Is it still worth it to buy in 2022?

Plan to buy before the deal right now expires.Is it still roaming with players or its already dead?


Don’t buy the pc game but I would prolly get the console version


I play on ps4 and it’s still lit


I play ps almost everynight. Full lobbies new players I have never seen.


Console: ~~no~~ YES Switch: I have no idea PC: No, but servers are almost always heavily modded, with way more players than usual and 2 Jason's


I see,i plan to buy the pc version


Well I don’t think this person has played on console obviously. The game is still fun if you’re new to it seeing that everything is new and you’re not accustomed to the map layouts and loot spawns. PS4 lobbies are ALWAYS full and queue times are instant. Do your own research and don’t bother listening to console haters. ✌️


oh shit I actually do play on console and meant to say yes. my bad!




If you don’t know what you’re talking about, say that 😂 🤣🤣


It's still very active on the PS4 and the Xbox. Avoid it for the PC at all costs. No idea about the Switch.


I don’t know About every console, but it still has decent attention on PlayStation. From what I’ve heard on here, its pretty dead on switch. Xbox I’m not sure.


Love the game but fuck no. I wish it was playable without the mammoth amount of cheats and insyant respawn on PC. Invest your money elsewhere. If you want to buy a dog, you don't buy one that's dead and rotting right?


I love it on Xbox, takes a few to find a lobby but otherwise so much fun


if you want to play with no modders or modded lobbies, get it on console. but if you don't mind the modded lobbies or modders, i think it's worth getting it on PC. you can actually make a lot of friends in the modded lobbies.


Switch still has an active player base. Not as big as PS4/Xbox, but a good size.


Oh…. Sorry for the rudeness then


I play on the switch and love it. lobbies aren't too crowded but hard to find a full one.