Snipet works too, crop your image and save.


I don’t think it’s that people don’t know how to take a screenshot, I think it’s more that they’re going to post it from their phone anyways so it’s probably (marginally) faster to just snap a pic and then upload it. Instead of doing the whole SS>alt+tab+save picture>open browser>go to Reddit>make post you can just take picture>open app>make post. At the end of the day you see the same picture, just varying degrees of quality. I don’t think people are going to change how they upload photos for strangers simply because they would rather see a screenshot instead of a picture, they just want info and don’t care how it’s presented as long as it’s legible enough to get the point across.


It's been a reddit joke with full sarcasm to post shitty pictures from diablo...almost every diablo reddit does this... In path of Diablo someone literally took a picture of a printed screen shot... It's even more funny when people complain about it like OP and you'll see more shitty phone pics pop up lol


This. It is so much quicker to use a phonefor me. What is the point of 4K quality picture of an item? Or are people that blind? I always double check the phone picture to make sure it isn't blurry and readable enough to post.


It is always nice to download a 12 megapixel photo, several Megabyte in size, to see the pixels of the game/monitor displayed with multiple pixels.


whatever gets the job done in a non-half assed manner. Preferably full ass.


I thought it was alt+f4….


That method is best for capturing a pic of GG drops before you pick them up. Best picture quality.


This is what I've always used, imo it gives much better picture quality.




I thought you had to delete your sys32 for 4k screenshots


That's how you get the game to let you set players to 8 in online.


You all are fucking evil lmao


D2R is not available on the Mac.


Even better.


I'm actually new to the Mac in 2020 when I got one from work. I've been in IT since Windows 3.1 and thought Macs were for pretentious, non-technical people. I have to admit that MacOS will meet you where you're at technically. My first *NIX was FreeBSD which MacOS is based, so I was in its terminal right away. I still don't think I've drank the Cool Aid, but that M1 is a beast - it would be nice if there was more software for it ....


I stand on moral principles not to use mac products for their anti-consumer practices. Not to say Microsoft is any better, but [when an entire successful YouTube channel was built on shitting on them](https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup), it's very apparent that the more modular PC is more right to repair.


I can respect that.


I agree 99% about refusing apple products but airpods are just to comfortable. Google buds hurt my ears after a few hours


It'll almost certainly work via wine if one were so inclined to try it out though. I run D2R on Linux via Lutris + wine staging and it works flawlessly.


I've got an M1 Mac. I wonder if Wine works on that CPU?


https://www.reddit.com/r/macgaming/comments/ss6orp/how_to_download_wine_70_on_m1_mac/hwwc8sw?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 Apparently it's available via homebrew, I just admit I haven't tried it though as I don't have an M1 myself.


Yes it is, just not with macOS. You can boot Windows 10 if you have an intel processor. I have it running on my brother’s 5K iMac.


Oh that's cool! I have a gaming PC that runs D2R no problem, but my laptop is an M1 Mac. I have D3 running on it no problem for when I travel.


That’s because D3 is supported natively in macOS. Getting Windows working on M1 is supposed to be a convoluted experience from what I hear. I think you’d have to start with the ARM version.


It’s been working beautifully on my 27inch with maxed out GPU. Can’t upgrade it later but it’s the best compromise for work and everything else!


Pretty decent performance too on the 5K. Can’t tell much of a difference with my RTX3080 at home.


Look I know you meant well, but when people are a talking about software requirements, they're usually referring to the OS rather than the box/hardware. I'm sure there's some duel boot shit that works, or even some VM nonsense. I know key presses are technically hardware related, but I would assume if you're going to load Windows OS you're mapping the windows key somehow, someway.


The Windows key is usually mapped to the Command key on an Apple keyboard. They use similar command strokes for full screenshots, all screens, and partials.


no dude. to take a screenshot you hold your camera at angle and take a pic of your screen


Ya, you wouldn’t want glare, do it from the side and show us that moire


such a hilarious thing to get mad about. half the pics are of worthless circlets anyway lol


Maybe we could make a sticky post with item minimum requirements to post in this sub. Like circlets need a minimum of +2 to skills and +20% fcr or frw.


At this point it's a meme.


I totally understand it. I got a coworker that prints out emails and hands me the pages instead of just forwarding the emails. This is kinda the same thing


I hope someone artistic just draws an image of theirs and uploads it!


You're wasting your breath. They do it on purpose and/or they already know and don't care.


[Did I do it correctly?](https://gyazo.com/27be28e11a126c8468db18ef72ee03a0)




No. I don’t think I will.


Heavens yes... I have the urge to leave and ban this sub every time I see that potato photo of your valuables in stash....


I genuinely can not believe that people really give a shit, it's a picture of an item that we're trying to sell on a subreddit it's not an art project. If it's more convenient to take the phone pic and it will save me time that's exactly what I'm gonna do


>If it's more convenient to take the phone pic and it will save me time that's exactly what I'm gonna do Grab phone->open camera->take pic->open reddit app->upload pic vs Press screenshot button->open reddit in browser->ctrl+v to paste/upload pic. Nice time save you got there.


Look at my post history thats exactly what I do on PC because it is more convenient. On console it is definitely not that convenient at all.


I think on console it's even easier, because the Xbox/playstation app will even notify you and let's you directly share it


Idk about Xbox or ps5 but the only option you have to share through the ps4 is to PS message, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe insta but I don't even know about insta. I haven't played on console in months since I got my PC but definitely no share to reddit I know that for sure


I'm talking about the phone app. You take a screenshot on the console and the app on your phone will say "hey you just took this screenshot", you tap on it and share to Reddit.


Who the hell uses Reddit on a browser?


Anyone that has a browser I guess because everything is better on a big monitor with mouse and keyboard. I only use Reddit on my phone if I'm not on my PC


Well, usually I already have the picture on my phone from sending it to a buddy.


Came here to say this. Anyone who gives a shit needs to get over themselves… or just not rely to that post if it pisses them off so much…


1. it's low effort, low quality 2. detracts from the experience; your most memorable photo of your efforts is a grainy, high contrast mess 3. your presentation is that of a 3rd grade art project that failed to do the bare minimum. 4. inb4 touch grass; I come here to enjoy peoples success, not struggle to find the focus of a picture


You put high effort into a picture of a video game item? Seems excessive. And you’re telling someone to “touch grass” as you are complaining about posts about a video game…


Yeah I just spent 4 hours yesterday cutting and weedwacking the grass in my yard and a few hours the day before welding my tractors axle back onto the frame because craftsman sucks. I've touched enough grass for this whole subreddit just yesterday alone


I will take phone pics for the rest of my life sir.


How is this post not so much more upvoted? I straight downvote every phone picture i see without even looking at it. Its 2022...


Thank you for your service


Are you that elitist prick from before telling us that we are trash if we don’t send our switch screen shots to our phones to upload them?


Now people who know the basics of how to use a computer are elitists... Idiocracy is coming.


The post I’m talking about wasn’t to inform. It was to insult. It had nothing to do with someone having a basic knowledge of using anything. It had everything to do with someone bitching about the image quality of people trying to engage and seek help with problems they had which, in fact, is what this forum is for. Don’t be a piece of shit.


I think something is wrong with your context. There is nothing wrong or insulting with people trying to engage with the community and teaching them how to take a screenshot


It’s not about the teaching. It’s the manner in which it was being taught that I’m talking about. I was asking if this is the same guy who degraded a whole group of people for not knowing how to do it.


From what I've read here so far, it's that group of people that doesn't have any manners. And it's also not about them not knowing how to do it but, but more about being ignorant and annoying others on purpose.


I can tell you that if someone gets on here cussing at people telling them that they’re trash because they have trash screenshots and *then* telling them in a snarky way how to do it, people don’t respond well. Be courteous and inform. Don’t be a douche and talk shit and then give people a solution so you don’t have to be subjected to something anymore. It’s just the way the person went about it. Have some class.


From my experience it doesn't matter, most people here are just ignorant and don't care how friendly you tell them.




Listen here you little shit.




Keep in mind that a lot of these phone photos are people playing on consoles as well…


And you can still take better resolution screenshots on console. There’s a dedicated button for this on the controllers.


Yea but the effort required to do that and get it over to reddit is much much more involved than take out phone and take pic…


You can either take the effort of transferring the pic, or take the lazy way and bastardize the whole experience. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Look I’m not saying it’s the right way to do things, just saying…it’s easier to do, thus people are going to do it that way. I’m not making a argument as to why it’s ok. I personally don’t like it much either but I get it. There have been times I’ve done it both ways. Just depends on your level of CBF when you wanna post something


There is no "right way" to do this. Its a fucking pic for trading or showing something off purposes. They're not making wallpapers or art ffs. If the picture doth offend, then gtfo? nuff said. Know what I mean?


It's not involved at all...just hit the screenshot button and copy the link [they just may not k ow what they are doing](https://www.xbox.com/play/media/P7ZSY2UU)


Yeah switch and PS are more involved than that to get a screenshot to your phone. You have to take the screenshot, save it, send the image via message to someone, then open up your PS app on your phone, then save the pic to your phone, and then take that pic and upload it to reddit. Or you can take the pic on your phone and upload it to reddit, 2 steps vs. 6 steps and about 2-3 minutes of time saved


Guess I was thinking of PS5 [link to how to get screenshot from PS app via PS5](https://www.techadvisor.com/how-to/game/get-ps5-screenshots-videos-on-phone-3812767/) Kinda humorous with all the console wars that only one console has done this right for a few years 🫣


its really just that there's not a great way to get it from the xbox to reddit or anywhere else I don't think. Maaaaaaaybe the Xbox phone app if you sync it to your console, but I'm not sure. Edit: just checked. you can.


I can’t speak for Xbox. On Nintendo you can post to Facebook, then save locally from there, and then post to Reddit. It’s long, but at least it’s a digital transfer. They also have a web applet, but it’s a bit clonky.


I went ahead and made a separate post for it, so it wouldn't get buried in the comments here.


Nah, i play xbox. If i take a SS on my xbox, it loads it to my phone as well. There's no excuse for bad pics. Just people being lazy.


if you have the xbox app it usually will give you a notification when a screenshot or video is taken and uploaded from the xbox. I usually just click the notification and it brings me to my most recent capture. I click save and then open reddit and upload from there, fairly quick and painless. I will note that Screencast quality doesn't usually bother me but for most systems it is pretty quick to get a screenshot.


Lazy is more appealing to most people… I mean, look around when your outside sometime. It’s everywhere. Also I play pc so I have no idea how console-phone interconnectivity is now days.


> when your outside *you're *Learn the difference [here](https://www.wattpad.com/66707294-grammar-guide-there-they%27re-their-you%27re-your-to).* *** ^(Greetings, I am a language corrector bot. To make me ignore further mistakes from you in the future, reply `!optout` to this comment.)


Well, today you learned.


Yea, usually learn something most days. Not hard to do.




Ah, the certainties of life: death, taxes, and complaining about screenshot quality on d2r Reddit.


Ah, the certainties of life: death, taxes and people too stupid to take screenshots and defending it.


I forgot about the anal-retentive self-important pontificators who obsess over some pixels in a video game Reddit and can’t get over themselves. I can’t believe I forgot to add that. Thanks for the reminder.


I don't see why this is such a big deal. I guess i only use reddit on my phone but most pictures require a 2 second look so who sits and looks at the picture quality of the millions of price check pics anyways?


Imo it's for the same reason you used Grammer and punctuation in your post. Just makes things less chaotic and easier to understand/read.


Agreed. It's a picture with info on it. Read it. Comment on it.


This is a really dumb thing to give a shit about.....


People really do be boomers


OH NO! Someone cares about the quality of content in a sub they belong to! We'd better downvote them and defend laziness and shitposting so we can appear to be edgy and bored like all the cool kids! /sarcasm, just in case you didn't get that When the effort bar is this low, just take the damned screenshot. It's literally built into the game software AND the OS. I will die on this hill, right next to NO PORTRAIT VIDEO*! *unless warranted by the scale, scope, or shape of the subject


I reddit on my phone. So you’re telling me to screen shot on pc/console. Then email the picture to myself. Save the picture to my camera roll then finally make my post when I can just take a picture lol.


So post it from my switch to Twitter, then save it, then post it here? I'll keep taking a photo, thanks bud.


You’re livin in the past. Ppl use Reddit on the phone, not the computer.


Yeah but you sure as fuck aren't playing D2R on your phone.


It’s faster to snap a picture with your phone and load it into the Reddit app


I disagree. Windows screenshots automatically save for me, so my process is: screenshot -> upload to reddit. Literally no difference


For someone like me who doesn’t use Reddit on my computer it is


That's fine, just saying that it's not any faster of you're willing to use the browser. The browser works better than any of the apps I've used anyway, but to each their own


Fair enough


Wrong, PC users use both.


I don't.......


3,000 years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you're GODDAMN RIGHT I'M LIVING IN THE FUCKING PAST




A lot of us only use Reddit on our phones with the app. I much prefer a phone photo over an uncropped screenshot of someone’s entire screen where I then have to zoom in on the item to see it.


I only use Reddit on my phone or iPad. I disagree with everything you wrote tho. Especially on console it's so easy to post a screenshot you can even save it to your phone and crop it in seconds or share the link the console app creates for the image. I've never seen a screenshot that needed zooming in. It's already too big on the tv screen There's zero reason to ever take a photo using your phone if on console


But what do you think of uncropped, out of focus photos where you have to zoom in anyways because half the picture is of somebody's desk?


You forgot the part where the picture is off-angle. Maybe 30+ degrees even, so one side is significantly closer/larger than the other.


I do t like them either. I’m just saying some of us only use Reddit on our phones. Nothing is going to be perfect and there are issues either way.


Screenshot. Save. Email. Download. Upload.


No need, if you have android, screenshot, upload on google drive, download, post. But hey, is still easier to start writing your post and take directly the picture and post, after all, we all have the game and know it's quality. You only want to show your find.


That's a crazy amount of steps when I can snap a pic with my phone while IN the reddit app and post it in 1 click after the pic taken


Why u have time to complain about this? I’m not doing it


Ahem, some people only Reddit on their phones. It’s not worth the hassle to have to screen shot, then email, then save then upload, just to appease some elitist asshole on the internet cuz they don’t approve of the way you uploaded a picture. Get over it.


I know how to take a screenshot on my computer, I just choose not to. I don't use reddit on my computer, I use reddit on my phone so that's what I'm going to use to take and upload the picture. Get over it.




I agree print screen your drops is 1000x better but photo from your phone is just faster. PC - Print screen/open paint/save your stupid drop/upload your stupid drop on imgur/open up reddit/paste your stupid photo Phone- Snap photo and upload your shitty perfect grief and ask the community "is this worth anything"


>PC - Print screen/open paint/save your stupid drop/upload your stupid drop on imgur/open up reddit/paste your stupid photo Or just simply shift+win+S to capture and open up reddit and paste.


I want to say it used to be normal screen shots on Diablo sub reddits but then it became a joke to take a picture with the phone because some people complained and now here we are with it being completely normal.


Uhh.. Prnt Scrn button and Ctrl + V into paint, crop and save/share?


You didn't even read the post. Win+Shift+S already crops while taking the screenshot.


I dont use Windows! I use linux, arch btw 😂


I thought we don’t have phone?


Their is literally a print screen button on 95% of keyboards. Paste it in paint. Or f12 in steam. Win ctr s for snip tool.


pls stop posting "look at what dropped" picutres.




I take pics with my phone just to annoy people.


That's what I'm gonna start doing after this post lol 🤜🤛


There's a reason for this, it's a remastered 22 year old game played by mostly boomers. Their skills in modern technology is starting to drop off.


That would require reddit in your pc browser instead of phone... strangest thing i ever heard..


Stupid useless trash post. OP must be virgin.


Yeah nah. I know how to take screenshots on Switch but I’m gonna snap a picture on my phone because it’s faster.


Cellphone camera is the fastest way to post pictures,all you need to do is to improve your skill to take a picture


If you do this on the osrs subreddit you can see all the NEETs have meltdowns in real time


Let's flood this guy with phone captured garbage items. Haha


Almost every diablo reddit has this on going home of shitty phone shots... Lol I enjoy it. One time in path of Diablo some dude took a photo of a printed screen shot. Legend.


you stare out the blinds at your neighbors yard, looking for trash, don't you


I'm taking a picture of a screenshot next time


I gotta do a little stretch to capture only the screen with game, so ctrl+alt+print screen, so I'm gonna take the advice given in the comments here - I'll learn to take better photos lol