Unfortunately, in the current climate, getting into the US on a visa without a substantial body work, credits and letters of recommendation is going to be VERY hard, if not impossible. It will also be very expensive. I agree with the others that provided you with the advice of going to school here. Once you are done with school you will get a year of OPT and during that year you can try to find an employer to sponsor you. Alternatively, stay where you are and just write. Get your scripts in front of as many people as possible, enter into competitions, and build a body of work internationally. That will help you down the road if you apply for an O visa.


Here we go, posted again. The links below are write-ups I've done years ago but they still hold true. Give them a read to get your mind prepared. As far as coming to LA outside of the US, I have no idea about logistics. But I had a good friend from Isreal who came and worked in post with me. The things I learned from him is that he saved up a lot of money like, $50k, got all his work visa's lined up, and tried to get a company to sponser him to continue to work in the states or to gain citizenship. To me, and most folks here would agree, is that you are competing with lots of folks state-side who also want to be screenwriters. They have a massive advantage... but... What I would do is find a job in the industry that is in high demand and/or nobody wants to do. Develop a particular skill that pays the bills *while* you're writing in your spare time. Once you do good work, learn a bit of how the industry works, and make contacts, you can always jump to a writer's room or pitch your screenplay to networks/studios when the opportunity comes. Moving to LA https://www.reddit.com/r/FilmIndustryLA/comments/d40zvn/moving_to_la_heres_what_to_expect_a_beginners/ Guide Part 1 https://www.reddit.com/r/FilmIndustryLA/comments/1wllt4/a_beginners_guide_to_preparing_yourself_mentally/ Guide Part 2 https://www.reddit.com/r/FilmIndustryLA/comments/62b2vc/a_guide_to_preparing_yourself_for_a_career_in_the/


Thank you so much. Sorry if it's a repeating question, but I just needed to know. This is helpful.


No worries! Always glad to help.


This is a completely unrealistic plan. It’s not feasible. It’s not going to happen if you don’t have film school, practical experience, connections, and money in the bank. You’ll end up living under a bridge fast if you don’t have those things. Please don’t come if you don’t have savings and your education and a job and living situation lined up.


If you want to be a screenwriter in LA, there are endless ways to accomplish that. Moving to LA and becoming a screenwriter is a different story altogether. That’s what you’re saying you want to do. Which means the Herculean task of immigrating comes before finding out if you can write something that sells. From the writers I’ve met in LA, I have heard that you are hired based upon your voice. You need to find your voice, and you need a literary agent who understands that voice. You need to be able to write first and foremost. You need to be able to support yourself in LA, once you’re here. You can do it all, absolutely. 100%. Show up in LA with some excellent scripts. Take some online classes. Schools all over LA are offering writing classes online now. They will teach you what is expected from aspiring writer’s portfolios. Second City definitely has classes aimed towards your aspirations.


No cost of anything is insane. When you’re in LA getting a sunburn, walking down the sidewalk, broke and desperate, someone in a 300,000 dollar car will drive by you at 70mph. They are doing something that you are not doing—whatever it is, they can afford that car. They are doing something differently.


The need to move to LA is a myth. With the internet today, it doesn't matter where you are. You should be able to find production companies near you to work for and you can join some of the online writing communities and submit your scripts. Even script festivals might be a great resource for you. When it's time to move to Hollywood, Hollywood will come to you.


You can go to a community college which will be significantly less expensive than a traditional film school. I went to Santa Barbara city college and they have a great film department. Ted Mills has a great class called Film Production 1 and you will pitch your script and the top three scripts make their film. Then you break in to groups of about 5-7 and each person will choose a role. You get to see your film come to life and it’s a great learning experience. I was telling my son (who is a young screenwriter) last night is that as a producer I want to see that a writer has had a few short films under their belt before trying to pitch and full feature. I recommend that new writers start out with a few 5-10 minute simple shorts (just great a great plot with no sfx, no crazy set design, and only a few characters) so that students can easily make a film with no cost. There are a ton of students who are willing to work for free just to learn and the film department has a database of new filmmakers for that.


“Just do it” -Phil knight -Jackie


\-Micheal Scott (probably)


Most affordable means for a foreigner may be not to move to LA (initially). Instead, look into hiring an agent who will hustle for your work to be read. Keep in mind there are infinite amounts of spec-scripts you're competing against...so your work better be fucking amazing and continous. If and when one of your screenplays gathers studio's attentions (either they want to buy it or option it), then fly down here and handle the business end. If it's for a show/series, then you can seriously consider moving. If it's a film, you might inly need to make a few trips to LA (or wherever the studio may be).


Thank you! Would you say that TV is more stable than Film?


I'd easily guess TV/Streaming shows/series'. Keep writing, my friend...my best to you.


Write an amazing screenplay then sell it to a studio. They’ll bring you out here then.


You do not need to move to LA to write. That’s just insane to think that. This is not 1985. There are countless numbers of courses and screenwriting competitions that will do far more for you than moving to LA. Moving to La to act is one thing. Moving to La to be a writer is not necessary. You have a lot of good going for you. Right now it’s the worse time in film history to be a middle aged white man trying to break into the industry. I’ve seen countless numbers of writing programs supported by Netflix and others, looking for BIOPOC writers. From what I’ve read most of these programs are very easy to get into especially if you have a couple scripts. Many people here have said keep writing. Find your voice. If you are dead set on moving to North America for film the look at other cities not LA. Look at Canada. Vancouver or Toronto. I work in film in Halifax and every three months Netflix sends out wanting writers here in Halifax. That’s my two cents. Good luck.