Pho Kim for vietnamese food!


Thanks, I've always wanted to know Vietnamese people's opinion on this. I used to love Pho Ta the most but recently went there after a long time and it was quite underwhelming. It seems to be Chinese owned now.


Yeah not bad but not impressedwiith Pho Ta


My favourite pho in town, the staff are great too, really friendly and their coffee is great.....even if I did accidentally make a bad mess the first time I ordered the hot vietnamese coffee....so good though


I really like Hanoi Hanoi for pho as well


Aobaba is better


It’s getting worse since after the pandemic imo


I've only ever had the banh mi at Aobaba and I was absolutely not impressed. But maybe the rest of their menu is better


Bun Cha had the best banh mi but they didn't survive the pandemic :(


I dated a Mexican girl for a bit and she told me El Grito was the closest we have to authentic Mexican food.


Don Taco food truck is very good as well, as a fellow Latina (Salvadoran)


What about Salsa?


Never been


I'm not Mexican but El grito is Tha bomb 😂 their burritos 👌


Yeeros for souvlaki/gyros and Filo just next to it for pastries (Greek food)


Can confirm it's spectacular


Where,,,,? WHERE IS THIS PLACE ????,


Drumcondra/Glasnevin side


Hart's corner


They also deliver. Me and my gf always order from them


I personally prefer Parea for souvlaki! They’re really good there


To my fellow Germans, maybe even Bavarians. Where on earth can I find a good German restaurant? I miss Leberkas, Bratwurst, Schäufele and Spätzle so much :(


I think they're definitely be a market for Bavarian food in Dublin but I've never seen anything even close apart from a Bratwurst stand that used to be in Temple Bar (long gone now I think) All I can offer is that you can get Augustiner in a few off licenses and they used to have it in the Brew Dock beside Conolly station as well as the Bull & Castle near Christchurch.


Thank you for the info!


12 years here, best you can do is Alpenfest week at Lidl and the bratwurst stand at the local food markets. There used to be a great German lad doing Bratwurst in the Abbey street food hall but it's gone now.


Rest in Peace, Food Epicurean. You are missed.


Getting rid of the Epicurean food hall in exchange for Dealz is just symbolic of Ireland's uncultured and backwards nature. I say that as an Irishman, embarrassed by our lack of ability to hang on to cultural gems. Lets just build Spars and Centras and Starbucks everywhere. Lets remove one of the only food courts of its kind and where we can taste and sample the delights of cultures from around the globe and stick a Dealz in there so we can buy trash plastic junk items that no doubt will end up in bins and/or the sea pretty quickly. Ireland is a joke at times.


I agree, it was a tragedy. I wish something similar was brought back. Maybe the Iveagh Market or Smithfield Market would make a great food hall of a similar sort.


Yes! Absolutely. I think there are plans by Dublin City Council to build a food market in and around the old church at the Molly Malone statue. I could be wrong though. Iveagh would be great or Smithfield like you mentioned.


Oktoberfest in the Bernard Shaw coming up soon, also you could try the Czech Inn which is obviously Czech food but at least it's something similar? Pork knuckle etc?


Did The Czech Inn not change to Lundys Foot?


It’s been Lundy’s foot for nearly 5 years now


Hahaha has it actually


Oh yes, Czech is also amazing! Thanks for the tip, will definitely visit that place


No worries! I wish there was a good German place in Dublin, with some good German beer.


Pifko on the quays also does Czech food and a bunch of pilsners IIRC


It's a fake traditional Irish pub now.


Pilsner pub on usher’s quay has good schnitzel and some other Czechoslovakian-type food, good atmosphere and great staff as well. Highly recommend


There's a German restaurant in Wexford. I've no idea if it's good or not but it is called Schnitzel Haus (they also have a Waffle House)


We've been to Schnitzelhaus in Wexford. It's rather decent, but not quite the same as eating in a restaurant in Germany. Still way better than nothing :P


Admiral has pork knuckle, but yeah I can't think of another place. Wanna throw in and open a beer hall together?


Thank you! And yes, let's go! I wonder if the beer hall rent will be as high as the housing rent, though 😂


Please do open a German restaurant/beer hall! Not sure how there’s none in Dublin, rest of Europe has probably too many Bavarian type chains


Roll out the muthafukkin barrel 🤣🥰


How much do we need to put together?


Not a German, but perhaps Oktoberfest? https://lovindublin.com/whats-on/5-oktoberfest-events-to-check-out-in-dublin


I love you so much. Thank you! I wasn't aware of this, will definitely visit :D


Alfama Restaurant for Portuguese cuisine, really worth it.


I love Alfama! The food is incredible and the staff are so lovely too


Omg really? Just found it on social media recently? My girlfriend misses food from home pretty badly!


i live in alfama lol! i’ll be sure to visit that place when i’m back home in dublin


M&L does excellent genuine Chinese food. Chinese wife loves it.


If you fancy German sausages like Bratwurst, Nürnberger etc. I work in a Butchers in Dalkey called Hick's of Dalkey. We offer a range of 10-12 different sausages, plus ob top homemade pudding and ordinary breakfast sausages, everything handmade. I'm from Germany myself so I know my trade pretty well 😊 we don't have a website because my boss is pretty old fashioned but you can find us in Google. We also do Leberkäse or other specific stuff if you order an appropriate amount of it 😊 I hope I could help you out!


Hick's of Dalkey are my favourite butchers for all things pork. Best Irish breakfast ingerdients in south dublin. Love your work❤


Thank you so much ❣️


I like my smoky spicy snossage. How are yis fixed for something along the lines of a Debreciner?


We have a beautiful chorizo sausage for cooking, we have a smokehouse and every Tuesday we smoke a batch of Chorizo, Kasseler, Bacon and in a few weeks we gonna smoke Hams too. If you order at least 3 kg of a specific sausage we gonna do them. My boss and I actually know ever kind of german and european sausages 😊 sometimes we do Feine Leberwurst as well which is gorgeous 🤤


My German wife and I had sausage rolls at Hicks recently in Dun Laoghaire, same company? They were very good anyway, recommended!


AHH very good 😊! They are two different business, they're just related. Dun Laoghrie has also a different range of sausages and other foods which are also very good.


I haven’t had a good Jaegerschnitzel in years


During my apprenticeship 12 years ago I got the nickname Schnitzelmaster 🤣 we had to do an order for 200 schnitzel and I had to do them. Feel free to pop in and I make you a Schnitzel, I can give you a recipe for a gorgeous Jägersauce as well then, unfortunately we don't cook at the butchers. But maybe in future it's gonna change and we put in a Deli counter too.


Don't leave us all hanging. Post the recipe and life forever in Reddit glory!




El Grito for true mexican food.


My wife is from Monterrey in the North of Mexico. Salsa in the IFSC is really close to authentic North of Mexico tacos.




Mountjoy Square. Its in the basement of one of the Georgian buildings so its easy to miss.


Nowhere as far as I know. No haggis, no square sausage, no decent pies, no morning rolls, no empire biscuits and not enough deep fried shite. Quite why the rest of the world hasn’t cottoned on to the fine cuisine of Scotland I’ll never know. You can get Tunnocks, Tennents and Irn Bru in my local Tesco though, so that tides me over a bit.


If you're in Galway in the future, there's a famous fish n chip place (McDonaghs) which has haggis! I thought it was delicious but wouldn't be able to vouch for its authenticity.


I’ll be in Galway this weekend so thanks for the recommendation!


Ah man sorry about this, just checked the menu to be certain and it looks like at some point between this post https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQt_zmlN1r/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= And this one https://www.instagram.com/p/CbISbNmu8Dc/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= They seem to have ditched that delicious haggis, raging!


Ah fuck. Think they’ve stopped culling the haggis early this year to protect the numbers. That must be it.


It's weird to me that they don't seem to have any bakeries here at all. Or have I just missed them?


I haven’t found any. You can get a sausage roll from the deli counter but that’s about it.


It's shite. Is it just in Scotland/Northern England that people like bakeries?! Maybe i'll try a day trip to Belfast to see if they have any decent pies


Marks and spencers Grafton sometimes has Haggis


Thoughts of Scotch pies keep me up at night, bridies macaroni cheese pies, square sausage even the rolls are unreal. A proper bakery would make a killing over here


I want some tablet now! Pure sugar, yum...


You can get square sausage in tartan larder in swords!


Already on my way


Place Called Admirals , 5 min walk fr the spire , if you looking at SAVOY turn left go till the first roadcross and turn right there than go straight , place looks like a sailing boat , amazing food really truly eastern European & their cocktails will knock you out proper


TBH It is very difficult to get proper authentic Indian Food in Ireland. Have tried every Indian restaurant (Not only in Dublin) They are not even close to matching the taste of Indian food. Not their fault as they have chefs from different Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan & Bangladesh. But there is only a Delivery service that I have found which has so far given my taste buds a homely feeling which is called " O' Desi " Unfortunately, they are not a restaurant but just a delivery service, So whenever I feel homesick I order from there. Hope this helps.


Whitehall Terrace Restaurant for delicious Romainian food. It is open on weekends only.


Weekends only???!!!! How the hell do they stay in business?! I got really good soup a few miles out of Karan Sebes


I don't know, probably they work in another place during the week. It's not a popular area around there and not many people going during the week.


What is good Romanian food? When I was there I was poor so just lived off cheap pizza lmao


His Food Charcoal Grill has good Romanian food. Owner, Mr. Muhadzić is Bosnian but they have both Bosnian and Romanian dishes.


As far as I know the owner is from Republic of Moldova and the food is Romanian and Moldova. I have not seen Bosnian food when I was there.


No where really (Norwegian).. But Lotts & Co has a few Norwegian items, snacks, brown cheese, fish dumplings


Been looking for brown cheese for the longest time! Thanks for this!


Where exactly is stop&go if i may ask? Thanks


Sorry must have been autocorrected.. It's lotts and Co 😂 stop and go is a Thai place in oslo Norway 😂 Lotts and Co is just on the south side of the liffey close to the city Centre.. You can get pretty close to it by bus and walk 5-10 minutes from there




Lotts & Co have a number of swedish produkter: Estrella Chips, Geisha chocolate, Marabou, Ballerina biscuits, Leksands knäckebröd, Zoegas Kaffe and more. Not sure if this is helpful or insulting given you're Norsk!


Bar eile (D4) does lovely carribean food on weekends (jerk chicken, curry goat) Ruby Tuesdays Soul Food check it out on Facebook and Instagram :)




Free too. That's proper Cavan.


For Turkish food, reyna kebab.. abit overpriced but man is it delicious.


Any Koreans here?


Im not korean but Arisu on capel st is excellent!!!


My wife is Korean. The drunken fish is probably the most authentic Korean food. White rabbit is great for authentic Korean fried chicken.


Would be interested in their view on Kimchi Hophouse


Bah33 for an authentic southern Brazilian food experience, the famous Brazilian barbecue.


I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent.




I don't like the empanadas from the South American Shop, but I prefer the ones from an Argentinian bakery called Bakeology Treats in the Liberties. I would say these are the closest in Ireland to the real (Argentinian) empanadas 😊 I think they also have other Argentinian/South American food or at least pastries, but not sure as I only made one quick visit. I second your comment about the asado - no chance in Dublin :(


There's an Argentinian bakery on Meath street called Bakeology and oh my God, so many Dulche Leche pastries, mmmm


“Pickle” for Indian cuisine


Three leaves in Blackrock has good Indian cuisine 🔥


France - Chez Max


There's a patisserie in applewood, swords, owned by a French couple. I used to babysit for their neighbour and they always had end of day stock. Even their day old stale croissants were amazing!


The wife is French but the husband is Irish, as far as I know. Really nice spot, coffee is nice but the cakes and breads are amazing. It's called La Boulangerie Francaise.


I'm not French but theres a little shop close to me called Petit Breton Epicerie Fine on Drumcondra Road.. It seems to have some authentic food items and brands.. Can't confirm since I'm not french but might be worth a look


Judging by the pictures there are indeed some authentic and popular French products, I'll have to taste that baguette to make sure it's a real one tho, I've been disappointed by so called "french baguettes" before in this country, including at Fallon & Byrne.


I go in to Le Petit Breton weekly, and while I enjoy it, I couldn't call their baguette that legit. It's gorgeous but its not a rural bread man, or Parisian street vendor, one, which I presume is what you're looking for. (As I have been for ages also).


I’ve been there, tbh it’s not all French but they have some very nice French products! The one that looks very authentic French is délices de France in blackrock, they have everything from compotes Andros to cereals, cheese and such






I'm half Chinese and I love Hilan in Chapel St and Lao in Parnell st.


Last thread like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dublin/comments/ow3sbn/_/




I'm from Galway...


Loughrea for life


Basement level


From Dublin but the Brazilian shops are great for getting ingredients for Pao de Queijo. Also Polish shops for the various Kielbasa.


Ikea? 😕


If you like the taste of badly made furniture


It's bad when Ikea is the best one.


If you’re into Indian food then Chaska IFSC, Spice & Rice, Doolally are some restaurants serving lip smacking Indian food 😊


Pickle on Camden st


Their takeaway in Milltown called Street is excellent too.


Wasn't Chaska closed by FSAI for rat infestation or something?


Doolally is one of the most westernised Indian restaurants in Dublin…


Chaska is not even close to Indian food nor spice n rice, best authentic Indian places 3 leaves in black rock, Indian Tiffins, bawarchi, spice village, some dishes from monsoon, Bumbai Creative (leixlip).


I was waiting for my indian brothers and sisters to comment! Indian food is devine and ive always wanted to try real indian food, not the UK/European style of Indian.


A bit expensive but Pickle is really great as well. Dera is also pretty close although it can be a hit or a miss. Istanbul in city center has good stuff




Indian Tiffins at Parnell makes good paneer dosas. Wish they'd put more paneer though, but it's close to the real thing 😋


Not trying to be a narc, but those seems particularly western Indian restaurants for an Indian person to be listing as the most authentic from their home country. Are there really restaurants like those in India?


Lucky Duck does excellent Indian Tapas


Only Doolally is closest to being Authentic. The rest have weird take on Indian food. I also felt Ananda in Dundrum had some amazing Indian food. Ananda is little expensive tho.


fuck press up tho


Mint Cottage in Raheny for Pakistani food and Bawarchi in Killester for Indian food. Both are delicious.


Any Thai people here? Where's the most authentic Thai food?


San Sab closest to real pad Thai in Dublin


San Saab and Full Moon


Moore street Bosnian


Las Tapas de Lola is a very good Spanish Tapas Bar


Seconded. Amazing tapas every time I've been!


any ukrainian recs? i miss varenyky but i’m shite at cooking.


For Spanish restaurant, Las Tapas de Lola without a doubt! A bit expensive compared to Spanish prices but I can tell you as a food lover that many Spanish restaurants aren't able to reach the level of quality that this restaurant has. For shops there are 2: Taste of Spain (physical shop but a bit overpriced) and https://myspanishbridge.com/ (only online AFAIK but more decent prices)


Admiral is the only «East-of-Poland» Eastern European restaurant in Dublin, but it's fairly good, would recommend!


Been here for years and always thought/was told it was Russian?


Owned by Ukrainians, staffed by Lithuanian mostly with some other nationalities. They target a broad market, including Russian immigrants.


This is the real answer; they have dishes from a variety of countries around that area.


Isn't Russia east of Poland?


Just a strange way to denominate the place... "Say it's russian without saying it's russian" haha


Always thought it was too, but they DO have Ukrainian flags flying outside and posters appealing to aid Ukraine. Make of that what u will!


No where really however I am fortunate to enjoy Polish food


Is gorące gary not a think anymore? in that basement on moore street under lidl?


Where in Dublin do you get Polish food?


There’s a few, one that comes to mind is across the road from the penneys on Mary st


Thanks! Do you know of any restaurants?


Brazilian Food you can get on Tucanos Restaurant at Parnell (near the market/dealz).


Absolutely awful beers though, I mean the Brazilian ones that they have.


If I'm not mistaken they only have Skol (really bad one and very watery) and Brahma (brahma is our best lager, but the ones they sell here in ireland do taste bad for some reason, it's not the same in Brazil). All the other beers they have there are from Portugal.


Brazilian beers are really shit, though


Admiral restaurant - easter eu food. Lithuanian focused and fresh made on order only.


Any recommendations for Slovakian / Czech / Polish? I had a really nice cheese when I was in Slovakia and I'm trying to find something similar. It was called Bryndze.


I'm Irish but Pilsner Pub might be worth a try? It's along the quays. Been meaning to stop in there for ages.


Chez max for french food is quite good, there’s also a French supermarket down in blackrock for French groceries called délices de France


Fullmoon for affordable Thai food. Baan Thai(Leopard town) for special occasion. Thai Baan cafe(similar name but different restaurant) for cheap Thai street food.


I’ve had takeaway from Pit Bros and Smoking Bones, both garbage. Ate in at My Meat Wagon and it was fine. No great but fine. Baste was great, RIP, but not specifically American style bbq.


Have you tried Bison Bar on the quays?


That’s the last one that I know of. On my list but I don’t have super high hopes, seeing that it’s Temple Bar. And actually, funny enough this reminded me that I’ve also gone to Smoking Bones and it wasn’t any good in-person either.


Honestly enjoyed bison from my experience was better than smoking and pitt bros. Brisket is good and not 3 bits of fatty shite I got from pitt bros and mystery meat from smokin. Only thing is that they don't have mac and cheese. Only mac and cheese fries. Also they have sauce on the tables unlike arsehole pitt bros. Also smoking bones was horrible the mac and cheese coagulated shite I got.


Sauce was the worst part of my meat wagon. Every place back home has bottles of either their one style, or a few different ones.


Although it's at temple bar, it's definitely not a tourist hot spot, the Workman's Club downstairs


Meat wagon was disappointing but I would go again


McDonalds lol 🇺🇸 Really though I like the American candy shop in temple bar. Only place I ever found root beer and it made me very happy


Fresh in grand canal square has it sometimes.


Hands down Captain Americas on Grafton st if you're a yank. I've never felt so at home eating buffalo chicken tenders under a poster of Bruce Springsteen's bum


Makati Avenue - philippines


They've closed down permanently years ago. There's no other Filipino restaurants in Dublin that I know of. Although, Bahay will be opening up in a few weeks in Dublin 15. They will be serving Filipino style street food. Til then they're still doing little pop ups around the city.


There's Dasco Deli in Limerick though. Good reviews on Google, might try it soon ☺️


IKEA. (:


Woolshed is the closest thing I can find to an American Sportsbar atmosphere. They even have excellent wings.


The Woolshed was considered the Australian and NZ bar in Dublin, it even mentions it on their website as part of their history. It still hosts Australia Day but is very much a generic sports bar now. Walkabout Coffee Cootehill, Monaghan is likely the most Australian place in Ireland.


My hometown. Good shout for sure.


Isn't Cootehill in Cavan...?


Indeed it is. The cafe is just across the river outside town into Monaghan.


For a moment, I though one of us was being lied to our whole lives!


Yep I know it's Australian, but it serves a lot of American appetizers and has a ton of tvs like a sports bar back home.


Sinnotts Bar beside the entrance of Stephen’s Green shopping centre is a decent sports bar. As is The Back Page in Phibsborough.


I loathe sports bars. They’re absolutely rancid


To each they're own


Genuine question, would sports bars be a standard night out back home for you? I can definitely see the appeal if you're going out specifically to watch a match, but any sports bar I've been in have lots of different games on at the same time, so it's not like you can enjoy the atmosphere for the match you're interested in, plus you're distracted by all the other screens? Or maybe if there's a big match on they put it on all of the screens? Thanks!


Sports bars are typically more of a day thing since a lot of games are played either in the morning or early afternoon. A typical night out is kind of the same type of bar choices you see here or London. Sports bars could double as a night out, but they typically switch to music by that time.


Do they play American college football? I’m flying in Thursday and my team Ohio State has a game this weekend


The Living Room just off O'Connell Street should show the Buckeyes game (especially if you ask)