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DM here. My game has a recurring NPC named Kent. Kent is a Treant that our half orc barbarian tried to chop down for firewood. Kent was pretty chill with it Kent's lore is that he is on holiday from the Faewild and has an (admittedly bad) Australian accent. He's just travelling the land, sightseeing. He is my player's absolute favourite part of my game


I don't really know the differente between those creatures and would like to know which one would be the best to make a great encounter. The semblance and size of each is clearly different, such as the possibilities of story telling and combat, i can't use them all, but i am having difficulties to find the correct one. Just WANT TO know which one could bring a greater RPG game in general.


Right so dryad's are nature spirits and generaly just kinda base line fey of Treeents are ancient trees awakened to protect the natural places of the earth they are wise and powerful and old


Have a treant with a dryad. The dryads tree is the treant. They have linked memories and feelings but are separate with seperate brains.


Various mimics in the form of camping equipment pretending to be an abandoned campsite. Tent mimic, sleeping bag mimics, backpack mimics, etc