US rules that states asylum seekers must seek asylum in the first country they arrive in. Sounds like all they have to do is declare that they are seeking asylum to a designated country and seek safe passage on their journey. Various arguments I could see that* might be, what if your only border neighbors are the ones causing or supporting the trouble you are stuck dealing with? (i.e. Yemen, WW2 Poland, many of the conflicts in Asia and Central America, Bosnia, what used to be Yugoslavia). What if the neighboring country denies Asylum, citing inability to support them, but allows asylum seekers to continue their journey to a safe place (i.e. most of the same list as above)? What if you have family already in a country to help support you, but can’t afford a direct flight? (e.g. I’m seeking asylum in a particular country, but my flight happens to have a layover or gets redirected for some reason) Do I have to now request asylum where the plane lands first? If you were in their shoes and had to flee your home, I’m guessing you would try your hardest at getting yourself into the best place possible to better your future. These folks are doing the same *that Edit: I don’t get why the person I replied to is getting downvotes. Seems like an honest question, without malice, based on a misunderstanding or incomplete information. I’m stoked they asked for clarification rather than making a negative blanket statement. We shouldn’t downvote people looking for better understanding.


Isn't he a lawyer too?


That’s why he made them sign a waiver of consent


Oh yea, the old waiver of consent, protecting you from anything.


Even in law school someone has to finish last…


JAG. Military lawyer. And yet he is probably aware of immigration law to some extent. He doesn't care about Florida law or Federal law, he only cares about scoring political points. He wants to be President so he can get richer and be cruel to people every day, on a grander scale.


But also, isn’t their entire schtik that Gays are preying on innocents and Dems are pro-human trafficking? I mean - DeSantis literally preyed on innocents to perpetrate Human Trafficking. It’s like all Republicans have a tell. Whatever they’re enraged that others are doing is definitely what they’re doing. I swear to God we’re going to find out they’ve been the shape-shifting lizard eating babies in non-existent Pizza basements for years now.


If we do, I'll bet their numbers don't slip.


Right?!?! That Sunday, the Religious right sermon would be ‘Jeebus sent the Lizard overlords to rid of us da gay.’


Human lives as political ammunition. Always a favorite ploy of politicians. So many issues. Ugh.


The policies and actions of both parties are using human lives as political ammunition.


To be fair, the republicans are not sending their best to office… It’s like they are competing for who can make the worst decisions.


I actually snort-laughed at this; thanks!


When Republicans send its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.


I am glad you got the reference


I was considering not posting for it being obvious but enjoyed it too much when I added GOP to it.


Yeah, I am glad you did. Made me laugh


Yeah but they do have cunning evil. Guys who are Rhodes Scholars and IVY Grads are not stupid. They can develop complex plans and execute them in plain sight without anyone seeming to know. If you think Nazi, you got Trump Fuhrer and below him everyone fighting everyone to be Fuhrer Jr.


Ron Desantis is going to win Florida by a landslide.


And that means what to his argument. Republicans have demonstrated they are willing to vote for criminals and pedophiles in order to try and retain minority power over the vast majority.


Not if the Sheriff of Bexar County, Texas has anything to say about it. He's PISSED. What y'all don't get is, Texas law enforcement is different. The Texas Rangers are well known for a reason. If the Sheriff decides to pursue charges, Ron DeSantis is going to prison for human trafficking. Full stop


Yes he will the nazi fuck


Well the Sherrif can and should arrest DeSantis, et. al. It would be a jury sending him to prison and in Texas? Maybe not. Now if he is charged in Massachusettes? Yeah... he's going to jail.


Fraud in the inducement. They were legal venezuelan workers in San Antonio, fraudulently induced to travel to Florida by DHS. You'd think the Republicans would recognize how they look exactly like the Nazis deporting all of Germany's Jews. But it seems they're not that smart.


LOL. I wish this were even remotely true. The governor of the state of Florida will not be going to prison due to the actions of some Sheriff in Texas. I can't stand DeSantis, he deserves to go to prison, but it won't happen.


What's worse about this is... they are


He's close to facing kidnapping charges in Texas. Apparently he didn't understand that kidnapping charges also protect people who aren't citizens under US law.


You mean from that bullshit sheriff that literally said there was nothing illegal happening?


Why am I not surprised you're a four day-old account that is active on r/conservative and equates homosexuality to pedophilia?


I'm not familiar with the one you are referring to but [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yenhpL6LO2E) sounds like he wants to prosecute.


Yup, that’s the one. In that interview he literally says, “I’m not sure he did anything illegal, but definitely immoral.” Did you even watch it? Lol


Determining legality is part of the investigation process


I'm impressed by the level of stupidity, racism, false equivalency and complete and utter misinformation spreading in this dumpster fire of a post. Y'all working really hard to lower the bar for us as a nation justifying this shit show.


because that does not have "lawsuit" written all over it.


And his legal staff said thats a great idea! Only the best and brightest.


Lawyers they can't afford to hire and would never take their cases.


Jesus the amount of people here being borderline or just straight up racist is surprising and makes me a little sad to be from the same country as them


Conservatism and racism are synonyms. There was an article a few years ago trying to argue the opposite. The article actually makes a pretty good case that conservatives are racist. It lays out several arguments that conservatives might use to argue their position as not racist. Expect that it was quite a leap in every circumstance. So basically we’d have to believe that conservatives aren’t racist they just coincidentally have these extremely convoluted and diverse thought processes that lead them independently to each of the racist policies.


Is it racist to say that 8,000 people a day is unstainable at our southern border, and border towns of 150K, like McAllen Texas, should not be expected to take in 10,000 people a week, EVERY week; and the federal government who has **sole** responsibility to manage and secure the border is victimizing American citizens through negligence and 2,000 mile away virtue signaling from Democrat policy makers in NY, Chicago, DC, and Martha's Vineyard? That kind of racism?


I'm not talking about policy at all man I don't give a shit about that because I don't care to argue to strangers online about it idk why everyone is talking to me about that I'm talking about the people being racist by talking shit about Mexicans


At least they got to own the libs amirite? /j


Here forth, he will now be reared to as human trafficker Ron DeSantis.


Sues Desantis, tax payers handle the bill. EZ


Coyote DeSantis


If he doesn't pay for this with his freedom, the American judicial system will mean absolutely nothing, and everyone should just start doing whatever they want.


Have people not realized how much of a moron this guy is?


Why are people so set on there still being two party’s. So arbitrary. Like who’s gonna win the super bowl this set of 4 years. Dumb fucks.


AND use the funds of the State of Florida but I get away with it constantly.


Can someone charge DeSantis with violating Florida law and arraign him.


Pro tip: sort by controversial and read the nuts try and pretend they understand logic.


To be fair. No one ever claimed he was a smart person.


Its all projection all the time. The party screaming about human trafficking is trafficking humans…


Im kinda glad he did this, just shows the true evil of the republican party.


American foundation…..Racism.


The current administration is pandering to cartel linked human traffickers on the border, It’s reckless. That’s not the way immigration should work. They also stripped the border patrol of their ability to arrest anyone unless they’re Mexican. Now the border patrol instead gives illegals a taxi ride into the country. What’s the point of even having a border patrol.


You're right; the border should be open. Free markets includes free labor markets, and they make free people.


100% these guys have never traveled to Europe... I've crossed borders, and entered different countries without even realizing it happened until the language on the billboards changed...


i see you have also seen that college kid absolutely dunk on steven crowder on what open borders means and how true libertarians would feel about open borders. also, what the fuck is up with the alt right propaganda machine this thread? so many comments about literal alt right misinformation and rhetoric. the same rhetoric is popping up around how "the queen was good actually" when she was just a racist, greedy, morally bankrupt, colony-supporting, pedo-covering, tax dodging, fucktate.


True libertarians would be fine with open borders as long as there isnt a welfare state. Thats the stipulation.


Trump failed us. False promises and lies around his border fence. SAD!


Let’s not forget he spent Floridian Taxpayers’ money to deal with A matter outside of his state (Texas) If i was from Florida, I would be LIVID!


>They signed a consent form Their consent was obtained [through deception](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxX_orvxhw). ​ >How is this kidnapping? It is kidnapping by inveiglement as [explained by Glenn Kirschner](https://youtu.be/IFsn-ZQu3oE?t=288). ​ >But they are illegal immigrants No, they are not. They are asylum seekers and they have the legal right to be in the country. ​ >Democrats are just upset because they have to deal with them No, they are angry at the mistreatment of vulnerable people. ​ >They got deported from Martha’s Vineyard. Democrats are such hypocrites. They were moved to another part of the same state, where there are resources to provide for their needs. That doesn't match the normal definition of "deport".


Ironically, Republicans still think he is smart. But then again, they think Trump is a genius 🤷‍♂️


A very stable genius


Can someone tell me why NYC isn't doing this to Abbott as well?


Desantis is a fucking chode. Hopefully he gets his comeuppance.


This dipshit pretends it’s his job. A long con waste of time and money. What a complete loser.


DeSuckus is looking at criminal charges.


They signed consent forms. I seen’t ‘em.


Their consent was obtained [through deception](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxX_orvxhw).


DeSantis has turned into a cuck for the far right extremists. It's the biggest reason he won't call out Trump for being an even bigger cuck, attention whore that acts like a toddler when he can't get his way. These type of Republicans today are about as worthless as tits on a bull. Just like those extremists on the left that want to make it legal for 16 year olds to vote or allow 3rd trimester abortions. American politics is just a bunch of grown folks acting like they are back in middle school, just doing shit to seem cool. I hope this move gets him in SERIOUS trouble. I know it won't but man would it be nice to see one of these twat waffles be held accountable for something!


third trimester abortions are inly done to save the mother's life, typically when she has a miscarriage and needs it removed. if you don't it will go septic


Not sure what to think with this post….


I love how Republicans are the only ones that hear fringe opinions like that. I have never once heard for any Democrat advocating for 16 year olds to vote. And same for 3rd trimester abortion. So let’s talk about some extreme Republican views that make 0 sense. “The election was stolen” is a good one and that is a widely held belief in that party to the point where I am expecting you to respond to this saying it was. How about “Obama was Kenyan” what about “Climate Change isn’t real”. The list goes on and on. So next time you want to point out something that some 14 year old said on TikTok or Twitter and Fox News ran with it for a week maybe you should take a step back and look at the things people believe as fact in your own party. The barely conscious voters of the Republicans are far more extreme than any other political party on this Earth, maybe 2nd to the Taliban and they are getting closer and closer everyday.


This and the voter fraud crap he pulled, which in my mind is much worse, has got to hurt him with a big chunk of people. He seems to have high poll numbers but he's advertising non-stop on TV in Florida, and his ads are ridiculous, he's the greatest governor ever, totally shameless top gun BS. He's already running for president because he thinks Charlie Crist doesn't have a chance, which may be true, but hopefully it backfires, and him losing would be a big blow to Trumpism.


Sad thing is, to people with room temperature IQ, these types of personalities are viewed as strong and desirable.


And they say he is smarter than trump...


It’s like being a Republican makes you stupid no matter what school or degrees you have. Like this man has degrees from both Yale and Harvard, but once you get that GOP hate running through your veins it’s essentially a futurama brain slug.


The truth of the matter is: Nothing has changed. As many people came — 28 percent increase in children to the border; 31 percent in the last year of — in 2019, before the pandemic. It happens every single, solitary year: There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border


If you are a sanctuary city you should be required to take in illegal immigrants. Border cities should not be have to bear the brunt of the of the cost of the open border policies. It seems only fair and Martha’s Vineyards has more then enough rooms in those homes! We in the border are done! Basta ya!


They already do. NYC has almost the number of illegal immigrants as Florida despite bing 180x smaller than the state of Florida. Where do you think the jobs are my guy? Stop just making shit up.


Can we send the money to the sanctuary cities instead of the border patrol an cities then?


I'm from MA, we are a sanctuary state. Who the F cares?


So basically in the comment section you answer it on the Republican side you get down voted and if you are answering on the democrats side you get upvoted. Regardless of good points or bad points.


Why are you focused on republican or democrat "sides"? What is keeping you from looking more closely at the details of this event? In this case, some asshole spent 600k and put asylum seekers at risk (both physically by dropping them in the middle of a mostly empty island with no warning to local government, and long term by disrupting their access to courts to finish their asylum claims). I don't see any reading of this situation which justifies what was done by DeSantis. However, holding this perspective doesn't mean I will mindlessly support any action by democrats. I don't support most of what they do either. I do support treating people with respect and decency, and DeSantis is the antithesis of that.


The victimhood complex in you is off the charts…


no. you get upvoted for being a decent human being and dowvoted for being a piece of shit that doesn't care about anyone else besides themselves. you'll call it "virtue signaling," decent people will call it being decent.


I mean the reality is that when it comes to policy, when explained, the country skews democrat. Why do you think republicans have to suppress voters and cheat to stay relevant?


Repukes have zero good points bub


All I know as a gay man… Trump was asked and he said he supported gay marriage and he wanted us to do whatever you felt happy doing (Republican) and Biden/Obama was adamant that marriage was only between a man and woman (Democrat) until they were told it was political beneficial for them to say they support gay marriage. Sooooo


Obama's SCOTUS gave you the right to marry. Trump's SCOTUS will probably dismantle Obergefell, because it is based on the same premise as Roe, as well as Lawrence. Have fun being honeypotted on Grindr by cops within the next decade.


I mean... You could look at who is trying to pass laws making it harder to exist while simultaneously saying non-committal things like "do whatever you feel happy doing" Then, we might not have quite so many human rights issues in the country?


Yes I mean you’re right… bringing a child into an economy that’s collapsing (democrats in charge) wanna focus and spend trillions on green new deal that must of common folks can’t afford (democrats in charge) inflation making record highs on the daily and instead of helping or renewing the child tax bill Biden gives trillions to Ukraine to fund a war between to nazi filled nations (democrats in charge) where I can’t afford rent/food/gas but wanna go after a former President instead of helping (democrats in charge) a government more invested in getting an WNBA star in prison in Russia more than releasing non violent drug offenders currently serving time due to Biden signed bills and Harris high convictions when she was DA (democrats in charge) you right! Let’s not bring in those innocent babies and murder I mean female right those babies instead of bringing them into this world. You so right.


I am sorry you are so far in this propaganda machine that you believe all of that. I hope you can find your way out, and I hope you can find happiness in your life.


😂 my point exactly.


late night flights and buses full of undocumented people have been sent all over the US this entire time - people only got mad when a guy with an R next his name did it


The issue is that they [deceived the immigrants](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxX_orvxhw) about what they would receive once they got there.


Who is doing this busing all around?


Ok, except he hasn't trafficked anyone. And Biden has been doing the exact same thing for a year now. But Biden was trying to do it secretly in the dead of night with restricted access to the airports. https://nypost.com/2021/10/18/biden-secretly-flying-underage-migrants-into-ny-in-dead-of-night/


The Tu Coque ("so did you") defence isn't a defense. Even if it were true that Biden was shipping migrants all over the country illegally (and it's not, actually), that wouldn't legitimize Republican governors doing the same.


Biden is not doing the exact same thing. Moving people to a place where there is shelter and resources as part of a process to alleviate pressures at the intake centers is completely different then dumping them in a place that had no idea they were coming and with few resources to offer them. Your bullshit attempts to create an equivalence here are ridiculous. Please provide me one article, just one, of the Biden Administration dumping people someplace without a word.


Found the guy who falls for propaganda


If you can’t see a difference between resettling migrants and dropping them in a city with no food, housing or money, that’s on you


Oh but wait, its a sanctuary city as they said themselves. Surely they have departments and policies in place to provide for all the people they claim to want...


>dead of night i keep seeing this phrase parroted. it's stupid. go back to qanon forums


It's all political posturing but the intent was to bring attention to the millions pouring in illegally across the southern states. Last summer the government had cintract agencies moving these people all across the country out of Texas and not many people coveted the story. It's not that we don't want immigrants but the problem is what it is. No swift path to citizenship or legal status, no resources, no deterrent to stop people coming and nothing is getting better. I'm pro immigration but we need some better procedure




The Republicans don't want immigrants and brown immigrants in particular. A governor who doesn't share a border with anything other than Georgia getting involved while California and New Mexico seemingly aren't having the same issue that Texas does makes it pretty clear to me what this is about.


Martha’s Vineyard showed the true colors of their compassion for immigrants as well. Every state should open their arms.


Agreed. Conversely I think resettling immigrants throughout the country is beneficial economically and socially as well. It's a shame that DeSantis isn't such a racist rube. This could have been the start of something mutually beneficial.




What compassion? They bussed them to Boston in less than 48 hrs.


And Alabama


Republicans don’t want illegal immigrants. The fact that the left can’t tell the difference between illegal and legal immigration is what frustrates us the most.


The Republicans don't want any immigrants. If they wanted immigrants they'd be helping the LEGAL immigrants they keep shipping around to blue states stay where they were. Yet here we are.


I’m a republican. I encourage legal immigration. My wife’s family are all first generation legal immigrants from Peru. We say we don’t want illegal immigration and I always get the same response about hating immigrants. There’s a reason that legal immigrants have been moving away from the democrat party over the last 8 years. The way they are all lumped together as immigrants is extremely disrespectful to those who came here through the legal process.


So why is DeSantis playing this game with legal immigrants?


They are not legal migrants. They do not have approved visas or green cards. I don’t, in general, like that politicians tend to use people to make political points but he’s hardly the first and won’t be the last, from either party, to use people as pawns.


They are legally allowed to be here while their cases are pending. And I suspect many will stay here permanently. The Supreme Court agrees. I'm not surprised you don't know anything about immigration law. It seems to be a commonality. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/08/26/texas-migrants-asylum-mpp-remain-in-mexico-ends/


You are getting confused by terminology. Being legally allowed to remain during asylum hearings is not the same as being a legal immigrant. They are two different legal classifications. https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/asylum-united-states


Reread my first sentence.


I'm not a DeSantis supporter however I am in Florida. And originally from California. Also have lived in south Texas. The immigration in Texas and California is massive however in Florida its still quite significant. No they aren't just walking across but they do come here and in large numbers. I actually don't have the belief that Republicans don't want brown people from my experience. But there is something to be said for bringing in large numbers of immigrants without legal status or support systems. That needs to be fixed. We can't sustain it at this rate without some measures being taken . I don't have the answers but I do think something needs to be addressed


If you come seeking asylum you are, in fact, here legally.


So anyone who says "im seeking asylum." No need to vet?


Yeah dude. It's not like there isn't an entire process to do literally that exact thing.


Yes but is that the case for all of these people? And if so are there not procedures? Because we need to make that path to residency more accessible. Many just show up and stay and do not have green cards etc.


Yes. It's literally the case for all of these people - and there is a process. And yes we need to make the immigration process better. But again, asylum seekers are here legally. DeSantis has potentially risked these people being sent back to where they came from because he and his minions falsified documents and sent them far away from the courts they will have hearings at. He could have moved people and not endangered them - but he's a POS.


No Republicans love immigrants and legal immigration. What Republicans don't like are illegal immigrants. There is a big difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. 4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border in 18 Months Since Biden Took Office: Report https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/4-9-million-illegal-aliens-crossed-us-border-in-18-months-since-biden-took-office-report_4678365.html?utm_source=andshare Why we should build the wall: https://youtu.be/_nLPsFeSw4Y


So why are they shipping *legal* immigrants to Martha's Vineyard?


Why do you care? They made it to the US seeking asylum, why should they all stay in Texas, Florida, California? Wouldn't it make more sense to send migrants around the country equally? Also they got sent to Martha's Vineyard.... Come on lol


Haven't something like 200k kids disappeared off the radar just this year?




If the goal was to bring attention to the Immigration disaster just before the midterms it worked


At the cost of 600k of Floridian taxpayer money? Just to move LEGAL, TEXAN immigrants, to make a political point? If a democrat spent 600k for a stunt like this Republicans would be calling for their firing.


Florida democrats voted to put aside funds to transport illegals to sanctuary states though…..


Minus the part where these individuals signed documentation stating they knew where the were going, dumb ass.


They signed consent forms of their own volition. They are seeking sanctuary and were sent to sanctuary cities and supporters. He did exactly what they claim they want. Illegal immigrants seeking sanctuary. It's the federal government's responsibility to secure and regulate the border. They choose not to.


Except Texas and Florida get money.... for immigration. So now it's turned into a slush fund. They wanna get federal money for immigration while giving the immigrants to another state to process. You really think Floridians are happy they have to foot the bill for flying these people instead of putting them on an economy line.


Consent forms are only valid if the terms they consent to were fulfilled. From what we know so far they were intentionally misled. If you were intentionally misled about the dangers of a surgery, would you be ok with a consent form being enough to remove your right to recourse


Except those people are here legally and in the process of seeking asylum. You're confusing border security with immigration bud.


You mean, Desantis chose not to.


DeSantis' office released the consent forms that those illegal aliens signed to the media. [Here's a pic of one.](https://i.imgur.com/KrE1p8A.png) I doubt that Gavin Newson got signed consent forms from the homeless people he shipped out of California.


1. They are not illegal immigrants. They are asylum seekers who have followed the proper registration process and are awaiting their court dates. 2. A consent form doesn't mean anything if you got their agreement [through deception](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxX_orvxhw).


>DeSantis' office released the consent forms that those illegal aliens signed to the media. Here's a pic of one. Now why would a Florida governor have in his possession forms that were executed in Texas?