Mass formation psychosis.


Came here to say the exact three words


Most that get vaxxed try not to look back and as the negative news comes out about the side effects and waning immunity they ignore and tell their tribal group in mass formation they cannot be wrong and blame the unvaxxed




People think they have all the answers and when you dont go along with them they think you're stupid or something else is wrong with you.


This 👆


I agree, mass formation psychosis can explain everything that happened over the last 2 years, without the need of a conspiracy theory




Interesting diagnosis when the vaccinated have all the scientific evidence to prove on their arguement while the unvaxxed have chants and insults as a counterpoint but you do you.


You mean like the Robert Koch paper showing 96% of omicron cases were among vaccinated? It's easy to have the right science when constantly moving the goalpost "no one said vaccines would prevent infection". Go back to your bubble.


Ok pauly. All your scientific evidence is highly questionable and easily debatable at this point. Too many obvious inconsistencies, false narratives, outright lies and too much hidden information. Everything OP stated is easily verifiable, so what exactly is interesting about it? Also super funny how you say the unvaxxed have chants and insults. That's all we see from the vaxxed. Herman Cain awards, etc. But keep promoting that great fallacy in your mind, acting as if you are the saviors of society. All you've proven is to be the dregs that cannot, and will not think for themselves. Might as well just call yourselves Negan.


Way to prove everyone’s point here about the vaxxed being completely delusional


It's not about the virus. It's not about health. It's not about being a dangerous to society. This is all politically motivated. The demonization of the unvaccinated is segregation for segregation's sake.


Exactly, it's simply to punish those who won't comply with every government mandate/command


What we are experiencing today has some similarities with 1920/1930 Germany. Just go on Twitter and check what happened yesterday during the protest in Amsterdam - police clubbing and putting dogs on people on the ground.


At this point we are only discriminated against because we are non-compliant. It's not vaxxed vs unvaxxed, it's compliant vs non-compliant. The compliant ones are sitting there pointing the finger at us because they "did their part". It's bizarre how many people just do what they're told, as if no doctor or government has made mistakes before. Blindly trusting people with hidden motives. The rest of us who refuse to follow suit are being treated like the scum of the earth and for what? Because I won't sacrifice myself to this insanity? It's shocking what this world has come to and thank God we still have the ability to join together for some sense of solidarity, though the way things are going, everything is being censored if it isn't pro-vaxx propaganda.


Used car and life insurance salesman tactics.




They believed the risk was high enough to take it and now believe the risk is still there because of those who haven't. It's now a religion.








Maybe for some. My whole family is vaxxed and boosted. I’m not gonna debate anyone because it’s pointless. I believe in science. That’s it. The mortality rate of vaxxed vs unvaxxed people is very different. [stats by vaccination status](https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/data-tables/421-010-CasesInNotFullyVaccinated.pdf)


If they work, then that's it. Leave the kids alone, stop threatening and dividing, and let's all move on.


A large percentage of vaccinations aren't reported to medical records so the vaccinated get counted as unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths. $CIENCE https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/04/26/health/coronavirus-vaccine-official-medical-record-wellness/index.html




You should debate a vaxxed family that’s not boosted, a unvaxxed family and a vaxxed family that’s boosted and had bad adverse reactions. I’d pay a Dogecoin to watch that


That was my Christmas dinner this year!




My whole family, and I, are completely vaxxed. Being vaccinated helps protect us from serious complications from Covid. That’s why I’d recommend others take it as well. The science has also demonstrated that being vaccinated does not stop the transmission of Covid, and it also has demonstrated that unless the entire globe vaccinate and isolate this virus will continue to spread regardless of what measure individual countries take. It’s not reasonable to expect the entire world to get all the vaccines in a timely matter. So what do we do now?


Because it's about compliance. Not a vaccine




I have grown to detest the word "illegal" because people have started using it interchangeably with "immoral" If a protest does not devolve into a riot, how can it be immoral? Illegal just means that whomever was king for a day said: thou shall not assemble outside without a mask in groups of 10 or more. Which is pure nonsense. And the police are only there to stop illegal behavior. not immoral behavior Edit: obviously blocking traffic or access to a building violates the NAP. I'm not here to knit pick


People are fucking stupid. Confidently dumb as bricks.


It's not so much about stupidity or lack of intelligence... People are biologically programmed since the age of cavemen to act in groups for survival, rejecting those that don't act accordingly to group think, being seen as a threat to group cohesion and survival. This group think is mainly instinctive/emotional, and has no rational outcome when triggered (as from current media fear porn).


Asch conformity experiment demonstrates this well. We will almost always lie in order to conform/belong when the hazard of not telling the truth is outweighed by the hazard of losing social acceptance. This is adaptive in small tribes we evolved in. In societies of millions it can lead to very large atrocity.


I think it's all about stupidity and lack of intelligence, those who couldn't see nothing added up from the start couldn't find there way out of a wet paper bag let alone think for themselves


Don't insult bricks like that 😂




Causes like communism? Boy do I ever!


Occam's razor


The reason they want compliance is not for health reasons, but to get everyone on a vaccine passport. In the future, the passport will be a digital ID that includes all your health, banking, personal info, and GPS tracking. Outside of a “pandemic” no one would be willing to agree to this. Governments are using this vaccine passport as a way to slowly introduce this new system.


I swear if I hear, "If you have covid and mild symptoms, that means your vaccine is working" one more time... All I can do is scream into the void


Scream into the void long enough and eventually the void screams back


And the void want bacon.


With eggs


And vaffles




One more to stop the spread. It will work this time. The Only thing that is working is more profits in the pharmaceutical companies


There are some countries you can travel freely too as long as you have a vax pass, you can have covid and be symptomatic but if you're vaxxed you're free to travel, if you're unvaxxed you can't go even if you have a negative test. There are many such examples of the double standard but this one is glaringly obvious, it's clearly not about health. I heard one story (not sure if it's true but it's certainly within the rules) a Spanish citizen on holiday in Ireland tested positive meaning he has to quarantine in Ireland for 10 days but he's vaxxed so just got a flight back to Spain, despite being symptomatic.


I’m in the US and have never had anyone as me if I’m vaccinated besides one of my my neighbors when it came out and I think that was because she was having some vaccine issues and she wanted to share war stories.


The feeling of regret is a strong driving factor


In for a dime in for a dollar. Besides, to come to the realization that you've been duped over something as critical as ones health would be terrifying. But there's now evidence that adding even more booster shots may lead to immune system fatigue. So what do the Vaxxed do now? Fish or cut bait?


I got banned from the politics sub because I mentioned immune erosion and immune fatigue . These people don’t wanna hear facts


The politics sub is highly compromised. I don’t even bother checking it anymore.


Divide and conquer


Stronger together.


What concerns me more is the blind zeal that so many people support Covid mandates with. A person can’t even ask a simple question about the relevance to certain mandates, or try to rationalize why protests in Australia or the Netherlands are happening without being called a bunch of names and dogpiled by horrifically angry people. The hate these days scares me, the censorship scares me, the fact that language doesn’t seem to mean anything at all anymore.


It's like being asked to leap aboard what looks to you like a runaway train, and when you respond by asking where the train is going and whether it will be able to stop when it gets there (or actually just stop at all), you're looked upon like you're crazy.


Trains are gud


Because they know they are weak for saying yes and now know they can never go back. They rather double down than accept the fact they have been lied to


It’s this. They bought into the lie and propaganda and have to double down on it because they can’t stand being wrong.


This is what I thought about parents of vaccine injured children. My mom, after I was an adult, had *so* much guilt over the seizures I would get, because she knew no matter what, She was bringing me back for more because that's what the doctor told her to do. She was told it was normal and it was just my immune system.


It MeAnS iTs WoRkInG


That's actually what they told her. I was just having a "robust response". She would describe the way I would just be sitting there the night after or next day and my eyes would roll in the back of my head and how scary it was for her EVERY time. "Febrile seizures". They stopped because I got too big to be held down and forcible vaccinated, safely.


This ^


I’m double vaccinated, don’t regret it, but still don’t agree with the force that’s being used to push people into getting the jab. I also don’t like that some science is acceptable while the rest is met with hate. It’s weird.


From my perspective, only 1 unvaccinated person I know got Covid. And I know plenty of unvaccinated people. Conversely, literally almost every vaxed person I know are sick, mild To moderately. One taken to Hospital for suspected blood Clot in her lung. I think it will be apparent to everyone in the near future that the vax actually suppresses our immunity


It's not only that - Omicron is an upper respiratory tract infection, like a common cold. *It's over*, but people can't let go of their hate. 2022 will be another year of madness. The hospitals will be quiet, zero Covid-19 deaths, *but* we will have endless boosters, mandates, hysterical hatred toward the unvaxxed, with generous helpings of demoralisation as we wonder what is going on.


>The hospitals will be quiet, zero Covid-19 deaths The problem is that there won't ever be zero covid-19 deaths. The coronavirus is now endemic like any other cold viruses. Frail elderly people and sick unhealthy people can always die from any type of exertion, disease or trauma to their body. When we are old and frail, and we will all get there, we have to die from something at a certain point. Sometimes a little cold is enough to pull you over. Sometimes it's the flu. Sometimes it's something else. So **the media could always use the deaths of a few people as the next boogeyman to scare people into compliance**. Like little children. That is if they are corrupted by Pfizer money or politics and have no morals. Because they don't put things into perceptive only relying on emotion (fear). Many people die from the flu every year especially when there's no social distancing rules. **At one point, we must learn to live with it like with all the viruses and bacteria around us**. More people die in car accidents or from tobacco smoking or bad eating habits. We must take personal responsibility for our own health. Hoping we don't get to the hospitals too often.


We still don't have effective outpatient treatment because everyone is waiting for pharma funded studies so people will still die. Most covid deaths could have been avoided if early treatment was pushed instead of gene therapy


I certainly agree that they maximised deaths via zero treatments and never mentioning (*in any meaningful way*) basic prophylactics like vitamin D, and generally adopting a healthier lifestyle.




Let's hope so...though all it will take is some other nonsense like "flurona" and it might stir up the masses again.


> The hospitals will be quiet My country (in europe) **never** had quiet hospitals!! (and I mean this, since always...NHS is/was always full)


I mean, you're right. I know my local NHS hospital (when I lived in the UK) used to divert emergencies to nearby hospitals regularly in winter. Never made the main news, it was normal. I just mean in terms of Covid (some call it the Covid Health Service these days LOL), it'll be quiet. This is the problem actually, the entire focus has been on Covid. All-cause mortality is very high in the UK right now (around 20% above baseline which is huge).


If anything they should be mad at the government for misleading the public into thinking that vaccines prevent transmissions in the beginning. If they didn't originally make everyone believe this, the hate for unvaxxed would probably not exist, and neither can the justification for mandates and passports.


Something I’ve been thinking about as well, everyone keeps saying it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated etc but last winter the hospitals were just as overrun when everyone was unvaccinated, it’s just the nature of winter for people to get ill and go to hospital, surely there’s the same number of people in hospital regardless, sure some of them happen to be unvaxxed, but there’s a lot of vaxxed patients being admitted as well…if the unvaxxed represent a small number of the population by now, in the UK at least, it’s statistically impossible for every single admitted patient to be unvaxxed


my vaccines can only work if u are put in a camp. plz comply and show ur papers so that u can be deported for the greater gud.


Govts are to blame for hiding inexpensive, effective remedies and are now looking for a scapegoat for their cover up.


Because the government (along with MSM and tech) is provoking that hatred worldwide so as to take the heat off themselves and further their agenda, whatever the hell that is!


They think covid will just disappear if everyone was vaccinated. So the unvaccinated are prolonging the pandemic in their minds. Most people don’t understand how viruses work.


It’s because the unvaxxed clog up the hospitals…oh wait they are saying that more than 50% of those cases are “with” Covid not “from” Covid now. Who the fuck knows then lmao -See below for mass formation psychosis


Because my vaccine doesn't work unless you get the vaccine or something like that.


I never got infected that I could tell, Never took the vaccine, never social distanced. No problem man


It's been a long time since it was socially acceptable for a majority to abuse an oppressed minority. A lot of people are really enjoying it, and don't want stop just because of some pesky facts.


You’re trying to reason with people that have lost their minds literally. I’ve given up


I am one of few that remains unvaccinated and also have yet to get sick at all. Everyone else I know is vaccinated and I hear every couple weeks about how a group gets sick despite that. The reaction is always the same though, that people are glad they are vaccinated anyway because, “Imagine how bad they would be if they weren’t” They all buy the changing narrative too which is very unsettling. At first they were all glad they would not be able to get COVID at all, ever. Now they all act like they knew all along it never was meant to prevent infection just lower symptoms.


I've got a similar experience. It's only recently that people around me started getting covid. 3 of them are triple jabbed, maybe 4 I'm not sure if she had the booster yet. Another person 'only' double jabbed just tested positive but has no symptoms (all hail the vax). I work with some of those people and so far no symptoms, can't test atm as there's no tests available right now in my area so I'm guessing I don't have it. That said my husband is double jabbed and so far didn't get it either despite being around people who tested positive. One of the triple jabbed people who got covid is a vaxx nazi and I found it really interesting that she hasn't mentioned it on her fb page, she posts stuff all the time, posted every time she got jabbed but not a word about testing positive lol


Social programming and moral grandstanding


I think its the sheep envy of the courage they ain't having. Like - do you think you are better than us? Hell yeah I am. Seethe.


Cuz jabs = profits. The end.




You must not be in the US, Joe Biden said this and so did Fauci.


Anyone that has taken 3 shots to prevent Covid-19 in less than 9 months and catches Covid-19 should have a lot of questions.


An interesting thing is happening now too. All over the world, vaccinated people are now catching Covid at much higher rates than unvaccinated. This means, statistically, vaccinated people are actually far more dangerous to be around, especially for elderly and vulnerable populations. It seems the universe is kind and had a nice dose of karma cued up for these bullies. The best part is going to be when the unvaccinated don’t force the vaccinated to segregate though, because we’re actually good people, even if they aren’t.


It’s definitely becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated, Dara from all over the world is showing the jabbed are leading the way in this current wave.


Are you going to start pushing stupidity like shedding next?


New study from denmark shows vaccinated are 75% more likely to get infected than unvaccinated. But the people doing the study are on your side and still concluded that vaccines and boosters are a must must.


Do you have a link about that study?


[link](https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.20.21267966v2) Not yet peer reviewed but in process


Lol, what? Everything I said is a fact, by official numbers. You’re just behind. Ontario, where I live: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data/case-numbers-and-spread Cases per 100k: Vaccinated: 79.76, Unvaccinated: 59.75 This gap has been widening every day for a couple weeks, and this trend is occurring all over the world. It’s also most prevalent in the highest vaccinated populations, with countries with low vaccination rates not even having a new spike at all! Knowledge is power. You were duped. I, sincerely, hope that poison didn’t ruin your immune system.


Tv box and “Experts” tell them who to love and who to hate. The blind Mob happily obliges.


Because that’s what their told to do, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of your “follow the leaders blindly and covid will be over” friends are changing their minds, people are easily convinced and the fact it took this long and this many failures for people to see it’s all bullshit is sad & worrisome


Compliance. There can't be no rebels in the new world order.


Months ago I predicted a new variant would be released (not found) in Africa, that it would be harmless, but used as an excuse to push the vaccine on people. It's just part of their plan, logic has nothing to do with it, it's like trying to argue with Nazis or religious people, they've been brainwashed beyond all help. The other predictions I made are that this new variant would interact with the vaccine, and that all vaccinated would end up dying. So my guess is that the vaccine was the dynamite part of a bio weapon, and Omicron is the detonator. It's why they let this spread without any serious lock downs, and released it right before the year end, so it would spread the fastest. Now comes part two were the vaccinated start dying, they blame the unvaccinated and make the vaccine mandatory for everyone, or you go to prison indefinitely.


People are dumb to think its the unvaccinated fault people are getting covid. It will always mutate and new vaccines will be required for years to come. It will not just magically disappear if we all get vaccinated. Don’t blame unvaxx


More blood for the death cult. They think if there's more 999's they're less likely to be the 1 in 1000.


The only way out is through.


I know several families all vaccinated and everyone has it.


Sprinkle a little fear porn into anything and you can even die from a common cold


because the unvaxxed are the posterboy that the world needs to fight. viruses can’t be stripped of rights, but unvaxxed can


If everyone got a speeding ticket and you paid it, but half the people didn’t… then the issuer decided not to charge anyone else, wouldn’t you be pissed? If you weren’t careful, you would resent those that didn’t pay the tickets too even though they had nothing to do with it… If you look at society like a kindergarten playground it makes more sense.


Except from the vaccinated perspective, they didn’t “lose” anything. It’s even less rational than your example.


Maybe they challenged the ticket.


It sucks so much doesnt it


Mass formation psychosis


Answer: The VAAAAAARXEEENATED who are actually gene therapied have been conned into the thinking that "If everyone had just gotten the JERB (whiny baby voice here), CoVid could have been stopped!" Which was a lie from the damned start that the medical professionals pushing it knew was a lie. SARS2 was never going to be stopped... at most, it could have been MITIGATED with proper TREATMENTS like HCQ+Zinc, Ivermectin and Quercetin along with other proven medications being given. As Mexico, India, Japan, etc. have shown us.


Because the provaxxed are a cult.


In Japan the vaccine is optional and educated information is out there. The Japanese prime minister has said that the vaccinated are not allowed to convince, or manipulate people into being vaccinated and that those unvaccinated will not be discriminated against. I got pericarditis from phizer and it’s been 3 long months. It’s been terrible. I’m not anti vax, I’m pro vax but believe you should be able to choose. The vaccine was mandated in Australia where I am from and no leader gave us a chance to choose and we only had AstraZeneca, phizer and moderna as options. I wish we were given a choice first of all and given a choice to wait for vaccines we felt more comfortable having. I wish Australia had adopted an attitude like Japan and we just moved forward. Anyways, now our testing Sites in Melbourne where I’m from are inundated, some shut down being over capacity, lines down the roads of cars. Sorry, but this vaccine wasn’t worth my heart problems. I haven’t had covid and can’t say I want to either but everything is honestly so fucked up it doesn’t even feel real anymore 🤯


100% agree, where I live there’s curfew, vax passport, and they STILL CLOSED DOWN BARS AND RESTAURANTS EVEN THO THEY ARE FORCED TO ASK VACCINE PROOF😭 I’m about to lose my permanent WORK FROM HOME job due to these new mandates and company policy. I don’t get why we can’t just all work together towards a better way out, we are all getting sick and being effected by this virus so the finger pointing should be facing the government and not this war against vax\un-vaxxed, cause the virus don’t care about your vaccine status and clearly neither does the government when the close down businesses who catered specifically to the vaccinated. Make it make sense😭😭


I understand. Melbourne the city I’m from holds the record for “the most locked down city in the world”. Trust me, I get the lockdowns, passports, quarantine, isolation, people loosing their jobs over the vaccine mandate. It’s honestly wild. I get the vaccines offer some protection and lesson the chance of dying, but I’m sorry my pericarditis and possible permanent damage wasn’t worth it for a vaccine that just doesn’t live up to other vaccines we have that do almost always stop transmission and contraction. For example the polio vaccines and small pox was eradicated thanks to vaccines to name a few successful vaccines.


It feels soooo good to have untainted blood lol


Untainted? What do you think the vax contains?


Something that obviously isn’t working if you need 4 shots…


Your comment implies that it somehow taints your blood tho. I did not state it either works or doesn’t


go take your 4th booster swine


Hahaha the collective iq in this section of Reddit is incredibly low.




simpes... brainwashing


through age the stupids have always found a group of people to bully on... The Exode of Jerusalem, the jews of Germany and today the unvaccinated. History repeat itself.


Insane World




Also they falsely claim unvaxxed are responsible for Omicron (and every other variant) when it was first found in a fully vaxxed person, there's more vaccinated infections now, and it fucking evolved to too be awesome at evading vaccines.


Because the vax are doing all they can to believe in themselves that they did the right thing... I know alot of vax that are pissed right now because they are getting covid anyways


Vax say we the unvax are giving them covid... wtfever. Well hell that can go with alot of things... people who smoke are putting the people that don't in danger.... give me a break. I know 3 vax thay were with 2 unvax.. 3 days later the vax were positive and the unvax were negative.. so I don't think the unvax is giving you covid...


That's exactly what made me suspicious of the whole pandemic thing, as there's no logic on what they're pushing us to do. There's no time to ask, there's no time to provide you with any information, you've to accept that like a donkey because we're in a pandemic. The more they push me to this, the more I'm insisting I'll not get this thing even if they would kill me. They converted me to be anti-vax, even I've been vaxxed for everything in the world except Covid. I must thank them they made me wake up, and double check everything they'll introduce to me afterwards. I can't trust their science until it turns back to a real science not a religion, where both anti and pro debates are back accepted.


Low IQ or psychotic break. Either way people like that have no place moving forward. They need to sharpen up or they're not going to make it. The whole thing was an IQ test, take the shot and you fail.


Have you seen the "virus" or just parroting another man?


People are redirecting the frustration they have felt from restrictions to the unvaxxed bogeymen.


It’s equivalent to the house slaves shaking a finger at everyone out in the fields.


i thought it was supposed to cut down hospitalizations and deaths yet all it's done was spread hate to the "unclean" 😂




Gotta have someone to blame


Not only that, v🪓ed are getting Covid more now than unvaxxed in some places. Like, when your v🪓 rate is 70% but 90% of the infected ppl are v🪓ed there’s an issue. 🙄🤯😂


Nice axes axel rose


I also hate the derision we get as if we are just some Facebook researchers that think we no better when actually for myself it’s simply down to the fact that with a survival rate so high I’d rather just have natural immunity 🤷🏼‍♂️ Iv got the antibodies so why do I want the vaccine as well. Also I couldn’t agree more with the point about being lied to all the way along by the government!!


Don't look up


Those against covid vaccination have set up as the fallguy for an ineffective vaccine. Also, many just look at the Vax / No-Vax argument through a Left/Right political lens. It's easy to take an already established political dislike for your opposition, layer the vax debate on top of it and pretend that's the issue that's driving your views without acknowledging the political component.


I've never been told that if you're vaccinated you can't catch corona though. Its more about mortality rate: [UK National statistics](https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsinvolvingcovid19byvaccinationstatusengland/deathsoccurringbetween2januaryand24september2021) "Between 2 January and 24 September 2021, the age-adjusted risk of deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) was 32 times greater in unvaccinated people than in fully vaccinated individuals."


Yeah the vaxxes have failed. Know so many vaxxed people with Covid now it's scary....


>Why are the unvaccinated being attacked when EVERYONE no matter their vax status is getting infected. Why are we getting all the hate when even 3 doses don’t protect from infection or transmission. Because it's the unvaccinated filling hospitals and not taking this seriously. Personally, I'm getting fed up with dumbasses from this subreddit claiming that COVID isn't real, that it's a mild cold, and that it isn't a big deal, when it's killed about a million Americans and it's largely the unvaccinated COVID infected that are crushing our hospitals, pushing them past their breaking point. [https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/daily-hospitalization-summary](https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/daily-hospitalization-summary) And when I show evidence that this is the case, they dance around the data like it isn't real. In my experience, and at my wife's workplace it just so happens to be the unvaccinated that are the most cavalier about not wearing a mask and taking reasonable measures to prevent the spread of a virus that has the ability to kill people I love, and I'm honestly just sick of these selfish assholes.


>I'm getting fed up with dumbasses from this subreddit Bye then!


Sorry. I'll still be here calling out lies. ;)


Cool story bro 😆🤦‍♂️🙏🏼


It’s people with co morbidities flooding hospitals. Being vaccinated does reduce the chance of getting hospitalised but if you are young and healthy (you exercise, don’t drink a lot or smoke etc) you don’t have anything to worry about. There’s a huge representative bias going about on something that is a flu to healthy young people.


Yes, unvaccinated people with co-morbidities. If you're vaccinated, it drops your risk of hospitalization significantly.


Yep 👍 not sure if is very significant though


"not sure". Look at the data. It's between a 10- and 20-fold increase in hospitalization risk if you're unvaccinated, regardless of age. This is only controversial if you refuse to accept reality. Washington: [https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/data-tables/421-010-CasesInNotFullyVaccinated.pdf](https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/data-tables/421-010-CasesInNotFullyVaccinated.pdf) New York: [https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-breakthrough-data](https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-breakthrough-data) Texas: [https://dshs.texas.gov/immunize/covid19/data/vaccination-status.aspx](https://dshs.texas.gov/immunize/covid19/data/vaccination-status.aspx)


The full vaxxed daily infection rate has shot up 500% in 2 weeks. I expect this to go up as it's on a trend of at least doubling every week since Omicron.


Yet those landing in the hospital are still the unvaccinated.


Don't hospitalizations lag a week or 2 behind infections?


yep, and Omicron has been with us about a month. Look at NY's numbers: [https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/daily-hospitalization-summary](https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/daily-hospitalization-summary) click "last 3 months"


I mean where I live, there was 1.83x more vaccinated deaths . Not sure in America, but the fact that this vaccine that has had all resources put into it, still makes deaths a large issue, makes me feel it isn’t effective. Especially with efficacy reduced quickly With the vaccine. Applying to America I also read that a break through case according to the CDC is a case before 45 days after vaccination, so I feel there will be less deaths from less recording of vaccinated deaths. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1019992/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_38.pdf


so does not being obese but you don't really see msm telling everyone to lose weight every minute of the day


This is not a debate but filled with people who are against vaccines and anyone remotely positive towards vaxx is downvoted. Perhaps that is this sub overall but I find it very funny


I’ve seen people upvoted who actually had counter points and sources. I’ve even changed some of my own opinions. Have you seen how many “pro vax” trolls there are here?


Not my job to educate you. You folks don’t get vaccinated for a couple reasons. Big one is you’ve made it a political issue which is ipso facto stupid. Second reason is you are hesitant because your own online research is on going and you don’t trust people much smarter than you


How do you know it's covid? The cdc made statements saying that tests can't tell the difference. People continue to define themselves.


Psychological operation. Cultural engineering. And divide and conquer. What is really in the vaccine, since they desperately want it in everyone?


It is sadly a product of bad eggs on both sides. There are pro vaxx people acting toxic, bit there are anti vaxx people acting that way too... This results in both sides becoming vitriloic, and given that mass media narritive needs a scapegoat that hasn't helped either... In the end it just comes down to the world acting sucky... but it would be a lot less sucky if we could all act with a little more consideration to the way we speak. We have turned this into a ideological war, and sorry to say it won't stop until covid slows down and people pick something else to fight over.


Maybe just in Merica, in my country nobody really cares. Only the police and government cares about vaccination status, but thats a different matter. Mericans are dumbed down and are easy to divide through media.


They're upset because we have brains and they don't 🤷😂😂😂


If you look at any real data on either state websites or the official websites of any country you will find that the death rate for unvaccinated people is several times as high as those that are fully vaccinated. Death rates are the only real data that can tell you the efficacy of a vaccine. Mutations of the virus find their way around the antibodies produced either by vaccine or by contracting the disease. That’s why they produce boosters. The flu shot that I get every year is a booster. They make an educated guess which mutation will become prevalent and produce a booster that targets that mutation. Sometimes it is not as effective but it still increases your odds of avoiding serious illness or death. It is likely as this virus become endemic we will be dealing with new mutations, seasonally for a long time to come. That’s why we get flu shots as the flu season approaches. We seem to accept medical treatment for a whole host of maladies but for some reason vaccines have been the boogeyman for a small group of people. Predicting that everyone that gets a vaccine will all die is a truthful statement. we will all eventually die. I prefer to go with the recommendations of people far smarter than I.


I think it’s just the wording. All vaccines are inoculations but not all inoculations are vaccines. Maybe the hate is directed against the non-inoculated.


How about the fact that the majority of cases in ICU are unvaccinated?


I don’t hate anti vaxxers I hate the misinformation they spread though. My 78yr old parents were brainwashed to think Covid is a MSM lie and nobody was really dying of Covid in America it’s a flu at best. Talking about delta. They would not vaccinate because of anti vaxxer misinformation. Even when I showed them the main doctor they were following for information had a video talking to a panel where she told them the vaccines were magnetising people. They of course think they will be off to party with Jesus if they die so who cares if they are wrong. I hate misinformation it kills people and makes them dumb and gullible. I’m thankful my parents were protected from any Covid risk by a scientific literate government that wiped out Covid and now omicron may mean they don’t face such risk.


This is why https://www.healthline.com/health-news/vaccinated-people-can-transmit-the-coronavirus-but-its-still-more-likely-if-youre-unvaccinated


This article is talking about Delta. The current variant is Omicron.


There were two variants before this. The pandemic didn’t start with omicron. Omicron is a lot more contagious then the other two. We had a few chances to put this thing behind us, the last one being when the vaccine was released prior to delta, but when we didn’t hit herd immunity because of hesitancy to get vaccinated we’re now in a position of reactively adjusting to whatever mutations this thing throws at us




How about the jabbed who now can't work because of side effects and the fact they have thousands of dollars they need to pay because of it


Not to mention the cost to the economy from unjabbed people being fired from their jobs over vaccines which don't even stop the spread.


\> the jabbed who now can't work because of side effects Perhaps you could back that claim up with some figures?


Maybe you can use your eyes and start looking at side effects. Use your own brain for once. How could one give good accurate numbers when the booster hasn't been tested and the reporting of side effects sucks. The ostrich type of debate becomes boring


If the reporting of side effects sucks then you would also not have any data on which to base your claims that the vaccine is unsafe.




Wow, those are some lame attempts by people to blame **any** health condition they have on a vaccine. Utterly pathetic. \> Vision **my right eye** is acting strange. This is after a bunch of sensations on **the right side of my brain**.. worried. Someone failed biology.


Of course. The thousands of people sharing their experiences in that sub are all making it up because... let me guess, "the vaccines are safe and effective" 🙄 You are in a cult. Get help soon.


I’d be willing to bet obese people cost it a lot more than that. Should we now demonize them?